Monday 8/27/12 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope tells Othello that she realizes she is putting him on the spot right now. Liam and Steffy have lied to her before; she doesn’t want him to spare her feelings. She just wants him to tell her the truth if anything other than partying happened between Liam and Steffy last night. She wants to know exactly what he saw. Rick steps up and says he asked the same question and Othello admitted they were all over each other before taking it upstairs to the cabana. Othello hates himself afterwards, but he admits yes he saw that. He tells Rick that he also realizes that Rick is clearing the way for clear sailing to Caroline if Thomas comes to Hope’s rescue and they hook up again. He doesn’t appreciate being a part of that scenario to make that happen. Bill tells Liam that he’s trying to be objective now. He welcomed Hope into the family, but that was a mistake as now they are back to square one. Liam says they do have challenges but he and Hope always get through it. Bill says that is not the way a man, certainly not a Spencer behaves. That is not self respect; Liam needs to take a time out and figure out just who he is. Liam says it doesn’t matter if he has texted Hope ten times. He will keep on until his thumbs fall off. He is not giving up. Hope will eventually forgive him and they will get married. Thomas confides in Taylor and she encourages him to resolve how he feels about Hope now that she might be available again.

Rick calls Thomas over to Forrester's as Othello leaves. Rick tells Thomas that now Hope might need to turn to him. He muses that Thomas hasn’t always been his favorite person, but he’d sure pick him over Liam. And if Steffy still wants Liam, then she should have him. Hope returns home and Liam tries to explain one more time that he is sorry for a lot of things that happened last night. Maybe they can just chalk it up to Liam’s last blow-out as that is all it was. Hope laughs. Here she has her own bridal line and she can’t even get herself married. Liam is not entirely sure where she is going with this. She’s not sure either but she is going to try and figure it out. She says she is tired of playing shotgun with him and Steffy. In no uncertain terms, she says she wants nothing to do with him. He was so disrespectful of the love they shared. She doesn’t even know him any more. He’s always sorry, but he has pushed her too far and she is done. She will come back later for her things. He doesn’t say a word; he’s just left with his mouth gaping open as Rick watches from the window.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Melanie told Chad about her experience with Nick.  Nick told Julie and Maggie that he was never going to get out of prison.  Marlena went to Samiís apartment to talk to Will about his situation with his ďfriendĒ (Sonny).  Will didnít want to talk about it and told her that he had to leave.  Brian saw Sonny at the coffee house and noticed his face.  Sonny lied and said he ran into a door.  Brian confessed that he was interested in Sonny.  While Melanie told Chad about Nick, she mentioned her situation with Andrew.  Chad refused to let Nick do anything to hurt her.  Nick said told Julie and Maggie that there was no way that Melanie was going to help him get out of jail.  Julie thought that Melanie was compassionate and might not do anything to stop him from getting paroled.  He decided not to go through with the parole hearing.  Kate arrived at the police station to talk to EJ.  EJ was suspicious of her visit.  They talked about Stefano. She wanted to know how Stefano looked and how he was doing.  Kate thanked him for saving Stefanoís life.  Kate also mentioned how Will could face criminal charges because he helped EJ.  He said he was innocent so he didnít do anything wrong.  Kate informed EJ that Johnny and Sydney are going to be Willís age one day and she wondered if he would be so cavalier about what he did to Will if they were in that situation.  Will and Marlena talked about the guy who likes Will (Sonny).  Will realized that Sonny didnít like him after all.  Will implied that Sonny was into him one minute and moved on to the next guy.  Brian wanted to ask Sonny out, but Sonny didnít seem willing to go.  Brian thought it was because of Will, but Sonny didnít want to talk about Will.  Brian decided to leave the coffee house.

Julie tried to talk Nick into going through with the parole hearing.  He believed that he could survive a few more years in prison.  Nick thought that Melanie might be in a better place in a few years.  Julie wanted Maggie to talk some sense into Nick.  Melanie decided to stay out of Nickís hearing, but Chad thought she should do what she could to make sure he stayed in prison.  Melanie didnít want to do that because of her relationship with Maggie.  Melanie thought she as well as the Hortons would turn against her.  Chad didnít care how they felt.  She told him she cared.  Chad was determined to protect her if she didnít want to do it.  Gabi ran into T at the town square.  T made comments about Will being gay.  Gabi didnít want to hear the remarks he made about Will.  T wondered if Gabi still had feelings for Will.  She told T that she and Will are friends.  She threatened T not to talk to Will the way she talked about him to her.  T let her know that he already did that the night before.  Gabi flashed back to when she had sex with Will.  Will let Marlena know that he was thinking about a girl who was going through a bad time and that he made things worse for her the night before.  Sonny met T at the town square.  They got into an argument.  T realized that Sonny was into Will and he was disgusted by it.  Sonny punched T.  Maggie thought that Nick might be doing the right thing by not going through with the parole hearing.  Julie informed Maggie that Nick couldnít stay in prison.  Julie wanted Nick to tell Maggie what happened to him two months ago.  Nick didnít want to do it so Julie told her.  Julie told Maggie that Nick was attacked in the laundry room and almost died.  EJ called Chad to arrange for him to get out on bail.  Chad was surprised that EJ was still in jail since Stefanoís alive.  Chad agreed to help him.  Will ran into Gabi at the pub.  Will noticed that Gabi didnít seem happy to see him.  She told Will that she ran into T and he told her about the fight they had.  She wanted to know why he didnít tell her about the fight before he started tearing off her clothes.  He tried to explain everything to Gabi.  He apologized to her for what happened.  Maggie suggested that Nick talk to Marlena and later on Marlena arrived at the prison.  Marlena asked Nick if he changed his mind about not going through with the parole hearing.  Nick said that he didnít.


GH Recap Written by Brenda

Jason asks Patrick if he knows of any connection between Robin and Jerry Jacks. He asks Patrick to recall when Jerry injected Nikolas with something. He shares his theory that Jerry is connected to Alexis and Josslyn being injected. Patrick says that isnít possible because Jerry is dead. A nurse turns on an online television channel and tells Patrick to look. Jerry Jacks makes an announcement on every television channel, revealing that he is alive and in Port Charles. He announces that he made Alexis and Josslyn sick to ensure that they will be safe during the upcoming event. He reveals that while he had Alexis, he had an associate bring Josslyn to him. Jason concludes to Patrick that the associate was Dr. Keenan. He tries to call Elizabeth, but she doesnít notice her phone vibrating. Elizabeth asks Ewen if he knows Jerry. Ewen concludes that Elizabeth thinks he had something to do with what Jerry did. He says the Jacksí are well known in Australia. She asks him about Alaska. He concludes that Jason must have told her that he had lived in Alaska. Jason tells Patrick about finding Dr. Keenan at Wyndemere and having Spinelli investigate him. Patrick canít believe Dr. Keenan could have anything to do with it.

After having to shut down his broadcast because of a coughing fit, Jerry goes back on the air and reveals that he contaminated the water supply with a deadly pathogen so anyone who has had any contact with tap water for drinking, bathing, or any other purpose, has already been exposed. He says they will begin to feel the effects in a day or two, and then they will all be dead. Alexis tells Sam that she doesnít want to survive if the people she loves all die. Tracy tells Joe Junior that Jerry Jacks is responsible for her brotherís death. Joe tells Tracy that he will make sure that everything will be ok. Olivia tells Steve about Jerry holding hostages at the Metro Court and that she thinks Jax must have protected him from prosecution. Olivia wants to call Carly to tell her to get hold of Jax. Steve tells her that Jax is in Port Charles with Carly already. Jax makes a call to have Jerryís transmission traced. Patrick checks with Maxie and finds that Emma has already had a bath. Jason asks Patrick to check on Elizabeth. Ewan throws Elizabethís remote and yells Jerry on the television, concluding that killing everybody was what it was about all along. He says he didnít know Jerry would go this far. Elizabeth concludes that Jason was right about Ewenís involvement. Ewen says he didnít know this is what Jerry was planning and points out that he drank water today. Elizabeth doesnít believe him. Ewen concludes that itís because Jason told her not to. He says Patrick warned him about her feelings for Jason and says that Patrick deserved better from him. He thinks about his moving Robin to Switzerland. He is holding Elizabeth by the shoulders and asking her to believe him when Patrick enters and orders him to get away from her. John McBain makes a call to the Bureau to tell them that Jerry Jacks has resurfaced and is apparently in Port Charles, but that he canít be sure because all he has to go on is Jerryís face on the television screen. He concludes that Jerry must have hijacked the cable network. He goes to investigate. Jerry says there is a serum that can save them, but that it is expensive. The broadcast is cut off. McBain tells Jerry that the broadcast is over, takes Jerryís gun from him, and holds his gun to Jerryís back. Jason enters with his gun drawn. Jerry observes that they canít kill him because only he knows the location of the antibiotic serum. John tells Jerry that he is under arrest and then leaves Jerry with Jason while he calls Dante. Jason sucker punches Jerry and proceeds to try to beat the information out of him. John returns and Jerry says they will never be able to get him to talk. Jax enters and says he will.

The doctor that operates the clinic where Anna is looking for Robin finds out that Luke isnít the doctor he says he is. Anna finds a dark haired woman, but it isnít Robin. She shows the woman Robinís picture and asks if she has seen her. Luke and the doctor find Anna in the patientís room. Luke says Dr Obrecht found him out so he had to tell her why they are really there. Dr Obrecht says the patient whose room Anna was in was transferred from Ferncliff a few weeks ago. Luke says Heather must have mistaken that patient for Robin. Anna accepts that Robin is dead and that she should go home. Dr Obrecht tells her that perpetrating fraud on the clinic is a criminal offence. Luke tells her that if she has Anna arrested, he will arrange a deluge of publicity. The doctor lets them leave, after which she tells someone that it was a close call and that it must be difficult for him to see Robin suffer and that he will soon get what he so desperately wants. The man is revealed to be Duke Lavery.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Michael and Ronan go over the evidence in Tim Reid’s death. Harmony and Neil challenge each other to a game of basketball. Tucker and Sofia meet at Gloworm for a strategy meeting. Adam, Chelsea and Chloe meet at the coffeehouse for a meeting concerning TagNGrab but they are minus Kevin, who is at Phyllis’. Phyllis talks Kevin into getting rid of the rug on the floor in which she deliberately poured wine on. Adam shows Chelsea the new website that is coming on board TagNGrab which is named “BabyN”. Ronan visits Phyllis with a search warrant for the premises. Kevin puts the rug in the Dumpster and is immediately approached by the police who begin to ask Kevin quite a few questions as to what he is doing back there. Michael questions Beth about the man she saw outside of Tim’s door the night of his murder. Beth blames Phyllis for Tim’s death. Ronan doesn’t find any fingerprints in Phyllis’ apartment, but he orders her to come clean with him as to what happened or he will get the officers to search her apartment and they will find what she is hiding.

Phyllis opens up to Ronan and tells him everything that has been happening. Kevin walks in and is quite put out when he finds out that Phyllis told Ronan everything. Michael gets a call from Kevin. Beth recognizes the photo of Kevin as the man who was posing as an encyclopedia salesman. Chloe is quite angry when Kevin doesn’t show up for the meeting with Adam and Chelsea but is glad when he finally arrives. Michael interrupts them and asks Kevin what he knows about encyclopedias. Neil gives Harmony pointers on how to shoot a basketball. When she makes the basket, she is happy and she and Neil kiss. The police find the rug in the Dumpster just as Ronan arrives. Ronan sees the wine stain which looks like blood.

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