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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam tells Hope that he needs her to come home. He gets that she is angry and unsure about the two of them so she can scream at him and give him hell, but do it at their home. She says she does not question his love, but she just can’t come home now. He apologizes again for all the mistakes and her seeing the video. She thinks it was for the best after all. She’s not in denial; she knows he and Steffy were married and he still loves her. She needs Liam to tell her the complete truth even if he thinks it will hurt her; that is the only way this marriage will work. She can’t go back to that day. She loved the ceremony and the vows, but it wasn’t real. She just doesn’t trust him right now. He’s really scared that she is not willing to work on this and communicate with him, and still insists she needs to come home. Thomas drops in on Steffy at Liam’s home. He says enough of texting; he had to see this for himself. She fills him in that she is waiting on Liam right now as he is talking to Hope. So Steffy will either move in or move on depending on what Hope does. Stephanie is upset that Steffy isn’t going to be at the stockholder’s meeting; it’s required. Ridge explains that Steffy is taking a little time off and she will either end up back with Liam or vacation on some tropical island. He doesn’t want to see Hope upset but these things keep happening and he wonders if it wouldn’t be best for them to just end it. Stephanie agrees and thinks it is Steffy’s turn to have a chance at happiness.

Steffy tells Thomas that she will text him the results and if he doesn’t hear from her, then know she is on her way to the airport. Hope makes Liam swear that if she hurts him or does something wrong, even if Steffy is right beside him that he will find Hope and talk to her about it….no more lies even by omission. All she has is that video to document the day and that is not what she wants to remember. She would like to plan another wedding…nothing grand or half the world away, just something truthful….a day she can look back on with joy. He can commit himself to her and only her forever. He says he will go, he wants her to be happy and have her wedding. He walks back into his home and Steffy is waiting but disappointed that once again he has chosen Hope yet she is not returning home tonight…..only after they are married. Steffy reminds him that he has to quit doing this; it’s time to let Hope go.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Everything picked up from where it left off before the break.  Everyone dealt with the aftermath of the explosion.  Madison and Ian talked about Brady while he was in the tunnel with Melanie.  Melanie wanted to get to Gabi.  She was trying to help Andrew get free when Chad arrived.  He demanded to know where Melanie is.  Andrew told Chad to ask Gabi. Roman had his gun on EJ and Sami told him to run.  Sami fell and had to hang onto a tightrope.  Everyone at the charity event got knocked out from the explosion and some were starting to wake up from the explosion.  EJ tried to help Sami, but he was having trouble.  Her jacket ripped while he tried to bring her up.  Nicole was stuck under rubble and cried out for help.  Kate woke up and wondered what happened to Ian and Lucas.  She wanted to go look for them.  Bo and Hope were outside the square when they saw Roman.  He was staggering and passed out.  They wanted to take him to the pub.  EJ wanted Sami to give him her hand, but she couldnít do it.  He was determined to help her, but she didnít think he could.  He wasnít going to let her die for the sake of the kids.  Chad wanted to find Melanie, but he asked Gabi why Andrew said to ask her about Melanie.  She managed to get out of answering him because Chad realized that Andrew was gone.  Brady wanted to get out of the tunnel, but Melanieís foot was stuck.  Ian woke up from the blast, but Madison was knocked out.  Ian touched her head and saw that he had blood on his hands.  Jack and Jennifer were okay, but they didnít know where Abby was.  They saw Cameron so they knew that Abby was still at the benefit.  Cameron said that she went to the elevator so they all ran to the elevator.  Abby yelled for help and Jack and Cameron found her.  They tried to pry the doors open to get to her.  Kayla took care of people at the pub.  Bo and Hope brought Roman to the pub so he could get help.  Will showed up at the pub too.  Kayla wanted his help with Roman.  Kate, Marlena, and John arrived at the pub.  John was carrying Lucas on his shoulder.  EJ continued to try and help Sami, but he couldnít rescue her.  She started crying because she thought she was going to die. Brady was able to help Melanie.  She realized that there was a gas leak and that caused the explosion.  She told Brady that they have to get out of the tunnel.  He informed her that the tunnel was caved in on both sides.

Daniel found Nicole and was determined to help her.  Nicole thought she was going into labor.  Lucas came to and wanted to know if Sami was okay.  Marlena said that she wasnít at the benefit.  Lucas told her that she was in the warehouse and that he had to find her. Will told him that he would find her and left the pub.  Sami told EJ to let her go and to save himself.  He wasnít going to do that.  Sami said that the kids couldnít lose both parents.  He said he wasnít going to let her go.  Jack and Cameron struggled to get the elevator doors open to save Abby.  Jack started to have a PTSD moment while helping Abby.  He was determined to help Abby so he wanted to go inside the elevator to help her.  There was another explosion and something caught on fire outside of the elevator doors. Daniel continued to help rescue Nicole.  Her labor pains were every 10 minutes apart.  He thought that she could be having Braxton Hicks.  Nicole told him that the pains started before the explosion.  Bo arrived and helped Daniel rescue Nicole.  Ian talked to Madison to try to get her to wake up.  Madison opened her eyes and Ian told her that they were going to be happy together.  He didnít know that Kate found him and heard what he told Madison.  Chad asked Gabi again why Andrew said she knew where Melanie was.  She said it was because she found her first.  She also told him that she and Melanie were both handcuffed and she told her to get away.  Ian told Madison that he regretted the way he treated her and that he didnít love Kate.  Jack tried to get to Abby, but there was smoke everywhere.  Will arrived at the warehouse and helped EJ save Sami.  Ian told Madison that he should have realized how lucky he was to have her.  Madison was delirious and called out Bradyís name.  Her head fell back and Ian screamed no.  Brady had a strange feeling about something, but didnít know why.  Will told EJ and Sami about the gas leak.  Sami was worried about Roman.  Will told her that he was okay and at the pub.  EJ wanted to help with the rescue mission, but Sami warned him that he would get arrested.  She told him he had to leave town.  Jack managed to get to Abby in the elevator, but there was another explosion.  Lucas snuck out of the pub to find Sami.  Sami and Will were able to convince EJ to leave town.  He was about to leave when Sami said she was going with him.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Maxie brings her a pregnancy test, but Lulu insists that she isnít pregnant because she uses birth control. Maxie tells her to take the test anyway because if she isnít pregnant, then she needs to know what caused her to miss her period. Lulu takes the test. Dante comes in just as Lulu is about to reveal her pregnancy test results to Maxie.

Jason goes to Alexisís house and finds Sam hugging John McBain. John leaves so Jason and Sam can talk. Sam tells Jason that she doesnít know if love is enough. He tells her that he never wanted her baby to be gone and that he grieved for him. He says the only thing he can say is that he is sorry. He asks her if she can forgive him. She says she doesnít know. She tells him that she canít abandon McBain when he is in trouble because of her. She asks him if he can accept John being in her life. He doesnít know. Jason says they canít go back and change things and they canít move forward so they need to get a divorce.

Kate asks Dr. Keenan if Connie is still a threat to Sonny. He says he doesnít think so. Sonny shows Kristina the engagement ring that he bought for Kate. Kristina says itís beautiful, but wonders if Kate will accept after being shot the last time they tried to get married. John McBain goes into Kellyís. Kristina tells him to back off of her sister. He tells her that he has no intention of coming between Sam and Jason. Sonny sits with McBain tells him that if the legal system fails with Scully, then he is going to take justice into his own hands. John gives Sonny his blessing. At the prison, Joe assumes that Sonny had Trey beaten up when he sees Treyís bruised face. Trey says he and Sonny had a boxing match. Joe tells Trey to hurry up and marry Kristina before Sonny finds out who he is. Trey says Kristina wants to take it slow because her previous boyfriend beat her up. Joe is unsympathetic. Johnny tells Carly about his visit with Joe Scully Junior He tells her that Joe wants to get back everything that Sonny took from his father. He tells her that he turned down Joeís request for help because he is through with that business. Carly tells Johnny that sheís glad that her daughter will be safe from the mob.  While Josslyn is napping, Carly and Johnny make the most of their time. Ewen goes to Carlyís house to kidnap Josslyn on Jerryís orders. Alexis sees the presumed-dead Jerry Jacks at Wyndemere. She asks him why he risked coming back to Port Charles. He says he came back for her. She says she doesnít want him. He kisses her. She slaps him. She tells him that she is going to call the police. He tells her to go ahead. She finds that she has no signal. He tells her that he moved the satellite. She asks him if he is planning to kill her. He says no, and then pours chloroform onto his handkerchief. She desperately tries to open the locked door. He tells her it wonít hurt a bit. She hits him with her purse and runs, to no avail. He ultimately succeeds in administering the chloroform.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Victoria finds Nikki in the stables at the ranch with Victor’s phone. She admits to Victoria that she sent Sharon a message from Victor which said “marriage a mistake it's over” Victoria tells Nikki to concentrate on Jack and stop worrying about Victor. Victoria also persuades Nikki to tell Sharon she sent the text message from Victor’s phone. Sharon is with Tucker in the main house and is very angry and feels used by Victor and she fears that she won’t get any money from the marriage. Sharon finds Victor’s briefcase and breaks the lock on it. Among his papers she finds the prenuptial agreement. Sharon reads it and Tucker also reads it and confirms that her marriage to Victor was too short for her to get any money from him. Sharon decides to burn the agreement in the fireplace and fight for her share of the money when Victor returns, but Nikki walks in to talk to her just as the papers begin to burn in the fireplace.

Phyllis admits to Nick that she took money from Summer’s trust fund so that Tim could keep quiet about the recording of her session with him where she admitted she hit Paul and Christine with a rental car. Nick tries to stop the transfer to Tim’s account but he is unable to do it. When Phyllis tells her what she did, Avery quits as her lawyer because she can’t trust her to tell the truth. Avery takes over Paul’s case and tells Christine Phyllis fired her. Eden gets hysterical when she remembers being very afraid of Ricky, but she can’t remember anything else about the day he died. Michael turns off the cameras in the interrogation room and tells Paul that he believes he is innocent and he shouldn’t plead guilty. Paul doesn’t want to put his family and friends through a trial so he still wants to plead guilty to Ricky’s murder. Victor is seen walking beside the water of a seaport crying because he is sad that Nikki married Jack.

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