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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

No new episode today.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Rafe told Sami he could never hate her.  Sami wanted to know how he really felt about her if he didnít hate her.  Nicole overheard Daniel defending Jennifer to Anne (the woman who works at the hospital) and she didnít like it.  Nicole walked over to Daniel and asked if Jennifer is going to be working at the hospital again.  Jennifer talked to Kayla about how distant Daniel has been since Jack died.  Kayla told Jennifer that Daniel was dealing with Melanieís kidnapping.  Jennifer thought he was distant because of Nicole.  Chad proposed to Melanie.  Melanie wanted to know why he proposed out of the blue.  Chad said he loved her and wanted her to be his wife.  Melanie asked him if he proposed because of Nick.  Hope and Nick were at the Kiriakis mansion.  Hope asked Maggie if Nick could stay with her.  Rafe didnít get to tell Sami how he felt about her because EJ showed up at her apartment.  EJ had a surprise for Sami.  Rafe wanted to know what the surprise was too.  Sami let EJ know that Rafe was there to talk about Gabi.  EJ asked Rafe how Nicole was doing.  Daniel let Nicole know that he didnít know if Jennifer would be back at the hospital.  Nicole wanted to know how Daniel felt about Jennifer working there again.  Jennifer and Kayla continued to talk about Daniel and Nicole.  Hope explained to Maggie that Nick would only stay with her temporarily.  He would be there for six months.  Hope said that Nick had to stay with family members.  Bo was the arresting officer and Doug and Julie went on another cruise.  Jennifer was dealing with Jackís death.  Chad said that he didnít propose because of Nick.  He said he loved her and wanted to get married.  Melanie wasnít ready to get married yet.  Chad wanted her to think about it unless she doesnít love him anymore.  Maggie agreed to let Nick stay with her.  Hope left the mansion to do something for Bo.  Kayla wondered if Jennifer was more concerned for Daniel than she should be.  Jennifer said that she still cared for Daniel and wouldnít let Nicole hurt him.  EJ and Rafe went back and forth about Nicole.  Rafe was surprised that Sami would put up with EJ and he left the apartment.  After Rafe left, Sami wanted to know about EJís surprise.  He wanted to take her to lunch at the Green Mountain Lodge. 

Nicole let Daniel know that sheís having a boy and wanted him to be her sonís godfather.  Kayla advised Jennifer to talk to Daniel if sheís worried about Nicole hurting him.  Jennifer didnít feel that was her place.  Rafe was at the pub thinking about Sami.  He knew he shouldnít think about her, but he did it anyway.  Sami talked to EJ about how she ran away with him.  EJ was about to kiss Sami, but she backed away.  She wanted to talk to him about conditions in their relationship.  After she told him her conditions, they kissed each other.  Hope arrived at Samiís apartment while she and EJ were kissing.  Hope told EJ that the charges against him were dropped.  Hope also let EJ know that the governor wanted to meet with him face to face.  Lucas saw Rafe at the pub and they talked about Sami.  Lucas remembered that Rafe warned him to stay away from Sami, but he didnít listen. Lucas told him his relationship with Sami was over, but Rafe wasnít interested.  Lucas realized it was because Rafe had his hands full with Nicole and her baby.  Jennifer didnít like how Kayla implied that she wanted to be with Daniel.  Jennifer reminded Kayla that she is still grieving over Jack.  Kayla let her know that she wasnít saying anything like that.  Abe saw them arguing and wanted to know what happened.  Abe and Jennifer started talking about how angry they were lately.  Jennifer finally agreed to take the job at the hospital.  Daniel talked to Nicole about bonding with Chloeís son (Parker).  He was happy to have the chance to have a baby in his life again.  Hope and EJ were at the governorís office.  The governor told EJ about the accusation that the DiMeras bought EJís job as mayor.  EJ dropped the bomb that he planned on quitting his job as mayor so he could spend time with his family.  Lucas and Rafe continued to talk about Sami and EJ.  Lucas believed that EJ and Sami deserved each other.  Rafe noticed Sami at the pub and went over to her.  Rafe warned Sami not to fall for EJís tricks.  Rafe almost told Sami the truth about Nicoleís baby, but he remembered his promise to Nicole.  Melanie arrived at the Kiriakis mansion to talk to Maggie about Chadís proposal and ran into Nick.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

John McBain tells Dante that a bunch of rich people, including Danteís father, got together to pay off Jerry Jacks for the antidote. Sonny, Todd, Johnny, Carly, and Jax go to a warehouse to meet Jerry and exchange the money for the antidote, but Jerry isnít there. Sonny calls to check on Dante. Dante tells Sonny that he isnít going to let him pay off Jerry and let him get away. Sonny says he will call back when itís done. A tech at the police station identified the cell tower that transmitted Sonnyís call. Sonny tells Carly that she did the right thing when she sent Morgan to military school to keep him safe. They wish each other the best. Johnny tells Todd that he should tell Sam the truth about her baby before she dies. Todd suggests that Johnny call Starr first and tell her that he killed her boyfriend and daughter. Jax overhears the end of their conversation and asks Johnny what he has been keeping from Carly. Johnny tells Jax to go to hell. When Jax leaves, Johnny reminds Todd that if he goes down, he is taking Todd with him. Jax tells Carly that he overheard Johnny and Todd fighting and that apparently, Johnny has been lying to her. Carly asks Johnny to tell her what has been going on since Anthony disappeared.

Molly models a blonde wig for T.J. She says going blonde was always a fantasy. He tells her that it ruins her looks. They go over their bucket lists and wonder if they should lose their virginity before they die. Molly is afraid that if they live, she could get pregnant. T.J. says it isnít about having sex. They just lie down together and cuddle. Downstairs, Shawn asks Alexis if he went too far when he kissed her at the hospital. Jerry is outside Alexisís house watching, waiting. When Alexis goes upstairs to check on the kids, Jerry knocks on the door, tells Shawn that it has been a long time. Shawn goes outside with him and asks him what he wants. Jerry says he wants Alexis. Shawn tries to overpower Jerry, but he is too week from the illness. Alexis sees Shawn outside on the deck. When she goes out to check on him, Jerry appears behind her with a gun in his hand. He tells her that he is willing to kill anyone to get her to cooperate. Shawn crumples a piece of paper in his hand. Jerry takes Alexis to the warehouse where the others are waiting. Sonny asks him why he has Alexis. Jerry says he has no intention of sailing off into the sunset without the woman he loves. Shawn goes to the police station and says he may be able to help.

Patrick tells Elizabeth that Ewen didnít make it. He asks her if Ewen ever talked about Robin because in his last breath, he said Robinís name. Sam tells Jason that she wishes she had never gone to see Heather Webber. She tells Jason that it was easier to blame him than to think about her own mistakes. She wonders why she didnít swaddle her baby in a blanket or towel where he would be warm in stead of in a scarf. She wonders what possessed her to take her baby out into the woods. She wonders why she didnít go back into the warm hotel when she found the road closed. She wonders why she followed a light into the woods that led to shack. Jason says she was in shock and trying to find help. She berates herself for putting the baby down outside instead of taking him inside with her. She concludes that it is her fault that her baby died. Jason says it wasnít her fault; the baby died of respiratory failure. She remembers telling herself that the dead baby wasnít hers, and that someone had switched babies, but in retrospect, she knows how ridiculous it was to imagine that someone happened to have another newborn in the middle of the woods in a rainstorm. Jason asks Patrick to pull the records for Samís baby. Patrick tells him that the records show that the baby had hemophilia, but that he died of respiratory failure because his lungs werenít fully developed and that putting him on a ventilator probably wouldnít have made a difference. He assures Sam that she did everything properly when she was pregnant. Elizabeth tells Jason that the babyísí death wasnít Samís or his fault. Jason reads Samís chart and notices that the babyís blood type was AB Negative; he asks Elizabeth if that is possible when both parents are O Positive. He wonders if the baby that died wasnít Samís baby. Heather shows up at Tťa Delgadoís door in Llanview. She calmly tells Tťa that the baby she is holding isnít hers. When Tťa asks her what sheís talking about, Heather says that according to an ancient proverb, once you have saved someoneís life, you are responsible for them. Tťa thanks ďSusanĒ for being so kind. Tťa tells Heather that baby Victor has a genetic blood disorder that isnít found in either her or her late husbandís family so she doesnít know where it came from.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

No new episode today.

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