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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy suggests to Liam another bike trip up to Santa Barbara and have a little dinner. He reminds her that he already has a dinner date with Hope. She chides Hope as loving weddings and she knows this one won’t be her last. He admits that the motorcycle and the club and dancing, yeah that was fun. He doesn’t want to lose her friendship. She won’t let him go and says they can consider this his bachelor party. It doesn’t take much twisting of his arm; he complies by going along and they join in on the beach fun of watching skaters, musicians and playing a little volleyball themselves. Hope announces to Brooke and Stephanie that she is having a romantic dinner with Liam one last time tonight before they are married….and nothing will stop their marriage this time. Pam is atwitter acting as the wedding planner and keeps making little suggestions to Hope and Brooke. She wants a chocolate fountain for sure.

Steffy gets Liam back to his house all safe and sound. He thanks her for the wicked bachelor party; he feels energized. She says she is not trying to beg or grovel (since when?) but she still thinks he is making a mistake. She reminds him how long he’s been under this stress the entire time he’s been with Hope, one thing after another. He admits that he loves her kidnapping him and he loves her being his friend. He knows she knows how he feels about her and that is not going to change. Things will be a little bit different although after he is married. She tells him that she loves him and gives him a big hug. Then she pulls away and tells him to be happy and walks out. Hope stays behind at Stephanie’s when Brooke leaves. She thanks Stephanie again for agreeing to have the wedding at her house. Stephanie starts coughing badly and Hope refuses to leave her alone. Stephanie does keep trying to get her to go and assures her that she is all right. Hope calls Liam to tell him she will have to cancel tonight. She is sorry; she loves him but something has come up and she will explain later. Liam shows back up at the club and tells Steffy that she forgot him. Tomorrow he’ll be a married man but tonight…..he’s jumping all over the place getting his grove on.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

During their argument, Ian confessed to Kate that he killed Stefano.  Jennifer broke the news to Adrienne that Jack died.  Adrienne didnít want to believe he was dead at first.  Kate couldnít believe that Ian killed Stefano.  Ian thought that Kate wanted him to do it.  She denied the accusation.  Ian reminded her that she had her fingerprints on the gun.  Sami and EJ were in a safe house.  While they were there a man with a gun showed up.  Nicole thought she was going into labor.  Daniel and Bo helped her.  Daniel convinced Nicole that she wasnít going to lose her baby.  Julie arrived at the banquet hall and Jennifer told her what happened to Jack.  Julie reminisced with Jennifer about times with Jack.  Julie said that Alice was Jackís biggest fan and now they are together.  Nicoleís contractions stopped suddenly.  Daniel wanted to get her to the hospital right away.  She thanked him for helping her save her baby. The guy at the safe house turned out to be a DiMera henchman.  Silvio wanted to bring some things for EJ to tide him over until he left town.  Kate said that she never saw it coming that Ian killed Stefano.  She was about to leave to tell Roman what happened when Ian stopped her.  He threw her on the bed.  Jennifer, Julie, Abby, Justin, Adrienne, and Cameron went to the pub.  Julie broke the news to Kayla that Jack died.  Cameron wanted to know where Jackís remains were and Kayla said she could find out.  Adrienne wanted to call Steve and tell him about Jack.  Jennifer called JJ to tell him the news. 

Daniel and Melanie reunited at the town square.  Ian thought that Roman wouldnít believe Kateís word over his.  Ian reminded Kate that he had a witness (John) that heard him pledging his love to Madison and that he didnít love Kate.  Kate thought that Roman would believe her.  Ian let her know that EJ was the one Roman believed killed Stefano.  Ian also reminded Kate that EJ is on the run.  Kate said that EJ loved Stefano.  Ian was convinced that a guilty man wouldnít run.  Ian took another drink and threatened to kill her.  He kissed her and then walked out of the hotel.  Cameron wanted to make Abby feel better about what happened.  Abby blamed herself for her father dying.  Cameron told her that she would be dead if it werenít for Jack.  Sami and EJ realized that they had to come up with a plan so they could leave town.  They also talked about the person that was setting him up.  He said he had a few ideas about who framed him.  Sami didnít think it was Marlena and John doing it.  EJ didnít believe that it was Marlena or John.  He was grateful to them for watching the kids while they were gone.  While Bo was with Nicole in the hospital, he received a text.  Bo told Nicole that EJ skipped town.  Brady arrived in Madisonís hotel room and wanted to know where she was.  Kate broke the news to him that she died.  Later on, Bo arrived at the pub.  Abby told him about Jack dying.  EJ and Sami started flirting with each other at the safe house.  One thing led to another and they ended up kissing each other.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Patrick is released from the hospital. He confirms to Epiphany that he stole the drugs from the hospital.  She tells him that she wonít report it to Dr. Quartermaine, but that she will be watching him and if she sees any sign of relapse, she will report it then. Epiphany brings Emma to Patrick. Emma asks him if he is going to die like Mommy did. He promises her that he is all better and that he wonít die.

Starr overhears Trey assuring Joe Jr. that there will be a wedding and asks him who is getting married. He says Kristina told him that Sonny and Kate are getting married. Michael goes to Kristinaís house and says he heard there was going to be a wedding. She thinks he is talking about her until he asks her to confirm that their father is marrying Kate. She says she only knew because their father wanted her opinion on the ring. Starr asks Trey if he has told Kristina that his father is in jail. He says no one can know. Trey wonders if his father isnít the man he thought he was. Jerry visits Joe Jr. in jail and tells him he will get him out of jail, but Joe will owe him. Joe Jr. says it will difficult to find people who are willing to work for Jerry because the last time they worked together on the Metro Court job, most of their men died. Jerry starts to walk away. Joe says he will set it up. Jerry arranges Joeís release and tells him that they are going to a place called Wyndemere on an island off the coast of Port Charles. 

Alexis faints. John McBain notices the puncture on her arm. They take her to General Hospital. Jason and Carly take Josslyn to General Hospital and ask Steve to look at a red spot on Josslyn's arm. Steve says it looks like a bug bite, but because Josslyn has had cancer, he is going to do a blood test just in case. Carly tells Steve that apparently, Josslyn was sleepwalking because she disappeared from the house and Jason found her sleeping by her swing set. She says it made her think about Elizabeth and Jake. Jason tells Elizabeth that he and Sam are getting a divorce. John and Sam arrive at General Hospital with Alexis. McBain explains that he was at Samís house to see Alexis about his case. Jason tells him that it doesnít matter because he and Sam are divorcing. The two men discover that Josslyn and Alexis both came to the hospital because of red marks on their arms. Jason tells McBain that Josslyn was apparently sleepwalked out of the house from her room on the second floor. Jason tells Steve Webber that Alexis came in with the same kind of mark as Josslyn's Steve checks on Alexis and confirms that the marks on Josslyn and Alexis are similar. Sam calls Kristina. Kristina and Michael go there. Sam takes Kristina to Alexis. Jason tells Michael that Carly is there with Josslyn. Carly tells Michael about Josslyn's sleepwalking. She worries about Josslyn's rising temperature. Elizabeth monitors Alexis and observes that her temperature is rising. Sam tells John and Jason that Alexis also fainted last night at Wyndemere when she went to check on a call from the security company reporting that the alarm was going off. She says Alexis told her that the security company didnít show up. John calls the security company and they say the alarm was never tripped. He concludes to Jason that someone lured Alexis to Wyndemere.  Jason offers to take John to Wyndemere on his boat. John wonders why Jason is being so cooperative. Jason says he wants to know why Josslyn disappeared at the same time that Alexis someone lured Alexis to Wyndemere.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Neil and Harmony have a wonderful second date at Gloworm. Neil accepts Harmony’s apology about the time years ago when she made a pass at him by taking off her clothes in his living room. Neil and Devon are worried about Lily and Cane. Devon asks Lily to promise him that if she ever has a problem that she can’t handle, she will ask him or Neil for help. Cane and Genevieve continue to be puzzled by the identity of the person sending them presents and notes signed Claude Shirl. The person hasn’t left any clues about their identity. Cane is even more confused when the lady he was supposed to interview for the public relations consultant job leaves early. She leaves Cane a note saying she couldn’t wait for him anymore and signs the not “ love your sister” which makes Cane think Samantha could be alive.

When Victoria confronts her about burning the prenuptial agreement, Sharon says that she and Victor discussed a prenuptial agreement but she never signed any documents. Nick tells Avery he thinks that Sharon burned the prenuptial agreement. Avery draws up papers for Sharon to sign saying she gives up her rights to Victor’s money and company. Tucker advises Sharon not to sign the papers. While Victor is gone, she has his proxy to vote at the emergency board meeting tomorrow unless Victor made other arrangements, which is unlikely since he left so quickly. Tucker also tells Sharon that if she wants to she can nominate herself CEO of Newman Enterprises. When Victor returns, he would be grateful to her for taking charge in his absence. Victoria agrees to help Nick present a united front with the board and at the press conference, but she refuses to return to work at the company. Sharon returns the unsigned papers to Avery and informs Nick and Victoria that she will have plenty to say at the board meeting tomorrow.

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