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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

As the ceremony begins, Taylor looks through a photo album of her and Ridge. Thorne interrupts her at her office. He says he was at the wedding but he gave Ridge his best wishes and then left. There was no one else but her that he'd rather be with. Before the minister continues, Ridge says he has something to say. He is sure there is more than one of then who wonders why they are doing this again. He'd like anyone who has something to say to stand up before them and express it. Katie is first and says they are the perfect example of true love and what it means to fight for what you want; what it means to never give up. Stephanie gives her statement that one day the Grim Reaper came to her door and wouldn't let her give up. Brooke has given so much to this family; love and forgiveness. And getting married here in her home is a testament to that fact. It's inspiring and never ending. She blesses them both.

Taylor tells Thorne that today can be a little bit challenging, but it's not like she hasn't been through it before. She and Ridge have children together so there will always be a bond. She tells Thorne she cares about him very much, but there are times when memories are gonna come up, like today. Those memories are a very special part of her life. Hope reads a passage…in this kingdom they live together forever. Then Thomas reads from the book of Thomas….being something he wrote himself. For a moment it looks like Thomas forgot the rings, but Rick produces them. Brooke and Ridge exchange rings one more time. Thorne tells Taylor that he wants to be there for her like she was always there for him. She says he may and he has been. They share a kiss. In closing, Ridge tells Brooke that he will never be without her….she fulfills him completely….they are inseparable…..his strength is her strength and her strength is his. She will always be with him ….in his heart and in his soul. Their life will be as one. In fact, she is his heart. Please accept that for this day and forever. "I love you and always will."

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Chad told Gabi that he's going to tell Melanie what she did.  Gabi told Chad that Melanie would hate her.  Chad was well aware of that.  Gabi also let him know that Melanie would hate him too.  Gabi reminded Chad that he knew what she did the whole time and didn't say anything.  Melanie visited Maggie and told her about her engagement.  Rafe was in his office thinking about the kiss he and Sami shared.  Brady showed up at the station and wanted to talk to Rafe.  Brady noticed that Rafe seemed distant and wondered what was up with him.  Rafe said he was an idiot.  EJ showed up at Sami's place ready for their date.  Sami dropped the bomb and let him know that she couldn't go out with him. Rafe told Brady that he kissed Sami.  Brady wanted to know if that was a bad thing.  EJ wanted to know why Sami canceled their date.  Sami lied and said she forgot about a project she was supposed to help Allie do.  EJ reminded Sami that they made the plans the night before and that the date was her idea.  He thought that she backed out because of Rafe.  Sonny and Will talked about their feelings for each other.  Will let Sonny know that T told him about Sonny being interested in him.  Sonny thought that Will wasn't interested in him. Will said that he was interested in him.  They talked about the misunderstanding with Brian.  Will thought about having sex with Gabi.  Chad asked Gabi if she was going to put it on him if he told Melanie that she was involved with Andrew.  Gabi reminded Chad that she tried to tell Melanie the truth, but he wouldn't let her do it.  Chad said that Melanie had been through enough and didn't need to hear that at the time.  Chad threw up in Gabi's face that Melanie's enemy was right in front of her.  Gabi said she wasn't her enemy because she didn't want her to get hurt.  Gabi reminded Chad that he knew everything that happened, but didn't want Melanie to know it.  Gabi managed to find a way to make what she did Chad's fault.  She blamed him for not noticing her and for not telling her that they never had a chance together.  Chad was shocked that Gabi made it seem as if it were his fault. 

Rafe continued to talk to Brady about kissing Sami.  Rafe didn't want or need Sami's drama in his life.  Brady thought that Rafe was too concerned for Sami.  Rafe didn't want to get involved in her life again.  During their conversation, Rafe finally admitted to Brady that he still cares for Sami.  Sami admitted that Rafe was the reason why she broke her date with EJ.  Sami told EJ that Rafe said she was making a mistake by going out with him.  EJ wanted to know what she said to Rafe.  Will and Sonny decided to take things slow in their relationship.  Brady wanted to know if Sami knew that Rafe still cared for her.  Rafe wasn't sure if Sami knew how he felt.  Rafe believed that EJ and Sami could be out on their date and enjoying themselves.  Rafe thought it was just a kiss and that it didn't mean anything to either of them.  Sami told EJ that she mostly listened to Rafe and that she didn't say anything to him.  Sami didn't want EJ to be angry with her.  EJ claimed he wasn't angry that she couldn't make the date.  EJ said that he wanted to spend time with her, but she wasn't in the mood to go out.  He said they could go out another time.  He walked out of Sami's place.  Later on Brady showed up at Sami's place. He let her know that he just spoke to Rafe.  EJ was at the town square and ran into Rafe.  They argued over Sami.  Rafe warned EJ to stay away from Sami.  EJ reminded Rafe that Sami is not his concern anymore.  EJ told Rafe to stay out of his and Sami's lives.  Sami wanted to know what Rafe told Brady about her.  Brady wondered why she wanted to know.  Rafe and EJ continued to argue about Sami. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Everyone in Port Charles has recovered from the illness. The bullet has been removed from Jason's leg. Sonny tells him about the events at the marina. Michael and Starr return to Port Charles. Carly and Todd tell them about everything that happened while they were away. Carly tells Michael that she doesn't know what happened to Jax. She reveals to them that Johnny was shot. Todd keeps trying to stop Starr from gushing over Johnny. When Starr leaves the room, Todd puts a pillow over Johnny's face. Johnny struggles to get the pillow off his face. Todd tells him that he heard Johnny was about to confess his sins to Carly. He tells him that unless he keeps his mouth shut about both their sins, he will come back and finish the job. Johnny tells Todd that Jax heard them arguing, so he could be come a problem for both of them. Todd observes that Jax doesn't know either of their secrets. Johnny and Todd reaffirm their agreement to keep mum about each other. Sonny tells Carly and Michael about the explosion. Carly refuses to believe that Jax is dead. She says that if Jax is dead, then it is Sonny's fault. Jax comes into the hospital, battered and bruised, and tells Carly that she has it all wrong. Carly hugs him. Sonny asks him how he survived the explosion. He says he was blown clear and then rested on some debris until he regained his orientation enough to swim to shore. He tells Carly that Sonny saves his life. Carly fusses over Jax. Jax says he is fine and tells her that she should focus her attention on finding out what Johnny and Todd are hiding from her.

Tracy invites Joe to stay at her house. On their way out of the hospital room, Joe sees Sonny and to avoid an encounter, he pushes Tracy back inside the room and says he can't wait; he has to make love to her right now. Kristina and Trey return to Port Charles. Kristina reveals to Sam that she and Trey are married. Sam concludes that Trey married Kristina for money and wonders if Kristina has thought about how her parents will react. Kristina says they only did it for the show and that they are getting an annulment. Trey calls Joe and tells him they have to meet immediately. Joe meets Trey at his apartment. He says he is glad that he convinced Trey to get out of town before everyone got sick. Trey wonders if Joe had anything to do with it. Michael tells Sonny that Kristina married Trey in Las Vegas. On his way out, Sonny says he is going to call Alexis so they can get Kristina out of it. Sonny goes to Alexis's house looking for Trey. Kristina tells Sonny that she and Trey got married for the reality show because otherwise, his father would lose his investment. Sonny wants to see Trey's father. Starr goes home and sees Joe with Trey. She asks if that is Trey's father. Tracy finds Joe's medallion on the bed.

Spinelli returns to Port Charles. He goes to see Maxie and hugs her because he is happy that she is alive. She asks him if he no longer hates her and says she misses being friends. He tells her that he doesn't hate her, but that they are not friends and he doesn't think they ever will be again. He tells her that he has tried to be emotionally detached so if he can't have her love, he can't accept her like. Felicia talks to Maxie about Spinelli. Spinelli goes to see Jason in the hospital. Jason thanks him for all his help in finding out about Keenan. He says he has another job for him. He gives Spinelli Sam's medical records and asks him to follow up on inconsistencies. Spinelli hacks into the hospital's mainframe and discovers that Sam had donated tissue samples from the baby. He says that if there are any of the samples still frozen in the tissue bank, they can run a DNA test without Sam's knowledge.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

As Nikki continues to worry about Victor, Jack suggests that he could have gone away with Genevieve. When Katherine finds out Genevieve's cell phone number, Nikki calls but Genevieve doesn't answer. Victor notices Nikki's phone number and name on Genevieve's cell phone but doesn't remember Nikki. Genevieve tells "Christian" that Nikki is a very persistent friend of hers whom she doesn't want to speak to right now. " Christian encourages the dock workers to hire a lawyer and fight for their rights. One of the dockworkers tells "Christian" that if the they continue to fight the company, someone could get hurt. "Christian" tells the man that he has no doubt that someone will get hurt, but he isn't afraid of anyone.

Nick is upset with Phyllis because she didn't tell Summer that the affair with Ronan is an alibi for her. Now Summer thinks he is okay with Phyllis cheating on him with Ronan. Nick tells Phyllis that Ronan is in love with her, which is why he is risking his career to protect her. Tired of covering up Phyllis's lies, Nick decides to move back into the tack house for a while, because he needs some time away from Phyllis. Summer decides to do some underage drinking and buys some vodka to put in her orange juice, but Ronan stops her and takes her back home. Victoria warns Jack not to try a hostile takeover of Newman Enterprises, because she will fight him even if he is family. Jack advises Victoria to keep an eye on Tucker, because he is buying up large blocks of Newman stock and not reporting it to the SEC. Sofia worries that Tucker will get in trouble, but he assures her that the risk is worth it to him. Billy continues to hide Victor's whereabouts from everyone, because he thinks Victoria is the better choice to run Newman Enterprises.

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