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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam denies that he did anything with Steffy the night before their wedding. He claims that he stayed true to Hope. Thomas tells Steffy that a few months ago that he would have been happy about all of this with Hope being available, but he’s not dumping Caroline for her now. And Liam is with her as they speak so they could be back together now. Steffy says if they do, she will try to be supportive. Bill asks Katie nicely if she can put her animosity behind her as he really wants the family dinner tonight to be special. Bill calls Steffy and asks how quickly can she get ready to meet the family for dinner. She says she is on her way. Rick stops by but Steffy is out the door. Rick tells Thomas that he hopes that he will be there for Hope. Liam keeps saying over and over that he never meant to hurt Hope and he does love her. She reminds him that he is becoming more and more like his dad and maybe she is just too prim and proper to be with a Spencer but she can’t change that. He’s changed and maybe he belongs with Steffy now; that is what his dad wants. They may still love each other, but the trust is gone. She advises him to go be happy with Steffy. He says he will prove it to her that he’s the same guy she fell in love with. She blurts out that he has hurt her too much and she doesn’t love him anymore. She holds it together until he walks away and she ends up crying.

Brooke and Ridge discuss yet another wedding for them. She wants to do this, but doesn’t feel they have to be married to prove their love and everyone else has already forgotten they aren’t legally married anyway. He doesn’t know how they are going to compete with their former weddings, but she says it is going to be the best ever. Liam arrives back at his house to find Bill and Katie there setting up the place for steaks and wine. He sees an extra plate, but no it’s not for Hope, but Steffy as she walks in the door. Bill whispers to Katie that tonight is the beginning of Liam’s transformation. He was not around when Liam was growing up but tonight he’s going to teach him to be a Spencer man – rare meat and red wine. He can forget Hope and be with a good woman who really loves him. Liam doesn’t even want the rare steak; he says it is still mooing. Bill says they are celebrating. His son is manning up and leaving childhood fantasies behind and looking toward the future. Hope turned him into a boy but he’s not a boy anymore so he should stop moping and acting like one.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Abby and Jennifer were talking about birth control.  Abby admitted that she was a virgin.  Jennifer said that she didnít know.  Abby told Jennifer that she didnít care. Sami was at the town square thinking about Rafe.  She was going to text him when Kate showed up.  Kate overheard Sami telling herself that her relationship with Rafe wouldnít work.  Kate let Sami know that nothing works for her.  Melanie saw Nick at the Kiriakis mansion and warned him to stay away from her.  Chad met up with EJ at the coffee shop.  Chad heard about how EJ resigned as mayor.  Chad wanted EJ to help him find Stefano.  Chad let EJ know that he proposed to Melanie, but the situation with Nick is interfering with their plans.  Maggie walked in the room while Melanie wondered why Nick was at the mansion.  Maggie didnít want her to find out like that.  Melanie told Maggie she was there to talk to her and found Nick there.  Maggie let Melanie know that Nickís staying with her now.  Sami and Kate argued for a bit before Sami walked away.  Abby and Jennifer started arguing over Abbyís love life.  Abby thought that Jennifer was trying to call her a slut since she had a lot of boyfriends.  Abby had no intention of discussing her love life with her anymore and ran off.  Jennifer ran after her.  Maggie explained to Melanie why Nick was staying with her.  Melanie understood the situation.  Melanie was just surprised to see Nick.  EJ advised Chad not to get Stefanoís help.  EJ wanted to help Chad out.  Chad wanted to know about Nick.  EJ let Chad know that Nick is brilliant.  Chad thought that Nick used his intelligence to convince the parole board that he deserved another chance. 

Later on, EJ showed up at Samiís place.  EJ let Sami know that he resigned as mayor to spend more time with his family.  Jennifer was at the town square crying after her fight with Abby.  Daniel saw her and comforted her about Abby and Jack.  Nicole walked by and saw them together.  After Melanie left the mansion, Nick and Maggie talked.  They talked about Melanie as well as how Nick plans on doing the right thing.  He wants to find a job and pay his own way.  He wants to stay out of prison and stay away from Melanie.  Kate met with Billie at the pub.  Kate wanted Billie to work with her at her company.  Billie wondered why Kate didnít ask Lucas.  Kate let her know that itís a cosmetics company.  Billie wanted some time to think about it.  EJ wanted to take Sami to the Green Mountain Lodge, but Sami said it was too late for that.  She did want to take him out to celebrate his resignation as mayor.  EJ was surprised that Sami asked him out on a date.  Nicole interrupted Daniel when he was talking to Jennifer about her.  Nicole let Daniel know that Maggie wanted to see him.  Nick was having bad luck finding a job and then decided to call Caroline.  Melanie went home and saw Chad.  She wanted him to ask her to marry her again.  Chad took out the ring and proposed.  Nick showed up at the pub and talked to Caroline.  They talked about how he set her up and he apologized to her.  Caroline was willing to offer Nick a job at the pub.  Sami admitted that she was asking EJ out on a date.  EJ wanted to be the one that planned the date and Sami agreed to let him do it.  Nicole drove it home to Jennifer that Daniel has been a good shoulder for her.  Jennifer didnít think that Daniel and Nicole had anything in common.  Nicole didnít like how Daniel went running to a woman (Jennifer) who dropped him like a hot potato.  They started going back and forth about Daniel.  Brady arrived at the mansion and yelled at Maggie for letting Nick stay there. Daniel showed up and heard their argument.  Daniel didnít like the idea of Nick staying at the mansion.  Daniel wanted to know whose side Maggie was on in that situation.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Steve tells Sam that her scans are good so she can go home. He says he feels terrible about all the things his mother has done, but she canít do anymore damage now that she is back at Fern Cliff. Heather is at Tťaís house holding Victor while Tťa is on the phone. Heather observes that Victor looks just like Jason when he scowls. Heather tells the baby that she is going to be his mommy and he is going to be her new Steven Lars. When Tťa finishes her call, she reveals to ďSusanĒ that she is having a hard time finding a nanny. Heather offers to babysit. Tťa takes her up on her offer, if her references check out. A sick woman comes into the hospital and asks Sam to take her baby before she drops him. The woman immediately faints once the baby is safe. Sam calls for Steve to help the mother. While Sam is holding the baby, she flashes back to telling Jason that the baby he gave her at the shack wasnít her baby. Jason looks at Samís medical record and asks if it is possible for a child to have an AB-Negative blood type when both parents are O-Positive. Elizabeth says it must be a mistake on the form. Jason wonders if Samís baby was somehow confused with another child. He tells Elizabeth that when he put the baby into Samís arms, Sam swore that it was a different baby. Elizabeth tells Jason not to get his hopes up. Jason says too many things donít add up. The blood types, the hemophilia, and the fact that Samís baby had a healthy cry when he was born, which a baby with undeveloped lungs couldnít have done, are all discrepancies. He says Sam was passed out on the floor of the garden shed before he arrived. He says he canít discount the possibility that someone may have switched babies. Elizabeth says he is in denial. Jason says the records are inconsistent and wants to know how to be sure. Elizabeth says they would need to do another autopsy, and they would need Samís permission to exhume the body. She says it would put Sam through the loss all over again. She asks him if he really wants to hurt Sam that way. Sam overhears and apologizes for telling her about her fantasies about what their life would be like if the baby had lived. When she lives, Jason tells Elizabeth that he might be wrong, but he needs to find out. Sam comes back to tell Jason goodbye in case they die. Jason is still hopeful that someone will find a cure. Elizabeth returns. She asks Jason what difference it makes if the baby was switched if they are all going to die anyway. Jason tells her that he doesnít accept that they are going to die and that he is going to find the truth about the baby.

Shawn goes to the police station and tells Dante and John McBain that Jerry took Alexis and said her life was the only one that mattered to him. He gives John a piece of paper that Jerry had dropped at Alexisí house. The paper has a series of numbers on it. John checks to see if they are navigational numbers. Itís the latitude and longitude of the marina. Dante, McBain, and Shawn head over to the marina. Jerry arrives at the warehouse where Sonny, Johnny, Todd, Jax, and Carly are waiting for him. He has Alexis with him at gunpoint and says he isnít leaving Port Charles without her woman he loves. He tells Alexis that everyoneís lives are in her hands. Todd tells Jax that he should take a page from his book and just kill his psychopathic brother. Sonny and Johnny think thatís a good idea and draw their guns. Jerryís henchmen appear and disarm the men. Todd asks for the antidote. Jerry says he will give it to them after they have wired the money into his account. Sonny stops Todd from making the call. Jax agrees that Jerry needs to let Alexis go before they give him the money. Todd says Jerry isnít going to hurt Alexis because he loves her. He says Sonny and Jax can rescue Alexis after they have saved everyone else. Alexis says she will willingly go with Jerry to ensure her childrenís safety. While everyone is distracted, Todd goes outside and makes the call. Sonny and Johnny go outside and drag Todd back into the warehouse. Todd says he completed the transfer. Sonny says Jerry is going to double cross them. Jerry admits that under normal circumstances, he would but that he wonít because Jax is involved and he doesnít want his brother to die. He tells Jax that he wished he had stayed in Shanghai. Jerry gets confirmation of the money transfer, gives up the briefcase, and heads toward the door. Todd asks for the combination. Jerry says he will call and give them the combination when he is safely out of the country. When McBain, Date, and Shawn arrive at the Marina, they see six henchmen guarding a warehouse. The three of them separate to approach from different angles. John approaches from one side and opens fire. When all the men are focused on firing back at John, Shawn opens fire from the other side. Meanwhile, Dante has climbed over the top and jumps down, knocking two of Jerryís men down. He gets into a fistfight, knocking one unconscious and disarming the other. John crouches down to lay down his gun, but then rolls over and starts shooting again. Shawn pushes a barrel into the man that is shooting at him, and then the two of them engage in a fistfight. When the man is down, Shawn holds his gun on him. Another henchman comes from behind and trains his gun on Shawnís head. McBain shoots him. Jerry hears the shooting and tries to go out the back, but Jax stands in his way. The brothers argue. Jax says Jerry will never give them the combination.  He blasts Jerry for standing by while Ewen Keenan killed their father. Jerry says Jax didnít understand what their father was facing. Alexis tells Jax to get out of the way and let them leave. Jax grabs Jerryís arm to take the gun. Sonny, Johnny, and Carly join the struggle. The gun goes off. Jax falls, but says he is ok. Johnny notices blood on Carlyís shirt. Jerry says it was an accident. Carly says she is ok. Johnny realizes that he has been shot. Jerry leaves with Alexis. Jax and Sonny go after them. Carly applies pressure to Johnnyís wound. Todd calls an ambulance. McBain, Shawn, and Dante come into the warehouse. Todd tells them that Johnny was shot and that Jerry got away and took Alexis as a hostage. John sends Shawn and Dante after Jerry while he remains in the warehouse to try to crack the briefcaseís code. Shawn tells Dante to help John get the anti-pathogen to everyone and he will take care of Jerry. Jerry takes Alexis to the boat that they will be leaving on. Carly and Todd try to take Johnny to a car to take him to the hospital, but Johnny is too weak to walk. Todd sends Carly to get her car. While he is alone with Johnny, he tells him that he deserved the bullet for what he did to his granddaughter. Dante and John figure out that the combination is the same numbers as the dead manís hand. They open the case and find a bomb with a timer that has 54 minutes left.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

When one of the dockworkers gets injured, “Christian” persuades the workers to demand better working conditions or walk off the job. One of the dockworkers calls someone on the phone and tells the person that they are going to have to get rid of the old guy because he is causing trouble. Genevieve finds out that Blackie the bartender at the bar where the dockworkers go is wanted in three states, so she has Blackie arrested so that she can take his bartending job. Sharon tells Daisy that Ricky is dead and that Daniel almost went to jail because they thought he killed her. Daisy wants to go home and explains to Sharon she checked herself into Fairview using a fake name in order to get away from Ricky. Daisy asks Sharon to confirm her true identity to the doctor so that he can let her go home, but Sharon refuses to help Daisy, and the doctor doesn’t believe her.

Tucker tries to see Sharon at Fairview to tell her that Victoria and Nick are making crucial changes at Newman Enterprises and she needs to prove she is competent as soon as possible, but since Sharon is under court mandated observation, he isn’t allowed to see her. Tucker tries to send Sharon flowers with a note but she isn’t allowed to have flowers in her room either. Sharon has a disturbing dream about when she was at Fairview before and gave birth to Faith and thought that she had died. Victoria and Nick are thrilled when Newman stock goes up and they are told that it could go up even higher than before Victor left. Paul finds a flash drive inside the snow globe of Niagara Falls which was the only thing Heather kept that belonged to Ricky. Paul thinks that the flash drive contains footage of Ricky killing his girlfriend Rachel. Avery and Heather call Michael and when the flash drive is put in Heather’s computer, it is Ricky telling whomever finds this drive that if anything ever happens to him, Paul is to blame, because Paul is after him. Victoria tells Billy that she is really worried that something happened to Victor because it isn’t like him to stay away when the company is in trouble. Billy tells Victoria there is something important he has to tell her about Victor.

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