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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam tells Steffy that he was wrong; going out with another woman, her, the night before his wedding. Now Hope is gone. He realizes he turns to Steffy every single time something happens with Hope. Steffy suggests they tune out the world and just grab a pizza and pop in an old Bob Hope video. She borrows his car to go get it while he finds the video. Katie is upset but listens to Brooke as she explains that Hope told Liam it’s over and she’s not going back. Katie wonders if someone else might not be involved since they are always poking their noses in their business. Rick walks in and hears this. Thomas tells Hope that he’s right where he should be. Liam is probably with Steffy right now so she was right to end everything. He offers to go with her to Liam’s and pick up her things and get that behind her……the sooner the better. He will help her right now tonight. They see no cars around so they think now would be a good time to go in and collect her things.

Liam walks into the living room and hopes it is Hope coming back. When he discovers Thomas there and they are really just to collect her things, he says she really doesn’t have to do this. Rick jumps to Hope’s defense and tells Brooke and Katie that he’s glad Hope told Liam off; this is for the best. Now he’s free to openly pursue Steffy which is where he seems to want to be. Steffy returns with pizza to find the whole gang there. Hope starts to get into it, but Thomas reminds her that it’s not worth it. They just need to finish up and go. She tries but Liam keeps interrupting and wanting to talk to her. He understands that he made a mistake last night. He made the wrong decision to be with Steffy when Hope wasn’t there for his little dinner. But he still doesn’t see that as a valid reason that she is calling it quits now. Steffy jumps back in and tries to defend Liam. Hope tells Liam that he is through hurting her. If he wants to live on the dark side, then go do it with Steffy….dye his hair, get more tattoos, go the clubs and dance the night away, drink until they pass out, she doesn’t care. Steffy obviously provides him with something that she doesn’t. She advises him to be together and don’t feel guilty.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Daniel met with Maggie at the town square.  He wanted her to help a friend find a place to stay.  Abe and Jennifer met and talked about losing Lexie and Jack.  They also talked about what happened during the mayoral election.  Nicole overheard them talking and wanted to apologize for what happened during the election.  Hope went to see Nick at the prison.  She tried to convince him to go through with the parole hearing.  In order to guarantee that he changed his mind, she brought his mother with her.  Chad talked to Abby about Nick being up for parole.  Abby was surprised to hear it and didn’t think Nick’s mother knew about it either.  Chad didn’t want him to get out of prison.  He wanted Abby to convince Melanie to write a letter that would guarantee that Nick stay in prison.  Melanie had nightmares about Nick’s parole hearing.  Brady told her that she was already having nightmares and Nick’s hearing hasn’t come up yet.  Melanie said she was afraid to find out what would happen if Nick didn’t get paroled.  Nicole hoped that Jennifer’s trip helped clear her head.  Nicole wanted to talk to Abe alone.  Kayla walked up on them and wondered why Nicole wanted to talk to Abe.  Nicole apologized to Abe for helping EJ with his election.  Nicole believed that Abe should be mayor and would be if she weren’t blinded by EJ.  She hugged him while Nicole and Jennifer watched.  Maggie realized that Daniel wanted Nicole to move in with her and Victor.  Daniel was hoping that it would be okay that Nicole stayed at the mansion.  Abby thought that Chad’s request was hard for her because he’s her family as well as her friend.  Chad let her know that Nick changed.  Abby didn’t want to get in the middle of the situation between Nick and Melanie.

Nick’s mother was surprised to see him.  She had letters from members of their family.  Nick’s mother begged him to come home.  Daniel let Maggie know that Nicole wouldn’t be with her forever.  Maggie was sure that Victor would be upset about the arrangement.  Abe accepted Nicole’s apology.  He was ready to move on because holding a grudge wouldn’t change anything.  Jennifer and Kayla talked about Steve.  Kayla said the divorce proceedings have started.  Nick, his mother, and Hope continued to talk about him getting out of prison.  Brady thought that Melanie would sleep better if Nick stayed in prison.  While Brady and Melanie were talking and hugging, Chad walked in on them and wanted to know what was happening between them.  Abe and Jennifer talked about his conversation with Nicole.  Abe and Jennifer agreed that they have to move forward with their lives. Chad apologized for getting the wrong idea about Brady and Melanie.  Chad talked to Melanie about Nick.  Kayla told Abe that she was offered a position at the hospital, and Abe thought she should take it.  Maggie went back to the mansion and talked to Victor about Nicole staying with them.  Victor didn’t want her staying with them.  Maggie tried to explain that EJ was after her and that Daniel is his godson, but he still didn’t care.  Maggie and Victor argued and Jennifer walked in on them. She wanted to know why they were fighting.  Chad continued to convince Melanie that Nick belonged in prison because of what he did as well as what Andrew did to her.  Melanie wanted time to think, but Chad let her know that the hearing was that day so time was running out.  Jennifer had a solution to Victor and Maggie’s problem.  Jennifer suggested that Nicole move in with her.  Nick finally decided that he would go to the parole hearing. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Anna has a dream about finding Robin in the mental hospital in Switzerland. She tells Luke that it’s time to return to Port Charles. They make love. Luke tells Anna that Tracy met a man. Anna says she hopes Robert is able to find his son. Luke says they need to talk about Robert. He tells her that he had found Robert about to jump off a bridge after Robin died so he lied and told Robert that Ethan was his son. Tracy calls Luke and tells him that he means a lot to her and that he did the right thing by leaving Port Charles. Joe Scully Junior shows up at her door and says he brought her something. She jokingly asks him if it is the cure, and then opines that he would have taken it to the police if he had it. Joe holds the antibiotic in his hand, but gives Tracy a bottle of clean water. The two of them make love. They reveal that they like each other. Joe begins to cough. When Tracy goes to check on Edward, Joe puts the antidote in the water bottle and then tells Tracy to drink it. Shawn assures T.J. and Molly that they will be fine. Shawn tells T.J. to call his mother. Molly says she would call her father if she knew where he was. The two of them make “bucket lists,” and then read each other’s lists.  Both lists have making love on them.

People begin arriving at General Hospital in droves. Jax and Carly overhear Patrick on the phone with Jason asking him to let him know he finds Ewen and Elizabeth. Patrick tells them that Ewen kidnapped Elizabeth. He asks them if he may take a sample of Josslyn's blood so they can try to isolate what Jerry injected her with. Shawn goes to the hospital and sees Carly. He tells her that he has fallen for a woman, but he never had the chance to confess his feelings. Carly says he should tell her while still can. Johnny goes to Carly’s room at the Metro Court. Todd opens the door and says Carly isn’t there. Todd wonders if Johnny was Jerry’s accomplice. Johnny says Todd could be Jerry’s accomplice because he sold his cable affiliate to Jerry. Todd says he came there looking for Jax so he could get information about Jerry that he could use for leverage. Carly comes home and hears Todd saying that he can’t wait to tell Carly what Johnny did. Johnny covers and says Todd thinks he is Jerry’s accomplice. Todd goes to the police station to find Jax.

Reporters crowd the entrance to the police station as Mayor Lomax arrives. She informs John McBain that the Federal Government chose him to represent them because he has already been exposed to the pathogen. She says the police officers will take direction from him in the absence of the police commissioner. John tells her that the CDC is still analyzing the pathogen, but they have no ETA. He reports that Jerry Jacks is still not cooperating. Jerry’s cough is getting worse. Alexis goes to the jail and tells him that she is his lawyer. He says he cares about her. She asks him what he wants. He says he wants her to reciprocate. He tells her that for her, he will save everyone else. He says he wants to spend one more night with her. She agrees. Then he tells her that a night with her wouldn’t resolve anything. He asks her if she ever felt anything for him. She says she did before she realized that there is nothing inside him worth trying to salvage. Jax goes to the jail to see Jerry, but sees Alexis before he goes in. Alexis tells him that Jerry told her he wants $88,111,000. Jack observes that the numbers represent a dead man’s hand in cards. John says Wild Bill Hickok was holding that hand when he was shot. Todd goes to Jerry’s jail cell and observes that Jerry holding two eights, two aces, and a jack. Alexis goes to the hospital and runs into Shawn. He kisses her and says he doesn’t want to die without having done it.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Ronan meets with Lily to discuss who could be stalking her family. Genevieve and Cane talk about who she was on the internet with. Genevieve questions Cane about the woman who could be impersonating their daughter. Tucker tells Katherine that she is full of questions lately. They discuss his interest in Newman Enterprises. The nun and Christian have a burger together as a way of him thanking her for getting him a job. Eden asks Kyle how his day has gone and where he went when she woke up. Jack arrives at his therapy session, upset over his doctor’s appointment. Nikki visits Victoria. Nick lets Sharon know that she cannot fire him. Nick forbids Sharon from walking away from him because they are not through with this conversation. Lily shows Ronan the business card that she found after the woman bumped into her and dropped her keys. Lily gets a call from Cane. Victor has a run in with the man at the bar when he thinks that the man is getting too friendly with the nun. Kyle and Eden discuss their living arrangement but he wants to move out. Eden encourages him to stay. Jack pushes himself to the limit during his therapy. Sarge lets Jack know that he may not get any better but Jack refuses to accept that as an answer. Nikki lets Victoria know about her search for Victor. Sharon insists to Nick that she doesn’t know where Victor is. Sharon orders Nick to move his things out of Newman.

Victor makes sure the nun is all right after he puts the man out of the bar. Victoria and Nikki spend time together. Nikki asks Victoria how Jack is. At home, Jack orders Mrs. Martinez to pack up Nikki’s things. Cane arrives at Jimmy’s bar. Lily lets Cane know that she hadn’t told Ronan everything that was going on. Ronan tells Cane that he should have come to him with this situation before now. Kyle tells Jack about his living arrangement with Eden and that he is moving out. Jack asks Kyle to move in with him. Sharon finds Kyle’s license in her purse and places it inside another box. Sharon asks Tucker to come over. Nikki tells Katherine about her fears for Victor. Genevieve finds Victor in the bar in Los Angeles. She asks him if he is all right and he insists that his name is Christian.

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