Friday 8/17/12 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

What’s that between Liam’s ears – certainly not any brains, just sawdust. He wakes up from being sprawled out on the hotel pool chair with a towel draped over his head. He hasn’t a clue where he is or what happened. Steffy finally has to pull the towel off and show him a mirror – a dye job and a gigantic tattoo on his neck. He groans about a dozen times – oh my God! He has a wedding to get to. He doesn’t know how he will explain this to Hope who expects a traditional, formal wedding. She even calls to wish him Happy Wedding Day and he stammers that he’s running a little late but he will clean up and be there as soon as he can. The wedding guests begin to arrive and she makes apologizes to Bill and others that Liam is on his way.

On the motorcycle, Steffy drops Liam off at Stephanie’s pool house. Hope hears it and goes to greet him. He prolongs the moment and tries to get away to shower and change, but she insists that he take off the helmet and give her a kiss. He’s got some tall explaining to do to tell her about the dye job and tattoo, all he hopes will just be temporary and wash off. He doesn’t even know how it happened. He just knows that she cancelled on him last night and he went to a club and went wild. At the end of a long explanation, Hope accepts it but if they are going to be totally honest, she wonders if he was with Steffy.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Sami wanted to know why Rafe was at the safe house.  He wanted to know where to find EJ.  Rafe let Sami know that he was there to arrest her and EJ.  Andrew woke up at the hospital.  Melanie and Gabi started to run, but Andrew caught Gabi.  Sonny arrived at the pub and ran into Justin.  Sonny was worried about Will and asked Justin if he had seen him.  Justin hadnít seen him since the explosion.  Will was at the town square and ran into T.  Will didnít realize that T was back in town and wanted to know when he got back.  T said he was back long enough to hear that he was a ďfairyĒ.  EJ was tied up in a room.  He demanded that the person untie him immediately.  Rafe looked around the safe house for EJ.  Sami didnít know what was wrong with Rafe.  Rafe was sarcastic with her and said that he gets that when fugitives try to escape.  Rafe noticed the romantic setting and got the wrong idea.  Sami said that she spilled something on her outfit.  Rafe was tired of her lies.  It turned out to be Ian who grabbed EJ.  EJ demanded that he let him go.  They started arguing about Ianís affair with Kate as well as Ianís love for Madison.  EJ wanted to know why Ian grabbed him.  Ian didnít answer EJís question.  Ian only mentioned that his timetable was useless now.  EJ thought Ian was drunk.  Ian let him know that he should be worried.  Rafe asked Sami again where EJ was and she said she didnít know.  Rafe said that EJ was going to be back so he was going to wait for him.  Rafe let her know that he was going to arrest her as well as EJ once EJ got back.  Rafe wanted to know how EJ got hold of his thugs.  Sami got smart with him and refused to answer his question.  Rafe checked out the outfit Sami was wearing and wondered if she wanted to change her clothes.  She let him know that she didnít plan on being on the run.  She just wanted to prove EJís innocence.  They continued to argue about how she was on the run with EJ.  Rafe mentioned how she forgot about Lucas and she didnít want to hear anymore.  She understood that he was mad at her.  Rafe let her know that mad didnít begin to describe how he felt.  T and Will talked about the fact that Will is gay.  T was upset that Will didnít talk to him about being gay.  Will apologized for keeping T in the dark.  Will let T know that his family and friends are okay with him being gay.  T said that they are okay with it to his face, but they are talking behind his back.  Melanie ran into Maggie at the hospital and let her know that Andrew was there.  Andrew brought up how Gabi wanted Melanie out of the way.  Andrew passed out after saying that.  Gabi turned around and saw Chad at the door.  Chad was upset to find out that Gabi set the whole thing up.  He didnít believe her and ran off.  Gabi ran after him.

EJ wanted Ian to explain what his timetable was.  Ian said that he wanted EJís help. EJ told him he couldnít help him since he was accused of Stefanoís murder.  Ian let EJ know that they wanted Stefano dead.  Ian said that everyone wanted him dead and that he was the only lucky one to go through with killing him.  EJ put two and two together and realized that Ian killed Stefano.  EJ realized that Ian set him up.  EJ wanted to know why Ian set him up.  Ian said because it was easy to do since he fired the gun and had stains on his gloves.  Ian showed EJ half a coin and said he can clear the air now.  Sami and Rafe continued to talk about EJ as well as how their marriage was destroyed.  They also talked about his relationship with Carrie.  Chad wanted Gabi to tell him everything.  She explained that it was supposed to be a prank at first.  She also said that she started the stalker thing and that things werenít supposed to go too far.  Gabi told Chad that she never wanted Melanie to get hurt.  EJ didnít understand why Ian killed Stefano.  EJ thought Ian wanted to set him up to get back at him, but Ian said he wanted to get Madison back.  He wanted to give Madison everything and that was why he had half the coin. Now that Madison was gone, Ianís plans changed and he wanted to kill EJ.  T and Will continued to argue about Willís lifestyle.  T told Will that heís just like Sami because he keeps screwing up too.  T didnít forgive Will and walked away from him.  Gabi continued to explain herself, but Chad thought she was sick to do what she did.  Chad thought Gabi would deserve it if she lost Melanieís friendship.  Gabi thought she would lose everything if it came out that she hired Andrew.  Gabi asked Chad if thatís what he wanted.  He walked away from her without answering her question.  They ran into Melanie.  For some reason, Chad didnít reveal Gabiís role in Melanieís kidnapping.  Gabi thanked him for not saying anything, but Chad said not to thank him yet.  Chad thought Melanie had been through enough and didnít want to hurt her yet.  Chad warned Gabi to stay away from them.  Will ran into Sonny.  Sonny was worried about him and kissed Will.  EJ said that he had no reason to help Ian since he set him up for Stefanoís murder.  Ian didnít think that was the case.  EJ said he wouldnít help him, but Ian said he knew for a fact that he would help him.  Ian opened a curtain and EJ gasped. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Trey tells Kristina that his father is in jail. Jerry Jacks takes Joe Scully, Jr. to Wyndemere and says that he chose Wyndemere because the owner lives abroad and the ownerís aunt is the caretaker so it was easy to lure her there. He reveals that this aunt is Kristinaís mother. Jerry says he injected Alexis and his niece with something that will make them very sick. Joe calls Trey and asks him about the wedding plans. Trey says there isnít going to be a wedding because Kristina is worried about her mother, who is in the hospital. Molly retrieves Kristinaís message that Alexis is in the hospital. Shawn takes Molly and T.J. to the hospital. Ewen Keenan eavesdrops as Steve Webber tells Sam, Carly, and Jason that someone injected Alexis and Josslyn with an unknown agent. Carly calls Jax and leaves a message that Josslyn is in the hospital. Jason tells Sam that he and John went to Wyndemere looking for answers, but all they found was Dr. Keenan. Ewen repeats his story that the security company. Jason says the call to Alexis was a fake; the security company made no such calls. Elizabeth says Ewen is lucky that he didnít get the message until this morning; otherwise, he might have been injected too. Jason doubts that it was luck. Elizabeth asks him if he is implying that Ewen had something to do with Alexis and Josslyn being injected. He tells her that it is possible. He says he doesnít trust Ewen and she shouldnít either. She says she can take care of herself. Ewen calls Jerry and tells him that everyone knows that Alexis and Josslyn were injected with something and that it has something to do with Wyndemere. Jerry says they donít know what they were injected with or that he did it.  

Alexisís doctor tells Sam that Alexis isnít responding to the medication and that her fever and heart rate are increasing. Steve tells Carly the same thing about Josslyn and adds that as her fever goes up, her risk of seizure does too. He says that fevers that high increase the risk of brain damage. Alexisís doctor tells Sam that if they canít get Alexisís fever down, she risks damage to her major organs, especially her brain. Johnny goes to the chapel and asks god if this is punishment for him taking Cole and Hope away from Starr. He asks him not to take it out on an innocent child. He says god needs to save Josslyn and punish him. Starr joins Johnny in the chapel. She tells him that seeing Josslyn in the hospital bed makes her think of Hopeís death. Johnny holds her to comfort her. He is about to tell her that he is responsible for the car accident, but Michael arrives and tells Starr that the doctor said Josslyn might not make it. Johnny rushes to Carly. Shawn, T.J., and Trey come to the Chapel. Shawn says their prayers will be more powerful if they all pray together so they all join hands and pray. Ewen watches them from the entry. Jason sees Ewen in the hallway and observes that he had said he was seeing a patient.

Carly browbeats herself for not noticing that her child was taken because she was having sex. Johnny tells her that it isnít her fault; she had checked on Josslyn and she was in her bed. Alexis and Josslyn's monitors start sounding. Jerry tells Joe that it is about time. Joe asks him if Alexis and his niece are dead. Jerry says he loves his niece and he is quite fond of Alexis. He says he wouldnít hurt them. He says their fevers should be breaking right about now and they will be out of the woods.  Josslyn wakes up and says she is thirsty. Alexis wakes up. Elizabeth goes to the chapel and announces that Alexis and Josslyn are going to be ok. Jerry tells Joe that he feels badly that Alexis and Josslyn had to suffer, but that it was necessary to keep them safe. He reveals that he gave them an inoculation to protect them from what he is about to unleash on everyone else in Port Charles. He holds up a canister.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nick and Victoria try to get Adam to present a united family front and help them persuade the Newman Enterprises board to let him (Nick) and Victoria run the company and vote Victor’s shares while he is away. Sharon bursts in the boardroom door just as the board is about to start and cites legal precedent that proves that as Victor’s wife she is entitled to vote his shares and take his place in the company. Victor plays craps with two of the men in the bar of the seaside town and gets upset when he finds out the men are playing with loaded dice so he gives both men a good beating and leaves them passed out and bloody. Billy agrees to cover the Newman Enterprises press conference for the Restless Style TV show, because Victoria promised him some perks at home later. Billy sends Abby to cover the press conference because she wants to prove to the Restless Style TV show viewers that she is a serious reporter.

Billy asks for Kevin’s help to get information about Phyllis for the Restless Style TV show. Kevin reluctantly agrees to help since he has to go and try to persuade Phyllis to help promote TagNGrab since the website still isn’t getting much traffic. Phyllis puts a sleeping pill in the wine she plans to give Tim so that when he awakens, she can pretend she slept with him. Tim arrives at Phyllis’s place and refuses to drink the wine since he only drinks good wine, and he brought his own bottle. Phyllis goes upstairs to change into sexy lingerie and look for some other drug in her bathroom to put Tim to sleep. Meanwhile Tim is downstairs taking a handful of little blue pills. Phyllis comes downstairs and starts to do a sexy striptease for Tim. Once he passes out, Phyllis can’t get him to wake up and fears he had a heart attack, then she panics when she hears Kevin at the door.

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