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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick asks Caroline out for dinner. He says she can not say no as she does not have plans with Thomas as he is helping Hope move out of Liam’s as they speak. He lays it on thick that Thomas is in his white knight mode right now helping a damsel in distress. Maybe she thinks that is being a good friend but it could be old feelings coming back to the surface. Caroline doesn’t need to stick around for that. Rick gets a phone call from Othello who still doesn’t like the way he left it with lying to Hope. Rick assures him it is a done deal now as Hope and Liam have split, all is okay.

Liam stammers to Hope that he doesn’t know why she is doing this. She repeats that he always turns to Steffy…. she is with him now even as he and Hope talk and she is moving out. Maybe he thinks he did nothing more than go to a party and get drunk, but his actions speak louder than words. She coldly says goodbye while he just stands there with his mouth gaping. Thomas tells Hope that she made the right choice. Liam is not capable of just loving her. Steffy follows Liam outside and they discover a huge spray painted heart over the front door….one with the famous Spencer sword right through it.

Donna and Pam try to peacefully exist while both manning the same desk outside of Ridge’s office. Donna says Stephen is doing quite well in Dallas and did not even ask about Pam. Rick tries to kiss Caroline but she pulls away. She says if Thomas is indeed more than a friend to Hope, then she has to hear that in his words before she will allow Rick to kiss her or even take her to dinner. Rick peeks in on Thomas and Hope and later encourages Thomas to make his move now with Hope.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Monday's episode was preempted.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Luke tells Anna that Ethan is his son and that he told Robert that Ethan was his son to keep him from jumping off a bridge and that he sent Ethan away to keep Helena from killing him. She tells him that what he did to Robert was no different from what Heather did to her when she said Robin was alive. She tells him to find Robert and tell him the truth. He asks her to go with him. She says she has to go home to her job. He asks what will happen to them. She doesnít know.

Jerry Jacks wants $88,111,000. Jax recognizes the sequence as a run of cards called Dead Manís Hand, two eights, two aces, and a jack of diamonds, the same hand that Wild Bill Hickok was holding when he was shot dead. Jax tells John and Sam that his father had the dead manís hand years ago and he believed that the cards brought him luck, but then someone stole the cards from his father and he fell into a deep depression trying to find them. John wonders if the dead manís hand is a clue to where the counteragent is hidden. Todd goes into the jail to see Jerry and asks him what he wants in exchange for the antidote. Jerry tells him $88,111,000. He says the number is significant to his family. Todd begins to sweat and cough. Jerry suggests that Todd come up with the money while he still can. John brings Jax to Jerryís cell and kicks Todd out. Todd wants to pay the money, but John wonít let him. Sam begins to show symptoms. Jax asks Jerry about the dead manís hand. Jerry tells Jax that their father blamed everything on him so that he could still look like a good man in Jaxís eyes. Jax asks him what their father has to do with terrorizing innocent people. Jerry says he is honoring their father by using the numbers from his precious cards that meant more to him than anything or anyone else.

Jason is beginning to show symptoms of illness. Spinelli tells Jason that he found out that Dr. Keenan had treated Jerry and Jaxís father, John Jacks, for depression in Anchorage AK and then followed him to Arizona to continue the treatment. Jason tells Spinelli that Keenan kidnapped Elizabeth. Jason sends Spinelli an MP3 of Elizabethís call last night. Spinelli recognizes the sounds of the bell of Saint Maryís church and the rock quarry in the background. He says Elizabeth was 1.4 miles north of the chapel when she made the call. Elizabeth and Ewen are both becoming ill. Ewen tells Elizabeth that they are at his house and that he came to get his gun. He reveals to Elizabeth that his father lost their farm and everything else to John Jacks because John Jacks stole Wild Bill Hickokís authentic cards from him and used the luck of the cards to become a millionaire. Elizabeth wonders why he is working with Jerry if he hates the Jacks family so much. He says he promised his father on his deathbed that he would make John Jacks pay. He says he followed John Jacks to Alaska to get the cards back, but someone had already taken them from John. He says he treated John for depression, and then John was hospitalized in Arizona where he seemed to have lost the will to live. Ewen recalls Jax sitting at Johnís deathbed promising to get the cards back, just as he had done when his father died. Jax tells Jerry that should have been at their fatherís deathbed. Jerry tells him that he was there and he saw Jax making promises that he couldnít keep. Jax asks Jerry why he didnít help him find the cards. Jerry reveals that he stole the cards from their father with the help of A.J. Quartermaine. He says that after taking the fall for their father and being left out in the cold, he felt entitled to a little compensation. Jax says Jerry killed their father. Jerry says Jax did when he put his faith in their fatherís psychiatrist, Dr. Ewen Keenan. Ewen tells Elizabeth that when Jax left, he injected John with a slow-acting drug that would make it appear that John had died of natural causes. He says Jerry came in and knew who he was and what John had done to his father. Jerry didnít report Ewen, but has used the secret to blackmail him ever since. He tells her that he doesnít care if he dies, but that he wishes he could have saved her. He says he has to go find Jerry and make him reveal where the counteragent is. Jason bursts in, gun drawn. Ewen uses Elizabeth as a shield and aims his gun at Jason.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Nick and Victoria come up with a plan to oust Sharon from being CEO of Newman Enterprises. Billy walks in and joins them. Victoria asks him what he dug up that they could use against Sharon. Michael and Ronan discuss what the autopsy will show about Tim Reid’s death. Michael insists on re-investigating Phyllis. Kevin listens in on the conversation. In Los Angeles in a bar, Genevieve has a talk with Victor who claims his name is Christian. Genevieve is puzzled. In Victor’s office, Sharon talks to a pic of Victor and vows to run Newman so he can be proud of her. Adam, Victoria, Nick and Tucker have a meeting to discuss how to oust Sharon from being CEO. Phyllis puts down a new rug in the living room and asks Summer how she likes it. Summer cautions her not to pour out a glass of wine on this one. Phyllis promises that she won’t. At the coffeehouse, Billy asks Kevin to hack into Tucker’s computer to see what he is up to. All the board members are in unison against Sharon, including Tucker or so they all think. Michael visits Phyllis and wants to know what exactly is going on. Phyllis refuses to tell him anything. Michael tells Phyllis that he wants her to turn over her computer to him but she also refuses. Michael calls Ronan to get an order from the judge so he can confiscate Phyllis’ computer. Nikki cannot believe that Jack is throwing her out and won’t listen to an explanation. Genevieve tries to talk to Victor but he acts as though he doesn’t know her. Sister Celeste walks in and she and Genevieve become acquainted. Kevin hacks into Tucker’s computer. Nick and the entire board confront Sharon about stepping down as CEO. Sharon refuses. Nick promises to keep her on the board and retain her for the new cosmetics line, but he or Victoria will be CEO.

Celeste questions Victor about Genevieve. Kevin complains to Ronan that this matter with Tim will never be over. Phyllis cannot believe that Michael ordered Ronan to get an order from the judge so he can confiscate Phyllis’ computer. Victor asks Genevieve why she is asking him so many questions. Jack will not accept Nikki’s explanation concerning her search for Victor. Jack gets up out of his wheelchair and walks away from Nikki. Ronan arrives at Phyllis’ without the order. Ronan tells Michael that he was with Phyllis the night that Tim died. Sharon and Tucker kiss until Tucker pulls away and leaves her standing alone in the living room of the ranch. Billy finds Genevieve in the bar in Los Angeles plus he sees………Victor!!! Nick and Victoria decide to get a lawyer involved in their quest to get Sharon out from being CEO.

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