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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

While Rick is smirking and even putting out his photo on Ridge’s desk, Hope walks in. She tells him to enjoy it while he can as Ridge is not retiring; he’s only on his honeymoon. Rick suggests it is a start and he wants to prove to both his Dad and Ridge that he can run the company. Rick questions her on Thomas and mentions he seemed very attentive at the wedding. She fires back that Liam seems to have changed too. In his office, Liam pours himself a stiff drink while he incorporates a new attitude and basically chews out his assistants to get him some better stories than what they are presenting. Bill is pleased. He tells Liam that he doesn’t have to play nice as nice guys finish last. He can forget about Hope. She was a learning experience. He can thank her later. Caroline seems a little less than pleased when Rick announces to all of them that there will be a photo shoot with Thomas and Hope for the new line. He coaches both of them that the press ate up that kiss at her press conference, so he needs more of that. She needs to portray that she is over Liam once and for all and ready to move on. Caroline sulks as she looks on while Hope vamps sexily with Thomas. Finally Caroline walks out and Thomas sees her and follows. Thomas quizzes Caroline and she unloads on him that he should see himself from her point of view when he is helping Hope, his "friend". And he’s putting their relationship on hold while doing all of this. They barely see each other. She ends up apologizing and saying she has been unfair and selfish.

Bill tells Liam that he can throw himself into other things, just forget Hope. Men can not retreat from the world or lose their pride. He can not lose his respect otherwise no one else will care what he has to say. A woman can’t love a man she doesn’t respect. You can’t earn it; you have to demand it in your expectations. He got off on the wrong foot. The first cut is always the deepest, but Liam will have respect from this day forward. Bill will see to that. Katie walks in and asks what is going on. Bill says he is teaching his son how to be a man. They argue about if Hope is really done with Liam or not and Bill doesn’t want Liam to be so namby pamby about it; time to move on. Liam walks out and tells them that in the future he will decide when he moves on and with whom, not them and they will have to respect that. Rick tells Hope that she has that Liam look in her eyes again; she needs to accept what happened and keep her options open like with Thomas. She receives flowers with a card that says “I Love You”. She turns around and there is her dad, Deacon.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Will went to Samiís place to talk about his date.  She wanted the details, but he didnít want to jinx anything by telling her who heís dating.  Melanie talked to Daniel about her wedding being in two weeks.  Daniel said it wasnít going to happen.  Nick overheard Abby and Gabi talking about how Melanie and Chad pushed their wedding up two weeks.  Jennifer thought about overhearing EJ talking about Daniel being involved in Nicoleís scheme about her baby.  Nicole came downstairs and Jennifer wanted to know what she was doing to Daniel.  Chad talked to EJ about pushing the wedding up.  EJ wondered why they pushed their wedding up.  EJ thought Chad had a problem with the wedding being pushed up.  Chad said his problem isnít with Melanie since he loves her.  His problem is with Nick.  Nick told Abby that Melanie had no reason to be afraid of him because heís not going to stop the wedding.  Daniel told Melanie that she shouldnít get married yet.  Jennifer confronted Nicole about the scheme she had Daniel mixed up in concerning her baby.  Sami told Will that EJ and Rafe fought.  Sami and Will thought that they fought over her.  Sami said that she will tell EJ not to fight over her again.  Chad and EJ continued to talk about Nick.  EJ wanted to know if Chad cheated on Melanie.  Chad said he wasnít cheating.  Chad confided in EJ that there is a girl obsessed with him.  EJ thought it was funny until Chad told him that the girl is a friend of Melanieís.  Daniel continued to explain to Melanie why shouldnít rush into marriage.  Melanie was convinced that she and Chad love each other and didnít see a reason why he should wait. Jennifer told Nicole that Rafe isnít the father of her baby.  Nicole denied the accusation.  Nicole thought Jennifer was going around making up stories about her.  Nicole brought up what Jennifer did during Abeís reelection campaign.  Nicole warned Jennifer to back off or she will hear about it from Daniel.  Chad continued to talk to EJ about the girlís obsession with him.  EJ warned Chad that the girl might be just as big a problem as Nick is to his relationship. 

Daniel tried one more time to convince Melanie to wait to get married.  Melanie told him that Chad was the one who wanted to push up the date.  Abby and Gabi showed up at the apartment so Daniel left.  Abby told Melanie that she should wait too. Melanie wondered if anyone was happy that sheís getting married.  Will went to the Kiriakis mansion to pick up tickets for Sami. He overheard Justin and Adrienne talking about him and how he was wrong for Sonny.  Jennifer and Nicole continued to argue over Daniel.  During their argument, Nicole admitted that sheís sleeping with Daniel.  Nicole also told Jennifer how she and Rafe found comfort in each other after what EJ and Sami did to them.  Jennifer didnít believe a word of what Nicole was saying.  Jennifer didnít believe that Rafe was the father of her baby because she ran off with Samiís baby.  Jennifer said that Rafe would never have sex with her after she did that.  Jennifer warned Nicole that her secret is not a secret anymore.  Adrienne and Justin continued to talk about Will.  Adrienne didnít think Sonny should be with Will.  Justin believes Will is a good kid.  Adrienne reminded Justin about the things Willís family did. They went back and forth talking about Will.  Sami met with EJ and demanded to know why he fought Rafe.  EJ didnít want to tell her.  EJ wanted Sami to let it go.  Abby walked in and wondered why Nicole and Jennifer were arguing.  EJ wanted to know why Sami wanted to meet him.  Sami told EJ that she changed her mind about starting a relationship with him.  She wanted to focus on her career and kids.  EJ wanted to do the same thing.  Jennifer left for work and left Abby and Nicole alone.  Abby asked Nicole about what happened between her and her mother.  Nicole wanted to explain things to Abby.  After hearing the things Adrienne said about him, Will decided to cancel his date with Sonny.  Nicole told Abby that Jennifer has been yelling at people a lot since Jack died.  Later on, EJ met with Justin at the town square to talk about getting paternity test. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sam goes to Jasonís penthouse and finds him kissing Elizabeth. Sam leaves. Alexis asks Kristina if she has a prenuptial agreement. Kristina says Trey isnít after her money. Kristina says they are both adults so they can talk to each other as adults. Alexis observes that adults donít live with their parents, they have their own apartments, they buy their own groceries and gas, and they donít get married to drive ratings. Kristina asks her mother if she wants her to move out. Alexis says no, she wants her to grow up. Kristina concludes that Alexis thinks she is stupid and immature. Alexis says Kristina is petulant and that she would like to see her make responsible decisions. Kristina says she went into the marriage with Trey with the intention of having it annulled. Sam comes home and tells Kristina to get in line. She tells them what she saw at Jasonís house. Kristina and Alexis think Sam should be certain about what she wants before she signs the divorce papers. Sam signs them anyway and takes off her ring. Jason tells Elizabeth that he canít be with her because his life is still violent and that he didnít protect Jake by not claiming him only to endanger his mother and brothers. He tells her that Sam was raped because of him and everything that happened afterwards was his fault. He reveals that he doesnít think the baby that died was Samís baby. She says she doesnít think it is possible for him to give Sam back her baby. He says he can't be with Elizabeth either way.

Preoccupied with the impossibility that the baby Sam buried was hers, Spinelli collides with Todd Manning at the elevator at General Hospital and Samís medical records scatter. While Spinelli picks up the scattered papers, Todd stands on the file folder. He wants to know what confidential mission Spinelli is on and whether it is worthy of a front page story in the Sun. Spinelli says he is still researching. Todd tells him that if it turns into anything, he will pay him good money for the story. Spinelli rushes into Jasonís penthouse with Samís file in hand, and announce that he has news. Elizabeth leaves. Spinelli tells Jason that a lab technician confirmed that the babyís blood type was AB-Negative. Jason tells Spinelli that when he found Sam that night, she was unconscious and the baby was dead, but now they know it wasnít her baby. Spinelli suggests that it is time to bring Sam into the investigation. Jason doesnít think that is a good idea, in case it turns out that Samís baby didnít make it either. Jason says the last time Samís baby was alive was at the shack in the woods. Spinelli asks him if the shack was on Route 59 at mile marker 13. Jason asks him what he knows about it. Spinelli reveals that Heather Webber dumped Anthony Zacchara there and held Luke Spencer hostage there. Jason wonders if Heather was involved in the baby switch. Steve calls Fern Cliff looking for Heather. Todd overhears and asks him if he and Heather have reconciled. He opines that everyone is better off with Heather in the institution. Heather goes to Tťaís house in Llanview, PA. Tťa calls her Susan and welcomes her inside. She hires ďSusanĒ to be Victorís nanny. Tťa calls Todd to tell him abut her new nanny, Susan Moore. Todd doesnít recognize the name. Heather knocks the phone out of Tťaís hand. Todd wonders if Tťa is alright. Heather gets Tťa to leave the room by telling her that she thinks Victor is sick. Todd calls back, but Heather has Tťaís phone and ignores the call. Tťa returns to the room and sees Heather with her phone. She asks what she is doing. Heather says Todd called back so she answered to explain why the previous call ended. She says she told Todd that Tťa hired her as Victorís nanny and that he was thrilled to know that they would be one big happy family. Tťa says that doesnít sound like Todd. She says Heather is a little jumpy, but that she is glad she hired her. Ferncliff calls Steve and informs him that Heather escaped.

Sonny tells Kristina that if her marriage isnít annulled, Trey is a dead man. Trey tells Kate that his father has a medallion just like his. Kate remembers Joe Junior was wearing such a medallion when he raped her. She snatches it off his neck and sees the initials JMS engraved on the back. She tells Trey that JMS stands for Joseph Mitchell Scully. Trey admits that Trey Mitchell is his professional name and Joseph Scully III is his given name. He tells her that even if she tells Sonny, they will still get Joeís birthright back. He says his father raised him alone after his mother walked out. She asks him who is mother is.  He says he never knew her and he doesnít care about some Brooklyn trash that left him. She asks him how old he is. He says he is 25. She has to sit down. She tells him that she thinks she is his mother. She tells him that Joe raped her and she gave birth to a boy, whom she had always thought had died, but now she can see that he didnít die because he is standing in front of her. Trey says she is lying about everything, that she isnít his mother, and he doesnít want anything to do with her. He tries to walk away. She grabs him by the arm. Connie comes out and tells him that he canít run away from his past. She pushes him into a chair and tells him that he is lucky to be alive because she wanted to abort him and that leaving him in a dumpster was plan B. She tells him that no one knew about him because Sonny would have killed Joe, which in retrospect would have been a good idea. Trey tries to take his medallion back. Kate asks him why he wants a reminder that he was the product of rape and that he was unwanted. They struggle over the medallion. Tracy sees the initials on Joeís medallion and asks him what they stand for. She is interrupted by a call telling her that the ransom money is missing. She concludes that since Jerry is dead, one of his cronies must have taken it. Sonny receives the same call about the missing money. He goes to talk to Tracy. When he arrives, he acknowledges Joe by his last name, Scully. He formally introduces Tracy to Joe, tells her that he is Joe Scullyís son, and that she traded one gangster for another. Joe denies being in the mob. Tracy says he couldnít pick his parents. Sonny reveals that Joe is a murderer and a rapist. He tells her that if she wants confirmation, she can ask John McBain and Kate. Tracy thanks him and asks him to leave. She asks Joe if he has anything to add. He tells her that he was exonerated of the charges of murdering McBainís sister and that he and Kate had a one-night stand, but it didnít happen the way Kate says it did. Tracy tells him she is through with him and tells him to get out. Joe tells her that what they feel for each other wonít go away. Sonny goes home and sees Kate and Trey struggling. He grabs and restrains Trey.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Victoria and Nick are surprised by Sharon’s presence at the Newman offices. Nina and Paul have a drink together at Jimmy’s. Ken, the bartender, offers Paul some encouragement that everything will be all right. At the police department, after getting off the cell phone, Ronan tells Michael that Daisy is alive and in a mental hospital. At the Athletic Club bar, Nikki and Billy discuss the fact that Victor is still gone. Jack comes up to join them. Genevieve calls Billy to let him know that they need to bring Victor home. Michael finds out that Daisy took a handful of pills and is in a coma. Despite Genevieve’s warnings, Christian goes to work at the docks with an injured hand. Genevieve calls Tucker to let him know that Victor was badly beaten up. Tucker gets served with his divorce decree. Victoria questions Sharon about the contents of her doctor’s report. Avery comes in to let Sharon know that the judge reached a decision. Nick and Victoria want to accompany them to the courtroom, but Avery says that they are not invited. Sharon calls Tucker to let him know that the judge is about to render his decision. Michael and Ronan join Nina to question Paul further about what happened between him and Ricky. Michael tells Paul that Daisy is alive and in a coma from taking a handful of pills.

Nikki joins Jack at his table to discuss their divorce and Victor’s whereabouts. Nick and Sharon discuss how things will go if she is reinstated at Newman. Christian brings Sister Celeste into the bar and sits her down in a chair. Genevieve immediately gets her a drink. Tucker shows Devon his divorce decree. Paul cannot believe that Daisy is alive. Paul decides to go to Fairview to find out what he can about Daisy. Nina talks to Ronan on Paul’s behalf. Billy texts Jack that the ruling is in in Sharon’s case. Everyone gets word that Sharon is back in charge at Newman. Paul asks an orderly about Daisy but gets no help. The stocks begin to fall when word gets out that Sharon is in charge. Billy calls Genevieve about Sharon being back in charge. Christian tells Genevieve and Sister Celeste that he is moving on. Sharon arrives back at Newman and begins to throw away Victoria’s things.

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