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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The doctors continue to work feverishly on a flat-lined Katie. Bill looks at the baby and then at Katie and demands that she fight and not leave them. Donna returns to the office all giddy from shopping but that suddenly turns sour when Pam explains that she has been leaving messages all afternoon. Katie is in the hospital and Donna needs to get there right away. Donna panics and says it is much too soon for her to go into labor and have the baby. She also does not know how to get in touch with Brooke since she turned her phone off. For once Pam is encouraging and the bitter enemies hug. Pam says she will pray for Katie. Hope and Liam ask a nurse about Katie and find out Katie had a heart attack and the nurse is taking the baby to NICU now. If they want to help, they can pray. Hope cries on Liam’s shoulder. Donna feels better when she hears the baby has been born and doing well, but then badly when she finds out Katie had a heart attack. Hope and Donna fill Liam in that it was in this hospital that Katie’s life began when she got Storm’s heart; how he shot himself to save Katie. He couldn’t live with what he did in shooting Katie accidentally so he sacrificed his heart for her.

Katie’s spirit leaves her body. She walks toward the heavenly white light and hears children laughing. Her brother, Storm, tells her he promised he would never be far from her; closer than her own skin. She reaches out to touch him, join him. He says no, it may feel right but he gave her his heart to do more good. It’s not her time. She has a purpose in life; her husband, her new baby. She wishes Bill could feel this with her; it feels so peaceful. Storm says he will. She needs to go back to him. She looks behind her and hears Bill call out to come back to him. Suddenly Dr. Caspary beams that they got her; Katie has come back. Bill leans in to kiss Katie and thanks her for coming back to him. Dr. Meade informs Donna, Hope and Liam that it was touch and go, but Katie is now okay and they can see her. Katie asks to see the baby and he is brought in as the visitors stream into the room. Bill tells Katie that he could not have gone on without her. She sees the white light in the corner of the room and hears children laughing again. All is right with the world.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Melanie told Chad that she wanted to visit her mother alone.  Chad didnít understand that since they were just planning their wedding.  Chad asked her if she still loved him.  Howard wanted to know if EJ wanted him to kill Rafe.  EJ didnít want to handle things the way his father did.  EJ wanted to find another way to get to Rafe.  Rafe reminded Sami that they only had dinner.  Sami mentioned to Rafe that they kissed.  She said it felt like a year ago when everything between them was perfect.  Rafe told her that everything wasnít perfect.  Sami asked Rafe if he felt anything.  Will and Sonny were at the town square and kissed each other.  Lucas was behind them and saw them together.  Chad told Melanie that he made one mistake.  Melanie said it wasnít just one mistake.  Melanie reminded Chad what Gabi did and that he wouldnít have told her the truth.  Melanie didnít know how she would ever forgive Gabi for what she did.  Chad wondered if she would ever forgive him.  EJ continued to talk to Howard about wanting to come between Sami and Rafe.  Howard thought they should do something before Sami falls for Rafe again.  EJ wanted to plan everything perfectly and didnít want Sami to suspect anything.  Rafe never said how he felt about the kiss because he didnít have time to talk to her.  Sami wanted to know if he needed her help.  Rafe wanted her to stop pushing him for once in her life.  Melanie wasnít sure if she could forgive Chad right now and thatís why she had to leave without him.  Chad thought she wanted him out of her sight and mind.  Melanie said it wasnít true.  She just wanted to think things out.  Lucas went over to Will and Sonny and talked to them.  Sonny ended up leaving to go to the coffee house.  Lucas wanted to know when Will was going to tell him that he was dating Sonny.  Will didnít want to talk about it and Lucas didnít want to do it either.  Lucas said that he was happy for Will.  Melanie explained to Chad that sheís not sure if sheís going to be back in Salem.  Melanie wanted to know if Chad wanted a clean break.  Chad said he would wait for her.  He didnít want to give up on them.  She promised to see him before she left town.  He cried as he walked out the door.  Howard wanted to know what EJ wanted him to do.  EJ wanted him to think about it.  Howard left as EJ received a call from Chad.  Chad wanted EJís help with something. 

Rafe admitted that he enjoyed the kiss because it reminded him of the good times with Sami.  He said sometimes a kiss is just a kiss.  He said that the feelings they had donít go away, but neither does betrayal.  Rafe said he didnít trust Sami and he didnít think he ever would.  Sami understood that she messed up.  Sami asked Rafe if heís happier now than he was when they were together.  Rafe didnít want to get into that.  Sami gave up and told him she would see him later and let.  Justin called Rafe and said he would meet him.  EJ and Chad met and talked about what happened with Melanie.  Chad blamed Gabi for opening her mouth.  EJ wanted to know what Gabi had to do with his breakup.  Lucas visited Sami to pick up a picture Allie drew.  Lucas told Sami how he saw Will and Sonny together.  Sami was happy that Will and Sonny were still friends despite what Adrienne said about Will.  Lucas said he saw them kissing each other for the world to see.  Chad told EJ what Gabi did and how he didnít say anything to Melanie or the police about it.  EJ wanted to know what Chad wanted him to do about it.  Chad wanted EJ to make Gabi pay and to find a way for Melanie to stay in Salem.  Sami noticed that Lucas didnít seem happy about Will and Sonny being together.  He was happy for them, but he wanted them to be more discreet.  Sami thought it was easier for Lucas to talk the talk and be okay with Will being gay, but not for him to date.  Lucas said he could accept it, but he needs more time.  Sami warned Lucas that he will have to hurry up and get used to Will dating Sonny.  Justin and Rafe talked about Gabiís situation.  Rafe wanted Justin to help Gabi any way he could.  Melanie ran into Gabi and Nick while they were talking about what she did to Melanie.  Melanie let Gabi know that sheís leaving town.  Gabi asked her if sheís going to go to the police.  Melanie said she wouldnít go to the police because it would take too long and she wasnít worth it.  Melanie wanted to talk to Nick alone.  Melanie noticed how Nick looked and apologized for what Chad did to him.  EJ told Chad that he still had time to stop Melanie from leaving town.  EJ said that he could fix things for Chad.  Chad asked EJ if he could convince Melanie to give him a second chance.  EJ told him to leave everything to him.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Patrick thanks Sabrina for babysitting last night. Britt insinuates herself into their conversation and says she is glad that Emma is alright. When Patrick leaves, Britt berates Sabrina, asking how she can trust her with patients when she canít be trusted with one small child. Sabrina imagines throwing oatmeal in Brittís face. Britt accuses Sabrina of wanting Patrick to herself. Sabrina thinks she is unworthy of Patrick. She says Patrick would be into Britt if it werenít for his dead wife. Patrick asks Britt to go out with him again. Sabrina offers to babysit again. Britt tells her that sheíd better not have any interruptions this time. Sabrina imagines pulling Brittís hair and making her apologize.

Carly tells Elizabeth that she doesnít have a future with Jason because Jason would never put her or her kids in danger. She reveals that she knows about the kiss between Elizabeth and Jason on his birthday because Sam saw them and subsequently signed the divorce papers. She points out that the divorce wonít be final until Jason signs too, and she doubts that that will happen. Elizabeth and Jason go to the hospital to get the DNA test results for Sam and the baby to Jason. The results that Elizabeth brings him say Sam and the baby are not a match. Elizabeth tells him that it is over now and that he needs to let it go.

Carly tells Shawn that she signed her divorce papers. She reveals to Shawn that Jax and Alexis were once married. When she sees his reaction, she embellishes with romantic details to get him going, but then she tells him that she made all that up and that Alexis and Jax got married to help a friend whose business was in trouble. She assures him that there is no romantic connection between them. She asks him if his relationship with Alexis is serious. Jax and Alexis talk about finalizing his divorce from Carly. He says he doesnít trust Johnny and he knows that Johnny and Todd Manning are keeping something big from Carly. Jax asks Alexis if itís serious between Shawn and her. She says she doesnít know yet, but she is having fun figuring it out. Alexis doesnít want Jax to go back to Australia. Alexis and Jax go to Kellyís to meet Carly and Shawn. Jax gives Carly the finalized divorce decree. He tells her that he would feel better if she were moving on with someone other than Johnny. She assures him that Johnny is treating her well and has told her all his secrets. They say goodbye. He tells her that if Johnny ever gives her a hard time she will always be able to call him and he will come. Todd tells Johnny that he will help him make Connie disappear when Johnny tells him where Heather is. Johnny reports that his men have tracked Heather South and will close in on her soon. Sonny asks Kate what is going on with her and Johnny Zacchara. He wants to know why she arranged to have their wedding at Johnnyís nightclub. She says she didnít have many options on short notice and that she tried to go through Lulu first, but Lulu was unavailable. Connie intends to include Trey in her wedding plans. Todd has Kate kidnapped. He tells her that he knows she is Connie and he knows Johnny committed the crime she took the fall for. He tells her that she is a wildcard and she needs to go away. She thinks Todd intends to kill her. She tells him that she has as much at stake as he and Johnny do. She concludes that Todd and Johnny are keeping secrets for each other. She says that as long as Johnny does what she tells him to do, it will work out for all of them. When she tells him her plan, he says it is genius. Breaking up Johnny and Carly sounds appealing, but Todd has his goons take Connie anyway. Sonnyís men kidnap Johnny outside his penthouse and take him to Pozzulo's. He tells Johnny that if Connie ever comes to him, heíd better let him know. Johnny assures him that Carly is the only woman he is interested in. Sonny says it is inevitable that Johnny will hurt Carly, but he wonít use Connie to do it. On his way out, Sonny finds Treyís medallion on the ground where Connie dropped it when she was grabbed. Johnny goes to Toddís office and asks him if he found Connie. Todd says he did and asks Johnny when he will come through with his side of the bargain. Johnny says he needs a little more time. Todd says he has something to give Johnny incentive. He calls Connie into the office. Johnny says Todd is a lying son of a bitch. Todd disagrees. He says he told Johnny that Connie wouldnít be a problem, and she wonít be a problem for him. Todd leaves Johnny and Connie in his office. Connie tells Johnny that he will have to pay for trying to get rid of her.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

All of Victor’s family and friends gather for his memorial service although they are appalled that Sharon sends them all a text telling them that the memorial service is today. Everyone at the memorial service is offended when Sharon shows up wearing a white dress and informs them that she will be marrying Tucker right after Victor’s service. Sharon says a few words about how much she admired and loved Victor. When Nick starts to get up to say a few words, Sharon announces it's time for the graveside service. All the people in attendance including Jack agree that Victor deserved a more respectful tribute than five minutes.

When everyone is at the graveside, Sharon puts a red rose on Victor’s grave and thanks him for always believing in her. Everyone wonders why Tucker isn’t with Sharon at the cemetery. Tucker is at home getting things ready for the wedding when Katherine arrives to confront him about the game he is playing with this phony marriage to Sharon. Tucker doesn’t reveal his plan to Katherine and invites her to the wedding but asks her to get there after the does anyone object to this marriage part of the ceremony. Nikki, Victoria, Nick and Abby say a private good-bye to Victor and tell him how much they love him. Katherine gives a eulogy for Victor at the Athletic Club for some of the people that chose to go there after the memorial service to pay tribute to Victor. Phyllis and Christine are surprised to see Danny arrive at the Athletic Club. Traci also arrives at Jackís house hoping to say good-bye to Victor and the last piece of Colleen. Jack tells Tracy about the disrespectful memorial service and the fact that he is a fool because he tried to buy as much Newman Enterprises stock as he could and then lost Beauty of Nature because of it. Nick watches Sharon marry Tucker at the same chapel where a short while earlier they had the memorial service for Victor. Sharon even uses some of the flowers from the memorial service as her wedding bouquet. Nikki cries at Victor’s grave telling him she can’t live without him. Then she feels a hand on her shoulder and looks up to see Victor standing beside her.

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