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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Dr. Meade finds Bill in the chapel and tells him there are decisions to be made and he will have to do it. Katie begs the Dr. to save the baby. It is her decision to make and she is making it. Bill rushes to Katie after calling Liam. The doctors want to prep Katie for emergency C section. If her vitals don’t improve they could lose both her and the baby. Bill won’t hear of it….Katie must be saved, but finally he relents. He reminds Katie that she thought her being pregnant and giving birth would be okay. Thomas and Hope discuss her new vision of The Hope For The Future. She knows she does not want it to be her hung on some handsome guy. Hope rushes to the hospital when Liam calls and tells her about Katie. Ready for the operation, Katie makes Bill promise that it will be love first. Do not try to teach or save Liam, don’t try to ambush Hope, just love first. It isn’t that hard.

Thomas and Caroline discuss his once being in love with Hope, but that was a thing of the past. Hope tells Liam that he’ll be a good big brother; probably a father too some day. She has faith in him. He’s not sure he wants to be a father. Katie could die of this. Katie is awake and Bill talks her through the operation; wiping her brow and viola – the beautiful boy is born. He kisses Katie with gratitude. Liam gives Hope the good news, mother and baby are fine. He is now a big brother. Hope says she wishes she could be that strong, strong as Katie who loves everybody. Bill hands Katie their baby boy. Bill is beaming and Katie tries to take the baby, but then says she can’t stay awake. Her monitor starts to go off and the doctors rush the crash cart, saying she is coding. The bleed must have caused a clot. Bill stands by hopelessly.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Sami and Rafe thought about their date the night before.  They both thought about picking up their phones and calling each other.  Maggie talked to Melanie at Danielís place about Chad.  Melanie was ready to call the wedding off.  Maggie wanted her to think about it first.  Melanie realized that she should have listened to Maggie and Daniel when they tried to stop her from going through with the wedding.  Roman, Bo, and Hope were at the pub.  Roman told Bo that he needed an answer about whether heís going to stay with the force.  Roman gave Bo a week to decide what heís going to do.  Dan ran into Chad.  They talked about how Chad beat up Nick.  Daniel said that Chad should have called the police before beating Nick up.  Daniel let Chad know that he could have killed Nick.  Gabi showed up at Rafeís place and told him that she was in trouble.  She told Rafe about Andrew and her role in what happened with him.  Daniel and Chad continued to talk about Melanie.  They also talked about the wedding being called off.  Rafe was shocked to hear what Gabi did.  Gabi thought that Rafe hated her now that he knew what she did.  Sami tried to concentrate on her work, but thought about Rafe.  She heard a knock on the door and thought it was Rafe.  It turned out to be EJ.  She let EJ know that she was on her way to work.  He wanted to talk to her about her date with Rafe.  Hope asked Bo what he wanted to do with his life.  He wanted to stay with the force, but heís also ready to leave it too.  Hope had to get to the school, but she was free for lunch.  Bo wanted to ask her something later.  Caroline sat with Bo and wanted to know about Boís plans.  Daniel warned Chad to give Melanie some space and stop calling her.  Daniel walked away from Chad.  Chad decided that he had to make things right with Melanie.  Rafe let Gabi know that he loves her.  He was just shocked about what she did.  She brought up how Arianna would have chewed her out for what she did.  Rafe let Gabi know that Arianna made mistakes too.  Gabi realized that she would have to pay for what she did.  Rafe agreed that she would have to suffer the consequences.  She decided to turn herself in to the police.  Rafe told her that heís not going to let her do that.  EJ reminded Sami that she wanted to focus on the kids and her job, but Rafe wasnít either one.  Sami thought EJ was mad, but he said that he wasnít mad about it.  Sami let EJ know that she didnít plan on going out with Rafe.  It just happened.  EJ wanted to know if the date worked out for her.  Sami told EJ that something happened between her and Rafe. 

Bo talked to Caroline about possibly leaving the force.  Caroline said that Boís little brother would miss him.  Bo wondered if she meant Roman and she did.  Caroline said that Hope and Ciara would be happy for him to pursue his dreams.  Rafe explained to Gabi that Andrew was sick for what he did and that she wasnít responsible for the things he did.  Gabi believed that she messed up and there was no way around it.  Sami and EJ continued to talk about how she went out with Rafe.  EJ tried to make Rafe look bad in Samiís eyes, but it didnít seem to work.  EJ let Sami know that he would accept her for who she is unlike Rafe.  EJ kissed on her neck and forehead before he left.  Rafe let Gabi know that he would fix things for her.  He warned her not to say anything to anyone.  Gabi let Rafe know that Melanie and Chad know the truth.  Rafe said not to say anything to anyone else.  Rafe left the apartment.  Bo and Hope met each other at the square.  Bo told Hope that Caroline thought he should leave the force, but Roman thought he should stay.  Hope said sheíd support any decision he made.  Chad met up with Melanie and he talked to her about how he went to talk to Nick.  They also talked about what Gabi did.  Melanie let Chad that she wanted to see her mother.  Chad thought it was a great idea.  EJ was in his office and called Howard because he wanted him to take care of something for him.  Rafe called Justin and Sami walked in the station.  Sami wanted Rafe to have coffee with her, but it wasnít a good time for him.  He walked away from her.  Chad thought he was going to go with Melanie, but she let him know that he wasnít going with her.  EJ met with Howard and let him know that someone was interfering with his family.  EJ let him know that Rafe was the one who was interfering with his family.  Howard wondered if EJ wanted him to kill Rafe.  Sami wondered what was wrong with Rafe.  He said something was wrong, and he didnít have time with this.  Sami thought he meant her.  Rafe let her know that heís in the middle of something.  Sami reminded Rafe that he had time for her last night and wanted him to put the phone down.  Sami thought that their date meant something.  Rafe said it was nice.  Rafe also told Sami that they shouldnít get ahead of themselves because it was just a date.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sabrina arrives at Patrickís house to babysit Emma while Patrick goes on a date with Britt. Patrick opens the door without a shirt on, causing Sabrina to drop her books. Emma wants Maxie and runs to her room when Patrick leaves. Sabrina sees Patrick and Robinís wedding picture and feels sorry for Patrick. Sabrina tries to suggest things that she and Emma could do together, but Emma just wants Patrick. Britt and Elizabeth talk in the elevator. Britt encourages Elizabeth to go for it with the man that she likes. Mac sees Patrick and Britt at the Floating Rib. Mac tells Patrick that Robin would want him to move on. Britt answers Patrickís phone when Sabrina calls him. Britt tells Sabrina to feed Emma and put her to bed. Emma throws a tantrum. Sabrina calls Patrick again and tells him that Emma locked herself in a closet so Patrick goes home and invites Sabrina to stay awhile and have cookies and milk with them.

Jason and Sam kiss in the restaurant where they were married. Jason sees the divorce papers that Sam has with her and has already signed. John McBain sends Jason a text message telling him that he is at the hospital with the DNA sample, so Jason cuts short his conversation with Sam and goes to meet John. John gives Jason the sample. Elizabeth offers to help get the sample tested. Jason gives her the sample. She leaves, and when she returns she says she took it to the lab and asked them to put a rush on it. McBain tells Anna that he might have a lead on what Heather is using to keep Todd doing her bidding.

Connie is pleased that she got Johnny to sign a paper. Maxie comes over to talk to Kate about the wedding plans. She says she reserved the Noodle Buddha the Floating Rib. Sonny says those plans donít sound like Kate. Maxie says he is right; itís Connie. Kate escorts Maxie out and tells Sonny that Maxie misunderstood her. Connie tells Sonny that they canít make love until they are married because she wants to make it romantic. Carly notices that Kate is acting strangely. Johnny sends Carly to the Noodle Buddha to get her out of the house for a little while. He calls Todd and tells him to meet him immediately. When Todd arrives, Johnny asks him to do something about Connie. Todd asks Johnny to find Heather in return. Carly runs into Sam at the Noodle Buddha. Sam tells her that she and Jason are getting a divorce and that Jason has reconnected with Elizabeth. Carly tells her that Jason is not getting back together with Elizabeth. Sam reveals that she saw them kissing. Carly reminds Sam that she kissed John McBain and berates her for crying over a divorce that she wanted. She says it isnít fair for her to go back and forth between Jason and John She tells her to stop jerking Jason around and file the papers if she wants it to be over. Sam wonders if it is really over.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

All the Newmans grieve over the death of Victor Newman. Jack grieves because he has lost millions that he used to buy up Newman stock. At the farm, Nikki relives her past life with Victor. Phyllis comes in to join them. At the Abbott home, Billy tries to comfort Victoria despite the guilt he feels for not telling her where Victor was. Adam and Chelsea deal with Victor’s death. Kyle comforts Abby at Jack’s home. Celeste and Genevieve spend time with Victor, who is alive but badly shaken up from the explosion. Sharon and Tucker what Victor's death means to both of them. Sharon gets a call from the coroner telling her that she can come and I.D. Victorís body. Tucker offers to go with her, but she tells him that she needs to do this alone. Jack tells Cane that he will have to raise money somehow to cover his losses. Sofia, upon joining Tucker is his office, cannot believe that Victor is dead. Sofia lets Tucker know how many millions he has lost and counting. Tucker tells Sofia that when Sharon steps aside from Newman, that he will take over the reins. Adam tells Chelsea that Victor is a ruthless man. Nick informs Phyllis how Victor died. Nick makes plans to go to L.A, to find out what he can about Victor’s death. Victoria asks Billy how he knew where Victor was. Nikki is in the church alone asking “why” did this have to happen when Katherine joins her. Genevieve tells Celeste that Victor has a concussion. When the mortician pulls the sheet back, Sharon is taken aback when she sees that the man is not Victor. Sharon asks for some time alone. She talks to herself and wonders what Victor is up to.

Kyle tells Abby that he knows what she is going through. Nikki tells Katherine that Billy gave her the number to call Victor. Jack comes to see Tucker and offers to sell him Beauty of Nature. Tucker takes him up on his offer. Billy calls Genevieve and asks her to cover for him about Victor and that he knew all along where he was. Jack signs the papers to sell Beauty of Nature to Tucker. Kevin visits Billy and tries to talk him into telling Victoria the truth about Victor. Sharon tells the mortician to cremate Victor’s body. Victor begins to ask Genevieve questions about Nikki and why she was calling. Tucker asks Sharon to marry him and she accepts. Adam tells Chelsea that he is going to ask Sharon to sell him his mother’s farm. The Newman family finds out that Sharon had Victor cremated. Nikki threatens to kill Sharon. Victor remembers that he is really Victor Newman.

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