Thursday 8/23/12 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope is not sure she can believe Steffy and Liam was too wasted to even remember everything. Steffy says if she doesn’t believe her, then she probably isn’t going to believe the man she claims to love. They simply danced, they didn’t even kiss. Hope has her answer and needs to accept that. Brooke confronts Liam and asks what was he thinking. He claims he only wanted to marry her daughter. And he realizes that Rick wants him to stay away from Hope, but he loves her and he can’t do that. He told Hope the truth. Yes he went out dancing with Steffy and drank too much, but he didn’t betray Hope. Brooke isn’t sure the truth is enough. She heads straight to Steffy and blames her for inviting Liam out to dance. She says Liam realizes now he made a mistake; one that will never happen again.

Liam manages to track Hope down at Forrester and wants to talk. He knows Hope has talked to Steffy and knows from her too that nothing happened at the club or afterwards. Hope says she knows that part but she still doesn’t understand why he went out in the first place. Today is not a good day for a talk though. She is tired and upset and Liam can’t see that he did no wrong. Even if nothing happened, he was hanging out with HER again. She’s hurt and he is feeling guilty. When is it going to stop; when is enough enough? It makes him think. He says now; it stops now. Steffy tells Brooke that Hope is looking for perfection and that is not Liam. She did not ruin Hope’s wedding. She did everything she could to deliver him to Stephanie’s house on time. Rick talks to Thomas and says Liam proved today that he’s not ready to get married and he doesn’t want Hope to get hurt. He even brings up the fact that Thomas once was very interested in Hope and he was good for her; certainly better than Liam is. Thomas reminds him that was the past and he has moved on. And with Caroline who Rick also just happens to be interested in too; what a coincidence that Rick seems to suggest that Thomas could pick back up again with Hope if Liam is out of the picture. Thomas thinks over his romantic times with Hope, even asking her to marry him. Steffy tells Brooke not to confuse the issue. Liam and Hope are destructive to each other. The only person who actually thinks it is a good thing is Brooke. Liam admits to Hope that they keep trying to patch things up and he keeps apologizing to her and it gets harder and harder. His guilt is like poison. They can’t seem to stop, they just keep on fighting even if it hurts. He ends by saying that he loves her whether she forgives him or not. She cries that she loves him too. He wants to know if she can strip everything down and start over; he believes they can make it.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Julie was at the town square with Lucas.  They were talking and she let him know that Nick was up for parole.  He wondered if Melanie knew about it.  Julie said the parole board sent her a letter and hopefully Melanie will take it in a positive way.  Lucas reminded Julie that Nick kidnapped Melanie and he could be getting out.  Julie wanted to do everything they could to make sure Nick was released.  Chad was home when Kate showed up at his place.  Kate told him that Stefano was actually alive.  Chad didn’t believe her so she gave him a letter that Stefano had written to him.  Sami arrived at her apartment and ran into Will.  Will asked Sami if she broke out of jail.  Sami explained to Will that Stefano was really alive.  While she was talking to Will, she had a flashback of kissing EJ and of Rafe telling her that he loved her and she threw it all away.  Will wanted to know if she was okay and she said she was, but she’s more confused than ever.  Sami and Will continued to talk about how EJ and Sami didn’t commit a crime since he was innocent.  Sami and Will also talked about Rafe and his relationship with Carrie.  Rafe met Gabi in her room.  They started talking about Andrew until she got tired of talking about it.  They also talked about how Rafe arrested Sami and how he felt about it.  He thought about sitting on the couch with Sami.  Chad and Kate continued to talk about the fact that Stefano’s alive.  Chad wondered if EJ knew about it.  Chad read the note that Stefano gave him.  It was a short note that said that he was leaving, but he would be back.  Julie and Lucas continued to talk about Melanie helping Nick get out of prison.  Lucas wasn’t so sure that Melanie would want to help Nick, but Julie thought Melanie could help him.  He didn’t think Melanie could handle dealing with Nick after the nightmare she lived through.   Will told Sami that he was going to see Gabi.  Sami was happy to know that he and Gabi are still friends.  Will wondered if Lucas knew she was back.  Sami was afraid to have that conversation with Lucas.  Will said he would try to make things work out for her and Lucas, but Sami said things are always complicated with Rafe.  Will noticed her mistake and said she meant to say Lucas.  Will ended up leaving the apartment.

Later on, Rafe and Will ran into each other at the pub.  Rafe was glad that Will wasn’t in jail unlike his mother.  Will let him know that she wasn’t in jail and that EJ would be out soon too.  Rafe reminded Will that next time he might be in jail for aiding and abetting.  Will thought that Rafe was making him a target now that he’s moved on from his mother.  Rafe didn’t want to discuss that now.  Will walked away from him.  Will wanted to talk to Gabi about what they did.  They both realized that they shouldn’t have had sex with each other.  Lucas, Billie, and Kate were at the coffee shop.  Lucas was upset that Stefano was really alive. The three of them continued to talk about Stefano being alive.  Kate let Lucas and Billie know that Stefano left town and left a note for Chad.  Kate also said that Stefano said he was finished with her.  Billie let Kate know that she and Lucas weren’t happy about the fact that Kate is still in love with Stefano.  Caroline showed up at Sami’s apartment.  They talked about how Sami wanted to straighten things out with Lucas.  Caroline let Sami know that she didn’t have to worry about straightening things out with Lucas if she stopped messing up in the first place.  Caroline reminded herself that she was wasting her breath trying to reason with her because she always does what she wants.  Sami claimed that she didn’t want any more drama in her life.  Later on, Rafe and Sami were at the town square.  They looked at each other longingly while they were there.  Julie arrived at the hospital to meet with Melanie.  Julie talked to Melanie about Abby needing her family around her.  Melanie agreed that Abby needed her entire family.  Julie was happy to know that Melanie wouldn’t stand in the way.  Melanie didn’t know what she meant by that.  Julie dropped the bomb that Nick was up for parole. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Tracy collides with Joe Junior at the Metro Court in front of Luke’s room and spills chicken tarragon soup all over him. He says he doesn’t mind having it spilled on him by Tracy Quartermaine. She is immediately smitten with him. She offers to take care of dry cleaning his clothes. He tells her that he is in room 342. Luke arrives at his room and wonders what happened. She tells him that they heard that he was released from hospital and that Alice asked Cook to make chicken soup. She says she came to deliver it but spilled it on a man. Luke invites her in. Tracy doesn’t want to interfere with whatever Anna has planned for his homecoming. He reveals that Anna has gone to Switzerland on a wild goose chase to find Robin because Heather Webber said Robin is still alive.   Anna calls Luke, but he can’t hear her. He wants to go after her. Tracy tells him that he is in no condition to try to rescue Anna. He worries that something bad has happened. Luke calls to book the next flight to Geneva. Tracy says he can take the ELQ jet.

Jerry intercepts Ewen before he goes into Elizabeth’s house for their date and warns him not to say anything to Elizabeth about their association. Elizabeth asks Ewen if he has had any ill effects since he got the bogus call to Wyndemere. He asks her if Jason told her to ask him that. She says no, she was worried about him. He comes onto her, but she says she ready to sleep with him yet.  He says what if this is all the time they have and kisses her again. She stops him. He asks if Jason has anything to do with it. She tells him that it is about her not being ready. He is about to leave, but she doesn’t want him to drive drunk so she tells him to sleep on the couch. Sonny tells Jason about his visit with Joe Junior. Jason says he will try to find out what Joe is doing in town. Spinelli tells Jason that he has found information on Ewen Keenan. Sonny wants to know why Spinelli is investigating Kate’s psychiatrist. Jason tells Sonny about his suspicions. Spinelli reports that of all the psychiatry schools Ewen could have chosen, he went to a school in Anchorage Alaska. Jason finds it odd that both Jax and Ewen emigrated from Australia to Alaska, that they both ended up in Port Charles, and that Ewen arrived shortly before Jax’s daughter was poisoned. Jason sends Spinelli to Alaska. Michael and Starr go to Starr’s apartment and find Milo at the door guarding Kristina. They go inside and find that Trey and Kristina have left through an open window. He tells Starr that Sonny heightened security on the kids for a reason. Starr calls Trey. Michael calls Kristina. Neither answers. Starr calls local establishments while Michael hacks into Trey’s laptop. Michael finds the airline tickets to Las Vegas that Trey bought online.

Jerry goes to Joe Jr.'s room at the Metro Court and tells Joe to have his men assemble at the reservoir at 2:00 a.m. and that they are going to contaminate the water supply.  He mentions the trouble he went to ensure that his brother would be stranded on the other side of the world. Jax goes to General Hospital in response to Carly’s call telling him that Josslyn was sick. Carly tells Jax what happened to Josslyn and Alexis. She admits that when she found out Josslyn had been taken; she thought he had taken her. Jax says he wouldn’t do that to her again. He concludes that he is the connection between Alexis and Josslyn and wonders if someone wanted to lure him to Port Charles. Helena Cassadine crosses his mind. He says he was delayed by customs in Shanghai for 24 hours. Carly wonders if the two incidents are related. Jax, Carly, and Josslyn go to Jax’s room 343 at the Metro Court, next to Joe Jr.’s room. Right outside in the hallway, Jerry calls someone and tells them that everything will be resolved within three days, and if that person violates their agreement he will go after them. Trey sends Joe a text message advising him that he is on the plane.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Michael and Ronan go over the evidence that they have gathered in Tim Reid’s death investigation. Kevin and Phyllis discuss the fact that Tim had some girlfriends and they needed to find out who they were to see if they knew about the money transfer. Phyllis tells Nick how shocking it was to learn that Tim was dead. Nick tries to persuade Phyllis to go to the police and tell them about the money transfer. Genevieve calls Tucker with an update on Victor’s whereabouts. Victor and the nun talk. Victor tells the nun to call him Christian. Kyle and Eden enjoy the day lying in the sun. Sharon holds a press interview at the ranch. Adam questions Kevin as to how come that Phyllis had backed out of working with them. Adam is upset. Phyllis tells Nick that she just cannot talk to the D.A. Nick is alerted to Sharon’s press conference. Tucker also watches it. Genevieve goes to Los Angeles in search of Victor against Tucker’s wishes. Sharon reprimands Kyle and Eden for barging into the house in their bathing suits. Michael and Ronan question Beth about the encyclopedia salesman that had been outside of Tim’s door.

Michael asks Beth to meet with a sketch artist to get a description of the salesman. Adam gets the surprising news from Chelsea that she is pregnant. Sharon overhears the news. The nun helps Victor to get a job with Jake. Jake warns Victor not to cause any trouble. Kyle and Eden move out of the ranch. Kyle moves in with Eden temporarily. Sharon has a temper tantrum at the ranch by tearing down the curtains from the windows and bursting a lamp. Genevieve comes into the bar where Victor is sitting at a nearby table. The bartender tells Genevieve that he doesn’t know Victor. Tucker orders Genevieve to Tucson. Victor slips out of the bar unnoticed.

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