Monday 8/13/12 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 8/13/12 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy continues to bug Liam about Hope moving out and not being there with him when they should be married. He keep repeating that she is just spending a few days with her mother to think things through; she will be moving back home soon. Steffy grabs him and says she is kidnapping him and going to show him how to be free and have some fun. He’s resistant, but she drags him to a club where she meets Ramona, a lady from Aspen. The music is loud, the drinks are flowing and finally Liam gets into it on the dance floor. Steffy assures him that she is not going to try to seduce him. She only wants him to have fun. She plays guest DJ for a few minutes then makes sure Liam keep chugging the drinks.

Hope assures her mother and Ridge that she is only staying here temporarily until she sorts things out. She’d like a fresh start, a new wedding which she is planning and Liam understands. Brooke seems less convinced that Liam is really going along with this and doesn’t feel abandoned. She also disagrees when Hope explains that she’d like the wedding at a very traditional place, like Eric and Stephanie’s where they spent so many holidays. Danielle sees how close Caroline and Thomas are as they finish their swim. She would like Caroline to move back home as she is alone now that Karen is away on a lengthy business trip. Liam is really loosening up, declaring he’s never had so much fun in his life. He’s a free man, living in a free world and he does want he wants to. And right now that looks like he wants to have fun with Steffy. Steffy is able to slip in one more time that he should let Hope go.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Things picked up where they left off on Monday.  Jack was able to get in the elevator with Abby.  Abby was too scared to move.  Jennifer told Abby to stand up and help, but the doors closed on them and they were trapped.  EJ was surprised to hear Sami say that she was leaving Salem with him.  As they walked toward the door in the warehouse, EJ told her that he didnít want her to go with him.  Abby was scared, but Jack told her that they would be fine.  He promised her that they would get out of the elevator.  At the pub, Roman and Marlena talked about Sami and EJ.  They didnít understand why Sami would help EJ.  Roman told Marlena that he instructed the police to arrest EJ on sight and use force if they have to do it.  Roman said that Sami would be in serious trouble if she interfered again.  Will thought Sami was right to go with EJ.  EJ thought it was dangerous for her to leave town with him.  Sami warned EJ that they didnít have much time because the police were on their way.  EJ finally agreed to let Sami go with him.  They left the warehouse.  Hope found Bo and Daniel and helped them to rescue Nicole.  They were taking the debris away when a piece of the ceiling fell on Danielís head.  Cameron and Jennifer had trouble getting the elevator doors open.  Jack had an idea of what to do to get out of the elevator, but Abby was scared.  He decided to figure out another way to get out of the elevator.  Will was walking around the town square and saw Lucas passed out.  When Lucas came to, he wanted to know where to find Sami.  Will lied and said he didnít see her.  Lucas was determined to find her.  EJ and Sami arrived at John and Marlenaís townhouse. They stopped to take a breather.  EJ used that time to convince Sami that she could still walk away from him.  Daniel came to and was determined to get to Nicole.  Hope, Daniel, and Bo continued to get to Nicole.  Will and Lucas went to the warehouse and saw that EJ and Sami werenít there.  Lucas remembered that she was using herself as a human shield the last time he heard from her.  Lucas thought she might have fell off the catwalk and was determined to find her. 

Sami said that she couldnít leave EJ.  EJ agreed to let her go with him.  Sami thought that they were unstoppable when they work together.  EJ wanted to know if she could walk away from Lucas.  She knew what Lucas would think about them working together.  She said that she was only helping EJ prove his innocence and that was it.  She reminded him that Stefano and Lexie were gone so he had no one else who would help him.  EJ let her know that he still had her.  Lucas wanted to go down to the bottom of the warehouse to see if Sami fell down the catwalk.  Will stopped him by telling him that Sami was with EJ.  Jack and Abby were talking about when she was a child when the elevator dropped and filled with smoke.  Bo, Hope, and Daniel finally removed all of the boards and were about to rescue Nicole.  Daniel reacted to something he saw.  Abby was really scared and couldnít do anything to help get out of the elevator.  Jennifer convinced her she could do it.  The cable on the elevator continued to break.  Lucas wanted Will to explain why Sami was with EJ.  Lucas was very upset that Will didnít say anything to him sooner.  Lucas demanded to know where she took EJ.  Will informed Lucas that she didnít just take EJ somewhere.  She was going with him.  EJ and Sami discussed where they were going to hide.  EJ finally figured out where they were going to go.  Daniel, Bo, and Hope finally reached the last board and noticed that Nicole was missing.  Lucas continued to talk to Will about how wrong it was for Sami to run off with EJ.  Will tried to defend them by saying they were trying to figure out who framed EJ.  Lucas didnít want to hear about that.  Lucas thought Sami made the biggest mistake of her life going with EJ.  EJ and Sami arrived at a DiMera safe house.  EJ thanked Sami again for being with him.  Jack and Cameron were able to get the elevator doors open a little.  Abby was too scared to move so Jack pushed her over to the doors.  Jennifer and Cameron were able to pull her through the doors.  The last cable broke as Jack was trying to get out and the elevator crashed down with Jack in it.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Ewen goes to Carlyís house to kidnap Josslyn on Jerryís orders. Jerry chloroforms Alexis at Wyndemere. He says he never wanted any harm to come to her, but he doesnít have a choice. He removes a syringe from a case and injects her. He says he will do his best to look after her. Ewen arrives at Wyndemere with Josslyn. Jerry kisses his sleeping niece and comments on what an angel she is. Ewen notices Alexis lying on the couch and wants to know what Jerry did to her. He tries to dissuade Jerry from injecting Josslyn, but Jerry threatens him to secure his cooperation. Later, Alexis wakes up and leaves. Jerry watches her leave. He says she and Josslyn have what they need. Carly goes to check on Josslyn and finds her missing. Johnny goes outside to look for her while Carly calls the police. Johnny brings Josslyn inside and says he found her by the swings. He wonders if she was sleepwalking.

Sam canít say it, so Jason says they need a divorce. He says she can have anything she wants. She says she doesnít want anything. He observes that it will be the easiest divorce in history. She asks him if he would consider marriage counseling instead. He says yes. She concludes that she will never be able to forgive him, so they concede to divorce. She asks him if they can still be friends after the divorce. He doesnít know. They kiss each other goodbye and flashback to all the important moments in their life together. They say they love each other, and then Jason leaves. Sam crouches on the floor and cries. Sonny and Kate go to Pozzuloís where Max and Milo have prepared a special meal for them. Sonny and Kate reminisce about their courtship when they were teenagers. Sonny says he let her walk out of his life and doesnít want to let that happen again. He presents her with an engagement ring and asks her to marry him. She accepts. Lulu tries to tell Dante that she is pregnant, but he keeps interrupting and hovering over her because he thinks she is sick. He notices the pregnancy test and thinks it is Maxieís test result because Maxie was acting strangely at the hospital. He feels badly that her husband is in prison. Then he wonders if Maxie and Patrick got together. Lulu can only get a word in by blurting out that Maxie isnít pregnant; she is. Dante is overjoyed. She tells him that his mother is psychic. He asks her if she is happy about it or if she has reservations. She says she doesnít have any reservations. They decide to go ahead with the pregnancy.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Avery persuades Paul not to plead guilty and gets him bail based on the report from the doctor who hypnotized Eden and signed a statement from Rachel’s best friend, which states that she thinks Ricky killed Rachel. Lauren posts bail for Paul and wants to tell the police that she illegally bought the gun Paul used to shoot Ricky. Paul persuades Lauren not to say anything about the gun and advises her to trust Michael.

The caretaker at the ranch calls Nick to say that Nikki and Sharon are arguing in the main house. Nick arrives and stops the fight. Nikki tells him that Sharon is hiding something and that she burned some of Victor’s papers in the fireplace. When Nick asks her what she burned, she claims that when she got the text she thought was from Victor, she got angry and burned some letters he sent her in prison. Nick doesn’t believe her and suspects that she burned the prenuptial agreement. Angry with Daniel because he likes Heather, Phyllis makes a scene at Gloworm forbidding him to see Heather. Heather tells Daniel they canít have a relationship because they need to support their parents right now. Nikki refuses to go on a honeymoon with Jack, because she can’t start a life with him until she knows Victor is okay. Jack warns Nikki that if she leaves to search for Victor, he won’t be waiting for her when she returns home. Nikki breaks Jack’s heart when she takes her suitcase and walks out the door.

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