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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam sits on the beach with Steffy and she wonders how he knew where to find her and what’s wrong. He shrugs that he just knew. He confides that Hope says it is over and he doesn’t think she is coming back this time. Steffy says she can’t believe Hope will call it quits; she could still change her mind. Ridge walks into the office looking for Steffy and Taylor is texting, but she can’t wait to tell Ridge what just transpired a few minutes earlier. Liam is out trying to track Steffy down. Ridge reminds her that he’s not heard that Liam and Hope are officially through. She seems to think they are. She tells Ridge that Steffy has never loved anyone the way she loves Liam. She’s tried so hard to give him up, so maybe now she won’t have to. Thomas holds Hope to comfort her; Rick sees them. He pretends to be sorry that he interrupted, but he tells Hope she should not be at the office today. He tells Thomas to take care of her….and no Liam and no work today. Thomas is only too happy to do that. He asks Hope if she is sure that it is over. She doesn’t need to go back to a life like that. She agrees; Liam has proven it over and over that he can’t let Steffy go. Thomas says Rick is not his favorite person in the world, but he is a good brother and he’s only trying to look out for Hope. She tells Thomas that he doesn’t have to baby-sit her; he’s being so nice. And as for Liam and Steffy, they can now have each other. Thomas says he knows she still loves him, but be strong; don’t let Liam convince her that he deserves another chance as he doesn’t.

Rick finds Caroline sketching out on the rooftop. She asks about his sister and he says she is hurting, but he thinks the breakup will work out for the best for everyone. She’ll be okay with her good friends looking out for her. He just happens to drop the fact that Thomas is with her right now. Later he mentions that Thomas and Hope didn’t just date; he had proposed to her. He thinks Caroline should prepare herself now that Liam and Hope are over, he has a feeling that Thomas and Hope will be like magnets to each other. Immediately he apologizes for saying that. She says it is okay. Rick says Caroline does not have to be tied to Thomas just because her aunt and his father were married and they are making it as the next generation. Thomas will probably return to Hope and that gives him another chance with Caroline. He kisses her. Steffy and Liam walk along the beach. She spies a black leather jacket and encourages him to try it on; looks so good. Back at his house, he is down because every place he looks, he sees Hope’s things and feels her presence. Steffy says she doesn’t think he should stay here; he could always come stay at her place as long as he liked…..she even has his peanut butter, bananas, bacon for his sandwiches. He says he can’t. She says she understands, but she wants him to know she is not going anywhere. She will be there for him. She gives him a big hug.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

EJ and Sami were kissing.  Sami wanted to stop, but couldnít control herself.  When she finally stopped, EJ wanted to know what was wrong.  Sami said that everything was wrong.  Jennifer and Abby were back from California.  Jennifer was at the Horton house looking at Jackís picture.  Abby and Will walked in the room and hugged her.  EJ asked Sami again what was wrong with her.  He wanted to make sure he wasnít pressuring her.  EJ wanted to pick up from where they left off at the safe house.  He started kissing her neck, but she didnít want him to keep doing it.  EJ wanted to know if Sami wasnít attracted to him anymore.  They started talking about how they went to the safe house together.  EJ wanted to know if Sami regretted going away with him and she said that she didnít regret it.  She has to deal with things now that sheís back in Salem.  EJ wanted to know if her feelings for him have changed now that theyíre back in Salem.  Brian walked in the coffee shop and Sonny introduced him to Adrienne.  Abby wanted to talk to Will about what was going on with him, but he didnít want to talk.  Jennifer was at the town square.  She was on the phone with JJ when Billie came up to her and hugged her. 

Sami told EJ that her feelings havenít changed.  She wanted to focus on her kids right now.  She said that she had just had the kids thinking that she and Lucas were going to be a family and now thatís over.  She doesnít want to put the kids through that again.  Will talked to Abby about how his sexuality was outted.  Abby said that he was the same person he was, but Will felt that part of him was different.  Abby wondered if he met someone.  Jennifer and Billie talked about her losing Jack.  Sami continued to explain to EJ that she wanted to focus on being a good mother right now.  They also talked about Carrie, Rafe, and Austin.  EJ mentioned Rafe being the father of Nicoleís baby.  Sami was surprised that EJ didnít really care about Nicole carrying Rafeís baby anymore.  He didnít want to talk about it anymore and went to kiss Sami.  She backed away and wondered why he changed his mind about Nicole carrying his baby.  Abby asked Will again if he was interested in someone.  Will said that there was someone that he cared about, but he didnít tell him how he felt.  EJ told Sami that there was nothing he could do for now since Nicole kept insisting that her baby is Rafeís.  Sami was about to say something when Will called her.  Will and Sami talked about EJ being released on bail.  Will wanted to talk to EJ and meet with him to talk about something important.  EJ kissed Sami and went to meet with Will.  Later on EJ met Will at the town square.  Will let EJ know that heís quitting because he spent too much time worrying about EJís life that he was forgetting about his life.  Sami thought about EJ, Lucas, and Rafe.  She decided that she has to concentrate on whatís important in her life.  While they were talking, EJ admitted to Will that he would like Sami to be involved in his life with the kids.  Will was surprised that EJ wanted to be with Sami.  Will wasnít that thrilled with the idea of EJ working things out with Sami.  EJ didnít think it was any of his business.  Will reminded EJ that every time they get together, they always break up.  EJ appreciated his honesty.  Will said he didnít want to see EJ get hurt.  Will walked away from EJ.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Joe Junior gloats to himself that his son is married and he will receive the counter agent for the poison so he has everything he needs to bury Sonny. Sonny and two of his associates come into Joeís room with a key. Sonny says he figured Joe could use some friends since he is new in town and that he should see the Pine Barrens since they are lovely this time of year. As Sonnyís friends are escorting Joe out, Joe tells Sonny that if he kills him, Kate will never see her son again. Sonny doesnít believe him, but lets him go. Sonny says he will be spending his last 48 hours on earth with Kate, not thinking about Joe or his made up son. Joe gloats to himself that his made up son is now Sonnyís son-in-law and they are one big happy family. In Las Vegas, Kristina tells Michael and Starr that she and Trey are married. Michael asks her what Trey did to coerce her. She says itís just for the show. Starr says she thought Mob Princess was over. Kristina says Trey was under contract to deliver 10 episodes and a wedding or the production company would sue and bankrupt his father. Michael asks her if Trey told her that his father has a history with their father. Trey tells Kristina that he lied to Starr because he knew she would tell Michael and they would add drama to the episode by barging in. Kristina believes him. Trey and Michael get into a fistfight. Starr prevents Michael from killing Trey. Michael tells her that he learned to be quick and hit hard when he was in prison. He reveals that he had an anger management problem when he got out, but that he would never hurt her. She says she feels safe with him.

Jax tells Carly that Jason thinks Dr. Keenan is involved with Jerry and that his name seems familiar. Carly suggests that his parents knew Ewenís parents. She tells him not to blame himself for what Jerry does. He reminds her that he has intervened on Jerryís behalf in the past. She tells him that there is nothing wrong with not wanting to give up on his brother. He says he is has to try to get through to Jerry to save the people of Port Charles. Jason goes to Elizabethís house. Elizabeth isnít there, but her purse is on the floor. Patrick is also on the floor, unconscious. Jason wakes him up. Patrick says Ewen hit him with a baseball bat and must have taken Elizabeth. Jason calls Dante and tells him that Ewen kidnapped Elizabeth and assaulted Patrick. He also tells him that Ewen is working with Jerry Jacks. Dante puts out an APB on Ewen. Elizabeth is in Ewenís car with him, her hands bound together with duct tape. She tells him that they have to go back to help Patrick, but he insists that Patrick will be fine. He says he just wanted to talk to her in private without Jason or Patrickís input. He stops her from secretly trying to make a call on her cell phone. He admits that he has done things that Jerry Jax asked him to do because he had no choice. He says he is still the man that she was starting to fall in love with and that he doesnít want to lose her. She says he is out of his mind if he thinks there is anything left between them. She unsuccessfully tries to jump out of the car. She manages to speed dial Jason and leaves the line open so Jason can hear whatís going on. Dante brings in a tech to track her by the cell towers that she passes. Ewen tells Elizabeth that he is going to find Jerry and the antidote to save her. Elizabeth asks him where they are going and if the serum will be there. Ewen figures out that she is speaking for the benefit of someone on her phone. He throws her phone out the window and says she shouldnít have done that. When they lose her signal, Dante concludes that Ewen figured it out. Dante gets a call from the Centers for Disease Control confirming that the water supply is contaminated.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

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