Monday 8/20/12 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Staring at Liam’s dyed hair with a red streak through it and a gigantic tattoo on his neck, Hope is aghast and has to ask if he was with Steffy when this happened. He gulps but needs to tell the truth they promised each other and finally says yes. It wasn’t deliberate. Hope had turned him down….he knows now with good cause….but he didn’t think he had to sit home and mope around his house the night before his wedding. The more he admits, the deeper the hole he is digging. Hope tells him to look in the mirror, Steffy ruined him. People are always telling Hope that she is too young, but she states that it is really Liam who is not ready to get married. Brooke suspects something is amiss and goes to check on Hope and finds the lovebirds arguing in the guest house. She goes back and tells the group including Bill. Taylor drops in on Steffy who admits what has been happening the last two days. She just wanted Liam to have fun. He doesn’t laugh with Hope the way he laughs with her. Too bad he doesn’t realize that.

Liam stammers that he knows he messed up again but he wants to be Hope’s husband. He starts peeling off his clothes and trying to wash off the tattoo. He’s making a mess with slinging the water, but he doesn’t care. He just wants to get decent so they can get married. Hope looks at him with disgust. She admits she loves him and wants to get married, but he’s just not ready on this day. She didn’t want her Italian wedding to be her last memories of her wedding, neither does she want this. She turns to go with Liam stammering, begging her to come back. When she doesn’t, he follows just wearing his boxers. She goes into the main house with Liam not far behind. All the guests, along with Stephanie and Eric, stand there dumbfounded at what’s happening as Hope charges upstairs. Bill confronts Liam and asks where are his clothes, what happened to his hair and what is that on his neck. Liam determines that Hope went upstairs and no one will let him to her. She looks down over the railing while he looks up and begs her to come down as he is not leaving until they get married.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Sonny kissed Will, but Will pushed him away.  Will wondered what he was doing.  Rafe caught Sami as she tried to escape.  He handcuffed her to keep her from leaving again.  Ian opened the curtain for EJ and Stefano ended up being behind the curtain wearing a mask.  Jennifer was at the Horton house when Maggie arrived.  Jennifer let her know that Jack died.  Will wanted to know why Sonny kissed him.  Sonny thought Will was upset.  Will thought he took advantage of him, but Sonny said he wasnít doing that.  Sonny wanted to know what was wrong with Will.  Will wanted to know what was wrong with Sonny.  Sonny thought Will saw what he wanted to see, but Will said he didnít want Sonny to kiss him.  EJ didnít believe that the person in the mask was really Stefano.  Ian said it was him.  EJ reminded Ian that he saw Stefano getting put in the ground.  Ian let him know that someone named Palo was put in the ground. EJ said the police were able to identify the body as Stefanoís. Ian said the police made a mistake.  Ian found a lookalike of Stefano and had him buried.  Ian woke up Stefano and EJ saw his eyes and was finally convinced that Stefano was really alive.  While Sami was handcuffed, she remembered when she and Rafe were at the safe house before.  Rafe let her know that she should get comfortable because she was going to stay handcuffed until EJ came back.  Sonny and Will continued to fight about their kiss.  Ian started rambling about being in love.   EJ wasnít sure what he was talking about.  Ian started talking about how he lost Madison.  Ian grabbed a knife and put it to EJís throat.  Maggie tried to make Jennifer feel better about what happened to Jack.  Maggie said she would be there for Abby and Jennifer and left the house.

Sami and Rafe started fighting about how Carrie came between them.  Rafe changed the subject and talked to her about how she ran off with EJ.  Rafe let her know that she didnít care about the consequences or about Lucas.  Sami said that Lucas could take care of himself.  Rafe asked her about her kids and how they would feel about her actions.  Ian showed EJ the half coin that he had.  Ian said that his mother worked for Stefanoís father and her name was engraved on the coin.  Ian said that he was his motherís only heir.  EJ asked Ian if he thinks heís a DiMera.  Sonny and Will continued to argue.  Will thought that Sonny thought he didnít want to be gay anymore.  Will couldnít take the argument anymore and ran off.  Sami and Rafe continued to talk about her kids and how she left them to follow EJ.  Stefano yelled that Ian is not a DiMera.  Ian said he was right.  Ian said that heís not a DiMera, but Santo was like a father to him.  Ian wanted to crack the code on the coin so he could gain access to the DiMera fortune.  EJ said he couldnít do it.  Sami asked Rafe if he is the father of Nicoleís baby.  Rafe admitted that he was the father.  While they were waiting, Silvio showed up at the safe house armed and pointed his gun at Rafe.  Sonny met his friend Brain at the coffee shop.  He talked to him about Will.  Will showed up there too and saw them together. Will saw Brain wiping whipped cream off of Sonnyís nose.  Silvio and Rafe were fighting and Silvio dropped his gun.  Sami tried to pick it up, but couldnít reach it.  Silvio picked up a knife and stabbed Rafe.  EJ wanted to know why Ian thought Stefano would care if he cut his throat. Ian dragged it out, but finally told EJ that he is really Stefanoís son.  EJ and Stefano stared at each other in disbelief.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Shawn visits Alexis at the hospital, flowers in hand. Alexis thanks him for staying with Molly last night. He says he is always happy to support Molly, but that he was also there to make sure that Alexis made it. He tells her that he and Mac were talking about her the morning that she got sick. She nervously tells him not to pay attention to Mac because he just wants to see everyone paired up now that he is in a relationship, but that he didnít know that Shawn was already seeing someone. Shawn reveals that he and Rosie broke up because he has feelings for someone else. He asks her to go out with him. She tells him not to feel obligated to ask her out. She says Shawn is too good for her because she is a magnet for psychopaths. He tells her itís just a dinner. She agrees to go out with him. Dante and Lulu go to her first prenatal doctor visit. He tells her that he doesnít know much about being a father since he didnít have one when he was growing up. Lulu says he is the one that had a stable extended family. She says they will figure it out and everything will be fine. The go in to see Dr. Varahabhotla, who asks them to call her Dr. V. After the exam, Dr. V. informs them that it was a false alarm; Lulu isnít pregnant.

Kate thanks Dr. Keenan for helping her get better. She says her recovery is all because of him. He tells her that she did all the work. She says she still has to deal with Connie causing Starrís accident. He tells her that it may take time for that memory to surface. She says she doesnít think she will ever be able to face abandoning her son. He tells her that part of the recovery process is letting go of guilt, and that she doesnít have control over some things. She repeats that he is responsible for her recovery. He tells her to stop saying that because it wasnít because of him. He says he has done worse things than Connie has ever done and that he doesnít deserve to be called, ďDoctor.Ē He says he canít treat her anymore and asks her to leave. She tells him that he can safely confide to her whatever is bothering him. He tells her that some issues from his past have resurfaced and are interfering with their process. Jason intercepts Spinelli when he is on his way to take gifts to Alexis and Josslyn Jason fills Spinelli in on what happened to Alexis and Josslyn and shares his suspicion of Dr, Keenan. He tells Spinelli that he saw Dr. Keenan at Wyndemere and that Dr. Keenan said that he received the same call from the security company that Alexis received. He says the security company said they never made the calls, which means that either the person that lured Alexis to Wyndemere was also after Dr. Keenan or Dr. Keenan is lying. Spinelli tells him that at one time he was certain that Dr. Keenan of Dr. Nilesís murder, but it turned out that he had grossly exaggerated Dr. Keenanís inconsistencies. He wonders if Jason is exaggerating now. Jason says he wants to know what Dr. Keenan is hiding. Spinelli breaks into Ewenís office and hacks into his computer.

Starr asks Trey to tell her about his father. He tells her that he has already revealed to Kristina that his father is in jail. Even though the secret is out, Starr presses him for details about what he meant when he said he doesnít think his father is who he thought he was. Trey reluctantly tells her that his father and Kristinaís father have a history. Starr asks him if thatís why he got involved with Kristina. He says he didnít know that their fathers knew each other until a few weeks ago and that he doesnít know much about his fatherís past. Starr wonders why Treyís father is happy about Treyís relationship with Kristina, and then she concludes that he must want to use it against Sonny. She says he needs to tell Kristina everything. She advises him not to let his fatherís past with Sonny ruin his future with Kristina. John McBain calls Sonny and asks him to meet him at Pozzulo's to talk about Joe Scully Jr. When Sonny arrives, he overhears John telling Sam that he is going to find out who injected her mother. Sonny tells John that he will eventually have to deal with Jason. John says he has a bigger problem. He reveals to Sonny that Joe Scully Juniorís case was dismissed and that they can thank Scullyís associate for making it happen. He says he looked at the visitor log and found it blank; even his own visit wasnít recorded. Sonny reminds McBain that he said if Scully got off, Sonny could have him. McBain observes that Sonny will have to find Scully before he can do anything. Kate goes to Pozzulo's to see Sonny. He tells her that Joe Jr. is out of jail. Joe Jr. asks Jerry about his plans. Jerry says he is going to unleash a potent chemical that will kill everyone in Port Charles. Joe wants Jerry to immunize Trey. Jerry says no, there are no inoculants left. He tells Joe if he wants to save his son, then heíd better get him as far away from Port Charles as possible. Joe shows up at Treyís door.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Sharon interrupts the board meeting of Newman Enterprises. Victoria and Nick are completely beside themselves with anger. Phyllis begins to panic when she finds out that Tim is dead. When Kevin comes to visit, she draws him into the web of lies and deceit. They are trying to figure out what to do with Tim’s body when Billy pounds on the door for Phyllis to let him in. Abby does a special report on what is going on inside the board room of Newman Enterprises. Abby begins to panic and calls Billy for help. Phyllis and Kevin decide to take Tim’s body back to his apartment for them to find. Sharon decides to take over the press conference. Adam begins to wonder how Sharon found out about the court case at Gloworm. Genevieve doesn’t have the money to pay her bill but then spies Avery at a nearby table and lets her know that she is not a charity case. Avery gets a text to come to Newman Enterprises. Victoria tells Avery to file an injunction against Sharon, but Sharon steps up and announces that Avery works for her.

Avery lets Nick and Victoria know that Sharon has every right to claim the leadership of Newman Enterprises. Adam talks to the other board members. Tucker interrupts to talk to Adam about his take on all these goings on. Adam refuses to believe that Sharon knew about Kaplan vs. Kaplan. Sharon assembles the troops for the press conference and takes control. Phyllis and Kevin go to Tim’s apartment with his body. Phyllis is taken aback when sirens from a police car sound in the distance behind her. Abby wants the other board members' opinion about Sharon being in charge of Newman Enterprises. Nick and Victoria decide to get Adam’s help in getting Sharon to back down from Newman Enterprises. When Sharon and Tucker go back to his office to hug and kiss, Genevieve sees them. Tucker lets Genevieve know his plan to find Victor before anyone else does. Phyllis and Kevin make it to Tim’s apartment without being noticed. Adam agrees to help Nick and Victoria with Sharon. Abby and Sharon have a run in with each other at Gloworm. Kevin lies to Beth and tries to sell her a set of encyclopedias to cover up the fact that they are dumping Tim’s body in his apartment.

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