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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy and Liam wake up at opposite ends of the same bed by a hotel pool. Liam is waking up after a drunk as a skunk night. Steffy tries to explain how much fun they had and it’s gradually coming back to him. But he says it was just one night of fun, not a lifestyle he wants to adopt. She keeps reminding him of the old ball and chain he will soon have; no more freedom. She even teases that once he’s married Hope will be putting cute little pictures on the wall saying “Home Sweet Home” and “There’s No Place Like Home.” Hope joins her parents at Eric and Stephanie’s for moral support in asking them if she and Liam can be married there. She says that Steffy won’t be invited if that should be a deal breaker. Stephanie has her doubts but finally gives in and says yes. Hope calls Liam to give him the good news. Steffy overhears enough to know it’s about the wedding. Liam tells Hope now she could come home, but she says just a little longer and she must run now and finish planning.

Katie explains to Bill that Hope didn’t exactly move out. Her things are still at Liam’s; she’s just staying a few days with her parents. Katie herself is not sure she would be as forgiving considering what Liam saw on that video. She questions how it all went down and how and why Deacon had been away for all of Hope’s life and suddenly showed up for her wedding all the way to Italy. Bill plays innocent and says no man is going to put up with a wife who keeps moving in and out every time they have an argument. Hope may have gone too far this time and Liam may tell her to stay gone. Liam says he needs to get to work, but Steffy grabs him and won’t let him go. She maintains that they have at least one more thing to do on his bucket list before he dies (marrying Hope). Stephanie whispers to Ridge that how many more weddings is Hope gonna have before someone finally tells her that she and Liam should not be a couple. She loves Hope, but she can not support this marriage in good faith. Ridge admits that he is caught in the middle between both his daughters. Stephanie says she knows; everyone is always rallying to Hope’s side, but it’s evident that Liam and Steffy love each other. Steffy drags Liam to a motorcycle. He thinks she is taking him home, but no…..they end up in Venice with the wind blowing in their faces. She says she wants him to be free, have fun and party till he drops. He admits he is tempted. She knocks him out the way she grabs hold of every experience. He has more fun with her than……well he thinks she is amazing. There is no one in the world like her. She chuckles that he might want to think about that before he is tied to Hope the rest of his life. Maybe he’s not ready to give Steffy up just yet.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Bo and Daniel finished moving the debris, but Nicole was gone.  Melanie warned Brady that there was another explosion and that they have to get out of the tunnel.  Brady mentioned that he was supposed to get married.  He had a bad feeling and wanted to get out of the tunnel.  Ian blamed himself for what happened to Madison.  He saw Kate and continued to blame himself for what happened to Madison.  Ian said that he was intent on destroying Stefano was more important than loving Madison.  John walked up on them and told Kate to stay with Madison.  Ian said it was too late and that Madison was gone.  Jack and Cameron opened the doors.  Abby finally got out of the doors, but Jack didnít make it out. The cable on the elevator broke.  Jack screamed that he loved Jennifer and Abby before the doors shut and the elevator crashed.  Ian continued to talk about how he loved Madison and wanted to help her.  John let him know that it was too late for that and that he had to find Brady.  Ian said he didnít do anything to help Brady and blamed him for what happened to Madison.  Ian planned on making Brady pay for what happened to Madison.  Brady and Melanie tried to get out of the tunnel, but fell down and were unconscious.  John didnít like Ian threatening Brady.  Ian wouldnít back down and wanted to get revenge.  Jennifer screamed out to Jack. Roman arrived and wanted to know what happened.  Roman called for help.  Bo, Hope, and Daniel continued to look for Nicole.  They heard someone coughing and thought it was Nicole.  It turned out to be a woman named Pam.  Ian wandered around and managed to arrive in Madisonís hotel room.  Kate followed him to the hotel.  Kate overheard Ian talking about how he let Madison go to a man like Brady.  Kate called him an evil son of a b*tch. 

Abby asked Cameron if he thought there was hope for them to find Jack.  He thought there would always be hope.  Abby thought that Jack should have left her in the elevator.  Roman said the paramedics told him that Jack died instantly.  Abby screamed after she heard the news.  Abby and Jennifer hugged each other.  Ian didnít want to talk to Kate, but she wasnít leaving.  She confronted him about how he used her.  She was very upset about what he did and she was going to make sure that he paid for what he did to her.  Abby and Jennifer couldnít believe that Jack was gone.  Nicole ended up in the town square.  Bo thought she looked disoriented.  Daniel noticed that she looked pale.  Daniel thought she was going into shock.  Abby and Jennifer continued to talk about Jack.  Justin and Adrienne arrived at the banquet and wanted to know where Jack was.  Ian wasnít worried about Kateís threats.  Ian reminded Kate that Stefano blackmailed her into marrying him and she didnít even get paid for her time with him.  Kate slapped Ian. They continued to fight over their affair.  Ian threw up in her face that she was a prostitute.  Nicole ended up going into labor.  Daniel was going to make sure that she and the baby were okay.  Jennifer broke the news to Adrienne that Jack died.  Kate told Ian that she loved Stefano.  Ian reminded her that she came to him, but she only did that because she thought she was going to lose him.  Ian told Kate that she should be on her knees thanking him for killing Stefano.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Dante and Lulu wake up and call each other ďMommyĒ and ďDad.Ē Dante says itís the best mistake ever and that he canít wait to tell everybody. Lulu doesnít thing thatís a good idea until after she confirm it with a doctor. Steve overhears Luke advising Anna not to listen to Heatherís lies. Steve asks Luke what his mother did. Luke says Heather played one last mind game on Anna before getting shipped back to Ferncliff. Steve apologizes to Luke and says he is glad that both Luke and Olivia will be fine and that his mother is locked up where she canít hurt anyone else. Luke reveals that Heather had an accomplice wearing a hockey mask bring him food and water.  Dante and Lulu go to visit Luke. Dante tells Steve that the Memphis police are going to be contacting him. Steve tells Dante to ask Luke about the accomplice. Luke retells his story to Lulu and Dante. He remembers that the accomplice seemed as if was going to let him go when he talked about Lulu. He wonders if the man has a daughter, too. Lulu says anyone who would help Heather has to be crazy. Luke says Heather might have something on the man. Lulu wonders about the man that gave heather an alibi for the Anthony Zacchara case. Dante thinks both men were probably in it for the money. Luke says the one with the machete was wearing expensive shoes. Todd visits Heather at Ferncliff. Heather says that if he doesnít get her out of there, then she will call Sam and tell her that her baby is alive and living in Llanview and Todd will go to prison in Llanview. He reviews her laundry list of crimes and says that even he canít get her out of it. She says she has to get back to the people she loves. He says no one will want to see her. She tells him that Steven Lars will forgive her after she has done so much to protect him. She mentions keeping Steve out of prison in Memphis. Todd puts it together that Heather framed Maggie Wurth. He tells her that since the police know that Maggie didnít write her suicide note, they will resume investigating Steve and then he will be locked up forever just like the two of them. He tells her that a hypothetical rich newspaper man could either point the Memphis police in Steveís direction or he could make the case go away. He tells her that if she stays in Ferncliff and doesnít call Sam, he will save Steve. She agrees.

Jerry has a coughing fit and coughs up blood. Ewen questions Jerry about what he did to Alexis and Josslyn. Jerry says he will find out soon enough. Ewen breaks into Jerryís briefcase to find out what is in the vials. Jerry returns to the room and drinks the contents of one of the vials. He tells Ewen that the vials have water in them because he expected him to snoop. He gives Ewen his word that no harm will come to Josslyn or Alexis. Ewen doesnít believe him. Alexis wakes up feeling groggy. Alexis thinks she fainted at Wyndemere because she only remembers arriving and then waking up on the couch. Sam tells her that she and Jason are getting a divorce. Alexis encourages her to think about it before she makes such a major decision. Sam says their marriage is broken and it canít be fixed. Alexis wonders if John McBain plays a part in that. Sam says he does, but she says that when she looks at Jason she only sees the guy who abandoned her when she needed him the most. Alexis says she will represent Sam. Sam tells her that Diane is representing Jason. Alexis says Diane doesnít do amicable divorces. Sam says Diane will do whatever Jason says and that she doesnít want any kind of monetary settlement. Alexis suddenly gets dizzy and falls to the floor. Jason visits Carly. She tells him about Josslyn going missing last night. Jason wonders if Jax may have visited her. Josslyn says she didnít see anyone. Jason tells Carly that he and Sam are getting a divorce. Carly is upset with Sam for promising to accept Jasonís life and then running the first time something goes wrong. She says Jason loves Sam and she asks him if he wants to give up. He tells her that there is nothing left to fight for. Carly notices a red area on Josslyn's arm and wonders what happened. She observes that it doesnít look like a mosquito bite. She says she has to be careful with Josslyn because she is still on the anti-rejection medication. They take Josslyn to the hospital.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Lily persuades Cane to apologize to Genevieve for accusing her of being the person responsible for the mysterious gifts and notes he has been receiving which are signed Claude Shirl. Cane, Lily, and Genevieve decide to work together to figure out the identity of the person harassing their family. Cane gets a tip from an employee at Gloworm telling him that Claude Shirl has a reservation for lunch. Cane, Lily, and Genevieve confront the man and discover that he was paid $50 to make a reservation using the name Claude Shirl. Adam, Chloe, and Kevin rush to improve their website since their competition has more hits then TagNGrab. Michael and Lauren suggest that Kevin hire Phyllis to help spread the word about the website and get more customers. Although Phyllis is reluctant to take the job, Nick thinks she should do it and consider it a new beginning.

Phyllis hires Leslie Michaelson as her new lawyer but doesn’t tell her why Avery stepped down as her attorney. Billy rushes to get information on Phyllis since the first episode of Restless Style TV got low ratings. Billy hires a private detective to track down Tim Reid and gets him on camera running away from his questions. Nick asks Victoria to come back to work for Newman Enterprises and be a stabilizing force for the company while Victor is away. Victoria refuses to put her life on hold until she knows that Victor is going to be away for more than a few days. Adam and Chelsea begin trying for their baby since according to a test the time is right now. Victoria arrives at the ranch to confront Sharon because Nick told her he suspects Sharon burned her and Victor’s prenuptial agreement.

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