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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy asks Liam how does it feel to hold her fate in his hands. She can go to a tropical paradise and lick her wounds or move back in with the man she loves. Hope tells Rick that she knows Steffy is with Liam right now….wearing as little as possible because it is so hot……..all in trying to convince him to go back to her. Rick tells her that’s worked before, but Hope doesn’t have to hunker down here at her mom’s. She can go to the beach house and claim her man if that is what she wants to do. She could knock Steffy right off the playing field. In Ridge’s office, he and Taylor walk down memory lane by her saying loving him was the best part of her life. But losing him was right up there with the worst. She doesn’t want to see Steffy doing the same thing and ending up feeling second best, like she doesn’t measure up. Ridge says he is sorry; he never regretted one moment he spent with her. He brings up Thorne and she says she can not give herself to another man when so much of her heart belong to him.

Hope tells Rick that this can’t be about Steffy. It has to be her and her convictions. Steffy urges Liam to think of the pros and cons. She lays it on thick about the hot steamy nights they always have, the early morning walks on the beach, the life they share and she would never walk out on him. And then behind door number two, he has Hope who will always bail on him. They said their vows yet Hope now wants another wedding and is not living with Liam. She spies the Bob Hope tape and remarks again that they are so simpatico. Liam says he hears what she is saying. When the going gets tough, Hope heads for the door, but look at him; he heads for his best friend, Steffy. She says he needs to tell Hope that she can not do this to him. Steffy has been with him all the way, always had his back. She gives him one hour – go to Hope, be done with her and then come back to her. Liam knocks on Hope’s door and wants to come in. He laments that he knows she is ticked at him, and he’s genuinely sorry for what happened with Steffy but due to the circumstances Hope is gonna have to give him some forgiveness on that. He knows Hope doesn’t want to come back until they are married, but they are married or can be. He needs her to come home with him and work through this and all he asks is that she come.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

The show is pre-empted for the Olympics!

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Todd tells Carly that he dropped the charges against McBain. Carly determines that since Todd has a new address and a new business, he needs a new woman. He reminds her that the love of his life just dumped him and he is heartbroken. He doesnít want to meet any women. She tells him how heartbroken she was when she and Jax broke up, but she was able to find love again with Johnny. Todd says Jax probably left to protect his assets. Carly says Jax would never do that; that is something his brother Jerry would do. Carly and Todd do a magazine quiz together. Toddís perfect match is number 7, who has Carlyís traits. Carly says itís too bad she is already in a relationship. She doesnít reveal her results. He says he doesnít know why Carly cares about his love life, but if she can find him a number 7, he will try. When Carly leaves, Todd looks in the magazine Carly had and sees that her result was also number 7. Jerry Jax tells Ewen that his sister-in-law Carly Jax will be his next assignment. Jerry looks at a picture of Alexis and wonders if she has missed him. He begins coughing violently.  John McBain goes to Alexisís house with her. He tells Sam that Natalie and Liam are back in Llanview. Sam wishes John safe travels and says she hopes that he and Natalie work things out. He says he will miss her.  A process server comes up and serves John with a restraining order from Natalie and her family. John says he wonít allow Natalie to keep his son away from him. Alexis forbids him to confront Natalie because it would weaken his case.  McBain calls Natalieís father, Clint Buchanan and tells him that he is coming for his son. Alexis says she will draw up the paperwork to establish paternity since John and Natalie were never married. On her way out the door, she receives a call alerting her to a break-in at Wyndemere and asking her to come do a walk-through. Alexis goes to Wyndemere looking for the caretaker and finds Jerry Jacks. Ewen checks on Patrick. Patrick tells him that Elizabeth said that Jason is not a threat to her relationship with Ewen. When Elizabeth returns, Ewen kisses her deeply. She wonders if he is ok. He says he is fine, but thinks about Jerryís order for him to kidnap Josslyn Jacks.

Maxie sees Lulu throwing up in a trash bin in a hallway at General Hospital. Lulu doesnít have any other symptoms. Maxie gleefully suggests that Lulu could be pregnant. Lulu tells Maxie that Olivia had hallucinated that she was pregnant. Maxie wonders if it wasnít a hallucination, but a prophetic vision. Lulu consults a calendar and discovers that she is late, but she still rationalizes that it is just stress. Maxie steps out for a few minutes and returns with a pregnancy test. Jason agrees to train Spinelli in boxing because Spinelli wants to become more appealing to women now that there is no hope of reuniting with Maxie. He reveals that he has joined an online dating service and the other men are buff in their profile pictures. Jason says they are probably fake pictures. Spinelli punches like a little girl to the amusement of the other men in the gym. Jason suggests that Spinelli envision someone whose face he wants to punch. It doesnít help. When Jason shows Spinelli technique, he remembers all the times he found Sam in John McBainís arms.  Spinelli accidentally gets in the way when Jason is taking out his frustration on the heavy bag and Jason accidentally punches Spinelli. While applying ice to his face, Spinelli concludes to Jason that he must have been thinking about Sam kissing John McBain. He opines that seeing that kiss was the catalyst to Jason kissing Elizabeth. Spinelli wonders what is keeping Jason and Sam from getting back together, now that McBain is back in Pennsylvania.  He says he understands the pain that Jason is in, having been through it with Maxie. He observes that Sam has her familyís support, but Jason is going through it alone. He says that he understands Jason wanting to give Sam space, but warns that Sam is slipping away. Jason says he canít force Sam to be where she doesnít want to be. Spinelli doubts that Sam knows what she wants, but that Jason should find out. Spinelli showers and when he returns, he finds Jason gone and a copy of the Sun with John McBainís arrest as the lead story on the floor.  Jason goes to Samís house and finds her, once again, in an embrace with McBain.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Eden undergoes hypnosis in order to try and remember what happened the night Ricky died so she can help Paul before he pleads guilty to Ricky’s murder. Phyllis borrows money from Summer’s trust fund to pay off Tim. She also warns Tim never to return to Genoa City or she will kill him. Avery wonders why the prenuptial agreement Victor and Sharon signed isn’t among the papers that Victor asked him to pick up from his study. Sharon tells Avery she doesn’t know anything about a prenuptial agreement. Avery thinks Sharon isn’t telling the truth and tells Nick about it when she sees him at Crimson Lights. Nick defends Sharon telling Avery he never got the feeling that Sharon was after Victor’s money.

Phyllis is surprised when Nick shows up at the used bookstore a few minutes after Tim left. She tries to think of an excuse for being at the bookstore. Katherine advises Nikki to concentrate on Jack and let Sharon worry about Victor. Nikki and Victor’s stable hand Buck take two of Victor’s horses for a ride along the grounds to see if the their strong connection to Victor can lead them to a clue about his location. Buck later gives Nikki Victor’s cell phone, which he found on his ride along the grounds of the ranch. Nikki tells Buck she will give the phone to the police, but she sends Sharon a text message from Victor. At the main house with Sharon, Tucker says he found out the Newman jet hasn’t been used since her wedding and Victor hasn’t used his passport either. Sharon is startled when she gets the text message from Victor.

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