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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor drops in on Thomas although she was looking for Steffy. Thomas tells her that he was just there at her place and she had not yet heard from Liam. He hopes that Liam is not going to make her sit and wait around for him. Taylor hopes what she told Liam might open his eyes a little bit. Thomas is not sure that Liam is through with Hope and Steffy has been hurt so many times that she doesn’t want to get her hopes up again. Liam is at Steffy’s and she says her love is unconditional whether he likes it or not. He tells her that she is crazy. She hopes her mother didn’t completely scare him off with her psychological advice. Liam says that she is remarkable both as a psychiatrist and a mother. She advised him that he will always remain closed off if he doesn’t let go. He won’t be able to have any normal, healthy relationship with Steffy until he lets go of Hope. Steffy realizes it is very hard, too hard for Liam to let go. He thanks her for being so cool about everything; for giving him space to sort things out. She knows that eventually he will be free and maybe they will get back together. Heíll know when he is ready.

Both Dr. Meade and Bill try to get Katie to calm down so her heart rate will come down. Otherwise it could be very dangerous for her and the baby. Dr. Caspary comes out of surgery and gets to Katie as quickly as she can and wants Dr. Meade to fill her in. Katie cries that it is too soon for the baby. She promises Bill that she is not going to leave him. He tells her that he loves her and they will get through this. He cannot lose her. Dr. Caspary tells Katie that they are not out of the woods yet, but she’s made it this far and that’s a miracle within itself. Bill tells Dr. Meade that he will find the best cardiologist in the world; there must be more they can do. Dr. Meade assures him they are doing that now; only time will be on their side. Bill goes to the chapel. At the same time, Katie’s blood pressure spikes and the doctors tell her again to relax and hang in there. Bill talks to God that he doesn’t like things when he is not in control. That’s what he does all day – fix problems. He doesn’t ask for help, that is a sign of weakness. He doesn’t like weakness, most of all in himself. But here he is in God's office asking for help. He can’t fix this. Not only that but he might be responsible for creating it. He demands that God fix this. He cries that his wife is pure goodness and she is counting on him to save her son. Here’s the deal – take him instead. The door opens and a bright white glimmering light shines on him. A voice says he should be with his wife. He glares to see who it is. Dr. Meade stares back and Bill asks if his wife is all right.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Chad tried to stop Gabi from telling Melanie the truth.  Gabi felt that it was time that Melanie learned the truth.  Nick wanted to leave the hospital, but Maxine told him he couldnít leave until Kayla released him.  Nick wondered if she was a friend of Melanieís. He let her know that she had nothing to fear from him, but Maxine thought someone had a reason to fear him judging from his bruises.  Chad warned Gabi to shut up, but she didnít.  She apologized to Melanie for betraying her in the worst way.  Nicole saw Jennifer packing up her things.  Nicole thought Jennifer was putting her out tonight.  Jennifer let her know that she has to get out when her baby is born.  Nicole said that Daniel told her that Jennifer talked to him about EJ.  Jennifer let Nicole know that it had nothing to do with Daniel.  Nicole didnít believe that.  Rafe and Sami went on their date.  Rafe took Sami to the pub.  He wasnít sure if she would want to eat there since she was dressed up for their date, but she was fine with it.  Rafe ran into Daniel at the pub and they talked about EJ investigating Nicoleís babyís paternity.  When Daniel left the pub, Rafe and Sami continued with their date.  Sami asked Rafe how Nicole was doing.  Rafe seemed confused, but Sami let him know that she overheard him talking to Daniel about Nicole.  Jennifer and Nicole continued to talk about Daniel.  Nicole rubbed it in to Jennifer that Daniel was going to be over there with her all the time.  Jennifer didnít care about what was going on between Nicole and Daniel.  Melanie was upset that Gabi and Chad betrayed her.  Melanie thought that Chad wanted to throw Gabi out because he didnít want her to tell the truth.  Chad let Melanie know that he would never cheat on her.  Gabi let Melanie know that they werenít together too.  Gabi told Melanie that Chad loved her (Melanie) and that Andrew wasnít really a stalker.  Gabi told Melanie that she made up being stalked.  Gabi continued to explain how she got Andrew to pretend to be her stalker.  Melanie was very upset that Gabi betrayed her that way.  Melanie expected more than an apology.  Melanie yelled at Gabi and told her to get out.  Chad asked Melanie if she was okay.  Melanie wanted to know why he didnít want Gabi to tell him the truth.  Melanie realized that Chad knew what Gabi did and didnít say anything to her about it.

Gabi showed up at the hospital and saw Nick. He thought she looked worse than he did.  She wanted to take him out of the hospital, but he didnít want anyone to see him like that.  She decided to take him back to the Kiriakis mansion.  He threw his prescription out.  Chad admitted that he knew about what Gabi did.  Melanie was very upset with him.  She wondered if Chad planned on threatening Gabi for the rest of her life.  They continued to discuss what Gabi and Chad did.  Rafe and Sami discussed Nicole having his baby.  They also talked about how Sami was acting about Nicole and Carrie.  They actually got along during the dinner.  Sami told Rafe that he was a great dad.  Sami said that he was great with her kids and she hopes sheís great with his.  Rafe stopped her from continuing.  Sami said she would help him out with Nicoleís baby.  After her run in with Nicole, Jennifer went to the hospital.  Jennifer saw Maxine with DNA papers that she threw in the trash.  Jennifer decided to check them out when Daniel caught her and wanted to know what she was doing.  Chad and Melanie continued to discuss what he did.  When he tried to hug her she didnít want him to touch her.  Jennifer covered up for herself by telling Daniel that the hospital needed more blood donations.  Daniel didnít believe her excuse.  They ended up talking about EJ as well as the paternity of Nicoleís baby.  Daniel wanted Jennifer to promise not to get involved with the situation.  When Daniel walked away Jennifer looked at the list of DNA labs.  Melanie let Chad know that they werenít going to have a wedding.  Maggie showed up just as Melanie was throwing Chad out of the apartment.  Maggie wanted to know what happened and Melanie said that it was over between them.  Rafe took Sami home after their date.  They both had a good time.  Rafe gave Sami a kiss.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Connie drops by Johnnyís apartment. Carly wonders what business Kate has with Johnny. Connie says she wants to have her wedding and reception at the Haunted Star. Carly has to leave to take care of a mess at the Metro Court. Connie tells Johnny that she fabricated the mess to get rid of Carly for a while. She hands Johnny papers to sign and threatens to turn him in if he doesnít sign them. He reluctantly signs. Trey tells Joe Junior that he isnít sure he wants Sonnyís fortune because he likes Kristina. Joe says Sonny deserves everything thatís coming to him. Trey asks him what exactly Sonny has coming to him. He wants to know why Joe wanted him to marry Kristina to get close to Sonny. Joe tells Trey not to worry about it. Kristina tells Sonny and Alexis that she isnít going to sign the annulment papers. She reveals that she and Trey consummated the marriage and want to stay together. Alexis suggests that Kristina and Trey go through the dating and getting to know each other phases of their relationship and then have a real wedding when the time is right. Sonny says the marriage will be annulled on the grounds of fraud. Trey comes over and tells Alexis and Sonny that he genuinely cares for Kristina and wants a future with her. Joe gets a visitor.

Heather is about to leave Tťaís house with Victor when John McBain knocks on the door looking for Tťa. Tťa comes home and lets him in. Heather goes into the nursery so John wonít see her. Tťa tells John that she thought he had moved to Port Charles. He says he hasnít moved; he has just been helping the police department. He tells her about the restraining order to keep him away from Natalie and Liam. Tťa says she canít represent him in the custody case because it would be a conflict of interest as Buchanan Enterprises has her on retainer. Tťa tells McBain that Todd saved Victorís life the night he was born. She says the baby inherited a blood disorder that doesnít seem to run in her family or in Victor Seniorís family. She adds that the baby keeps his father alive for her and that she doesnít know what she would do without him. John asks Tťa for a glass of water, and while she is out of the room, he swabs Victorís mouth for a DNA sample.

Spinelli is drinking alone at the Floating Rib. Maxie offers to be his sounding board, but he doesnít want to talk to her about it. As she is leaving, he blurts out that Jason and Sam are getting divorced instead of celebrating their anniversary. Maxie tells Spinelli that she is looking into having Kateís reception there because Kate said she wants to embrace her Connie side. Maxie fondly recalls he non-wedding with Spinelli. Jason and Sam both go to the restaurant where they were married. The owner seats them together. The ownerís grandson, Robert, recalls that when they came to the restaurant last year, he thought they were running from the law, but they were just running from an over-planned wedding. Looking at Samís expression, he asks if they are running from something now. The ownerís wife is pleased to see that they brought their figurines and is happy to see that Jason and Sam remember about the double happiness of the phoenix and the dragon. She insists on preparing an anniversary meal for them. She comes back moments later with the meal. Robert says he thinks his grandmother was expecting them. Robert makes a toast on his grandmotherís behalf. He says that his grandparents found that the secret to getting through the bad times was to remember the good times. Jason and Sam remember making their wedding vows. The restaurant owner translates his wifeís request that Jason and Sam come back every year, even after the owners have passed away. Swept up by the sentiment, Jason and Sam kiss.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Sharon and Tucker wake up together and discuss how Sharon is going to make the other Newman children pay for what they have done to her. Nikki tries to call Victor but gets no answer. Abby walks up and overhears that Nikki was talking to Victor. There is an explosion on the docks. Cane talks to Adam on the phone about him and Kevin finally reaching an agreement to merge “TagNGrab” with Jabot. Chelsea walks in and is surprised by the news. Kevin enters and says that he and Adam have not reached an agreement. Cane and Jack discuss what will happen when Victor returns to Genoa City. Adam tries to talk some sense into Kevin and threatens to just walk away if they cannot reach an agreement. Sharon thanks Tucker for his friendship and for his support since Victor’s disappearance. The wounded begin to be brought into the bar where Genevieve works. Nikki tells Abby that Billy gave her the number to call Victor. Abby and Jack are surprised by the news that Billy told Nikki to call Victor. Abby leaves to go and talk to Sharon about the press conference. Jack instructs the person on the phone to buy up all the Newman stock they can get. Abby blasts Sharon over the press conference and questions her about Victor. Nikki tells Victoria and Nick that Billy gave her the number for Victor. Victoria calls Billy to check on Victor. Genevieve questions an officer about Victor.

Kevin and Adam finally reach an agreement to merge “TagNGrab” with Jabot. Kevin lets it slip to Adam that Victor is in L.A. Abby pays Victoria and Nick a visit to discuss Victor. Before the press conference, Nikki informs Sharon that Victor is coming home. Sharon and the Newmans begin the press conference with them all backing Sharon as CEO. Billy comes in saying that Victor is dead. Everyone is startled by the news. Adam and Chelsea find out the news about Victor’s death. Sister Celeste takes Genevieve to see Victor. Victor recognizes Genevieve. Jack goes bankrupt over the news of Victor’s death.

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