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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Panic stricken, Katie informs Bill that she thinks she is going into labor. She cries that she is scared, but he says nothing is going to happen to her. He takes her to the hospital. Dr. Caspary is in surgery so Dr. Meade takes over. Bill orders Dr. Meade that his wife is high risk and needs more help than he can give and she needs it now. Thomas drops in on Steffy and asks after seeing her at the wedding why is she living back here and not at Liam’s. She switches it around to his love life with two women, Hope and Caroline. Liam barks more orders at one of his employees just as Taylor walks in. She wonders what is happening to him. He admits it’s been a hectic day and he hasn’t talked to Steffy today. He’s just focusing both his professional and personal life on the future. He’s still the same guy he always has been. There is no dark cloud as she seems to be suggesting. Taylor tells Liam that she came there out of concern. He needs to learn to let go, otherwise it will always stay there in the back of his mind. He bursts out with a cry and feels better.

Thomas tells Steffy that she shouldn’t feel bad if Liam want to take it slowly now. She says it is not good for Liam as now he has more expectations on him if everyone is expecting him to forget Hope and go back to Steffy. Liam heads straight to Steffy. He says her that her mother just left him and said something pretty profound….when one door closes, another one opens, perhaps even better. She grabs him around the neck and starts giving him noogies until he declares it a no-noogie day.

Dr. Meade tells Katie that they can’t give her certain drugs but everything is in control now so she needs to rest and just be comfortable. Bill is concerned and assures Katie that she and the baby are okay. He begs her to hang in there and get through this. Dr. Meade says that her blood pressure and heart rate is his first concern. They will deal with any contractions as they come. Bill begs her to breathe calmly; he knows she can do it.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

EJ overheard Rafe making reservations on the phone.  EJ wondered who he was taking out to dinner.  EJ didnít think it was Sami because she still wasnít over Rafe having a baby with Nicole.  Rafe let EJ know that Sami must be over it because she is his date.  Sami picked up Nicoleís things and saw the picture of Nicole in bed with Rafe.  Sami noticed that the picture had a current date and wondered if she was still sleeping with Rafe.  Chad found Nick outside and noticed that Nick had the scarf he gave Melanie.  Chad started beating Nick up when Gabi showed up and stopped Chad.  EJ thought Sami was just playing with Rafe.  Rafe didnít think that was true.  EJ taunted Rafe by reminding him that Sami came running to him.  They continued arguing when Kate arrived and wanted to put a stop to it.  Before EJ and Kate left, he reminded Rafe that Sami would never accept the fact that heís having a baby with Nicole.  Nicole told Sami that she wasnít still sleeping with Rafe.  Sami wanted to know why todayís date was on the picture.  Nicole said that the picture was when they conceived their baby. Nicole lied and said that she was looking at old pictures and hit the wrong button.  Nicole wanted Sami to forget she saw the picture.  Sami told Nicole that the whole thing was a set up.  Will and Sonny were kissing and then talked about starting a relationship.  Will thought he was going to be too much baggage for Sonny, but Sonny didnít agree with that.  They both talked about having overbearing mothers.  After their conversation, Will and Sonny decided to have their first date.  Gabi told Chad to stop hitting Nick.  Chad was convinced that Nick had Melanie since he had her scarf.  Nick told Chad that Melanie left and forgot her scarf.  Gabi let Chad know that Melanie was with Maggie trying on wedding dresses, but Chad didnít believe her.  Gabi showed Chad her phone with a pic of Melanie and Maggie.  Chad ran off so Gabi helped Nick up off the ground.  Sami and Nicole continued to talk about how Nicole didnít delete the picture.  They also talked about how Nicole was having Rafeís baby.  Nicole let Sami know that sheís having a boy and naming him a Hernandez.  Nicole walked out of Samiís apartment.  Sami threw a pillow at the door when Nicole left. 

Chad showed up while Melanie was trying on wedding dresses.  Melanie was upset because it was bad luck for him to see her in a wedding dress.  He talked to Melanie about how he ran into Nick and saw him with her scarf.  Melanie let Chad know that she must have dropped it on the ground.  Melanie said that everything would be fine with Nick and that he wouldnít hurt her.  EJ and Kate talked about his problems with Sami.  EJ wondered how she knew his problems were about Sami.  EJ wasnít sure if Sami and Rafe were going to get back together.  EJ was determined to make sure that Sami and Rafe donít get back together.  Sami met Marlena at the pub.  Sami talked to her about Rafe.  Sami hoped that her dinner with Rafe would help their relationship.  Marlena said it sounded promising.  Sami said that Nicole was the obstacle standing in her way.  Rafe and Nicole ran into each other.  Nicole told Rafe how she made a picture to make it look as if they were together.  She thought the picture would prove to EJ that she was with him.  Rafe thought that EJ might figure out that the picture was a fake.  Chad thought Nick was playing Melanie.  She didnít think that was true.  Chad said the only thing he cared about was keeping her safe.  Gabi took Nick to see Kayla to get fixed up.  Kayla wanted to know what happened to him.  Nick said that he was beat up, but didnít know that guy who did it.  He talked about how his life got better once he went to prison and took responsibility for his actions.  Gabi was listening to their conversation.  She went to run a quick errand.  EJ and Kate continued to talk about Sami.  Kate warned him that he may try to keep Sami away from Rafe, but it didnít mean that Sami will be with him.  Nicole told Rafe that Sami saw the fake picture.  Rafe wanted to know how Sami reacted.  Nicole let Rafe know that Sami was upset about it.  Nicole thought Sami was going to run and tell EJ about the picture.  Nicole thought it would make EJ upset.  Rafe was upset that Nicole threw him under the bus.  Sami and Marlena talked about the possibility of Sami and Rafe reuniting.  Sami wasnít thrilled with the idea of being a stepmother to Nicoleís son.  Marlena reminded her that Nicole was a stepmother to her kids.  Sami thought it was okay, but there were times when it was hard.  Marlena thought that Sami was being a hypocrite and a little selfish since it was okay for Nicole to be a stepmother to her kids, but she didnít want to be the stepmother to Nicoleís baby.  Rafe let Nicole know that he had a date with Sami.  Nicole didnít realize that before she made up the picture.  Rafe thought that Sami wouldnít want to see him now that sheís seen the picture.  Marlena advised Sami that she should try to be there for Nicoleís baby because he will need every advantage.  Chad and Melanie were talking when Gabi showed up and told Melanie that Chad beat Nick up and would have killed him if she hadnít stopped him.  Chad said Gabi was exaggerating.  Gabi said it was true and that Nick was in the hospital.  Melanie wanted to know what happened.  Chad admitted to hitting Nick a few times.  Melanie wanted to know why Chad didnít tell her.  Gabi told Melanie that Chad doesnít tell her things.  Gabi said that she wanted to tell her something for a while. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

The new doctor at General Hospital, Britt Westbourne, and the new nurse, Sabrina, are both attracted to Patrick Drake. Patrick accepts a dinner invitation from Britt. Britt piles work on Sabrina. Sabrina fantasizes about Patrick. Maxie discusses with the owner of the Chinese restaurant where Jason and Sam were married about catering Kate and Sonnyís wedding. Patrick comes in to pick up his food order. Maxie tells him that she canít babysit tonight because she is planning Kateís wedding on short notice. Patrick says he probably shouldnít be going on a date anyway. She says that if Patrick has a date, she will go home and stay with Emma. He tells her that he is relieved to have a reason to get out of going on a date. Patrick returns to the hospital and runs into Anna. She is glad that he and Emma are ok after the ordeal the town went through. He tells Britt that he has to cancel their date because he doesnít have a babysitter. Britt volunteers Sabrina for the job.

Anna returns to Port Charles. She wants to focus her attention on finding Heather Webber. She goes to General Hospital and asks Steve if he knows why Todd Manning keeps coming to Heatherís rescue. Todd bangs on Johnnyís door. Carly answers and tells Todd that Johnny told her everything. Johnny confirms that he told Carly all about where he got the money for Jerryís ransom. Johnny asks Carly to make him a cup of tea. Todd tells Johnny that Heather Webber escaped from Fern Cliff and that she could be a problem. Johnny says the same is true of Connie. They reaffirm their agreement to back each other up. Anna finds Todd outside Johnnyís apartment and asks him to tell her about his association with Heather Webber. Steve tells Jason that he looked at Tea Delgadoís file and found that her baby has type-O blood and that he has a risk for Beta Thalassemia, a blood disorder that affects people of Mediterranean descent. Jason says that runs in the Cassadine family, and Delgado sounds Hispanic. Jason asks if Ms. Delgado happens to be a carrier of hemophilia, because the baby that isnít Samís had it. Jason tells McBain that he thinks Samís baby is alive and in Llanview. He fills him on all of the inconsistencies that he found. He tells John Heather Webber was in the area of the shack that night so he suspects that Heather switched babies. He reveals Steve Webber told him that on the same night a Ms. Tea Delgado gave birth to a son at a bus stop near the shack and that her baby wasnít breathing. He says the man that was with her took the baby to get help and found a woman who gave the child CPR. McBain knows that Todd Manning was with Tea when she delivered her baby. He says that would explain why Todd has been so willing to help Heather. They conclude that they canít question Heather because they donít know where she is, and it would be unwise to question Manning and tip him off. Jason suggests that John arrange a test to determine if Tea and Victor are a DNA match. He says that if John cares about Sam, he will help get her baby back. Jason sees Samís figurine among the things that people have left at the Floating Rib and never came back to retrieve. Sam asks Spinelli to give Jason the divorce papers to sign. He refuses. Spinelli goes to the Floating Rib, orders a Shirley Temple, and the upgrades it to vodka. He wonders how two people who are so clearly meant to be together canít work things out. Maxie goes into the Floating Rib. Jason takes the figurine to the Chinese Restaurant where he and Sam were married. Sam is already there with the other figurine. Heather tells baby Victor that Todd Manning could be a problem because when Tea tells him about her new nanny, he will know it is her. She packs a bag and tells the baby that they are leaving before anyone catches on. McBain knocks on the door.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Jack tells Abby that he wishes Victor would come home. Abby refuses to lend Jack the money to buy Beauty of Nature. Tucker and Sharon inform Adam know that she called for a press conference. Nick and Victoria try to come up with the perfect speech for the press. Nikki overhears and cannot believe that they are going to help Sharon. A man talks to someone on the phone and plans a special surprise for Victor. Christine blasts Michael for Ronan having an affair with Phyllis. Daisy tells Paul know everything he needs to know about Ricky killing Rachel. Sister Celeste tells Billy and Genevieve where Victor is. Adam tells Sharon that she has put her own interests and ego above Newman Enterprises. Adam also reminds her that it wouldn’t look too good before the judge if he found out that she was sleeping with Tucker. Nikki balks at the press conference but Nick talks her into it. Tucker calls Genevieve to discuss Victor. Jack assures Abby that Victor is coming back. A man tells Victor about the meeting at the docks. Lauren and Michael tell Christine about the gun being hers that Paul used to kill Ricky. Paul joins them and lets them know that he has the evidence he needs to clear himself.

Paul tells everyone what Daisy told him about Ricky. Sister Celeste asks Genevieve what Victor is up to. Jack asks Nikki to join him, so they can discuss their divorce. Jack notices that Nikki is really upset over Victor. Tucker shows Sharon a pic of Victor with Sister Celeste. Michael manages to get a court order to question Daisy. All the Newman children meet for a meeting to back Sharon. Abby refuses to help and Adam lets them know that he will think about it. Sharon vows revenge on the Newmans. Jack calls Billy to try to find Victor. Billy talks to Nikki and gives her a phone number to call Victor. Michael, Lauren, and Paul see that Daisy is gone and find out from the nurse that her mother had checked her out. There is an explosion on the docks and Victor is involved.

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