Tuesday 8/21/12 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

While Hope stares at Liam with disgust, Liam begs her to forget last night. It meant nothing and they have the rest of their lives. They are to get married today as they planned. He says he is sorry; he can’t say it many more times. She has to forgive him. He did not cheat on her. He’s standing there; he still loves her; nothing has changed. She wonders how many weddings they are going to have to plan before he gets the idea they are not ready to be married. He says he is not leaving until she says she will marry him. Finally in desperation, Ridge pulls him aside and drags Liam in front of a mirror and tells him this is not the way to prove he is ready to be married. Steffy continues to tell her mother that Liam is probably getting married about now; she just wanted him to have fun one last night. Hope tells Liam he is making a fool of himself. He was out with Steffy the night before their marriage and he expects her to just accept that. He says he didn’t do anything wrong and he won’t leave until she comes down. She does and he falls to his knees at her feet. He just wants to hear her say she will forgive him. Slowly she says she does love him, but he doesn’t deserve her. She thinks he should go. Marcus steps forward to politely escort him out.

Everyone gives their condolences to Hope. Stephanie tells her this is little comfort, but she thinks she made the right decision. Hope cries that she is so sorry that she ruined everyone’s day. Brooke tells her this doesn’t have to be the end if she doesn’t want it to be. Marcus tells Bill that Liam is calling a cab, but Bill says the hell he is. Katie gets to him first and reads him the riot act how disrespectful he was for pitting two women against each other. That is not acceptable. Bill takes his turn in listening to Liam make excuses for what happened. He vows he will beg a thousand times, whatever it takes to get Hope back as his wife. Bill spins him around and tells him the hell he will; no son of his will go begging for crumbs. Liam tells his dad to get out of his way. Bill shoves him again and tells him he needs to remember just who he is – his life, his name. Those are things no woman can take away from him. Bill says he was disappointed and revolted at the sight of his own flesh and blood dancing around in his underpants with his Halloween hairdo and his skater tattoo and actually begging on his knees to that neurotic bunch of losers to forgive him. Liam lashes out and says Bill’s opinion of Liam isn’t nearly as important as Bill thinks it should be. Bill says just as well because his opinion is that Liam is pathetic and Bill is embarrassed to even look at him to see just what he would allow – that emotional black hole of a girlfriend would put him through. Hope moves in and Liam is dancing on air, but she moves out and he can’t eat. He can’t sleep; he’s catatonic. Bill tells him that he’s not going to put up with this; Hope disrespecting him in front of both sets of parents. He needs to learn to love himself before he can love anyone else. Liam screams at him that he doesn’t want to be Bill. He doesn’t want to be as sad, lonely and arrogant as Bill worshipping at the altar of himself. Liam says he has made mistakes and no he’s not too proud to admit that. Bill shoves Liam again and calls him a boy scout so maybe they will stick a merit badge on his chest. He keeps pushing him with a strong finger and tells Liam he’s just a bad, bad naughty boy and lets Hope keep humiliating him. He’s not going to stand up for himself. Bill says he could walk out on Liam; hell he could walk all over him and Liam wouldn’t do a thing about it. Liam takes a swing at him; Bill grabs him in return in a stranglehold and states that he is a Spencer and no one judges them. They do not beg; they take. He is not Liam, the beggar, but Liam the conqueror; he better get that. Liam breaks down and cries that he hears him. Steffy is about to order an arrangement to be delivered to her two friends getting married when Hope shows up at her door. She announces that no, they did not get married; just as Steffy had planned.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Ian told EJ that the letter Alice had was a fake.  Ian said that Stefano and EJ are father and son.  Will saw Sonny and Brian together at the coffee shop and ran out.  Will ran into T and T warned him to take his hands off of him.  T called him a ďdudetteĒ and Will yelled at him to stay out of his way.  Everyone was at the Horton house for Jennifer and Abby.  Chad answered the door and saw Gabi there.  Chad warned her to stay away from the people he cared about because she set everything that happened in motion.  She apologized for everything, but Chad didnít care.  Bo and Hope arrived at the house while Chad threatened to tell what she did if she didnít tell it.  EJ thought that Ian was lying.  Ian said he had no reason to lie now that Madison is gone.  Ian didnít have anything left, but the family fortune.  Ian also said that Stefano and EJ could have another DNA test done.  Stefano said that Ian was telling the truth.  Ian warned Stefano to give him the code or he would kill EJ.  Silvio missed Rafe with the knife.  Sami managed to grab the gun and warns Silvio to drop the knife.  Sami fired the gun and shot Silvio.  Sami apologized to Silvio.  Rafe didnít understand why she apologized to Silvio.  Sami told Rafe that Silvio was trying to protect her.  Chad decided not to say anything about Gabi, but he did tell her to get out of his apartment.  He also quit working at Countess W.  T watched Sonny and Brian talking at the coffee shop.  Stefano called Ianís bluff because he didnít think he would kill EJ.  Ian said he didnít have anything else to lose.  EJ managed to get out of the ropes and knocked the knife out of Ianís hands.  Ian managed to knock EJ out and put the knife to Stefanoís throat.  Melanie wanted to know why Chad quit modeling.  Chad lied and said it was because of everything that happened.  Melanie went to answer her phone and left Chad and Gabi alone.  Gabi wanted to know what else he was going to do to punish her.  He wanted her to move to another state or to another planet.  Lucas and Will met at the town square.  Lucas wanted Will to go with him to Jenniferís house, but Will didnít think he would be good company.  They started talking about Willís love life.  Will claimed he didnít have one.  They also started talking about Sami and got into an argument.  Rafe bound and gagged Silvio in the bedroom.  Rafe thanked Sami for saving his life.  Sami said she couldnít let him kill Rafe.  Rafe wanted to continue to wait for EJ.  Sami let Rafe know that EJ was chasing a lead about Stefanoís ďkillerĒ.  Rafe noticed a computer and wanted to check it out.  Sami kept him from reading what was on the computer.

EJ got the knife from Ian and punched Ian out.  Will assumed that Lucas was disappointed in him because heís gay.  Lucas let him know that wasnít the case.  Will thought Lucas wanted him to be manly and macho, but Lucas didnít want him to get hurt.  Will didnít want to hear anymore and left.  Sonny admitted to Brian that he wants to be with Will.  T continued to listen to Brian and Sonny talking.  Rafe wanted to know why Sami didnít want him to see evidence that could clear EJ.  She said that she doesnít know whatís on it and it is none of his business.  Rafe checked it out anyway and saw pictures of Samiís kids.  Sami and Rafe ended up talking about how they first met.  Stefano said that what Ian said was true and that EJ is a DiMera.  EJ told Stefano not to ever call him that.  They started arguing about the way Stefano treated EJ.  EJ checked Ianís pockets while he was knocked out and found the half coin.  EJ didnít understand why Stefano and Ian were fighting over a coin.  Sami and Rafe continued to talk about how they first met.  Rafe thought she was trying to guilt him into uncuffing her.  She said that her hands were sore.  Rafe checked Samiís hands and saw that they were red.  He wanted to know where she thought she was going.  Gabi and Will met with each other.  She let Will know that she was moving back in the pub.  Will thought it was because she interfered with Chad and Melanieís relationship.  She let Will know that she did something that made Chad hate her.  Will reminded her that he warned her not to do it.  Gabi thought that Will hated her, but he said he didnít.  EJ called the police to get Ian.  EJ let the police know that he kidnapped him.  EJ wanted to give Stefano back the coin, but Stefano wanted him to have it.  EJ put it in Stefanoís pocket because the coin meant nothing to him now. Will and Gabi started talking to each other about their problems.  One thing led to another and they kissed.  Sonny closed the coffee shop.  T was still hanging around.  T wanted to know what Sonny did to turn his best friend gay.  Sonny told T it was time for him to leave the shop, but T said it was time for Sonny to go.  Stefano couldnít believe that EJ told him that he didnít care about his inheritance anymore.  EJ said there was only one thing he cared about and he was on his way to find her.  Rafe rubbed Samiís wrist with ointment. He ended up letting her out of the cuffs after she promised not to run away.  He told her that he loved her and wanted to know why she threw it all away.  T punched Sonny so hard that he fell on the ground.  Bo and Hope received an anonymous call about a kidnapping and went to follow the lead.  They were shocked to find Stefano alive.  Sami didnít know why she messed things up with Rafe.  He touched her as EJ walked in the safe house and saw them together.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Dr. V. breaks the news to Dante and Lulu that Lulu isnít pregnant. Lulu tells Dante that at first, the thought of being pregnant was overwhelming, but now she feels like she has lost something wonderful before she got the chance to know it. She wants to try again. Molly and Kristina look forward to Alexisís return home. Molly says everything will be back to normal now that ďMob PrincessĒ has been cancelled. Kristina says they have to shoot one more episode of a wedding. Molly wonders why Kristina and Trey are getting married so soon after they started dating. Kristina says the marriage will be legal, but it is only for the show and they will have it annulled. She says she is helping Trey help his father recoup his investment in ďMob Princess.Ē Joe Junior shows up at Treyís door and tells him that the charges were dropped. Joe thinks itís a bad idea for Trey to have a female roommate. Trey tells him that his roommate is dating Kristinaís brother. Trey concludes that he doesnít have to marry Kristina now that Joe is free. Joe says he knows Trey didnít want to marry Kristina while her mother was in the hospital, but she is fine now. Trey asks him how he knew that. Joe says it was in the newspaper. Joe says Trey that he still has to marry Kristina and that it has to happen tonight. He tells him to go to Las Vegas and get married before Sonny figures out that they are father and son. He tells Trey that it is imperative for him to get out of town tonight for his own protection. Later, Kristina goes to Treyís place and says they need to talk about the wedding idea. He says he wanted to talk to her about it too. Sonny tells Kate that the murder charges against Joe Junior were dropped. She says she had hoped that she would never have to see her rapist again. Sonny says she wonít. He says he doesnít think Joe is stupid enough to come to Port Charles. He assures her that he isnít going to let Joe Junior come anywhere near her or anyone else in his family. She says they should kill Joe together. He takes her literally, but she says she wants to banish him from their lives as if he were dead. Once he is alone, Sonny calls Max and tells him to find Joe Junior. Joe Junior comes into Pozzulo's and asks Sonny if he was talking about him.

Carly calls Johnny to let him know that Josslyn is back to normal. Starr tells Johnny that she knows something about someone that could affect someone else. He guesses that it has to do with Treyís secret and that ďsomeone elseĒ is Kristina. Starr says she feels terrible about not telling Michael. She says she doesnít want to cause friction between Michael and Kristina. Johnny says that is a good reason to keep quiet. Starr says Johnny would never keep a secret from Carly. He tells her that Carly doesnít know everything about him. Starr says someone could get hurt if she keeps the secret. Starr signs the paperwork to release her album now that it is finished and then she calls Michael and says she needs to see him. Todd rushes into the hospital and asks Carly why she didnít tell him that her daughter was in the hospital. He says he would have been there to help her if he had known. She thanks him for caring and assures him that Josslyn is ok. He gives her a hard time about leaning on Johnny. She says Johnny was great from the minute Josslyn went missing. Upon hearing that Josslyn had been missing, Todd concludes that it was Johnnyís fault that Carly was distracted, and that they are lucky that another little girl didnít die because of Johnny. She presses him to reveal what little girl he is talking about. He remembers his agreement with Johnny to keep each otherís secrets so he tells her that Johnny is responsible for Hopeís death because he set into motion the events that led to the car accident. He tells her that Johnny isnít who she thinks he is and that someday everyone will know the truth. Todd runs into Kate when she comes to the hospital to visit Olivia. He concludes to himself that he could gently nudge Kate into remembering that she didnít cause the accident and she could turn Johnny in. He asks Kate if she has a minute to discuss a proposal.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Sharon fires one of Victor’s longtime friends just because he questions why she called off the search for Victor. Kevin visits Phyllis to discuss their mutual stories that they will tell the police when questioned about Tim’s death. Michael calls Ronan to see if there is any luck. Ronan lets him know that they had found Tim’s body. Kyle comes to Jack’s for a visit and finds him exercising furiously. Kyle questions Jack about Victor. Nikki continues her search for Victor in Kansas. At Gloworm, Adam and Chelsea have breakfast together before he goes to see Sharon. Genevieve walks in and joins Tucker at his table. Tucker tells her that she will be doing some traveling today. Ronan talks to Beth about Tim. Ronan finds out that there was an encyclopedia salesman in the building the night before. Chloe comes to visit Phyllis after seeing Kevin’s car downstairs. Phyllis is reluctant to open the door. Adam visits Sharon and lets her know that she may be in over her head in taking control of Newman Enterprises. Genevieve asks Tucker his plans for Newman Enterprises. Adam tells Sharon that he cares for her. Sharon lets it slip that Chelsea is pregnant. Adam asks her how she knew that Chelsea is pregnant. Adam denies Chelsea being pregnant. Jack lets Kyle know that Nikki went looking for Victor.

Chloe finds out that Phyllis doesn’t want to be a part of their website. Chloe asks Kevin where he was last night. Adam asks Sharon if someone is behind her decision to take over Newman. Michael interrupts Chloe and Kevin to let them know that Tim Reid died last night. Ronan visits Phyllis to see when she law saw Tim. Ronan lets Phyllis know that Tim is dead. Phyllis looks surprised and asks Ronan how Tim died. Ronan asks Phyllis about her whereabouts the night before. Ronan tells Phyllis that Tim had a girlfriend. Sharon visits Tucker to discuss business. Sharon apologizes for the kiss and tells Tucker she appreciates his friendship. Kyle helps Jack to walk. Jack asks Kyle if he is seeing anyone lately. Jack gets a call from Nikki but he refuses to talk to her. Nikki leaves a message. Phyllis tells Kevin that they found Reidís body but they have a problem with his girlfriend, who may know about the money transfer. Adam takes the blame for Sharon’s corruption. Genevieve calls Tucker to let him know that she found someone who saw Victor. Victor is seen at the docks with a bottle.

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