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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Deacon stands in front of a surprised Hope and tells her that he knows the flowers won’t make up for him skipping out and leaving her on her wedding day in Italy. He hugs her and says that is why he is here now. He’s read everything he could and he knows about Liam. She asks just how much does he know. He doesn’t know what he’s done in this life to have such a sweet daughter. But he’s sorry to hear that things aren’t working out between her and Liam. Hope explains that day and that it wasn’t Deacon’s fault that he left a letter and Liam found it and misinterpreted it. Deacon says she may say it is over, but it seems obvious to him that it is not. Katie tells Bill that if he keeps talking like this that he is it is only going to cause more friction between him and his son. Liam tells her that the less said about Hope the better; he is not going to go see her. Apparently Caroline got over her tiff with Thomas as they canoodle on the couch in Ridge’s…..or Rick’s office. Rick bursts in and has to show them the terrific photos from the recent shoot. He states that Hope and Thomas are a great couple both in front of the camera and off camera. Oops, there is that green eyed monster again for Caroline.

Pam and Donna practically fall over each other trying to usher Oliver into Ridge’s office. He says he feels like royalty. Thomas is called away, leaving Caroline with Rick. He tells her the pictures are just good publicity, not what they seem to be. He wastes no time in telling her how good it feels to be sitting in the C.E.O.’s chair and preserving his dad’s legacy…..and with her at his side. She allows him to kiss her. Deacon feels responsible for the state of affairs with Hope and Liam now even if it was the letter he never wrote. He is sorry now that he took the coward's way out. He saw the press conference on the internet and part of him would like to go after Liam and his old man. She assures him that she is fine, especially now that he is here. She’d like for him to stick around. She says she loves him. He wishes he deserved it….maybe one day. Bill tells Liam how proud he is of him…..no more Liam, the bleeding heart. He’s now Liam, the conqueror. Alone, Bill hangs up the phone and turns around to see……Deacon with a smirk on his face…..what in the hell is he doing here?

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Kate and Brady were strategizing about how to destroy the competition as well as Sami.  Will told Sami heís not going out with Sonny because heís not good enough for him.  Sami wanted to know who put that idea in his head.  Chad was watching Gabi and Nick talking.  He thought they were scheming about how to break up his relationship with Melanie.  When Nick went into the kitchen, Chad walked in the pub and demanded to know what Gabi was talking about with Nick.  Jennifer told Daniel that she knew that he helped Nicole with her scheme to pass her baby off as Rafeís.  Jennifer let Daniel know that she confronted Nicole, but she denied it.  Jennifer warned Daniel that he could ruin his career by helping her.  Jennifer wanted to know if it was worth it to keep helping Nicole.  Brady didnít like the idea of Kate destroying his sister.  She claimed that she only meant that she wanted to destroy the company.  Kate told Brady that it was nothing personal and that it was just business.  Brady said he wanted to take Sami down even though he loves his sister.  He thought Sami made bad choices and that she had to pay for them.  Sami assumed Victor was the one who badmouthed Will.  Sami was ready to leave and confront him when Will told her it was Adrienne that did it.  Sami demanded to know what she said about him. Gabi let Chad know that she and Nick were only talking about work.  Gabi thought Chad looked tired.  Chad said that he couldnít sleep because Gabi and Nick are obsessed with him and Melanie.  Gabi told Chad to get over himself.  She tried to walk away, but Chad grabbed her because he wasnít finished talking to her.  Nick came out of the kitchen and saw Chad and Gabi.  Nick let Chad know that he was done talking to Gabi.  Will warned Sami to calm down about Adrienne because she was right about him.  Sami didnít want to hear that because she thought Will was good enough for Sonny.  Will let Sami know that Adrienne was right about him.  He went down the list of what he did.  He was upset that he realized that he is just like Sami and he hated that.  He walked out of the apartment.  Jennifer wanted to know what hold Nicole had over Daniel.  Jennifer reminded Daniel that Chloe passed her son off as his.  Jennifer didnít understand why Daniel would do the same thing to EJ.  Daniel ended up crying. 

Chad told Nick to stay away from Melanie.  Nick said that he was staying away from her.  Gabi let Chad know that Nick didnít have a choice and that he had to stay in Salem.  The three of them continued to go back and forth.  Will was at the town square and met up with Kate.  Kate thought he had a fight with his mother, but Will told her that he was a loser.  Chad threatened to fight Nick, but Caroline stopped the fight.  Chad asked Caroline why she would let Nick work for her after everything he did to her as well as Melanie.  Will continued to explain to Kate why he felt like he was a loser, but Kate didnít agree with it.  He walked away after talking to Kate.  Sami met up with Adrienne at the town square and wanted to know what her problem was with Will.  Sami demanded that Adrienne say the things to her face.  Caroline put Chad in his place about questioning her for hiring Nick.  She warned Chad to stay away from Nick and Gabi while theyíre working and to stay away from them period.  Before Chad left the pub, he warned Gabi to watch her step with Nick.  Adrienne and Sami got into a heated argument about what Adrienne said about Will.  Jennifer advised Daniel not to ruin his career for Nicole because EJ planned on destroying him.  Kate arrived and also got into Sami and Adrienneís argument.  Adrienne didnít back down when Kate and Sami double-teamed her.  Adrienne walked away from them.  Chad was at his apartment.  He was convinced that Nick and Gabi were lying and were up to something.  Daniel called Nicole and they talked about Jenniferís conversation with him.  Daniel tried to warn Nicole that EJ was suspicious of them.  Nicole wasnít too worried about EJ as long as Daniel was with her.  Nicole thought that Jennifer would expose the scheme.  Sami thanked Kate for helping her out with Adrienne.  Kate let Sami know that it didnít change the way she felt about her and still planned on taking her down.  Daniel didnít think that Jennifer would tell, but Nicole wasnít so sure about that. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Michael waits for Trey to come home so that he can confront him. Michael doesnít believe Trey married Kristina for their reality show and wonders what he is after. Sonny comes home and finds Trey struggling with Connie over his medallion with Joe Scullyís initial engraved on it. Sonny twists Trey and demands to know what he was doing to Kate. Trey cries and tells Sonny to ask her. Connie tells Sonny that she is ok and that Sonny can let Trey go. Trey runs out of the house. Connie pockets the medallion and tells Sonny that she and Trey were arguing about his marriage to Kristina. Connie mutters to herself that the kid she doesnít want is living in Port Charles. Michael has left when Trey goes home to the apartment. He tells Starr that he went to Sonnyís house to explain about the marriage, but Sonny wasnít there and Kate got angry. He tells Starr that Kate told him a bunch of lies. Kate says that doesnít seem like Kate. Trey asks her why she is defending the woman who killed her daughter and boyfriend. She says she isnít defending Kate; she is just trying to understand what happened. Trey tells her that he will never entrust her with personal information again because the last time he did, she told Michael. Michael goes to Sonnyís house. He asks Sonny if Kate told him that Treyís father has a history with him. Michael tells Sonny that he thinks Trey has been plotting to use Kristina to help his father get back at Sonny. Sonny asks what Treyís fatherís name is, but Michael doesnít know. He says Treyís father just got out of prison when Trey and Kristina ran off to Vegas. Sonny says an old enemy of his just got out of jail so he thinks he knows who Treyís father is. Trey calls Joe and leaves a message saying that he needs to talk to him about his mother.

Todd asks Jax for an interview for the Sun. Jax says he has no comment about Jerry, and that he is there to talk about what Johnny is hiding from Carly. Todd tells Jax that he installed a surveillance camera in Johnnyís office. He has second thoughts about breaking his deal with Johnny so he tells Jax that he saw Johnny dancing in womenís underwear. Jax wants to know why Todd is covering for Johnny. He concludes that Johnny must have something on Todd. Carly asks Johnny what he and Todd were arguing about at the marina. She reminds him that she was going to tell her something when he thought he was going to die. He says Todd found out that he got his $18 million share of the ransom from the mob. Carly doesnít understand why Todd would sit on the information since he is so intent on destroying their relationship. Johnny asks her to sign her divorce papers to end her marriage to Jax. Carly thinks it is handy to remain married to such a wealthy, influential man. Carly runs into Jax and tells him that she thinks it is time for them to file the divorce papers.

Dante and Lulu spend the day in bed, trying to make a baby. Olivia overhears Steve on the phone asking about his mother. Olivia wonders what Heather has done now. He reveals that Heather escaped from Fern Cliff and no one knows where she is. Olivia says Heather went to wherever she has unfinished business. Steve calls Dante to warn him that Heather escaped from Ferncliff and will probably come after Olivia. Lulu is glad Luke is out of the country. Spinelli reveals to Jason that Heather frequents the shack where Sam went with her newborn. He presents the possibility that Heather switched Samís baby with a stillborn child. He tells Jason that a police officer saw Heather and a man, who turned out to be Anthony Zacchara, on highway 59 near mile marker 13 on the night of the storm. Jason wonders where Heather got the dead baby if she made the switch. Spinelli says Heather must have had an accomplice. He wonders if it was the person that helped her when she kidnapped Luke Spencer. Jason says Heather may have hired someone who had no connection to the baby. Jason determines to get answers from Heather. He is walking out the door to go to Ferncliff when Spinelli gets a call from Steve, alerting to Heatherís escape. Todd overhears Steveís telephone conversation about Heatherís escape. Steve calls Kate to stay with Olivia and when she arrives, Olivia sees Connie. Connie and Steve both tell Olivia that Kate is integrated and Connie no longer exists. Kate walks part of the way to Oliviaís room and then bails. She goes to Johnnyís room and tells him she is back for good.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Nick and Phyllis are at home discussing Summer’s reaction to the news about Ronan and Phyllis. Michael and Lauren come to visit them to let them know that Daisy is still alive and in Fairview. Heather and Daniel spend time together in his apartment and end up making love again before she leaves for the day. Adam and Kevin meet at Gloworm to discuss Jabot’s interest in TagNGrab. Chloe arrives with her dog as do Chelsea and Lily. Paul has a dream about Daisy but gets awakened by Avery. Avery begs Paul not to give up on her. Daniel and Heather make plans for the future. Michael and Lauren explain to Phyllis and Nick about Daisy taking an overdose of pills. Chloe and Chelsea argue. Paul calls Heather to meet him for a talk. Kevin, Phyllis, and Michael arrive at Daniel’s to let him know about Daisy. Daniel asks to see Daisy.

Lily admires Chelseaís bracelet which brings on insults again. Nick tells Summer that he is moving out. Summer asks Nick to let her live with him. Paul tells Heather that Daisy is alive. Daniel and Heather end it with each other. Daniel goes to see Daisy. Lauren tells Avery that the gun belonged to her.

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