Tuesday 9/11/12 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Despite Liam's protestations, Bill insists Liam try some port and teaches him how to light up and smoke a cigar. Katie tells him he can not light up in the house around their unborn baby. So Bill takes it outside and tells Liam to shut up and accept the cigar like a man. Steffy quips this must be what brainwashing looks like. Hope is moping, but Thomas insists she needs to eat so he goes out for sandwiches. Rick walks in and encourages her to accept Thomas’s attention. She says she can not think of anybody right now that way. Rick is surprised when Ridge walks in and announces that he needs a best man and would like for that to be Rick. He in turn thinks if Hope is gonna stand up for them too, then he should ask his own son. Ridge thinks Thomas will have other plans trying to unruffled the feathers of Caroline. Brooke walks in and finally it is settled when Thomas also comes in and thinks this will be the beginning of their healing for past behaviors concerning him and Brooke.

Steffy tells Katie that she is not in competition with Hope. She is just here to watch Liam eat and spar with his father and she knows exactly how she feels and what she wants. Meanwhile outside, Bill gives Liam another one of his famous blunt Dollar Bill pep talks about how a real man eats rare meat, drinks port and smokes cigars…..and above all else Spencer men do not let women try to control or push them around. When Katie and Bill leave, Steffy joins Liam outside. She said she cleaned up the kitchen as best as she could. He’s sorry that she got dragged into this. She reminds him that nobody twisted her arm; she came because she wanted to. They laugh about Bill’s antisocial personality behavior. But Liam says one thing Bill says is true. Liam puts too much stock in what other people think of him. She says he has not disappointed her. She just wishes he were happy. He tries to take the blame, but she says they will have to share it as she is to blame too. She asks if he wants her…..or does he intend to try once more to get Hope back. She kisses him and says either way, she will be there for him and if he chooses her, they will have the greatest love affair ever and it’s just about to begin.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

EJ was at the pub making plans for his evening with Sami.  He overheard Jennifer talking on the phone with her father telling him that Nicole’s staying with her.  EJ was shocked to hear that.  Rafe showed up at Jennifer’s house to see Nicole.  She told Rafe that she’s having a boy.  Melanie was at home reading a note that Chad left her.  Her phone rang and she ended up having flashbacks of Nick and hung it up.  Sami and Will were at the apartment talking.  Will asked her if she planned on getting back together with EJ.  EJ wanted to know why Jennifer let Nicole stay with her.  EJ warned Jennifer that if Nicole’s staying with her, she’s up to something and that she should keep her distance.  Nicole told Rafe that she was naming her son Daniel Rafael Hernandez.  Rafe was honored, but he thought EJ would be suspicious that she named her son after the person who did the paternity test for her.  Rafe wondered if something were going on between Nicole and Daniel besides gratitude.  Daniel called Melanie to check up on her.  Melanie insisted that she’s fine and didn’t need everyone checking up on her.  Nicole admitted that her feelings for Daniel evolved while he was helping her out.  Nicole told Rafe that she has feelings for Daniel, but she’s not sure how he feels about her.  Jennifer thought that EJ was threatening her, but he assured her that he wasn’t.  She warned him to stay away from her home as well as Nicole.  EJ told her he was protecting what was his.  Jennifer reminded EJ that the baby is Rafe’s.  EJ flashed back to when the paternity test was done.  Jennifer also told EJ that he needed to move on with his life.  Will wasn’t thrilled with Sami’s news that she and EJ were going out on a date.  Sami was confused because she thought Will liked EJ now.  Will admitted that he did like EJ, but he can’t ignore her history with EJ.  Sami appreciated Will’s advice.  Will was confused since she was agreeing with him.  Sami asked Will if he thought she was making a mistake by possibly getting back together with him.  EJ called Justin because he wanted his legal help against Nicole.  Nicole and Rafe continued to talk about her growing feelings for Daniel. 

Daniel went to see Melanie.  He wanted to make sure she was okay.  He noticed the ring on her finger and wanted to talk about it.  Brady was at the town square and noticed a flyer about lost loved ones.  Jennifer was there too and they started talking about their losses.  Sami and Will continued to talk about the possibility of her getting back together with EJ.  Will reminded Sami that she’s been back and forth with men lately.  Sami had a flashback of Rafe telling her that he could never hate her.  Will asked her to be sure she’s with the right one this time.  Daniel wanted to know why Melanie’s getting married.  He thought it was impulsive just as it was when she married Philip.  Daniel thought the timing of her marriage was wrong.  Rafe advised Nicole to tell Daniel about her feelings.  Nicole threw up in Rafe’s face that he has feelings for Sami that he’s keeping to himself.  Rafe tried to deny his feelings for Sami, but Nicole didn’t buy it.  She reminded him about the way Rafe looked at Sami at the hospital.  Daniel believed that Melanie was too vulnerable to get married.  Rafe continued to deny that he wants to be with Sami.  Nicole let Rafe know that EJ can sense something going on between Rafe and Sami.  Rafe thought that EJ was using the fact that he “fathered Nicole’s baby” to convince Sami that he’s unavailable.  Rafe denied wanting to be with Sami again.  Nicole didn’t believe that he didn’t want to be with Sami.  After Will finished talking to Sami, he arrived at the pub.  Will ran into T and T made insulting comments towards him.  Daniel wanted to know when Chad had time to propose.  Melanie let Daniel know that she ran into Nick at the Kiriakis mansion.  Daniel assumed that Melanie agreed to marry Chad because of her run in with Nick.  Sami was getting dressed for her date with EJ when Rafe arrived at her apartment.  Daniel finally accepted that Melanie wanted to get married.  Adrienne and Sonny talked at the coffee shop.  Adrienne thought that Sonny and Brian would make a good couple.  Sonny admitted to her that he’s into Will.  T told Will that he heard Sonny admit that he was into him.  Rafe realized that Sami had plans.  Rafe wondered if Sami was going out with EJ.  Rafe thought she was a fool.  Sami couldn’t believe that Rafe showed up at her apartment just to call her a fool.  Rafe told Sami that EJ is not the right man for her.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Carly leaves Todd to take care of Johnny, whom Jerry Jacks accidentally shot while Jax and Jerry were struggling over Jerry's gun. Carly goes to get her car to take Johnny to the hospital. Todd tells Johnny that he deserves to die after killing his granddaughter. Instead of using his handkerchief to apply pressure to Johnny’s wound, he holds it over Johnny’s mouth. Lulu goes to the marina looking for Dante and sees Johnny and Todd. She demands Todd’s jacket and uses it to apply pressure to Johnny’s wound. Carly drives her car to Johnny and makes Todd drive to the hospital. Johnny tries to tell Carly his secrets, but tells him to stop talking and save his strength. Steve takes Johnny into the ER cubical and gets him stabilized. He tells Carly that Johnny’s immune system has been compromised by the pathogen and that Carly should spend the remainder of her time alive with him. Tracy gives blood so the hospital can test it to try to find what makes her immune to the illness. Monica takes Tracy aside and tells her that someone close to them died. Tracy is shocked to hear that her father is dead because he was holding on earlier. Monica tells her that Cook is who died. Tracy blasts her for being so vague. Patrick tells Monica that he was able to isolate the antibodies in Tracy’s blood and synthesize it, but that they don’t have the time or resources to make enough for the entire city. Patrick gives the vial to Monica and tells Monica to give it to the CDC. He leaves to spend what time he has left with his daughter. Tracy tells Monica that if there is only one dose, then she has to give it to Edward. Monica says it will go to a doctor so that a doctor can continue to work on the cure. Edward goes to the hospital because Tracy wanted him to be with her. She tells him to drink the vial of the antidote that Patrick made. Monica discovers that Tracy stole the antidote from her office. She tries to confront Tracy, but Tracy bulldozes past her and goes to Patrick. She tells him that Edward wants Emma to have the antidote. Monica doesn’t stop her. Patrick has Emma drink it where Edward can see it. Edwards gives a thumbs up.

Shawn stops Dante from calling for backup because the police presence could make Jerry harm Alexis. He tells Dante to help John open the briefcase full of the antitoxin while he goes after Jerry. Dante and John figure out that the combination to the briefcase lock corresponds to the cards in the dead man’s hands. When Dante opens the case, they find that it contains not only the antiserum, but also a bomb with a timer that has 53 minutes remaining. Neither John nor Dante knows how to diffuse a bomb. John calls the bureau for help and tells Dante that they have to get the serum to the hospital. Lulu finds Dante. He tells her to leave because there is a bomb, but she refuses to leave his side. John tells them that he has never seen a more complicated bomb. He gets step-by-step instructions over the phone. Lulu gives John her cuticle scissors to use as a wire cutter. The person on the phone tells John to cut the green wire. There is no green wire. John tells Dante and Lulu to get out of there and he will finish alone. Jax and Sonny look for Jerry. Jerry takes Alexis to the dock where their boat is waiting. He ties her up inside the craft. He tells her about the bomb and says he will deactivate it as soon as they are at a safe distance and then her daughters will be fine. She tries to bite loose the ropes binding her hands when he isn’t looking. Jax sees Jerry’s boat, but Sonny succumbs to the illness and can’t go any further. Jax goes alone. When Jerry is untying the boat from the dock, Jax takes his keys and tells him that he will give them back when he releases Alexis. Jerry refuses. Jax says he will protect Jerry. Jerry says Jax can’t protect him from this. He reveals that he is dying of radiation sickness from the bullet that the Balkan shot him with. He says he owes 88 million for the cure. He finds it ironic that that his cure costs the same amount as the numbers on the cards that their father died for, and it seems he will die because of those numbers too. Jax tells him that they will get him the best care available. Jerry says the mob will kill him first. Shawn finds Sonny and the two of them take a small motorboat to Jerry’s boat and climb aboard unseen. They cut Alexis free. She tells them about the bomb. She doesn’t want to leave and have Jerry blow up the antiserum. Sonny says he will take care of Jerry. Shawn takes Alexis away on his boat. Sonny collapses on Jerry’s boat. Jerry demands that Jax give him the keys to his boat. Jax throws them into the water. Jax takes the remote detonator out of his pocket Jax tackles him. Jerry is easily able to gain the upper hand because Jax is sick. Jerry says he is going to detonate the bomb and then blow Jax’s head off. Out of nowhere, a bullet hits Jerry. Sonny tells Jax to stay down. Jerry and Sonny exchange fire. Someone hits a barrel of gasoline, causing a leak. Jerry’s bullet ignites a fire. The timer is down to a minute. John says goodbye to Liam and Natalie, and takes her red hair as a sign. With the timer down to 19 seconds, he prepares to cut the wire. Dante and Lulu run for cover and kiss each other goodbye. Alexis and Shawn arrive at the dock. She says he saved her life. They kiss. There is an explosion.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Sarge tells Jack he lost someone when the towers fell and he reminds him that he shouldn’t take his family for granted. Jack invites Abby, Billy, Kyle, and Victoria to come over and toasts to the importance of family. Jack also celebrates that he can stand and walk with the help of canes. Neil and Harmony have another awkward date when they go to a movie with a very embarrassing scene in it. When Sarge arrives at Crimson Lights, Neil and Harmony invite him to their table and he shares about the person he lost when the towers fell. He also tells them he is from Pittsburgh. Harmony tells Sarge about her former life as the groupie Candy Cane and shares that her real name is Yolanda. Harmony tells Sarge that she is from Seattle but Sarge asks her how she likes Pittsburgh when she visited there. Chloe suspects that Chelsea is pregnant. Jeffrey overhears and he and Gloria head over to congratulate Chelsea. Jeffrey tells Chelsea he is happy about the baby and most of all he is happy that she finally has someone to take care of her.

Billy doesn’t tell Victoria Victor’s whereabouts; instead he tells her maybe it's better that Victor isn’t around because she can run the company better than Victor could right now. Victoria tells Billy that she would gladly give up her dream job if her father returned home. The video of Ricky makes things worse for Paul, because Ricky says Paul was obsessed with proving he was a bad person. Paul is hurt that Ricky hated him so much that he made the video to get revenge on him. Lauren wants to tell Avery that she owned the gun that Paul used to defend himself against Ricky, but Michael pleads with her not to do it, because it will make things worse for her and could cost him his job.

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