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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Minutes after Hope leaves Liam’s, Rick, who has been watching from the bushes, barges in and informs Liam that it’s over. He won’t allow him to hurt his sister anymore. He will be coming tomorrow to bring all her things home. So just leave Hope alone or Liam will have to answer to him. He says he lost Hope and he isn’t going to get her back, but Liam might still have a chance with Steffy. But he better do it now or he might lose her too. Thomas finds Hope at the office and asks what happened. Sadly she fills him in on what she knows and that it is over. Liam will always have this bond with Steffy and will not get her out of his life, so she’s done with Liam and Steffy can have him. No more weddings, no more telling herself that it will work out with a man with divided feelings. She owes her brother so much. If not for him she would not have seen the truth. Thomas tells her everything will be all right. There are plenty of stand-up guys out there who will treat her as the center of their world. He should know, he was one of them once. Taylor rushes to Steffy and is surprised that she is not planning her next move since she has clear sailing now with Liam. Steffy isn’t quite as jubilant since Liam still wants Hope. This is what they do; they break up and then get back together. She should be used to that by now. She can’t put herself through this. Liam is clear that it is all about Hope and it’s her that he carries in his heart. She tells her mom that she’s gonna get on her bike and clear her head.

While still in Steffy’s office, Taylor finds Liam knocking on the door needing badly to find Steffy to say something to her. He’s like Taylor to tell him where Steffy is. Hope asks Thomas if it doesn’t get old rescuing damsels in distress. She doesn’t expect him to understand all of this. He says they have survived much worse. He holds Hope to comfort her. Rick walks in and oversees this; putting a smile on his face. Steffy strolls the beach in Venice recalling a recent time there with Liam. He ends up strolling those same streets searching endlessly for her until he finally spies her sitting by the ocean. She looks up and there he is.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Marlena was talking to Nick.  He told her nothing changed in the last four years.  Melanie tried to talk to Daniel about his feelings for Jennifer, but he was more focused on her and how he let her down.  Sami was at the police station looking for EJ, but she ran into Rafe.  Melanie and Daniel talked about how close Abby and Jennifer were to Nick and how Melanie could help bring their family together.  EJ and Nicole talked about how Stefano isnít really dead.  He let her know that heís innocent, but she didnít believe that he was innocent because of the things heís done.  She was about to walk away when he told her that they have to determine whether her baby is his or Rafeís.  Rafe and Sami started arguing over what EJ did to their relationship.  Roman walked up on them and didnít want them talking about their love lives when police work had to be done.  Roman told Sami that all of the charges against Will were dropped.  Sami thanked Roman, but he said that Rafe was the reason why the charges were dropped.  Roman walked away and Sami thanked Rafe for helping Will.  Rafe wanted to help him, but he did say that Will was lucky that EJ was innocent after all.  Rafe also told Sami that she was lucky EJ was innocent too.  Sami told him that she had to do what she had to do to help EJ.  She wanted to protect Johnny and Sydney too.  Rafe implied that she wasnít worried about what would happen to Will.  Sami said he was an adult and could take care of himself.  Sami let Rafe know that Lucas was upset with her and Will.  Rafe wasnít surprised that Lucas was upset.  Rafe wanted to know if Sami was on the market, but she said no.  He was happy about that because he helped Will for him and not for her.  Nicole didnít want to talk about her babyís paternity again. She said that Daniel did the DNA test and it was accurate.  EJ said that the tests arenít accurate at University Hospital.  EJ reminded Nicole how she lied to him about Sydney.  EJ warned Nicole not to repeat the same mistake.  Rafe ended up seeing EJ and Nicole together and wanted to know what happened.  EJ let him know that he and Nicole were just talking.  Nicole ended up walking away.  EJ was going to go after her, but Rafe stopped him.

Roman wanted to talk to Sami about be willing to take a bullet for EJ.  Sami reminded Roman that EJ didnít kill Stefano.  Roman let Sami know that EJ tried to ruin her life.  He didnít like how she was willing to orphan her kids to protect EJ.  Sami knew she wasnít getting shot because she knew the guy holding the gun.  The cop wasnít a direct shooter.  Roman thought she could do much better than EJ.  Rafe realized that EJ was out on bail.  Rafe thought EJ was going to go back to running the town into the ground.  They started arguing about the things that EJ has done lately.  EJ threw up in Rafeís face that he was involved with Sami and Carrie.  The psychiatrist talked to Nick and believed that Nick was healthy and well adjusted.  Nick was sensitive to what he did and wants to pay for his mistakes.  Maggie admitted that she was torn over what to do about Nick.  Marlena suggested that she talk to Melanie.  Sami admitted to Roman that she is attracted to EJ no matter how hard she tried to deny it.  She wants to see what will happen with him this time.  Roman warned her that her heart is going to lead her into trouble.  Sami believed that her family would be there to pick up the pieces.  Marlena talked to Melanie about Nick.  Melanie admitted that sheís scared, but sheís not sure if itís because heís getting out of prison or because she can keep him in there.  EJ arrived at Samiís apartment with flowers.  He wanted to thank her for helping him.  He also wanted to see the kids.  Caroline was there to babysit the kids so EJ and Sami had time to talk alone.  EJ wanted to show Sami how grateful he is for what sheís done.  Melanie thanked Marlena for listening to her.  Marlena didnít want her worrying about what other people thought of her.  Marlena did warn Melanie that Nick will have to wait 18 months before heís eligible for parole if he didnít make it this time.  EJ and Sami ended up kissing.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Todd tells Carly that Jerry bought access to his cable franchise under the name James Craig. Carly tells Todd that by the time Jerry came to him, he had already poisoned the water. Todd doesnít believe that Jerry really poisoned the water. Carly knocks his glass out of his hand before he is able to drink the water in it. He tells her that it wouldnít have mattered because he already took a shower this morning. Todd and Carly have a moment. Sonny goes to the station and asks Dante if he can do anything to help. Dante tells him that John McBain and Jason are already holding Jerry Jacks at gunpoint. Sonny tells Dante about Jerryís attempt to blow up the Metro Court several years ago. He offers his menís assistance with helping the police to keep the peace. Dante says he doesnít have the authority to deputize Sonny and his men, but if it becomes necessary, he will ask the mayor. Sonny tells Dante that Joe Scully is out of jail and that there is no telling what he has planned. Trey calls Joe to tell him that his marriage to Kristina is going to occur soon. Joe tells him to stay in Las Vegas for a while. Kate and an employee distribute flyers to all of the Metro Court occupants to alert them that the water is turned off and to advise them to discard any tap water in the rooms. Kate knocks on the door of Joe Jr.'s room and overhears him telling Trey that he loves him. She gives him a flyer and tells him not to let her keep him from the woman he loves. She tells him that he may be out of jail but he is still facing death. He says he doesnít intend to die. She tells him that he is going to hell for what he did. He yells that she is going too for throwing away their baby. Sonny comes in, gets in between them, and tells Joe to leave the hotel. Kate says he can stay, but he might find the service lacking. She tells Sonny that they only have 48 hours to live anyway. Sonny says they canít die because they arenít married yet. Carly calls Michael and Todd calls Starr. When the kids reveal that they are in Las Vegas, the parents conclude that they donít know whatís happening in Port Charles and they tell them to stay there and have fun. Todd wonders what Michael is up to. Carly says Starr is safe with Michael and that they should be happy that they are far away from Port Charles. Michael wonders if they should have told them that Kristina and Trey are there, too. Starr tells Michael that something must be wrong with her father because he would normally assume that they were eloping and get on the first flight to stop her. Michael says they arenít eloping, but Kristina and Trey might be. Trey, Kristina and the cameraman prepare for the wedding. Trey thanks her for agreeing to shoot this episode. Kristina says they will annul the marriage immediately so her father wonít have the chance to freak out. Reverend Love arrives to marry Kristina and Trey, with Mrs. Love as the witness. They tell Kristina and Trey about their own marriage in the same chapel 50 years ago. Mrs. Love sings the wedding march, badly, as Kristina walks down the aisle. Starr and Michael call wedding chapels and ask if a camera crew is setting up to film a wedding. Michael finds the chapel so they go there to stop the wedding. Kristina tells Michael and Starr that they are too late. Trey sends a text to his father saying that it is done.

Jerry, having been beaten by Jason, tells McBain that he wonít get him to talk. Jax arrives and says he will. Jerry asks him what the hell he is doing there. He says Jax is supposed to be detained in Shanghai where he would be safe. Jax asks Jerry if the water-poisoning announcement is just a diversion for Jerry to do something else. Jerry said he really did poison the water supply and everyone has been exposed. Jax asks him if he faked his death so he could plan everyone elseís. Jerry tells him that his broadcast was interrupted before he could finish so now everyone will have to be patient. Jax says Jerry has proven that he is capable of anything. Jerry admits that he didnít do it alone; he had help. Jason says it was Ewen Keenan. Jerry claims that he has never heard of him. Jason implicates Joe Scully as well. Jerry claims not to know him either. Jax says he can tell that Jerry is lying. Police officers arrive to arrest Jerry and take him to the station. Jerry asks Jax to retain Alexis Davis to represent him. Jax tells Jason that the name Ewen Keenan sounds familiar. Jason tells Jax that Ewen is an Australian ex-patriot who lived in Alaska before coming to Port Charles. Jax observes that he and Jerry did that too. Jason tells Jax that when he and McBain went to investigate Wyndemere, Ewen was there. Ewen is holding Elizabeth to keep her from running while he begs her to believe that Jason is wrong about his accusations. Patrick comes into Elizabethís house and tells Ewen to let Elizabeth go. Ewen says he wasnít trying to hurt Elizabeth; he was trying to explain that he had nothing to do with Jerry Jacks threatening the city. He says Jason convinced Elizabeth that he was involved and the way Patrick charged in there, he thinks Jason talked to him, too. Jason had indeed asked him to keep Elizabeth away from Ewen, but he tells Ewen that he came to check on Elizabeth after seeing Jerry on TV. Ewen says he only knows what he has read about Jerry Jacks. Patrick says he will talk to Elizabeth and asks Ewen to go to the hospital because a lot of people have psychological trauma. Patrick tells Elizabeth that Jason told him that he thought Alexis and Josslyn's injections were related to Jerry because Jerry had injected Nikolas Cassadine before. Elizabeth and Patrick agree that Ewen would never hurt his patients and wonder why he would get involved with Jerry Jacks. Ewen comes back in through the back door and listens to them. Elizabeth is about to call Dante when she sees Ewen standing there with a baseball bat in his hand. Jason tries to call Elizabeth, but gets her voicemail so he goes to her house and finds Elizabeth is not there, but her purse is, and Patrick is unconscious on the floor. Jax returns to the hotel room. Carly introduces him to Todd. Todd says Carly was right; Jax is perfect. He says he is he is glad that Jax is finally there to take care of his family. Todd leaves the two of them alone. Jax tells Carly that he is trying to figure out why the name Ewen Keenan sounds so familiar to him.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Daniel takes Lilyís advice and continues his relationship with Heather but doesnít tell Phyllis about it.  Daniel and Heather have another secret date at her apartment.  Jack gives Cane a promotion to head of marketing for Beauty of Nature and asks him to find out if Tucker is buying up Newman Enterprises stock and not reporting it to the SEC.  Abby is livid that Sharon donated her horses to charity and wonít allow her to set foot on the ranch.  Abby decides not to partner with Jack to buy Newman stock, instead she buys up as much stock as she can get her hands on because she wants to be the one to take down her evil stepmother Sharon and Tucker. 

Timís girlfriend Beth identifies Kevin as the encyclopedia salesman after she sees him at the police station while Michael is questioning him.  Ronan looks at Phyllisís rug in the alley, sticks his finger in the red stain and after tasting it tells the policeman it's wine, and asks him to throw the rug back in the Dumpster.  Ronan and Phyllis play basketball and he finds a subtle way to let her know that the stain was wine, and he threw the rug back in the Dumpster.  Lily bumps into a woman at Crimson Lights and drops her keys, then she picks up her keys and notices a card on the floor with the name Samantha. 

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