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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

No new episode today.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Nicole and Daniel talked about her living arrangements.  Nicole didnít want to live with Victor.  Daniel reminded Nicole about what sheís going through with EJ.  Bo and Hope prepared for Nickís parole hearing.  They talked about how different Nick is now.  Nick talked to his mother about his parole hearing.  Nicole and Daniel continued to disagree about her living with Victor.  Jennifer approached them and had the perfect solution. Jennifer suggested that Nicole stay with her.  Gabi and Rafe talked at the pub.  They talked about his promotion as well as Carrie and Sami.  EJ showed up at Samiís apartment.  He asked her about her trip with the kids.  Sami was upset that EJ didnít tell him that heís a DiMera.  He said it wasnít a deep secret, but Sami didnít like the fact that he didnít tell her about it.  They talked about how Stefanoís really alive.  Jennifer talked to Nicole about how EJ was harassing her.  Nicole didnít think that Jennifer would want her to stay with her because they donít like each other.  Daniel thought it was a good idea for Nicole to stay with Jennifer.  EJ told Sami that he wanted to spend time with his kidsí mother.  Sami reminded him that she wasnít ready for a relationship.  She said that she had to work things out first before she starts a relationship.  They talked about Lucas showing up to get Allie.  Sami wanted him to stay with her while Lucas picked her up.   Nicole agreed to stay with Jennifer.  She left Jennifer and Daniel alone.  While Nicole was alone, she was upset that her plan was ruined because of Jenniferís offer.  Lucas showed up at Samiís place to find EJ there.  Lucas was shocked to see EJ there and wanted to know if he was watching Allie.  Later on Sami met with a lawyer and talked about how she was charged with obstruction of justice.  The lawyer let Sami know that it would be hard for her to get a deal now since sheís the police commissionerís daughter.  Sami wondered if there was a way to get the charges against her dropped.  The lawyer said that the arresting officer would have to put in a good word for her.  Sami flashed back to when Rafe arrested her.  Rafe walked in the police station and saw Sami.  Sami asked Rafe about Gabi.  He said that Gabi said she was fine, but he wasnít sure.  Sami offered to talk to Gabi for him. 

Bo, Hope, and Maggie were at the hearing.  Bo and Hope testified during the parole hearing.  Everyone wondered where Melanie was since she hadnít arrived yet.  Melanie talked to Gabi about Nick.  Gabi tried to avoid her since Chad didnít want Gabi talking to Melanie.  Melanie wanted her advice.  Melanie asked her if she would want Andrew to have a second chance if she were in her position.  Chad walked up on them while they were talking.  Melanie told Chad that Gabi is the only person who knew what she was going through.  Chad let her know that wasnít true.  He insisted that she write the letter about Nick staying in prison.  Gabi claimed she agreed that Melanie should write the letter so she could be safe.  Daniel overheard Hopeís testimony at the parole hearing and was surprised that she defended Nick.  Rafe and Sami talked about the charges against her.  Rafe realized that Sami was only being nice so he could put in a good word for her to get the charges dropped.  Sami denied that because she likes Gabi.  Rafe told her that things never change and he walked out of the room.  Sami was shocked by the remark, but Rafe was gone.  Nick met with the parole board.  He admitted what he did and he also blamed it on the drugs.  He wanted to make things up to everyone.  Lucas and EJ got into it about Sami and Allie.  Lucas informed EJ that he planned on taking Allie from Sami.  EJ didnít think it was a good idea to take Allie from her siblings.  Lucas reminded him that the kids are the only reason why Allie was there.  EJ thought that Lucas wanted Allie to be at the apartment so he would have an excuse to come around.  Sami met up with Rafe at the town square and they started arguing over Gabi and the charges against Sami.  Rafe let Sami know that heís not doing any favors for her and walked off.  Sami was upset and dropped her purse on the ground.  A purse snatcher watched what happened.  The purse snatcher grabbed Samiís purse, but she got there in time to try and stop the theft from happening.  They struggled over the purse and Rafe saw everything.  The purse snatcher ran off and pushed Sami into Rafe.  They fell on the ground.  The parole board was about to make a decision about Nick when Melanie walked in and wanted to make a statement.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

No new episode today.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

No new episode today.

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