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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thomas tells Liam this is Hope’s decision and he needs to accept it and move on. Liam says butt out. He tells Hope that he could move on if he really thought she no longer loved him, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Thomas says it’s a strange relationship when one keeps saying they are sorry more times than they love the other. Liam tells Hope that he does love her. He says it over and over and says he will say it as many times as she needs to hear it. He wants to talk to Hope alone, but Thomas jumps in and tries to nix that. Hope says it’s okay; they do need to talk. Stephanie catches Ridge and Brooke discussing their upcoming wedding. She teases that they can’t just to go the courthouse and do a quickie; that would be unfair to all the family despite their many marriages. Stephanie has one other request, throw the bouquet to Pam. And then she really shocks them by suggesting they marry at her house; sort of a welcome into the family, finally. She’s almost floored when Brooke gives her a big hug.

Ridge is happy that all the animosity seems to have gone and his mother has finally accepted Brooke. Steffy and Katie have a few words about her chasing after Liam; always being there when he makes an important decision. Steffy says she loves Liam and she will always be there for him, then she rushes back off to her office. Bill comes in and wants to swoop Katie off to a family dinner and get away from all of this. She doesn’t like the fact that he is on Team Steffy and wants her included, but Katie admits that she does have to feed his other baby boy so she will attend. Steffy wants the low-down from Thomas about the kiss. He points out it was a good publicity stunt, but it was more than that. Steffy thinks he may be on to something since Hope doesn’t seem to be leaning in taking Liam back. Calmly, Liam sits and tries to convince Hope to give him one more chance. He is not trying to minimize what he did (yes he is). He knows he hurt her. She says he still is because he is still not telling her the truth. He cheated on her the night before this last wedding. He’s stunned and swears he did not cheat on her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Marlena arrived at Samiís apartment.  They talked about Brady and Kate working together.  While they were talking, Sami thought about Rafe being the father of Nicoleís baby and became upset.  Marlena wanted to talk about it.  Rafe was at the pub and realized that Gabi was working there again.  Rafe told her that heís okay with her modeling now.  Gabi let him know that she quit modeling.  Abby visited Nick in prison.  She wanted to see him before he left town.  Nick told her that under the terms of his parole, he has to stay in Salem.  Sami talked to Marlena about running into Nicole.  Sami let her know that Nicole is going to be a problem for her as long as sheís living in Salem.  Marlena advised Sami to change the way she reacts to Nicole if she wants to be happy because she canít change anything that has happened with Nicole.  Rafe wanted to know why Gabi quit her job.  Gabi thought about her conversation with Chad and how he told her she couldnít model anymore.  Rafe assumed that Sami said something to Gabi to make her quit.  Gabi didnít deny that Sami had anything to do with it.  Gabi told him it was for the best, but Rafe didnít agree with that.  He walked out of the pub.  Abby wondered if Melanie knew that Nick was staying in town.  He wasnít sure if Melanie knew or not, but he wasnít going to do anything to make her regret helping him.  Sonny and Will met at the coffee shop.  They talked about the way Will has been handling being gay.  Will told Sonny that heís working on his attitude.  Daniel met up with Kayla at the hospital.  Kayla told Daniel that sheís going to give Jennifer her old job back.  She wanted to help her do something to get over Jack.  Daniel thought about his time with Jennifer.  Daniel wasnít so sure Jennifer was ready to come back to the hospital.  Kayla offered the job to Jennifer.  There was a nurse that wasnít happy about Jennifer being back.  The nurse thought Jennifer was back because sheís a Horton.  Nicole overheard the conversation.

Sami talked to Marlena about her conversation with Lucas and how he thought she would never change.  Sami told Marlena that Lucas said she only helped EJ because she wants what she canít have.  Marlena wondered if that was true.  Sami said it wasnít even though she knows that no one believed her.  Sami claimed that sheís going to change and put her kids and career before men.  Chad showed up at the coffee house and saw Sonny and Will talking.  Sonny mentioned to Will that Nick was out on parole.  Chad wasnít happy about it, but he was glad that heís leaving Salem.  Sonny let Chad know that he heard on the news that Nick had to stay in Salem.  Chad went ballistic and left the coffee shop.  Rafe showed up at Samiís apartment and was upset with her.  He thought she was the reason why Gabi wasnít modeling anymore.  Sami didnít know what he was talking about.  Sonny wanted to talk to Will again, but Brian called him.  Will walked away while Sonny talked to Brian.  Later on, Abby, Gabi, and Melanie met at the coffee shop.  Abby told Melanie that Nick was staying in Salem.  Rafe continued to yell at Sami because he thought she fired Gabi.  Sami tried to explain to him that he was wrong, but he wouldnít listen to her.  Sami was finally able to tell Rafe that Gabi quit even though she begged her not to go.  Chad saw Nick.  He let Nick know that he is a DiMera and that he has to stay away from Melanie.  Rafe and Sami talked about how she slept with EJ and thatís why he thought she would hurt him.  Sami told Rafe that if he didnít believe that Gabi quit, he could talk to her himself.  Sami was done talking with Rafe, but he wasnít finished talking to her.  Rafe admitted that he made a fool of himself.  Sami let him know that she still considered Gabi her family no matter what they go through.  Chad went home and Melanie was there.  He proposed to Melanie.  Sami claimed she didnít mean anything by the family thing.  Sami said she knew that Rafe hated her.  Rafe said he could never hate her.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sam plays the what-if game with Jason. She imagines what their life would be like if she had never talked to Heather and never found the information about Franco. She imagines going to Lamaze class with Jason. She imagines having a baby shower and having Jason and her family around her when she goes into labor. She imagines Jason holding her hand while she delivers their healthy son. She imagines that the baby looks just like Jason. She imagines naming him Daniel after her brother with the middle name Edward after Jason's great-grandfather. She imagines their happiness bringing Maxie and Spinelli back together. Sam tells Jason in real time that he would have made a great father. She admits that she lives in her fantasy world often and that it is hard for her to pull herself out of it. She continues her fantasy farther into the future where Danny is older and their daughter, Emily is having her first birthday. IN real-time, she tells Jason that she doesn't want to spend the time she has left thinking about what would have happened if she had never talked to Heather Webber. She says the fantasies don't change the fact that she lost her baby and he is gone forever.

Heather tries to convince the Ferncliff staff to take her to Port Charles so she can make things right with the people that she hurt before everyone dies. A staff member allows Heather to make a phone call. Heather calls Steve, but he doesn't want to have anything to do with her. Heather wants a do-over for Steve's childhood. Heather says she is going to remake herself into the perfect woman and the perfect mother. The staff thinks Heather should go back to her room and get some rest. Heather attacks the nurse and puts on her uniform. She says to herself that she made mistakes the first time around but she is going to get it right this time. Heather leaves Ferncliff, changes into street clothes, and goes to a house at 1970 Lindbrook, in Llanview, PA. When the door opens, Heather greets Tťa Delgado.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Tucker persuades Sharon to go into Fairview by telling her of a woman he knew before he met Ashley that had to go into a place like Fairview and came out stronger from the experience. Nick and Victoria decide to stabilize Newman Enterprises as much as they can in the three days they were given by the court. Genevieve becomes a double agent when she takes money from Billy to become Victor’s shadow and let him know as soon as he remembers something about his family. Billy returns home to Victoria and feels conflicted because he is hiding the fact that Victor is in LA and has amnesia. Billy also wants to get payback because Victor kept him prisoner in Myanmar.

Avery and Paul try to find the video of Ricky killing his girlfriend Rachel to prove that Ricky was a threat to him and Eden so Paul had to shoot him in self-defense. Paul is angry with Heather because she got rid of Ricky’s things without giving him a choice, but Heather tells Paul she wanted to keep him from suffering anymore. “Christian” admits to Sister Celeste that he can’t remember his life, but he feels that he is an orphan, but there is someone who loves him very much. Sharon is shocked when she is put in a holding room at Fairview while they process her papers, and Daisy is in the same room with her.

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