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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy is surprised to see Liam back at the club. He explains it’s okay. He was to have dinner with Hope, but something important came up and she cancelled. He’ll see her tomorrow at the wedding…..meantime he is ready to dance the night away…..and he does, belting down the drinks as well. In fact he makes a toast and announces the bartender will be keeping the drinks flowing since it’s his last night of being free….and the drinks are on Liam. Yep, soon he’s wearing the proverbial lampshade and never stops gyrating on the dance floor. Brooke and Ridge share some pillow talk about Hope and Liam’s wedding tomorrow…..meantime they can then concentrate on their own big olive in the sky wedding.

Hope has stayed behind at Stephanie’s and won’t leave her alone since she started coughing violently. Stephanie keeps insisting she is all right and Hope should go be with Liam. Although Stephanie is honest and tells Hope that she is too young to be married….she could use a little more life experience. Hope quips that she and Liam have had their for better or worse several times, enough to last a lifetime. Hope thanks Stephanie for offering her home and pearls of wisdom; she just wishes she had her blessing. Stephanie says it’s just that it’s so obvious that Liam has unresolved feelings for Steffy. She thinks it is unhealthy for Hope to enter into a marriage like that. Steffy leaves long enough to get their car to drive out front and pick them up. She comes back into the club but can’t find Liam. She fights her way through the crowd and then……..oh!

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Things pick up from when EJ and Sami kissed each other.  Brady wanted Kate to tell him what happened to Madison.  She told him she was sorry and hugged him.  EJ and Sami were making out, but she put the brakes on it.  He wanted to know why she wanted to stop.  She said that it was wrong.  Melanie was at the hospital getting checked out.  Daniel wanted to know why Andrew kidnapped her.  Daniel threatened to kill Andrew if he ever saw him.  Roman was also at the hospital and let them know that the police will catch Andrew.  Kate told Brady about what happened to Madison.  Kate said that Madison would still be there if Ian hadnít, but she stopped talking.  Brady wanted to know what she was going to say.  Daniel and Maggie talked about Melanie at the hospital.  Daniel couldnít forgive himself for not being there for Melanie when she needed him.  Sami wanted to think before being with EJ.  She said that she was just making dinner for Lucas and the kids a day ago.  EJ said that Lucas was a distraction.  EJ also said that Lucas didnít look for her.  She said that she has feelings for Lucas.  EJ wanted to know if she had feelings for him.  He asked her if it felt right being at the safe house with him.  He thought that things would fall into place for them, but she didnít think that was possible.  He started flirting with Sami and they ended up kissing again.  Maggie tried to convince Daniel that he didnít do anything wrong as far as Melanie was concerned.  They also talked about his relationship with Nicole. While Sami and EJ were making out on the couch, his computer beeped.  One of his contacts got in touch with him. He was given instructions to leave town on his own, but Sami wanted to go with him.  She thought that he might be getting set up for a trap.  If it was a trap, EJ wanted one of them to be there for the kids.  Sami thought he was talking as if he werenít coming back.  He reminded her that she would have wanted him to leave before.  She said things change.  They kissed again. 

Brady wanted to know if Ian was the reason why Madison died. Kate didnít know if he was, but she knew Ian was with Madison when she died.  John walked in while they were talking.  John thought that Kateís plan was to get Brady upset so he could go after Ian.  John wanted Kate to get out of the hotel room, but she refused to go.  John let her know that she was not going to use Brady to get revenge on Ian.  Kate eventually left. Brady wanted to find Ian so he could kill him.  John told him he wasnít going anywhere.  Brady thought Ian killed Madison, but John told him that he didnít kill her.  John told him that he had to let it go for Madison.  Later on, Kate ran into Lucas at the coffee shop.  They started talking about Sami.  He would want to build the cell for her if she werenít the mother of his children. Sami and EJ were still kissing.  When they stopped, he told her that he planned on having his name cleared when he got back.  Sami said she would be waiting for him.  He walked out of the safe house.  Brady and John continued to talk about Madison.  Kate was surprised to hear Lucas talk about Sami the way he did.  Lucas said that she made her own bed and now she has to lie in it.  Sami was using the computer and saw the black dress that EJ wanted her to wear.  She decided to put it on and heard someone opening the door.  She was waiting with a wine bottle so she could smash the person over the head.  EJ was outside and someone came up to him and hit him from behind.  EJ fell to the ground.  Sami opened the door and Rafe was at the safe house.  She wanted to know what he was doing there.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Jason and John go to Wyndemere together to figure out why Alexis was lured there and why Josslyn has the same symptoms.  Ewen comes in and says he came because he received a call from the security company. John says Alexis got the same call. Jason asks Ewen if he feels sick. Ewen says he feels fine, but that he hasnít been to Wyndemere in months. John says he is going to ask the PCPD to trace the calls. Ewen calls Jerry and tells him that Alexis and Josslyn are in the hospital and that Jerry needs to tell him what he did to them so that he can help them. Jerry tells him not to interfere. Ewen reports that Jason Morgan is at Wyndemere with the police. Jerry didnít think Jason would put it together so quickly. John observes that for an abandoned house, it looks lived in. He says they should have someone who knows about biohazards come check the place out before they go any further. Jerry visits Joe Jr. at the jail and observes that Joe called him because he had no one else to turn to, unless he is relying on his son that he thinks no one knows about.  Joe tells Jerry to leave his son out of it. Jerry says that he will, as long as Joe does his job in a timely manner. He advises Joe to keep his son away from Sonny Corinthos because itís unwise to rely on Treyís relationship with Kristina to save him. Jerry wonders if Trey realizes that Joe is using him to destroy everything Corinthos. Jerry gets Joe Jr. released.  John gets a call advising him of Joe Jr.'s hearing for his release so he goes to the Atlantic City jail. The guard tells him that there was no hearing; it was a straight release. He reveals that Joeís friend came and then Scully was suddenly released. Jerry and Joe go to Wyndemere. Joe admires the antiques and says he would have loved to sell them n his New Orleans shop. Jerry opens his briefcase and reveals that it is filled with canisters.

Starr tells Trey that she canít promise to keep his secret from Michael. He tells her that it isnít her secret to tell. Michael and Kristina call them and ask them to come to the hospital. When Starr meets Josslyn, she reminds her of Hope. Starr gives Josslyn her toy frog that she has had since childhood and had passed down to Hope. Trey tells Kristina that the production company wants 10 episodes and a wedding to fulfill his contract or they will sue and his father will be bankrupted.  She says she will help him. Remembering what Starr said, he reveals to Kristina that his father is in jail. Steve gets the lab test results for Alexis and Josslyn. Ewen eavesdrops while Steve tells Sam and Carly that someone injected Alexis and Josslyn with an agent that they have never seen it before and they donít know how to treat.  

Kristina tries to call Molly, but Molly doesnít hear her phone. Shaun, TJ, and Molly, return to Kellyís after having to cut short their outing to an amusement park because Shawnís date, Rosie got sick on one of the rides. TJ suggests that Shawn find a girlfriend that is right for him. Shawn thinks about Alexis. Molly and Shawn try to think of someone they can fix Shawn up with. Molly says the only person she knows is her mother.  TJ observes that it would be bad for them if Alexis and Shawn had a nasty break up, but that it would be worse if they got married and made them step-siblings. They agree that Shawn mustnít go out with Alexis. Mac goes to Kellyís. Shawn didnít know that Mac s working at the Floating Rib. Mac is surprised that Alexis hadnít told him. He asks if Shawn and Alexis have still not gone on a date yet. Shawn says he is already seeing someone. Mac says that if he had known that, he wouldnít have pushed Alexis into making a move with him. Shawn recalls that Alexis came to see him the morning after their game of strip pool, but that she didnít say anything because Rosie came in and kissed him. He wonders if Alexis would go out with him if he asked.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Daniel and Phyllis argue about his relationship with Heather because Phyllis thinks that to the rest of the word it looks like her son isn’t supporting her. Daniel apologizes to Heather for his mother’s behavior at Gloworm. He invites Heather to his apartment for takeout, but instead of eating, they make love. Cane asks Genevieve details about Samantha’s death and she refuses to talk about it, so Cane thinks that Genevieve is the mysterious Claude Shirl. Lily puts an end to the argument and they all try to figure out who it could be why the person would want to do this to them. Tucker makes Nick and Victoria think he is on their side by saying he will persuade Sharon to sign a postnuptial agreement, but what he really does later is coach Sharon on what she needs to do to become the temporary CEO of Newman Enterprises.

Victor continues to walk around the seaside town not saying a word to anyone. He stops by a bar to have drinks and hears about a job at a warehouse and goes to apply. Phyllis ignores Avery’s advice to tell her lawyer Leslie that she paid Tim Reid off twice to keep him quiet about her recorded confession. Michael sends an officer to get Billy. When Billy arrives at the station, Michael asks him who told him they were planning to take Tim Reidís deposition tomorrow. Billy refuses to divulge his source and heads back home. Tim warns Phyllis that if she doesn’t sleep with him, he will tell the police everything he knows or possibly play her recorded confession on the Restless Style TV show. Phyllis feels like there is nothing else she can do so she tells Tim to come to her house tomorrow since her husband won’t be home.

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