Tuesday 9/4/12 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thomas tells Rick that he will be there for Hope so he doesn’t need Rick’s self-serving encouragement to be with her. He took her to her mom’s place last night, turned off her phone so Liam couldn’t get to her and then left. They both agree that Hope deserves better than Liam. Rick tries to show Thomas the way that it would be a win/win for everyone concerned if Thomas was paired with Hope. Hope tells Brooke and Ridge that she can’t live her life always looking over her shoulder and wondering what Liam is gonna do next with Steffy. She admits she did something stupid and juvenile by having Thomas spray paint a pierced heart on Liam’s house. She tells all that she is calling a press conference as she has a very important announcement. Steffy shows up at Spencer’s and Katie does her best to get her to leave, but Bill trumps that by saying she is staying. Steffy tells Liam that he didn’t do anything wrong the night before and it will get better with time. Bill says it didn’t just happen once, but twice and it’s time for Liam to stop moping and get on with his life. Steffy shows Bill a picture of the spray-painted house. Bill goes bananas.

Hope takes the stage and starts making her announcement that she is canceling the perfect wedding line since she is no longer married and is moving on. She starts to choke up and has to have Rick hand her some water. She tells him that she is not all right and can’t continue. He gladly steps in and says that is all Hope needs to say, but they will answer some questions. Jarrett wants to know the future and Rick first says that Liam is not Forrester material and is not good enough for Hope. Then he shocks everyone, including Ridge and Brooke, by adding the bridal line is finished but the Future line will continue and they are taking it to a new level with a new designer. He calls Thomas to the podium who is as shocked as the rest but says he is thrilled to be joining such an amazing team and helping Hope realize her vision. In front of Caroline and the waiting press, he kisses Hope.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

EJ and Lucas talked about Sami.  EJ thought Lucas was looking for an excuse to be around Sami.  Lucas denied the accusation. Lucas warned EJ that Sami wouldnít be with him long.  EJ thought that Lucas was going to fight for Sami, but Lucas said that he was done with her.  EJ didnít believe that Lucas was finished with Sami, but he said that he was done.  The purse-snatcher tried to take Samiís purse and pushed her into Rafe.  Sami fell on Rafe and he wanted her to get off of him.  Rafe went off after the purse-snatcher.  Melanie arrived at Nickís parole hearing and wanted to testify.  Daniel told Maggie that there was no way that Nick should be allowed back on the streets.  Melanie wanted Nick to stay while she made her testimony.  EJ and Lucas continued to argue about who the right man was for Sami.  Melanie let the parole board know that she was one of Nickís victims.  EJ thought Lucas was trying to say that Sami was interested in Rafe.  EJ thought Rafe was into Carrie, but Lucas reminded EJ that Carrie was far away and that Rafe would be interested in Sami again.  EJ thanked Lucas for the advice and Lucas went to get Allie from the bedroom.  Melanie explained to the parole board how she met Nick.  Melanie had flashbacks of her time with Nick.  She became upset when she thought about Nick and needed a minute before she could continue.  Rafe took Sami to the hospital to get her wrist checked out.  While they were there, they ran into Nicole.  Nicole and Sami got into it.  Nicole left to get tests done. Sami wondered how Rafe could go to bed with Nicole.  Rafe didnít appreciate her comments about that.  Sami questioned if Nicole was really carrying his baby.  Sami and Rafe talked about Nicole and her pregnancy.  Nicole came back and thought that Rafe almost blew their cover with Sami.

Later on, Sami went back to her apartment and heard EJ talked to the kids about peanut butter sandwiches.  EJ noticed her wrist and wondered what happened.  Sami explained about Rafe helping her out when a purse-snatcher tried to rob her.  EJ and Sami also talked about Nicole being at the hospital to get tests.  They talked about whether the baby was really Rafeís.  EJ admitted that he made a terrible mistake.  Rafe informed Nicole that her secret is safe with him.  Nicole wasnít sure if he would crack for the woman he loves.  The parole board asked Melanie if she thought that Nick should stay in prison.  Daniel and Chad were outside in the hallway and wondered if Melanie did the right thing and let Nick remain in prison.  Melanie came out of the room and said she did what she had to do.  Nicole warned Rafe not to let Sami back into his life again.  Sami wondered why EJ decided to give up the fact that Nicole is carrying his child.  EJ said it was because of her.  He said that she said she knew that Rafe wouldnít lie.  EJ also said that he knew that Daniel wouldnít lie to him about the babyís paternity.  Chad told Melanie that he was proud of her and hoped Nick would get another 18 months.  One of the guys from the parole board came out in the hallway and congratulated Nick on being granted parole.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Looters have ransacked the Haunted Star and taken the water and alcohol. Carly says Josselyn will be an orphan in a matter of hours. She is thankful that Michael and Morgan are away from Port Charles because they will be alive to take care of Josselyn. Johnny thinks the cops should give Jerry what he wants. Carly says that way Jerry will win. Johnny doesnít care if it keeps the whole city from dying. Kate tells Sonny that Joe Junior checked out of the Metro Court. Sonny tells her that he asked Joe to leave, but promises her that he didnít hurt Joe. She wonders if he didnít bother because they are all going to die anyway. . He thinks about Joe telling him that if he killed him, Kate would never see her son again. John McBain thinks Jerry may have hidden the cure with his fatherís cards. Sam says the last time she saw the cards was when Jax threw them in her face after his father died. She says she didnít care because she had already figured out that the cards were bad luck. She says the last person she remembers having them was Tracy Quartermaine. Tracy wonders why Joe Junior is sick but she isnít. She gives him a bowl of soup that she made by herself, but he is afraid to eat it. Tracy answers the door to Todd, who tells her that he needs $17,622,000.00. Joe says he isnít feeling well and goes upstairs to lie down. Todd sends text messages to Sonny, Johnny, and Carly, asking them to meet at the Quartermaine Estate immediately about the cure. When they all arrive, he tells them that they are the Port Charles one percent and if they all chip in, they can pay Jerry. McBain and Sam arrive asking Tracy where the dead manís hand is. She tells them that the last she heard, Luke had them. Sam and John head over to the Haunted Star. Carly says she doesnít have $17 million dollars. Todd observes that her husband, Jax does. She says Jax wonít pay off Jerry. Johnny says he runs a nightclub; he doesnít have that kind of money. Todd observes that Johnny is the heir to a mob fortune. Johnny says he no longer has access to it because he is out of the business. Sonny says he is in. Johnny says he is in, too, but it will take some effort to get to the money. Sonny calls Bernie. Tracy makes a call too. Carly makes a call. Johnny makes a call and tells someone that he needs the money that they buried with a body.

Jerry tells Jax that he killed their father by putting all his faith in that shrink that their mother hired to treat their fatherís depression. He reveals that Dr. Ewen Keenan killed their father. Jax says their father died of natural causes. Jerry says Ewen poisoned him. Jax wonders what motive Ewen would have to kill their father. Jerry reveals that their father swindled them away from Ewenís father. Jax asks him how he knows. Jerry says he walked in on Ewen when he was injecting the poison. Jax is incensed that Jerry stood by and did nothing while Keenan killed their father. Jerry says their father was a vegetable anyway so even if they had flushed the poison, he wouldnít have had a life. Jax asks him if he was always a sociopath. Jerry says sociopaths are unable to feel, but he grieved for their father and he saved Josselyn. Jax says Jerry still poisoned an entire town, including his own brother. Jerry says it isnít his fault that Jax had a hero complex and came back to town. Jax concludes that Jerry is killing the whole town for money. Jerry says it was never about the money, but he wonít say what is about because Jax wouldnít understand. Jax sucker-punches the guard, takes his gun and tells him to open Jerryís cell. Jerry comes out and Jax locks the guard in. Jax leads Jerry out at gunpoint, but Joe sees them and hits Jax from behind when they pass.

Jason bursts into Ewenís farmhouse, gun drawn. Ewen uses Elizabeth as a shield and aims his gun at Jason. Jason tells Ewen to let Elizabeth go. Ewen says he can fix this. Jason wants to know where Jerry put the counteragent but Ewen doesnít know. Elizabeth confirms that Ewen is sick too and he really doesnít know. Jason tells Ewen that he knows he was Jerryís fatherís doctor. Ewen asks him if he has figured out the rest. Jason asks Ewen if he was in Arizona when John Jacks died. Ewen doesnít know how Jason figured that out. He confirms that he murdered John Jacks and says he will kill Jason too, if he has to. Jason and Ewen bicker about letting Liz go. Ewen says he loves Elizabeth and he canít let Jason be her hero. He fires his gun and wounds his leg. When Elizabeth wriggles away, Jason shoots Ewen, hitting him on the right side of his gut. Jason tells Elizabeth to bring Ewenís gun to him. Jason cuts the duct tape off Elizabethís wrists. Elizabeth checks on both wounds and says Ewen needs to get to the hospital. Kate goes to General Hospital to check on Olivia. Steve tells her that she hasnít had an acid flashback since she saw Dr. Keenan as the devil, which he turned out to be. He tells her that Ewen has been working with Jerry Jacks. She realizes that that is what Ewen was trying to tell her. She assures Steve that Ewen wonít hurt Elizabeth because he cares for her. Jason, Elizabeth, and Ewen arrive at the hospital. Steve is hesitant to help Ewen. Kate reminds him that he took an oath. Elizabeth tends to Jasonís gunshot. Jason tells Elizabeth that she knows what she means to him and that he wasnít going to let Ewen hurt her. The Port Charles one percent arrives at the police station asking to see Jerry. Jax tells them that Jerry escaped. Joe takes Jerry to safety and says Jerry owes him. John and Sam arrive at the Haunted Star. Sam tries to break open Lukeís safe. She finds the cards, but notices that something else is in there.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Genevieve discovers that Victor is calling himself Christian. When he doesn’t recognize her and doesn’t remember having his heart surgery, she suspects he has amnesia. Genevieve calls Tucker and tells him about Victorís possible amnesia and asks him to find out what medicine Victor is taking and call it in to a local pharmacy. Tucker orders Genevieve to stick with Victor because he doesnít want him to come home yet. Genevieve tells Victor she is a nurse and asks Sister Celeste if she can stay at the mission with Christian to oversee his care. Billy is also shocked when Victor doesn’t remember him and talks to Sister Celeste who tells him she thinks Christian has amnesia. Billy calls Victoria and leaves a message on her cell phone telling her that he has some news for her but he will have to be gone for a few more days.

Ronan tells Michael that Phyllis was sleeping with him the night Tim died but Michael doesnít believe the story and tells Ronan that he is risking his career for Phyllis. Ronan admits that he is in love with Phyllis but she chose to reunite her family. Michael tells Phyllis to tell Nick the truth about the affair or he will tell him. Phyllis tells Nick about the affair with Ronan. Nick knows his wife very well and knows that she is lying to him. Phyllis tells Nick that she and Ronan made up the story to give her an alibi because Tim died at her house. Phyllis tells her that Kevin helped her move the body then pleads with Nick to back up the story so that she doesnít go to jail. Nick isnít sure what he will do at first but then he punches Ronan when he sees him come into Crimson Lights with Phyllis. Tucker calls someone and tells the person to get ready to buy as much Newman stock as possible when he gives the word because it will go down again very soon. Nick doesnít want to go to court and say Sharon is crazy but he agrees with Victoria that it is the only way to get her out of the company. Summer arrives at Victoriaís place while Nick is there and says she canít find her concert tickets and thinks she left them at the ranch but she doesnít want to go there because of Sharon. Victoria volunteers to go to the ranch because she suspects Sharon is struggling with kleptomania again. Victoria tells Sharon that she is going before a judge tomorrow to get her declared unfit to run Newman Enterprises. Sharon tells Victoria that she welcomes the fight in court because she is tired of the Newmans pushing her around all the time. When Sharon shoves her, Victoria bumps a table that has the box with all the stolen treasures. Victoria finds Summerís concert tickets since the box has opened. She looks at all the other things and then warns Sharon that if she is stealing again, the court will never let her run the company.

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