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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

As Brooke and Ridge arrive at the Forrester’s, Stephanie is still arranging the previous wedding photos of Brooke and Ridge on her mantle. Brooke is pleased and Stephanie says she just realized this is the first one where she has been in charge. They vow not to have any mushy tears until the ceremony begins. The wedding guests start to arrive and Hope looks wistfully over the situation just as Liam walks in the door. Then his head is turned just as Steffy descends the stairs causing an awkward moment between the three. The Logan sisters agree that they won’t concentrate on former weddings, but just the one today. Liam thanks Steffy for last night, thanks for looking out for him. Bill makes a point of telling Ridge that his daughter and his son seem to make a good pair and he couldn’t be more pleased. Ridge returns the favor by saying Liam looks different, and perhaps he has learned something about commitment. Ridge hugs his mother and says she is amazing. She says she is very proud of him. He’s raised a wonderful family and overcome a lot of challenges. Thomas makes small talk with Rick and says it is good to see Steffy smile again. Rick contends that yes it is; Steffy and Liam belong together. Breakups suck but Hope is better off now, especially now that she is not alone, she has Thomas. Thomas reminds him that he’s still dating Caroline right now. Thomas knows that Rick is being a little obvious wanting Thomas with Hope so he has an opening with Caroline. Rick quips that it sounds like a perfect ending to him. If Thomas loves Rick's sister, then go for it.

Hope pays one last visit to Brooke’s room before she changes. Hope says she hates to be a downer, but it’s really hard seeing Liam with Steffy. At that moment, Steffy knocks and interrupts, wanting to talk to Brooke alone. She assures Brooke that she did not come with Liam. He came with his family and Steffy reminds her that her father is getting married so of course she would be here. Caroline catches Hope and wants a few words with her. Sweetly she says that she knows Hope is going through a rough time and she is sorry for that, but she is dating Thomas and he’s not available. Hope assures her that she and Thomas are close but she is not ready for a romantic relationship and he is impulsive but she had no idea he was going to kiss her at the press conference. Maybe Caroline needs to talk to Thomas about this if it bothers her. Thorne tells Ridge that he might have to duck out early. He gives big bro a hug and says he hopes this is his last. Rick hands Caroline a glass of champagne and tells her to live dangerously before the wedding celebration. He makes a toast to having options and a guy that won’t let her down. Brooke tells Steffy that Ridge is Steffy’s father so she wants her here. Steffy says today should be Brooke’s day, not about Steffy, Hope or Liam. It’s obvious what Brooke brings to Ridge’s life. He loves her and she never really knew what that meant, but now she does. Katie interrupts by telling Brooke they are ready for her downstairs. However, Stephanie pays one last visit too, to help Brooke dress. Brooke says she is very grateful for all Stephanie has done. Stephanie laughs and says just don’t make a habit of saying too many thank yous. Liam seeks out Hope and tells her she looks incredible. She returns the compliment. The orchestra begins playing The Wedding March and Hope comes down the aisle first, followed by Brooke. She stands before Ridge who mouths the words, “I love you.”

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Rafe told Sami that she was a fool who wasnít right for her.  She wanted to know who the right man was if EJ wasnít the right one.  Adrienne and Sonny talked about who he was interested in.  When he told her that he was interested in Will, she was not too happy.  He wanted to know what she had against Will.  Will asked T if Sonny said he was interested in him and T said he was.  At the pub, Nick introduced himself to Gabi, but she wasnít too happy to talk to him.  He thought he had to get used to that.  Sami questioned Rafe about who the right guy was for her, but he dodged the question by telling her that EJ is a dangerous man.  She told Rafe that he couldnít tell her how to run her life and not tell her what was going on.  He suggested that she shouldnít be with anyone.  Gabi apologized for the way she treated Nick.  They talked about Melanie and how he ended up working at the pub.  Gabi was willing to give him a second chance.  Sami closed the door in Rafeís face, but he barged in.  He continued to talk to Sami about being alone.  She didnít really want to listen to what Rafe had to say.  Rafe also used the kids to get his point across with Sami, but that didnít work.  She was convinced that being with EJ was the right thing.  Adrienne thought that Will had a lot of baggage because of his parents.  Adrienne mentioned how Will helped EJ and Sami while they were on the run.  Sonny reminded Adrienne that the charges didnít stick since Stefano wasnít dead.  Adrienne wanted Sonny to fall for someone that will make his life easier and not harder.  Will wanted T to tell him everything that Sonny said.  T told Will how Brian hit on Sonny, but Sonny rejected him because of Will.  Adrienne thought that Brian would be a better match for Sonny.  He wanted Adrienne to stay out of his love life. 

Rafe and Sami continued to go on about how EJ isnít the man for her.  Rafe didnít think the kids should be around EJ.  Sami tried to defend EJ to Rafe, but he wouldnít hear it.  Sami hit a nerve when she mentioned the mistake she made when she had sex with EJ.  Rafe didnít want to go there, but Sami said she thought about it a lot.  Sami was convinced that Rafe never let go from what she did.  Rafe told her that he didnít even mention it.  Rafe noticed the purse she was using and was convinced that Sami didnít trust him the way sheís saying.  Since she doesnít trust EJ, Rafe didnít think she could ever truly love EJ.  During their heated argument, Rafe kissed Sami. Bo was at the pub with Caroline.  They discussed Nick working for her.  EJ walked in the pub and he and Bo got into an argument.  Bo reminded EJ about the bad things he did and how he had to resign in disgrace.  Sami and Rafe continued to kiss until she stopped it.  She stared at him and then he left the apartment.  Sonny and Will met up.  They started talking when Sonny received a phone call from Brian. Sonny explained to Will that Brian is just a friend and nothing more.  Will admitted that he thought Sonny and Brian were together.  EJ showed up at Samiís place ready for their date.  He wanted to make sure they were ready.  Sami smiled at him.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sam wonders where Alexis is and why she isnít answering her phone. Shawn isnít answering his either. Molly asks Sam whether she would be with Jason or John if they survive. John McBain takes a chance and chooses the red wire on the bomb because Natalie has red hair. With just a few seconds left on the timer, he cuts the red wire. Sonny and Jerry exchange gunfire on the dock outside of Jerry's boat. A bullet hits a gasoline barrel. Alexis and Shawn share a passionate kiss. Lulu and Dante kiss, in case it is goodbye. They see and hear an explosion and conclude that John must have been unsuccessful in defusing the bomb. John appears with the briefcase containing the antiserum. They wonder what exploded if it wasnít the briefcase bomb. John gives Dante the briefcase and tells him to hurry and get it to General Hospital. The explosion interrupts Alexis and Shawn's kiss. Shawn tells her that Jerry's boat exploded. Alexis says Sonny and Jax are on the boat and begin to run toward it. John arrives at the burning boat. Shawn tells him that it is Jerryís boat and it doesnít look good for survivors. Sonny climbs out of the water onto the dock. He says he hasnít seen Jax since the tank exploded. John tells everyone to go home. Sonny says John can call on him if he needs anything. He observes that it is odd to work on the same side.

Olivia has a hallucination that leads her to the roof of General Hospital. She stands on the ledge and tells Kate and Steve that she isnít going to jump; she is enjoying the beautiful bright light and the rain. When she realizes it isnít real, Steve says all of her visions have come true. Olivia and Kate reminisce. Sonny goes to the hospital and talks to Dante and Lulu about Jerry and the antiserum. Kate is overjoyed to see that Sonny is alright. Jason wants to leave the hospital to help Sonny with Jerry, but Elizabeth won't let him. Monica goes in and asks Elizabeth to go relieve another nurse. Elizabeth admits to Steve that Jason was the reason that she held back from Ewen. She admits that she has been harboring feelings for Jason for years. She says she will probably never tell Jason. Monica spends some quality time with Jason. Monica says she had hoped that this crisis would have brought him and Sam closer together. Jason tells her about his concerns about Samís baby. He points out that the babyís blood type AB Negative was impossible for a child with two O-Positive parents. He points out that the baby had hemophilia even though it never showed up in any prenatal tests. Monica tells him that it could be a clerical error. Cheering in the reception area interrupts their conversation. Monica goes to investigate.

Dante announces via television and Internet that the CDC is putting the antiserum in the water supply, but he asks that everyone contact their friends and loved ones to make sure they know about it. Kate gives Sonny all the credit for getting rid of Jerry and recovering the antiserum. Sonny tells her that he couldnít have done it alone. He tells her that Jax was a hero and that he lost his life trying to save everyone from Jerry. Kate says she thinks Ewen was Jerryís victim. Sonny wants to move the wedding up and get married right away, because this ordeal has made him realize that you never know how much time you have. She says she can put something together for next week. Alexis and Shawn arrive at Alexisís house and tell the kids that Jerryís antiserum was recovered, if it really is the antiserum. Everyone gets a text message that confirms that the antiserum is real. John appears at the door and reports that the Coast Guard has not found Jerry or Jax. The CDC announces that the water supply is ready. TJ and Molly shoot each other, Alexis, and Shawn with their water guns. Dante and Lulu decide to resume their attempt to make a baby, so they go home to take a shower together. The hospital passes out cups of water to the patients. Kate and Sonny go up to the roof. A helicopter flying overhead dumps water on them. Olivia goes up to the roof and again enjoys the rain, this time really falling on her. Jason and Elizabeth go up to the roof. Jason puts his arm around Elizabeth. John and Sam go outside and hold hands while a helicopter dumps water on their heads.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Eden and Kyle talk about their parents and discover they have a lot in common. Even though they both had one parent that everyone thought was bad, that parent loved them very much. Ronan sends Beth a plane ticket and a generous cash card that she thinks Tim set up before he died. Beth leaves town before Michael can question her again. Michael suspects that Phyllis, Nick, Ronan and Kevin are keeping secrets from him. When he questions Nick and Kevin, he is unable to get a word out of them. Michael tells Avery that he is done trying to be nice with Kevin, Phyllis, Nick and Ronan. If he finds out they are covering up the circumstances of Tim Reid’s death, he will go after them.

Fen is surprised that Nick is okay with the fact that he and Summer are friends. Summer thinks her dad is cool because he even offered to get them concert tickets. Fen tells Summer he overheard his dad saying that Phyllis and Ronan had an affair. Summer rushes out of Crimson Lights and heads over to her house to confront her mother. Nick demands to know why Ronan is risking his career for Phyllis. Since Nick wants him to tell him the truth, Ronan admits that he wants Phyllis badly. Kevin finally tells Chloe the whole truth about moving Tim’s body. She is angry that by defending him to Michael, he made her a liar, so she doesn’t want to talk to Kevin anymore.

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