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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill tells Deacon that he’s not to come anywhere near his building. Deacon taunts that he just did. Bill says if Deacon wants more money then he has to call, but the answer will still be no. Deacon declares this is not about money; this is about his daughter. Hope is in a lot of pain. Bill says his daughter is not married because of a clerical error, not because of anything Deacon did coming to Italy. Now he wants Deacon to slither out the back way of the loading dock so no one will see him. Deacon shouts at him that he is not leaving by the loading dock. In fact, he is going to waltz across the hall to his son’s office. He’d probably like to know what really went down in Italy. Bill says Deacon may say it’s not about money, but it’s always about money. Deacon calls him arrogant and says he can put his checkbook away; he is not going to leave his daughter’s life in a mess. Not this time! Bill says okay, help his daughter but just stay away from his son. Deacon tells him to stop threatening him about going back to prison. Deacon fires back that if he goes back to prison, and the truth comes out about Bill, they might be sharing that prison cell. And Liam won’t forgive him for what he did. Bill says it will be the convict’s word against his and he will take his chances. And if Deacon goes public, Hope will hate him.

Liam is chewing out two more employees when Caroline comes in. She sees the internet photo of Hope and Thomas and figures that has something to do with him being so upset. She sees that he has a new look, a darker, edgy look. He fought hard for Hope but he lost and now this is the way he feels. Liam says he does get it. Hope told him that she did not love him anymore and he’s accepting that. She laughs, he can’t be that dense. She is crazy about him. She says Liam shouldn’t have to settle for Steffy. It makes him think. Hope tells Donna and Katie that Deacon came to see her; he was worried about her. Katie and Donna exchange knowing glances. Hope continues that it seems every time she needs her dad, he magically shows up. She really feels like this is going to change her life. Katie says she is really glad Hope feels so good about her father, but he’s not going to be able to solve her problem with Liam. Hope knows that; it’s just good to have Deacon around. She trusts him. Katie and Donna look at each other again. Hope says she doesn’t know what she will do about Liam. She wishes she didn’t still love him, but she does. And Thomas is a really great guy, but then there is Caroline. If she jumps in there now with Thomas it will be like with Liam all over again; a man torn between two women. Bill tells Deacon that ship has sailed. Hope and Liam are finished. If he wants to help his daughter, advise her to accept it. Deacon also wonders if Bill had anything to do with the failed marriage at the Forrester house. Liam was out with Steffy all night and that just smacks of vintage Bill Spencer. Liam finds Hope at Forrester. They have a little awkward small talk and she turns from him and says he should go. He starts to then turns around and says he can still hear her words that she does not love him. He wants to know if they are true. She admits no. Bill tells Deacon that he has overstated his case and he’s overstayed his welcome, so he needs to leave. Deacon says he has one word for Bill – therapy, seek it. They are shouting at each other when Katie walks in. She looks straight at Bill and says that everything that happened in Italy to ruin Hope’s wedding – it was because of Bill.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Chad asked Melanie to leave Salem with him.  She wanted to know why he wanted to leave.  Hope met Bo at the pub.  Bo was deciding what he could do if he left the police force.  Rafe and Nicole were at the coffee shop talking about EJ.  They knew he had a game plan and wanted to be ready for him.  Gabi interrupted them and wanted to talk to Rafe.  She noticed that he had a bruise on his head.  Lucas showed up at Samiís apartment because heís taking Allie to a sleepover.  Lucas wanted Sami to keep the drama in her life to a minimum while Allie was with her.  Sami let Lucas know that EJ and Rafeís fight wasnít about her, but Lucas didnít agree with that.  Chad told Melanie that he wanted to live anywhere in the world.  Melanie wanted to know when Chad started lying to her.  Melanie put two and two together and thought Chad proposed to her to get her away from Nick.  Chad said that he wanted to protect her and didnít want Nick to hurt her. Melanie said that it wasnít his fault.  Chad flashed back to when Gabi said it was his fault that he didnít tell her that he didnít have feelings for her.  Rafe and Gabi talked about how he got in a fight with EJ.  Gabi thought it was over Sami.  Rafe insisted that he wasnít interested in Sami.  Lucas and Sami continued to talk about the fight between EJ and Rafe as well as about Willís life.  Lucas told Sami that he wasnít the least bit interested in her anymore.  They continued to talk about that until Lucas left.  Gabi told Rafe that he was the happiest sheíd ever seen him when he was with Sami.  Hope advised Bo to do something that he really loved.  Abe and Theo arrived at the pub too.  Abe told Bo and Hope how he heard about the cutbacks.  Bo let Abe know that he didnít make any decisions about his future yet.  Theo saw Nick and ran to him.  Abe quickly got Theo away from Nick and reminded him about running off.  Kate ran into Sami at the town square.  Kate heard about the problems that were happening at Countess W.  Sami was in the dark about it.  Kate let Sami know that there was going to be an investigation about the overseas factories at Countess W.  Kate told Sami about the multiple label law violations going on with the company.  Sami couldnít believe that was happening. 

Chad met Brady at the coffee place.  Brady wanted to know why Chad and Melanie want to rush their wedding.  Chad was upset about that.  Brady reminded Chad that he was the one who found Melanie.  Chad threw up in Bradyís face that if he hadnít been in the tunnel with him, he could have been with Madison. Chad also told Brady that she might not be dead.  Bo and Hope continued to talk about what he wanted to do besides be a cop.   Hope insisted that Bo follow his dreams.  Rafe walked up on Kate and Sami while they were talking.  Rafe didnít want whatís going on at Countess W to bite her in the butt too.  Rafe thought Kate might be the next target of the rumor mill.  Kate didnít want to talk to Rafe or Sami anymore and walked away.  Sami thought that what Rafe did was amazing.  Sami wanted to know why Rafe was going out of his way to help her.  She wondered if he still had feelings for her.  Brady was upset when Chad implied that it was his fault that Madison died.  Brady wanted to punch Chad out.  Chad apologized to him and didnít know why he said that to him.  Chad mentioned his concerns about Melanie and Nick.  Sami and Rafe continued to talk about how heís been there for her.  They started going over what happened between them.  Sami wanted to get together with him and talk.  Rafe agreed to go out with her.  Melanie was at the town square and ran into Nick.  He wanted to leave, but she wanted to talk to him.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

A new employee named Sabrina at General Hospital gets off to a bad start. First, a new doctor, Dr. Britt Westman, complains that she canít read a word of her files. Epiphany tells her to go rewrite them. Then, and she collides with Dr. Drake and drops the files. She is immediately smitten. She asks Epiphany about Patrick. Epiphany tells her that his wife recently died and that he and his daughter are trying to put their life back together. Dr. Westman asks Patrick for a consultation and then asks him out to dinner. He thanks her, but says he hasnít been on a date since his wife died. Britt didnít know about Robin. Patrick asks Sabrina if he knows anything about Katie Perry because he wants to have it playing when he operates on a young womanís brain tumor. Dr. Westman sees Patrick and Sabrina sharing ear pods and tells Sabrina to go check on a patient. Epiphany intercedes and tells Dr Westman that she will check on the patient while Sabrina finishes with the files. Sabrina hears Patrick accepting Brittís dinner invitation.

Connie goes to Johnnyís room at General Hospital and informs him that Kate saw someone from her past that triggered her reappearance and she is ready to party. Johnny rejects her advances. She tells him that he owes her for taking the rap for killing Starr Manningís daughter and boyfriend. Johnny asks her what she wants. He offers to buy a ticket to anywhere she wants to go and set her up with a bank account. She wants to stop Kate from marrying Sonny and says that if Johnny doesnít help her, she will tell Todd Manning that Johnny killed his granddaughter. Johnny reveals to her that Todd already knows. She says she can still tell the police, or she can tell Starr. He tells her that her plan wonít work. Kristina goes to Starr and Treyís apartment. Starr tells her that Trey isnít there, but that he was upset about something when he left. Trey tells Joe that he knows Kate Howard/Connie Falconeri is his mother. He says Kate told him that Joe raped her. Joe denies it and says it was consensual. He says Connie gave birth to him secretly in a boarding house and then left town as soon as he was born. Trey remembers that Kate has an alternate personality and wonders if it was t he other personality that said she wanted him dead. Joe tells him not to consider that. Sonny figures out that Treyís father and Joe Scully are probably the same person. He tells Michael that Kate had a child after Joe raped her. Michael concludes that Sonny thinks Kate is Treyís mother. Michael says Starr can tell them if Trey is Joe Scullyís son because she saw Joe and Trey together. Starr goes to Sonnyís house and confirms that Treyís father is the man in the picture that Sonny shows her. He tells her to be careful of Joe and not to tell anyone about the conversation it would hurt a lot of people. Trey and Kristina consummate their marriage.

Tracy wonít answer Joeís calls. Monica sees Tracy crying and thinks she is sad about Cookís death. Tracy tells her that she found out who Joseph really is and broke up with him. She says Gino Soleito, Anthony Zacchara, and now Joe Scully Junior have all been gangsters. She canít believe her luck. She says Sonny filled her in on Josephís identity and informed her that he is a murderer and a rapist. Monica tells Tracy that it is a good thing that she found out about Joseph before she developed feelings for him. Tracy says she already had. She has second thoughts about the validity of what Sonny told her. Tracy calls Joseph and tells him that she is willing to hear his side of the story.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Billy and Victoria discuss the ratings for ďRestless StyleĒ going down. Nick joins them and informs them that the Newman stocks are dropping with Sharon is back in charge. Nick and Victoria get a call from Sharon to meet her in her office. In L.A., in a bar somewhere near the docks, Sister Celeste asks Genevieve about Christian. Tucker calls Genevieve about Newman stock taking a nose dive. At Jimmy’s, Kevin and Phyllis discuss Kevin telling Chloe about him helping Phyllis take Tim’s body back to his apartment. Phyllis and Kevin argue over Daisy which makes Kevin angry and Phyllis leaves in a huff. Christine, Avery, and Paul discuss how Daisy hasn’t woken up from the coma. Christine calls Kevin for help with dealing with Daisy. Billy calls Genevieve to get an update on Victor. Sharon has a meeting with Nick and Victoria and tries to fire them, once again, but Nick hands her a paper which shows that they can never be fired. Sharon is more than a little surprised. Sharon gives in and agrees to let them stay. Nick and Victoria ask Sharon about Tuckerís involvement in buying up Newman stock. Sharon doesn’t believe what they are saying. Nick also lets Sharon know that he, Summer, and Faith are moving back to the ranch. Billy reveals to Kevin that Victor is alive because he saw him. Billy vows to find Victor and bring him home.

Christine overhears Phyllis calling Summer and leaving her a message. Sharon goes to see Tucker to find out the truth about the stock and discovers out that Tucker was buying up the stock but only to help Sharon. Sister Celeste and Genevieve have a talk when Victor walks back into the bar. Avery and Nick discuss Tucker’s involvement in buying up Newman stock. Christian acts as though he is backing down from fighting the management but later reveals to Genevieve that he is going to fight the management on his own. Billy lets Victoria know that he is going back to Los Angeles. Daisy wakes up and calls for Kevin, but only for a moment.

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