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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope confronts Steffy that the wedding was called off. That is what Steffy was counting on. She deliberately got Liam drunk and then dropped him off on the back of her motorcycle. She thought that was funny but okay, and it isn’t. Steffy wants to explain, but Hope says it is the same conversation they have had one hundred times. Hope says she is an idiot to ever have trusted Steffy. She wants to know everything that happened after Steffy dragged Liam all over Hollywood on the eve of their wedding. Steffy makes it sound so innocent; she just took a friend dancing to a club; nothing else happened. And yes things got a little out of hand and he ended up wasted and with a dye job and a tattoo. Steffy keeps repeating that nothing else happened, and Hope should have more faith in her Liam. She keeps throwing it back in Hope’s face that he only wanted to be with her that night but she had blown him off with something more important one more time. Steffy says she believes the worst because she has seen the worst on the video so the same thing might have happened again. Steffy says she isn’t sure why she is even indulging Hope now; she doesn’t deserve Liam at all.

Thomas tells Caroline that after today he is convinced that Liam is not right for Hope. She teases him about his past relationship with Hope as well. Rick joins in and Caroline expresses her thoughts that she thought Liam was very passionate and his actions to beg for Hope was kind of romantic and cute. Bill settles down with a more relaxed Liam and says he hopes Liam gets the point – Spencer men don’t beg. He’s not worried just about the family name, but how Liam feels about himself. Liam says he is not going to beg Hope anymore, but he’s also not giving up on her. Rick finds Liam alone and tells him that Hope and the rest of the family have had enough; just leave his little sister alone. Liam says he knows he screwed up but that decision is not up to Rick. He tries to explain that there was a lot of drinking and dancing, but nothing else happened. Rick isn’t so sure they can believe that. He ruined the wedding and broke Hope’s heart. Maybe if it was the first time he could let it slide, but it keeps happening over and over again. Liam doesn’t respect Hope; he’s still hung up on Steffy and can’t put her in the past. Bottom line, he is just toxic for Hope. He doesn’t want Liam for a brother-in-law, not even a friend. He wants nothing to do with him and he’s going to make damn sure his sister knows that too. Liam says he can’t back off; he loves Hope. Steffy’s words fall on Hope’s deaf ears. Steffy says she is not Liam’s babysitter and neither is Hope. Although Hope says in this case, perhaps he did need one. Steffy says but it’s not the end of the world; he did show up at the wedding; it was all harmless. Hope says not to her it wasn’t. If it were her, she would have just laughed it off and married Liam anyway. Hope storms that it does matter to her and she wants to hear the entire truth, no more lies.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Things picked up from when EJ walked in on Sami and Rafe together.  EJ wanted to know what was going on between them.  People were gathered at Jenniferís house because of Jack.  Kate wanted to know why Roman didnít return her phone calls.  She told Roman that she had information on who killed Stefano.  Bo and Hope as well as the medics brought Stefano to the hospital.  Daniel was shocked to see that Stefano was really alive.  Cameron told Daniel that everyone was going to be at Jenniferís house and that he should go.  Daniel thought it wouldnít be right.  Will and Gabi kissed.  Gabi was confused by what was happening between them.  One thing led to another and they took each otherís clothes off.  T punched Sonny and then made fun of him before walking out of the coffee shop.  Sonny was knocked out on the floor.  Sami told EJ that Rafe didnít hurt her.  EJ wanted to know why she was crying and where Silvio was.  EJ noticed the handcuffs and wondered if she and Rafe were kinky or if they were being placed under arrest.  Rafe let EJ know that he was arresting EJ for escaping after being charged with murder.  EJ told Rafe that Stefano is alive.  Sami was shocked. EJ said that Rafe had to let him and Sami go.  Bo and Hope explained to Daniel that Ian was the one who faked Stefanoís murder and help him hostage.  Justin arrived at the coffee shop and found Sonny passed out on the floor.  Justin wanted to know what happened and Sonny lied and said he tripped.  Justin didnít believe him and wanted to call the police.  Rafe didnít understand how Stefano could still be alive when he had an open casket at his service.  EJ explained everything that Ian did.  Rafe had trouble believing his story, but Sami thought EJ was telling the truth.  Rafe and EJ appeared ready to fight when two cops showed up to arrest EJ.  Gabi was surprised that she and Will made love.  Will jumped up and told her that he wanted to go see Jennifer.  Gabi wanted to know if they were okay and he said they were and left her room. 

Rafe cuffed EJ.  EJ didnít think it was necessary for him to be cuffed.  Rafe reminded him that he was under arrest when he left town.  Rafe told Sami she was getting arrested too, but he wouldnít cuff her if she did what he said.  Silvio came out of the room and apologized to EJ for not being able to handle Rafe, but Sami shot him.  EJ wanted to know what happened and Sami told EJ that she shot him because he was going to stab Rafe.  EJ was surprised that Sami protected Rafe.  Roman told Kate that Ian was in custody.  He also told Kate that Stefano was alive.  Kate couldnít believe it because she saw him in the casket.  Roman told her that it wasnít Stefano because Ian was holding him hostage since the night he was shot.  She wanted to go see Stefano. Justin wanted to know why Sonny wouldnít call the police about what happened to him.  Sonny wanted to let it go.  Justin wanted to know if it was a robbery or a hate crime.  Sonny said it wasnít any more personal than a hate crime.  Justin let Sonny know that heís proud of him and they hugged each other.  Lucas and Will ran into each other at the town square.  Lucas tried to apologize to Will for implying that he was disappointed in him for being gay.  Will wondered if he should just get over what Lucas said.  Lucas told him no, but he shouldnít have let Sami go off with EJ.  Will said that Lucas knew that he couldnít stop Sami from doing anything.  Will told Lucas he was always the parent he could count on and wondered what happened to him.  Bo and Hope were still at the hospital with Stefano.  Stefano was barking orders at people.  Kate arrived and wanted to see Stefano, but Bo let her know that Stefano didnít want to see her. EJ and Sami were sitting on the couch.  EJ was shocked to see that she wore the black dress.  Sami was shocked that Stefano was really alive.  Sami told EJ that she was worried about him while he was gone.  EJ thanked Sami for everything she did to help him.  Sami reminded him that heís the father of two of her kids.  EJ was hoping that they could pick up where they left off before he left the apartment.  She thought about their kiss.  EJ wanted to know if something changed, but Rafe walked in before she could answer him.  Kate tried to convince Bo and Hope to let her see Stefano, but they wouldnít change their minds about it.  Kate walked off, but snuck to his room anyway.  She saw that Stefanoís bed was empty.  Will received a call from Marlena while he was talking to Lucas.  Will found out that Sami and EJ were found and were at the station.  Will was going to see them.  Will asked Lucas if he was going to see Sami. Lucas said he didnít want to see her.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Luke overhears Dante and Lulu talking about having a baby and tells them that they have his support. Dante asks Luke what he remembers about Heatherís accomplice. Luke says he was wearing expensive Italian leather shoes and that he seemed to soften when Luke talked about Lulu. Todd offers Kate a partnership to revive Crimson. She wonders why he would want to work with the person who robbed him of his granddaughter. He says that maybe she is innocent. He tells her that if she is integrated, then she would have all of her memories, but she doesnít remember shooting out Anthonyís tires. She asks him if he is suggesting that Connie still exists. He says he knows that she exists, but he doesnít know why she would keep the accident a secret from Kate, unless she didnít really do it. She asks him who did. He asks her how he would know. She tells him that he needs to accept that she did it. Johnny asks Carly if Todd said anything about him. She tells him that Todd blamed him for Josslyn being injected because he distracted her. Kate runs into Johnny in the hallway and has a flashback of Connie talking to him in his office. Dante tells Carly that someone picked the lock on her front door. She says she is moving into the hotel until the new alarm system is installed. He tells her about Heatherís masked accomplice. Luke and Todd collide in the hallway. Luke thinks he recognizes Todd so he introduces himself. Todd recognizes his name and recalls that he is Carlyís uncle. He introduces himself. Luke realizes that Todd publishes the Sun and asks him what made him hire a nutcase like Heather. He says he felt sorry for her. Luke notices Toddís shoes. Carly is getting Josslyn ready to leave the hospital. They are shocked by what they see at the door.

Starr tells Michael that his father has history with Treyís father and that Trey is keeping it secret from Kristina. Michael concludes that Trey wants something from Kristina and wonít get it if she knows their fathers have a connection. Michael tries to call Sonny, but gets no answer. Joe Junior goes to Pozzulo's to see Sonny. Sonny sends Milo to alert Bernie to the possibility that the kids might be in danger and tells Milo to look after Kristina. Sonny tells Joe that he wonít kill him today, for Kateís sake, but that he wonít hesitate if he tries to do anything to Kate or his kids. Joe says he doesnít intend to go after Sonnyís kids and that he wants a truce. Joe mentions Kristinaís reality show. Sonny wants to know how Joe knew about it. Joe says word gets around. Sonny tells Joe to make his business in Port Charles short and go back to New Orleans because he isnít welcome in Sonnyís city. Kristina tells Trey that she will marry him, but she canít do it tonight. She wonders why they still need to get married if his father is out of jail. He tells her that he still has to deliver 10 episodes of ďMob PrincessĒ and the wedding episode or the production company will sue him and it will bankrupt his father. He says her parents canít know until afterward. She observes that the production should want her parents there for the drama. He gives her the scenario that they can say he is from a rival family and that a war would erupt if their parents knew. She agrees to do it. When they open the door, Milo is on the other side. Milo tells her that he has to go wherever she goes so they go back inside. Joe calls Trey and reminds him that it is essential for him to get married tonight. Michael and Starr arrive at the apartment and find Milo guarding the door.

Sam gives John the papers to lift the restraining order keeping him away from his son. He tells her that during the time he was away from Natalie and Liam, he told himself that he was catching a killer, but then the killer was released and he has nothing. Sam says itís unfair for Natalie to use Liam to get back at John. John says that kissing Sam wasnít a mistake and that it meant something to him. He says he wants to salvage his relationship, but he never imagined that Natalie would use their son as a weapon. Sam tells him that she is lucky because Jason isnít contesting their divorce so they just need to sign papers and she will be free.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Jack calls Abby to meet with him at his home. Nick and Avery meet to discuss ways in which to get Sharon out of Victor’s company. Victor faces eviction from his room unless he comes up with money to pay the rent. Sharon and Tucker talk strategy concerning Victor’s company. Jack finds out from the newspaper that Newman stock has dropped. Abby comes to see Jack to discuss how Nikki went off chasing after Victor. Jack shows Abby the headlines concerning Newman stock. Jack tells Abby that he wants a bigger piece of Newman Enterprises. A woman approaches Victor and tells him that he needs to make some friends. Tucker gets a call from Genevieve to bring him up to speed in her quest for Victor. Avery gives Nick some papers to file that will help him to get Sharon out of Newman. Sharon walks up and tells Avery that she needs to meet with her later.

Victor chats with the unknown woman who happens to be a nun. Nick and Sharon discuss Victor’s disappearance. Jack tells Abby that they are a team and they need to do this together. Abby refuses to go along with Jack’s plan to gain control of more of Newman stock. Tucker buys up more of Newman stock and tells the person on the phone that he doesn’t think that the Newman board will accept Sharon being in charge. Nick warns Sharon about running Newman Enterprises. Sharon warns Nick not to try to turn her children against her. At Gloworm, Abby confronts Sharon about being in charge of Newman Enterprises. The nun asks Victor where he comes from and if he has a place to stay, but he refuses to answer. The bartender tells Victor that he is making a big mistake by not taking the woman up on her offer. Nick and Avery discuss how to get Sharon out of Newman. Avery lets Nick know that Sharon called off the search for Victor because she doesn’t want him found. Jack tries to convince Abby to go along with his plan to buy up Newman stock. Abby reluctantly agrees. Genevieve calls Tucker to let him know that she has a lead on Victor’s whereabouts. Abby and Carmine make love. Nick mounts a search for Victor. Nick and Avery band together to bring Sharon down. Tucker tells Sharon to fire Nick from Newman Enterprises.

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