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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie barks at Bill and he tells her not to jump to conclusions about this convict that is trying to extort money out of him. She questions Deacon of how he got out of prison so soon and why he was in Italy and what did Bill have to do with it. He quickly explains to her that Bill Spencer showed up at prison and suddenly Deacon’s on his way to Italy. And he knew nothing about this supposed letter he wrote until today. He saw Hope’s press conference and saw she was miserable and suddenly he thought he could do something worthwhile. Katie says well he should have stayed away just the way he did for twenty years. Nothing good can come of his returning now that Hope is an adult. She demands that he leave; Bill backs that up. He then wonders if Katie is going to leave too. Liam tells Hope that he knew that she still loved him. She says it doesn’t matter how much they love each other because he can’t give her his whole heart. In his defense all he could say was that all the times with Steffy and he didn’t tell her was because he didn’t want to hurt her. She can understand him wanting to please his father. Her own father showed up today to check up on her. He blames himself on what happened. He thinks if he had not shown up, they would be married right now. Taylor asks Steffy about the big glorious event with Ridge’s wedding. She wants to know if Liam was her date. Steffy tells her mom not to get hung up on the words that describe her and Liam, whether friends or dates. She will always be there for him. Steffy tells Taylor that Liam has changed some. She’s not really worried about it, but he’s colder now, more business like his father.

Liam tells Hope that he’s glad Deacon came back. He sees how much it means to her. He vows that he won’t hurt her again. He knows how badly he screwed up. She’s the best thing that has ever happened to him. She gave him the will and patience to put up with Bill who he hated at first. She always loved him and told him to never up. But then he kept hurting Hope and suddenly she told him it was over. He’s not sure what changed. She says it shouldn’t be this hard, so she had to change. Katie tells Bill she doesn’t know how he could do this to her. She barks that Bill created a crime. He’s too concerned with his grown son’s love life, sacrificing one life for another. She points her finger in his face and says she will not let him turn her son into becoming a carbon copy of Bill. She will fight with every fiber of her being to protect him from Bill. Bill says he would do anything to protect his family. She fires back that so will she. She has been doing that from day one when she got pregnant and she will continue to do that even from his own father. He put their family in this position and she will not stand there and let him do this. He argues that what can she do, does she intend to have him locked up. She starts crying, grabs her tummy and can’t continue.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

wanted Rafe to go to dinner with her so they could talk.  Rafe thought that might be more than he could give for now.  Chad had flowers for Melanie, but she wasnít in the apartment.  Chad wanted to know where she was.  Melanie wanted to talk to Nick.  She wanted to stop worrying about what Nick is going to do to her.  Sonny called Will to find out why he canceled their date.  Will was with Marlena and he saw that Sonny called.  Will wouldnít answer the phone.  Nick told Melanie that he wouldnít be around if it werenít for his parole.  Melanie understood that.  Nick wanted to know what she wanted from him.  Melanie wanted to know if he really changed.  Marlena noticed that Will was upset and wondered if it had to do with the boy he liked.  Will explained that he wasnít good enough for him.  Marlena didnít believe that.  Will thought that it was the truth and he was upset about it.  Billie and EJ ran into each other at the town square.  Billie talked to EJ about the fight he had with Rafe.  Billie wondered if the fight was over Sami.  He said that his days of fighting Rafe over Sami are over.  Billie thought that meant he was giving up on Sami.  Sami didnít want a commitment with Rafe.  She just wanted to talk to him.  Sami wanted to make things up to him.  She wanted to do that for them.  Rafe told her there was no us.  Sami knew that, but she noticed that things have changed since he arrested her.  Sami reminded Rafe that he fought EJ over her and that he defended her to Kate.  EJ didnít understand why Billie was concerned about his personal life.  Billie reminded EJ that Sami hurt both of her brothers repeatedly.  Billie thought that Sami was still looking for the father she didnít have because EJís father took him away from her years ago.  Rafe told Sami that he wasnít going to go out with her.  He told Sami that he promised Nicole that he would cross the street whenever he saw her.  Nick and Melanie talked about what happened when he was arrested.  Nick let Melanie know that he has changed. 

Marlena didnít want Will to put himself down anymore.  Will couldnít help himself and believed that Adrienne was right about him.  Rafe decided to change his mind and go out to dinner with Sami after all.  Rafe let her know that he was going to go out with her one time.  Marlena advised Will to call Sonny and talk to him.  Adrienne ran into Sonny.  She told him that Will knew about her conversation about him to Justin.  Sonny realized that was why Will canceled their date.  He walked off to go find Will.  Nick and Melanie finished their conversation with a handshake.  Melanie walked off, but she left her scarf behind.  Nick called out to her, but she didnít hear it.  Will was going to take Marlenaís advice and call Sonny when Sonny showed up.  They wanted to talk about the misunderstanding between them.  Rafe and EJ met up at the town square.  They started arguing over Sami.  Rafe wanted to make sure that EJ stayed away from Sami.  EJ wanted to know why Rafe cared so much.  EJ thought that Rafe was finished with Sami.  EJ mentioned how Nicole was having Rafeís baby.  EJ said that Nicole wonít let Rafe near Sami.  Nicole showed up at Samiís place.  Nicole was looking for EJ because she had paperwork about their divorce.  They started arguing.  Nicole dropped her purse and couldnít pick it up.  Sami picked it up for her and noticed the pictures of Rafe and Nicole together.  Sonny let Will know that he knew why Will canceled their date.  Will agreed with Adrienne, but Sonny wanted to make up his own mind about him.  They ended their conversation with a kiss.  While EJ and Rafe were arguing, Rafe received a phone call.  Rafe said he wanted the table to ready at 6 p.m.  EJ wanted to know if Rafe had a date.  Nick had the scarf and was going to give it back to Melanie.  Chad saw him and thought about how he bought the scarf for Melanie.  Chad punched Nick in the face and yelled at him to tell him what happened to Melanie. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Carly tells Johnny that she signed her divorce papers to end her marriage to Jax. Maxie arrives at Sonnyís house to help Kate plan her wedding. Connie says everything Maxie brought is boring, ugly, or stupid. Connie says she doesnít want anything white, she wants leopard print, cleavage, Lucite shoes with chains on them, and big flowers everywhere. Maxie says that doesnít sound like anything Kate Howard would want. Connie says itís what Connie Falconeri wants. She says that since she is integrated, her personalities have merged into one. Maxie says she made a reservation for high tea for her bachelorette party. Connie says she wants tequila, and she wants to drink it off a male stripperís abs. She says she wants Chinese food at the reception. Connie calls Johnny to put pressure on him to help her stop the wedding. He tells her that he isnít going to let her do this to him. Carly thinks he was talking to the person that loaned him the 18 million dollars.

Sonny confides to Alexis that he found out that Treyís father is Joe Scully Junior. Alexis knows that Joe is the man who raped Kate. Sonny informs Alexis that Kateís rape resulted in a pregnancy and a child that she abandoned at birth and presumed had died, but that they have discovered that the child lived. Alexis does the math and figures out that Kristina just married the child of Kateís rape. He tells her that he hasnít told Kate about it yet, because he is afraid that the news that that the child she abandoned is alive will take her back to that place of fear where she was when it happened. Alexis acknowledges the possibility that it could cause Connie to reemerge. Sonny says he doesnít know how to tell Kate. Alexis suggests that Sonny wait until after the wedding. She asks him if Kristina is aware of her new father in lawís identity. Sonny doesnít think so, but he believes it was no coincidence. Alexis tells Sonny that Kristinaís annulment should be easy because they havenít consummated the marriage. Kristina emerges from Treyís room in the morning. Starr wonders why she is there. Kristina informs her that their marriage is no longer just for the show. She wonders if Starr is acting weird about it because she thinks Michael is going to be upset about it. Starr tells her that she should be worrying about how her parents are going to react. Kristina smugly says her parents will have to deal with it. When Kristina goes to take a shower, Starr tells Trey that he owes Kristina the truth about his father. He reminds her that he said he made all that up. She says she assumes that they will want the apartment to themselves. Trey doesnít know yet what they are going to do. Kristina says she is going home to inform her mother that she isnít going to annul the marriage. Joe goes to Tracyís house to tell his side of the story. He tells Tracy that Sonny murdered John McBainís sister and blamed him. He tells her that he and Kate were together consensually. He asks her if she has ever felt afraid of him since they have been seeing each other. She says no. He asks her to give him a chance and kisses her. She tells him that it doesnít matter what his kisses feel like, she refuses to let him make a fool of her. Trey sends Joe a text message informing him that he is staying married, but not for Joe.

Jason tries to talk to Steven about Heather. Steve wants to know what Heather did. Jason says Steve canít tell Sam about it, but he thinks Heather took Samís baby. He tells him about the blood type mismatch and the coincidence that Heather was at the same garden shed that Sam was when last saw her baby alive. He says the only remaining question is where Heather got the other baby. Steve thinks he knows. He tells Jason about another couple that came to the hospital with a newborn that they said had been born at a bus stop. He says they told him that the baby didnít make any noise at first but that they found a woman in the woods that performed CPR. He admits that it is possible that the woman was Heather. Sam tells John McBain that she signed her divorce papers to end her marriage to Jason. She says she almost changed her mind about it, but then she saw that Jason has already moved on with Elizabeth. She notes the irony that today is their one-year anniversary. John takes her dragon figurine out of his pocket and says he saw it in the motelís lost and found when he was looking for something else. Sam goes to take the divorce papers to Jason. Jason calls McBain and asks for his help.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Ronan and Phyllis bump into each other at the coffeehouse. It is an awkward situation for both. Heather assures Michael that she will convict Phyllis, but her father, on the other hand, is innocent. Avery and Paul discuss how he can get in to see Daisy. Sharon and Tucker wake up together and listen to the stock market report informing the public that Newman stock is continually dropping. At Newman Enterprises, Victoria and Nick listen to the stock market report. In a bar in Los Angeles, Genevieve and Billy discuss Victor as he walks in the door. Billy insists to Genevieve that he is going to tell Victor who he is. Genevieve lets Billy in on Victorís plans for dealing with the management. Victor recognizes Billy and wonders what he is doing there. Tucker instructs Sharon as to what to do next in dealing with Victoria and Nick. Ronan and Phyllis are having a secretive talk when Nick and Victoria see them together. Phyllis begins to make up her usual excuses. As they discuss Phyllis’ upcoming court case, Heather tells Christine that Ronan and Phyllis are having an affair. Michael visits Phyllis to let her know that her court date has been moved up. Paul goes to see Patty at Fairview.

Sofia goes to see Tucker with her usual business report about his overseas business deals. Tucker tells Sofia to buy more of Newman stock when it starts to go down. During a meeting with Victoria and Nick, Sharon advises them that she is calling a press conference and she needs a united front for the good of the company. Victoria and Nick refuse to help Sharon and walk out. Billy tries to convince him that he needs his help, but Victor refuses it. Michael asks Phyllis to take a plea deal but she refuses. Christine confronts Ronan about his affair with Phyllis. Paul asks Patty for help in getting in to see Daisy. She agrees. Paul also tells Patty that something happened to Ricky and it was all his fault. Patty acts as though she is looking for her kitties when the doctor comes in, so that she can get their attention away from Paul and he can sneak in to see Daisy. Daisy wakes up and tells Paul all he wants to know about Ricky killing his old girlfriend.

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