Friday 9/14/12 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 9/14/12 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The happy couple are married and Eric takes their picture on his cell phone. Steffy and Thomas make a toast to their dad and Brooke. He says he is in awe of love winning out. Steffy agrees; while others may have walked away and given up, they have taught everyone that good times and bad times only make them stronger. But don’t make them ever do this again. Rick thanks Thomas and reminds him that Hope looks like she could use a friend right about now. Liam is watching but not cracking a smile all day. Steffy approaches him and says he looks so uncomfortable, she could spring him and they could go for a ride on her bike. He says no, it’s her father’s wedding and he would not ask that of her. She quips she would leave her own wedding if he needed her. Katie tells Bill that he looks so smug. He says no, he’s just enjoying the view. Eric talks to Donna and says he had hoped she and Justin would find their way back together, but he knows the right guy will come along. Pam breaks up their little tęte-ŕ-tęte. Bill brags to Brooke that he’s proud of his son for becoming a man; leaving behind childhood fantasies. He points out Thomas and Hope and then Liam and Steffy. And he will be grateful if Brooke will keep her daughter away from his son.

Caroline sneaks up and mentions her date and gives Thomas a kiss. Hope speaks up and says it’s her fault; she will let them have some alone time. Caroline responds by saying it’s okay. Thomas has been a good friend to Hope lately and she’s glad about that. They both want to be there for her. Rick catches Hope as she walks away and mentions that Caroline is probably still in the jealousy mode and that will last a little longer. She may even still be in denial that Hope and Thomas make a better couple. Hope in unsure about Caroline and perhaps she is just pretending to be friendly since she did make it clear that she and Thomas are still dating and he’s unavailable. Pam makes sure everybody tastes her cake. Ridge tells Brooke it’s about that time to slip away. They make the announcement they are going on a kick-ass honeymoon even though there have been many before…..and he won’t tell them where and he wants no phone calls or e-mails, not even if the earth is coming to an end. He’ll hear about it later. He knows he’s leaving the company in good hands. Rick takes the opportunity to inform Caroline that at least Ridge is testing the water. He likes to be in control but he’s not going to be running the company forever. He might be thinking of handing over the reins. He could take a long honeymoon and leave the stress to the younger generation. She knows his dreams, what he wants for the future and this is his chance. “This is our chance.” Hope has one last word to the couple by telling all that they have been her example of true love. Steffy waylays Hope and tells her that she doesn’t understand her and she is tired of defending her and apologizing to her. She had Liam and she pushed him away. If she says it is over, then quit giving him those sad, longing looks. Her brother will be there to help pick up the pieces. Liam’s antennae goes up and he comes to see if there is a problem. Steffy says no, everything is hunky-dory. Eric unveils the very last wedding photo of Brooke and Ridge. Stephanie quips it better be the last one!

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

EJ and Rafe are at the town square arguing over Sami.  EJ wanted Rafe to stay away from her.  Rafe didn’t like the idea of EJ threatening him.  One thing led to another and the two of them started fighting.  Hope showed up at the hospital to celebrate Jennifer being back at work.  Jennifer wanted to talk to Daniel about the way she spoke to him earlier.  Nicole told Daniel about naming her baby after him and they ended up kissing.  Daniel stopped her from kissing him.  Jennifer explained to Hope how Daniel defended him against a co-worker and she wanted to find him and talk to him about it.  Bo showed up at Sami’s place with paperwork about her arrest.  Bo wanted Sami to read what she was signing, but she signed it anyway.  Sami talked to Bo about finding it hard to know who to trust.  Bo thought she would have trouble because of the way she lives her life.  John and Lucas arrived and saw EJ and Rafe fighting each other.  Lucas wondered if they were fighting over Sami.  John wanted to stop the fight, but Lucas didn’t want to get in the middle of it.  Bo talked to Sami about the mistake she made leaving her kids to help EJ.  Bo warned Sami that she shouldn’t trust EJ because he is a DiMera.  Sami reminded Bo that EJ was innocent of murder.  Bo told her how she didn’t know at the time that EJ was innocent, but left with him anyway.  Bo let Sami know that she doesn’t think before she acts.  Sami was upset by this advice and walked out.  John finally broke up EJ and Rafe’s fight.  Hope and Jennifer continued to talk about Daniel.  Hope wondered if Jennifer felt she’s betraying Jack by letting Daniel be her friend.  Daniel stopped Nicole from kissing him because he didn’t want to make a commitment with her right now.  He wants her to focus on her life and her baby.  Nicole said she understood, but she wasn’t happy about it.  Daniel tried to let her down easy.  Jennifer walked in on Nicole and Daniel talking.  Rafe let EJ know that he wouldn’t press charges against him for the fight.  EJ was sarcastic about his gratitude.  John warned EJ that he would never beat Rafe with violence.  EJ said he would have to think of another way and walked away. 

Sami ran into Rafe at the town square.  Sami noticed that Rafe was bleeding.  Rafe told Sami that he fought with EJ and that John broke it up.  Sami wanted to know why he fought with EJ.  EJ called Justin and wanted to see him immediately.  Bo was at the police station with Roman.  Roman dropped the bomb that he has to layoff people.  Bo wasn’t happy about the news.  Roman gave Bo an envelope and Bo said he would think about it.  Hope showed up at the station and talked to Roman too.  She said how much she loved her job. Roman said how much it meant to Bo too.  Bo was at the town square and opened his letter.  Bo was upset when he opened it.  Rafe told Sami that he and EJ fought over her.  She wanted to know what EJ said, but Rafe didn’t see how that made a difference.  Hope met with Bo at the town square.  They talked about what happened at the station.  They talked about how they didn’t need the money.  Hope said she loved the job.  Bo implied that the job didn’t mean that much to him anymore.  He talked about how they went sailing with Shawn Douglas.  Bo wanted to do that with Ciara too.  Sami thought that Rafe must have provoked the fight with EJ.  Rafe insisted that he didn’t provoke EJ.  Sami thought EJ must have picked up on the tension building between her and Rafe.  Rafe wanted to know when it happened.  Sami reminded him that he kissed her.  Bo talked to Hope again about not enjoying being a cop anymore.  Hope wanted Bo to be happy regardless of what he wanted to do.  Rafe said that kissing Sami was stupid.  She didn’t think it was stupid.  Rafe told Sami that the kiss meant nothing to him and he walked off.  EJ talked to Justin about getting a paternity test done on Nicole’s baby.  EJ believed that he and not Rafe is the father of Nicole’s baby.  EJ wanted to make Nicole, Rafe, and Daniel pay for what they did to him.  Jennifer was listening to their conversation and was shocked by what she heard.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Monica sees Tracy looking at Joe's medallion. She asks Tracy what is going on with her and the “hanger on.” Tracy informs Monica that she has asked Joe to move in. Monica says she is going to run a background check. She asks Tracy what Joe’s last name is. All Tracy knows is that it begins with “S” because of the initials on the medallion. Monica can’t believe that Tracy is bringing home another stray after Anthony Zacchara. Tracy assures Monica that Joe isn’t deranged, vengeful, or a mobster. Monica tells her she should find out his last name if she is going to do anything more than sleep with him.

Kristina tells Sonny that she married Trey as a grand finale for the reality show so that Trey's father wouldn’t lose all the money he invested. Sonny wants to see Trey's father. Kristina says he can't. Alexis comes home with the news that Jax survived. Sonny breaks the news to Alexis that Kristina married Trey. Alexis immediately sets her mind on getting Kristina’s marriage annulled. Kristina manages to convince Sonny not to confront Trey. Michael tells Kate about Kristina’s nuptials. He reveals his concern that Trey didn’t just marry Kristina for money, but that it has to do with his father’s association with Sonny. He says he thinks it is part of a plot to get back at Sonny and asks Kate if she knows anyone from Brooklyn that might have a grudge. She says she knows one person, but he doesn’t have a son and his name isn’t Mitchell. Trey tells Joe that Kristina thinks they are going to annul the marriage. Starr comes home and, observing that Trey and the stranger look alike, concludes that he must be Trey's father. She asks him about his history with Sonny. Joe denies ever having heard the name “Corinthos” before Trey started working on “Mob Princess.” Trey and Joe go out in the hallway to talk. Trey tells Joe that Starr is dating Kristina’s brother, but not to worry because no one knows his real name. Joe tells Trey to go to Sonny and tell him that the marriage was an act, but that he loves Kristina and wants to stay married. Starr calls Michael to tell him that Trey’s father is out of jail and at the apartment. When Michael arrives, Trey and Joe are gone. Starr tells him that Trey’s father said he didn’t know Sonny. Michael asks her if she believed him. She tells him that she wasn’t completely convinced and that Trey was acting a little sketchy too. Joe goes to the Quartermaine estate. Tracy tells him that she will give his medallion to him when he tells him what the “S” stands for. Trey goes to Sonny’s house. Kate answers the door and tells him that he’d better hope Sonny doesn’t come home after the stunt he just pulled. Trey says he came to tell Sonny that it wasn’t a stunt; he genuinely cares about Kristina. She asks him if he has anything else to tell Sonny, like the history that his father has with him. He pretends not to know what she is talking about. She notices the medallion he is wearing. She asks him where he got it. He tells her that he got it from his father and that he has one just like it. She has a flashback to her rape. She breaks the chain snatching the medallion off Trey’s neck. She sees JMS engraved on the back and says aloud, “Joseph Mitchell Scully.”

Alexis gives Sam her divorce papers to sign. Sam tells her mother that she has come to realize that Jason wasn’t responsible for the baby’s death and that she thinks she may be able to forgive him. Alexis tells her to go tell Jason. Jason sends Spinelli on a quest to find the tissue cells from Sam’s baby to see if they are a blood type match to Sam. Spinelli tries to charm a lab tech into helping him, but she says she can’t release the information to him. Spinelli manages to persuade her to help him. She does the test and confirms that the tissue from the baby is AB-Negative and can’t possibly have been Sam Morgan’s child. Elizabeth drives Jason home from the hospital. When he opens the door, he finds that she has decorated the penthouse for his birthday. She tells him that the only reason she went out with Ewen was that she couldn’t have Jason. She tells him that she doesn’t want to miss another opportunity now that he and Sam are getting divorced. Sam goes to the penthouse and sees Jason and Elizabeth kissing.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Summer gets her cell phone, her laptop, and her tablet taken away because Ronan caught her about to drink. Summer also gets reminded of the circumstances of Cassie’s death as well as strong lectures from Daniel, Nick, and Phyllis. Summer tells her parents that Phyllis' affair with Ronan made her want to drink, and she can’t understand how Nick can be okay about everything. Ronan doesn’t say a word when Phyllis asks if he is in love with her. Phyllis can tell by the look in his eyes it true. Phyllis tells Ronan she loves Nick and their brief relationship was just lust. Billy continues to feel guilty about not telling Victoria that he knows where Victor is. Genevieve has a crisis of conscience as well when Christian is severely beaten and she has to put a splint on his hand with instructions from the Internet. Sister Celeste and Genevieve tell “Christian" it's time for him to leave town but he will not be intimidated by anyone and refuses to leave until he gets better working conditions for the dockworkers. Nikki asks Billy to use his Restless Style connections to find Victor because she is afraid something terrible happened to him.

Sharon passes her competency test at Fairview and is let out. She promises Daisy she will tell Daniel she is alive. Sharon tells the doctor Daisy’s identity. Once the doctor runs Daisy’s fingerprints, he calls the police and Ronan gets a call from the police station about Daisy. Daisy takes a handful of pills, hoping Fairview will take her to Genoa City Memorial Hospital where there is less security. Nick and Victoria are surprised when Sharon shows up at Newman Enterprises. Nick tells Victoria that he doesn’t think he can handle all the problems Phyllis causes, because she doesn’t trust him enough to tell him the truth.

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