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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope and Thomas smile for the cameras while the reporters ask if they are dating. She explains they are just friends. Rick takes control by explaining they will be announcing a new line later. Thomas tells Caroline that he really needs to explain what happened. Caroline saw it clearly and doesn’t think it needs any more explanation. He kissed Hope on TV for all to see. He says he did it to make sure the buzz was off Hope and Liam’s marriage and that the line would not go under. Caroline doesn’t care for his explanation and huffs off. Liam is completely shocked by the kiss as well as Katie, but Bill tells them to get over it and not let Hope drive him crazy. He rants at Liam that when will enough be enough. Katie adds that the look that Hope gave on TV means she still loves Liam. Steffy agrees with her much to Bill’s chagrin.

Stephanie and Eric find humor in that their grandchildren are so crazy in and out of love. Marcus tries to cozy up to Dayzee and make a little afternoon loving, but she says they need to get back to work. Ridge questions Rick why he did what he just did. Rick explains he thought Hope was going to lose it right in front of the cameras so he was trying to save her from a melt down. Liam listens as long as he can with his dad ranting at him and finally says like it or not he’s going to see Hope and find out about this kiss. Bill gives him a sharp tongue, but Liam goes anyway. Bill lashes into Steffy that she didn’t have to make it so easy; she could have fought harder for him. She says if Liam comes back to her, it will be on his terms, not her manipulating him. Caroline seeks out Rick and wonders what she should do. He suggests a little sit-down on the couch and she ends up laying her head on his big shoulders and cuddling. Ridge tells Brooke that he thinks this all makes good sense from a business point of view, but he does feel it is now completely over between Hope and Liam. They kiss and talk about their own upcoming wedding. Hope questions Thomas why he kissed her. Was it more personal or just to save the line? He admits he wants to save the line, but if anything else happens it will on its own. Liam barges in and demands to know what that kiss was about. Hope says he has no right to ask that since they aren’t together anymore. With those puppy dog eyes that Bill mentioned, Liam begs her to give him one more chance and come home with him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Chad and Daniel were upset that Nick was released on parole.  They wanted to know how that could happen.  Brady and Kate were at the Kiriakis mansion.  Brady let her know that he was back at Titan and that she would be running Mad World without Madison.  Kate was afraid that Brady was firing her.  Daniel and Chad wanted the parole board to send Nick back to prison.  Chad wondered how Nick could get released after what Melanie said.  Melanie dropped the bomb and let them know that she didn’t say anything to have Nick sent back to prison.  Melanie said she supported the parole board’s decision if they wanted to release Nick.  Nick thought about what Melanie said at his hearing. She originally showed up to testify against Nick, but she changed her mind.  Melanie believed Nick’s family and the psychiatrist that said that he’s changed.  Daniel hoped that Melanie didn’t regret her decision.  Jessica thanked Melanie for helping Nick get paroled.  Sonny saw T at the town square.  Sonny offered his hand to T, but T wouldn’t shake it.  Sami met Will at the pub.  He was with Gabi at the time.  Gabi works at the pub again.  Sami informed Gabi that things were slow at Countess W and that once things pick up she will be able to model again.  Gabi let Sami know that she quit modeling.  When Gabi left the table, Sami asked Will about her.  Will thought about how he made love to Gabi.  Will didn’t think he could tell Sami what was wrong with Gabi.  Brady and Kate continued to talk about her promotion as CEO of Mad World when Victor walked in the room.  Victor agreed with the decision.  Victor also informed Brady that Nick was released on parole.  Brady rushed out of the mansion to find Melanie. 

Maggie wanted to make sure that Melanie was okay with the outcome of the hearing.  Melanie said that she didn’t want to help Nick until she saw Maggie and Jessica’s faces.  Chad warned Jessica to tell Nick to stay away from Melanie.  Daniel, Melanie, and Chad left the courthouse.  Sonny wanted to make things right with T, but T wouldn’t hear it.  T warned Sonny not to touch him ever again.  Nick thanked Maggie for her help.  He believed that Melanie did it because she loves Maggie.  Kate and Victor talked about Stefano.  Victor wondered how Stefano would react when he finds out that she’s working for him again.  Kate didn’t think Stefano would care.  Sami continued to try to get Will to talk about what happened to Gabi.  Will started to get a little testy about it, but he didn’t want to fight with her too.  Will and Sami talked about how Lucas was upset with him.  They also talked about how she ran off with EJ.  Will apologized to Sami for the way he treated her.  He didn’t realize how much he needed her until the explosion happened in Salem.  Gabi ended up meeting with Chad at the coffee shop.  Gabi told him that Sami wanted them to start modeling again, but Chad refused to do it.  Nick and Maggie continued to talk about Melanie.  He promised Maggie that he wouldn’t let her down.  T believed that Sonny turned Will gay because Will wasn’t gay before Sonny arrived in Salem.  Sonny tried to convince T that wasn’t the case.  T confronted Sonny about being interested in Will.  Sonny finally admitted that he was interested in Will.  Chad warned Gabi that he’s a DiMera and that he planned on holding over her head that she hired Andrew to break up his relationship with Melanie.  Maggie arrived back at the mansion and let Victor know that Nick was leaving town with his mother.  Victor believed that Melanie will get through it with Maggie’s help.  Will tried to convince T to work things out with Will.  T ran off without giving Sonny a response.  Will arrived at the town square and spotted Sonny on the couch.  Will walked in the opposite direction.  Kate and Sami ran into each other.  They started arguing about Sami ruining Countess W.  Kate also talked to Sami about Lucas being out of her clutches.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Jerry tells Joe that Ewen facilitated the trade of the serum and antidote in exchange for a person that his contact in Switzerland wanted. He says Ewen faked the woman’s death, transported her to Switzerland, and then returned to Port Charles to work with the grieving husband. Jerry takes the briefcase containing the antiserum from under a board in Ewen’s farmhouse. Joe asks for a vial. Jerry says he already gave him one. Joe reveals that Tracy Quartermaine drank his water. Jerry reluctantly gives him another dose. Jerry starts coughing. Joe wonders if Jerry has taken the antiserum.

Todd, Sonny, Carly, Johnny, and Tracy go to the police station to pay Jerry the money for the serum. Jax informs them that Jerry escaped. He admits that he let Jerry out of his cell and had him at gunpoint but that he apparently had someone working for him on the inside, because someone attacked him and Jerry got away. Sonny and Jax snipe at each other about the past. Johnny breaks it up. Tracy says they are all going to die. Todd observes that she is perfectly healthy. Tracy agrees to go to the hospital so they can determine how she is immune. Patrick goes to the lab that exploded with Robin in it. He relives the event in his mind. He goes through Robin’s files to find the one about the antiserum that they used on Nikolas when Jerry poisoned him. Sam breaks into Luke’s safe at the Haunted Star and finds the “dead man’s hand” cards, but no antidote. She finds a note that says, “You were right. Find the cards, find the cure, but you’re a little too late.” She passes out and hits her head on the desk on her way down. John takes Sam to the hospital and barges into the room where Elizabeth is treating Jason’s gunshot wound. Elizabeth treats the gash on Sam’s head. She tells Sam that Ewen Keenan shot Jason. Jason tells John that Keenan is in the ER with a bullet wound to the chest. Steve treats Ewen’s gunshot wound, all the while complaining that Ewen doesn’t deserve treatment. Ewen tells Steve that he knows he is going to die so Steve shouldn’t waste his time trying to save him. Ewen says he wants to see Patrick. Steve goes to get Patrick, but Patrick says he is too busy. Steve takes over the research so Patrick can go. Patrick goes to see Ewen. Ewen struggles to say something about Robin, but he dies before he gets it out. Tracy goes to the lab and tells Steve that her symptoms stopped and she feels fine. Steve goes to get Elizabeth so they can run some tests.  

Jax tells Carly that Ewen Keenan killed his father and that Jerry blackmailed Ewen into helping him. Sonny and Todd are on their way to look for Jerry when Todd receives a call from Jerry saying it is time to finalize negotiations. Todd puts Jerry on speaker. Jerry tells them where to meet him. Jax suggests that Jerry doesn’t have the antiserum and the whole thing is a trap. Jerry puts a folder into the briefcase with the antiserum. He calls his associate in Switzerland and warns him that he will kill him if he defaults on his end of the bargain.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

The judge puts Victoria in charge of Newman Enterprises for three days until Sharon goes to Fairview for observation. The judge also gives Sharon 24 hours to decide if she wants to go to Fairview, but if she doesn’t go for observation she will lose her position as CEO of Newman Enterprises. Adam advises Sharon to step down as CEO of the company and go spend some time with Noah and Faith, but Sharon reminds him that he once told her that she didn’t need a man to think for her. Sharon tells Tucker the court’s decision and he advises her to go to Fairview. He wishes he could go for her then they make love. Tucker waits until Sharon is asleep and tells someone on the phone to buy more Newman stock since its price has gone down even more after the court hearing. Billy plays a friendly game of darts with Victor and that proves to him and Genevieve that he has amnesia. Genevieve calls Tucker and tells him that she is sure that Victor has amnesia but doesn’t tell him that Billy arrived in LA and is with Victor.

Billy tries once again to tell Victoria that he found Victor but then Victoria tells him she is so happy to be in charge of the company even if it is just for three days. Billy decides to keep quiet and stay a few more days and see if he can figure out what Tucker plans to do while Victor is away from the company. Cane advises Jack not to get any more credit from the bank to buy more Newman stock because he is putting Jabot and Beauty of Nature in jeopardy Jack ignores Cane’s advice and asks him to file the papers for the credit extension. Nikki pleads with Jack to not give up on their marriage, but he tells her to go chase after Victor because he doesn’t need her help anymore. Jack calls his lawyer and tells him to file divorce papers. Nikki sneaks onto the ranch to look for clues about Victor’s whereabouts but doesn’t find anything. Nikki looks up at the stars and pleads for Victor to come home to her. Victor also looks up at the stars and cries.

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