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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick tells Hope that he knows she loves Liam, but he can not stand by and watch him hurt her over and over. Hope is too good for Liam. He was with Steffy the night before his wedding and although both of them say nothing happened, Hope can not necessarily believe that. He suggests that Hope try to talk to some of Liam’s friends who were there that night at the club. He asks and finds out Othello was there and says he will talk to him. Meanwhile Steffy sees Liam sitting at a table at Dayzee’s and joins him. They naturally talk about the non-wedding and how he survived making a fool of himself before Hope’s family. He still insists that he loves Hope and wants another chance. He needs Hope to believe him. He made a commitment to Hope and he intends to hold onto that. Steffy differs; she doesn’t think Liam has made a commitment. It’s amazing his loyalty to Hope but he also has a loyalty to Steffy. She thinks their day is still coming. She feels it and thinks he does too.

Rick calls and invites Othello to his office and questions him about the night at the club and wants to know Liam’s behavior. Othello admits that Liam and Steffy seemed close but it was all just innocent fun and drinking; he saw nothing out of the ordinary. Later he found them upstairs passed out separately. Rick says this is for his sister. He’s been married before to Amber and he knows how others can drag them down. He wants Othello to tell Hope what they all suspect did happen. It will be helping Hope in the end to know what kind of guy Liam really is. Hope walks back in and asks Othello and Rick what is going on. She understands he saw Liam last night at the club. She starts quizzing him if he saw Steffy as well. She knows why Rick called him here and she needs to know what he saw between Steffy and Liam.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Julie told Melanie that Nick was up for parole.  Melanie was not happy about it.  Julie let her know that Nick has changed and wouldn’t bother her anymore.  Melanie said that he wouldn’t bother her as long as he’s in prison.  Maggie walked up on them and was upset with Julie for thinking that Melanie overreacted to Nick being up for parole.  Sami and Rafe had a close moment at the town square (they touched hands) when Nicole approached them.  Nicole referred to Rafe as her “baby’s daddy” and hugged him in front of Sami.  Julie let Maggie know that she thought Melanie knew about Nick.  Maggie informed Julie that Melanie has been through a lot, but Julie made it worse.  Hope visited Nick at the prison.  They talked about how Nick has been sober for three years.  They also talked about how he was up for parole and about Melanie.  Nicole was surprised to see Sami.  Nicole thought Sami was on the run with EJ.  Nicole reminded Sami that she shot EJ in the head.  Nicole also reminded Sami that she cheated on Rafe with EJ and ruined her marriage.  Sami wanted to fight her, but Rafe stopped her.  Hope and Nick continued to about Melanie.  Hope let Nick know that the family has forgiven him, but he didn’t think that Melanie has forgiven him.  Julie and Maggie continued to talk about Melanie testifying for Nick.  Maggie wanted Julie to back off Melanie.  Julie wanted to know if Maggie cared about Nick.  Maggie said she did, but she loves Melanie too and didn’t want her to get hurt.  Rafe had to come between Sami and Nicole again because they wouldn’t stop arguing.  Sami eventually gave up and walked away.  Rafe and Nicole talked about his relationship with Carrie as well as her relationship with Daniel.  Maggie wouldn’t bend and thought that Julie should back off of Melanie because the ball is in her court regarding Nick.

Sami was at the coffee shop talking to Allie (she was on a play date with a friend) and saw Lucas there as well.  Sami went to talk to Lucas, but he didn’t want to talk to her.  Maggie saw Melanie and they talked about what Julie asked Melanie to do.  Melanie realized that Julie wants what is best for Nick.  Maggie cares about Nick too, but didn’t think Julie was the one to make the call regarding Nick’s parole.  Lucas was extremely upset with Sami for leaving with EJ.  Sami tried to explain what happened, but he didn’t want to hear it.  Lucas told Sami that he is done with her.  Later on Hope ran into Melanie.  She told Melanie that she could write a letter to the parole board if she wanted.  Melanie started crying after Hope left.  Melanie was with Chad at the time and wanted to know why she didn’t tell him about Nick being up for parole.  While Rafe and Nicole were talking, she admitted that she had a crush on him, but he’s her friend now.  Sami wanted to stay civil for the kids.  Lucas wasn’t buying that as an excuse.  He wanted the kids to see that there are consequences for your actions.   Lucas told Sami that she chewed him up and spit him out and now he’s doing the same thing to her.  Maggie went to the prison to visit Nick.  She saw Julie there.  Sami wanted Lucas to calm down.  He told her he wanted her out of his life.  Lucas let Sami know that she always wants what she can’t have then she doesn’t want it anymore.  He reminded her that she had him, but she had to go after EJ.  Lucas let her know that it will be a matter of time before she’s tired of EJ and he wanted to know who else she would go after.  Lucas continued to go off on Sami and then walked away to talk to Allie. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Luke goes to Switzerland and uses a phony accent to pretend he is a doctor in order to find Anna. A doctor there recognizes Anna’s photo and takes him to Anna’s room, where Anna is in a catatonic state. When the doctor leaves, Anna lets Luke know that she was faking. She tells him that she pretended to be schizophrenic so that they would admit her as a patient. She tells him about a restricted area where she thinks Robin might be. Luke creates a distraction while Anna goes to the restricted area. She enters a padded room where she believes Robin is.

Jason goes to Elizabeth’s house to tell her what he found out about Ewen. Shirtless Ewen comes down the stairs. Jason tells Ewen that he jumped to conclusions because he was worried about Alexis and Josslyn. When Ewen leaves, Jason tells Elizabeth that Ewen moved from Australia to Alaska to Port Charles just like Jax did. Elizabeth says it is a coincidence. Jason asks her if Ewen has ever mentioned Jax. She says that on their first date, she asked Ewen if she knew the Jacks family and he rattled off all their names, John, Jane, Jasper, and Jerry. Jason remembers Jerry injecting Nikolas with something to make him sick and concludes that Jerry did the same to Alexis and Josslyn. Elizabeth says Jerry is dead. Jerry Jacks tells Joe Scully Jr. that contaminating the water supply will make people re-examine their priorities. Olivia looks at her glass of water and sees it glowing green. She screams, throws the glass, and tells them to get it away from her. Ewen arrives to check on Olivia. She sees him as the devil and screams that he is trying to take her soul. Ewen tells Patrick that he doesn’t know if Olivia will ever be ready to go home. He says that if Olivia doesn’t get better soon, they will have to move her to Shady Brook.

Tracy goes to Joe’s room at the Metro Court to give him a new shirt to replace the one that she ruined by spilling soup on him last night. He seduces her. Carly goes to Todd’s room and tells him that she is staying at the Metro Court with her daughter and husband. He asks her how Johnny got her to marry him. She says she isn’t married to Johnny; she is married to Jax. Todd remembers her telling him about Jax. He asks Carly why she felt it necessary to tell him that Jax slept on the couch because he doesn’t care. He tells her that his advice is to dump Johnny. Johnny goes to Carly’s room. Jax answers the door. Jax asks Johnny what business he has with Carly. Johnny informs him that he is Carly’s boyfriend. Jax says he expected Carly to move on, but he had hoped she wouldn’t choose another gangster. Johnny tells him that he is out of that business. Carly returns to the room. Jax suggests that one of Johnny’s enemies may have poisoned Josslyn. She suggests that it was one of Jax’s enemies. She says Jax will have to accept that Johnny is a part of her life. Jax says he is still her husband and asks her why she never signed the divorce papers. Jerry knocks on Todd’s door and introduces himself as James Craig. He says he wants to buy Todd’s cable franchise and opens a briefcase full of cash. Todd accepts the deal. When Jerry leaves, Todd turns on his television. Steve turns on the television for Olivia. Carly Jax and Josslyn sit in front of their television. Elizabeth turns on her television. Ewen returns to her house so they watch together. Jerry appears on everyone’s televisions, on every station, and says he is going to let them in on a secret.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Abby wakes up with a start, afraid that she will be late for the taping of “Restless Style.” Billy has a meeting with Harmony as well as his producer about today’s “Restless Style.” Michael and Ronan discuss how Tim’s body was moved to his apartment after his death. Michael declares that this is now a criminal investigation. Phyllis hires a maid to clean the apartment from top to bottom. Sharon listens to the stock market report and finds out that Newman stock is taking a dive. Nick also listens to the report and tells Phyllis that he needs to get Sharon out of Newman pronto. Nick gets a call from Faith’s school that she is sick. Nick leaves immediately. Phyllis calls Kevin to get an update on what is going on, but he cannot talk since Chloe is there with him. Michael tells Ronan that he needs to see the security footage of Phyllis’ building. Kevin reminds Phyllis that the police will test the carpet for strands of Tim’s hair. Phyllis picks up a bottle of wine and pours it all over the carpet. Phyllis declares that they will need to throw the carpet out. Phyllis and Kevin lift up the coffee table when Nick walks in and wants to know what they are doing. Billy goes to see Beth to talk to her to be able to do a story on Tim. Sharon avoids a call from Nick since she is talking to Martin about redecorating the mansion. Nick comes in carrying Faith. Abby and Carmine arrive at “Restless Style” for the show. Ronan arrives at Phyllis’ and asks to talk to her privately.

Sharon calls a doctor for Faith. Sharon and Nick have a heart to heart talk and she tells him that she considered firing him from Newman. Michael lets Kevin know that Tim’s body was moved after his death. Ronan fills Phyllis in on the same information. Billy orders everyone out of the room so the program can begin. Chloe begins with her advertisement about their new online company. Next is Abby’s turn and she blasts Sharon for marrying every Newman man and now she was trying to take over Newman Enterprises. Sharon listens to the broadcast and has Abby banned from Newman Towers, then donates Abby’s horses to charity. Nick finds out from Billy and Beth that an encyclopedia salesman was outside Tim’s door the night of his murder. Phyllis insists to Nick that she had nothing to do with Tim’s death.

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