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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope and Rick come in from a swim. They joke about if it’s that bad living back at home. She hopes she does not turn into the cynical person he is. She can only hope that the good things you want can happen for you. He remarks perhaps that is what denial is. Steffy overhears Taylor tell Ridge that she thinks it is a little strange with the timing that Steffy is asking for time off for a vacation now. She’s mysterious. All she will say is that it will be on a beach; she just doesn’t know where yet. She gloats that is up to Liam when she shows up at his door and tells him that she is moving back in. Dayzee and Marcus enjoy their homecoming. She tells him he better as it is the only one he is gonna get; he is not going away again. They share texts and he tells her Lt. Baker called and informed him they were able to zoom in on the security camera prints and pick up the license plates of the car that did hit Anthony and picked up the guy and he’s in jail. Dayzee says Anthony's surgery went well. Marcus realizes now how very tenuous life is and he will never put himself in that position again.

Hope tells Rick that he’s her big brother so she gets he wants to protect her. But she doesn’t think anybody in this family is qualified to advise her on her love life. He tells her again that Liam is who he is so how is she ever gonna know if she can trust him again. Ridge tells Steffy that Liam needs to finally make up his mind what he wants and not keep doing this to Steffy and to Hope. Liam is lounging around the house and comes across a basket full of souvenirs and one is a video tape of Bob Hope and he remembers his and Steffy’s love for the man. Steffy shows up unannounced, waltzing right on it. He immediately notices her suitcase and asks if she is going somewhere. She doesn’t know. It depends on him……either she is moving back in with him or moving on. She tells him that his life is always in a state of upheaval with Hope moving in and out. She wants a perfect marriage while Steffy doesn't want any more weddings, only him….just to wake up with him, kick sand in his house, sleep late. It has always been so easy with them, so all he has to do is say the word and she will unpack and it can be easy for them again. All he has to do is say “come home."

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

The show is pre-empted for the Olympics!

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Starr berates Todd for printing an article about John attacking him. She wonders what he did to provoke John McBain. He shows her the picture of John kissing Sam. He is overjoyed when she reports that Natalie isnít speaking to John. She tells Todd to drop the charges against John or she will walk out of his life.  He tells her that he is not the only one that was wrong. He says it was wrong for John to kiss Sam and it was wrong for John to come and beat him up. He says that was illegal and he has a right to press charges. Alexis tells John that the best strategy to get out of jail will be to present Todd Manning as the bad guy. He asks her if it isnít a conflict of interest to represent him when Sonny has her on retainer. She says there is no problem now that Sonny isnít a suspect in the murder of Johnís sister. He says he needs to get out soon so he can go to London and work explain things to Natalie. Alexis asks him why he kissed Sam. John says he loves Natalie and doesnít intend to come between Sam and Jason, but he admits that he and Sam have an inexplicable connection. Alexis wonders how deep that connection runs.  Todd goes to the police station and drops the charges against John McBain. He says John can thank Starr. He says that he may not have the satisfaction of seeing John behind bars, but he will have the satisfaction of seeing John crawl through the rest of his life without the woman he loves, just like himself.

Kristina asks Sam if she has feelings for John McBain. Sam admits that she does, but says it doesnít matter because John is going to sort things out with Natalie. Kristina says Sam needs to figure out her feelings for John and Jason. Sam says Kristina should tell her father about her relationship with Trey before he finds out from their mom. Milo takes Trey to the boxing ring with a bag over his head to meet with Sonny. Milo quips that Trey said he wanted to know about the mob. Sonny tells Trey that this is just a friendly sparring match and a way to prove himself. Trey wonders if giving up the show wasnít proof enough. Sonny observes that no one ever does anything without some reward and wonders what Trey wants from Kristina instead. Trey thinks about his father ordering him to marry Kristina. Trey tells Sonny that all he wants is Kristina. Sonny says he wishes Trey had let them know more about him before he started dating Kristina, but thatís ok; they can run a background check. Trey tells Sonny that he is sincere about Kristina and that he intends to marry her. Sonny delivers a powerful punch, knocking Trey to the floor. Kristina arrives at the boxing ring and wonders what happened to Trey. Sonny says he was getting to know her suitor. He says the next time the three of then should have brunch with Alexis and invite Treyís parents to join them. Joe Scully asks John Zacchara to visit him at the prison. Joe observes that being the son of a Zacchara and a Soleito, Johnny is the heir to both families. Johnny says he has a new life now. Joe says that if Johnny doesnít want his due, then he should sign it over to him. Johnny passes. Joe believes that Johnny will come around.

Olivia sees Lulu as being very pregnant. She tells Lulu and Dante that this isnít the first time that she has seen something that wasnít right. She reveals that when she looked into a mirror last night, she saw Heather Webberís face in the reflection. Dante says Olivia should tell Dr. Keenan about whatís been happening. Olivia observes Heather injected her with the same drug that had Heather was institutionalized. Dante goes to find Dr. Keenan. Olivia picks up The Sun and thinks she sees herself on the cover with a caption that says ďCopís Crazy Mom Committed to Ferncliff.Ē Lulu throws up in the in a bin in the hallway.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nikki takes charge of tracking down Victor since she feels Sharon isn’t doing anything but concentrating on her new best friend Tucker. Nikki gets the police to issue an alert for Victor to all the police departments in the surrounding counties and also put wiretaps on all the house phones in case Victor should call. Nikki also tells Nick about Sharon’s sudden friendship with Tucker. Nick advises his mom to concentrate on her new marriage, not Victor and Sharon. Nick heads over to the ranch and tells Sharon she should concentrate on keeping Newman Enterprises going until Victor gets home and not concentrate so much on Tucker.

Neil and Harmony’s first date is a disaster. First they have a mix up about where they are supposed to eat, and then the new waiter at Gloworm brings them the wrong order and spills ice water on Neil. Later the heel of Harmony’s shoe breaks as they head to a closed movie theater. Neil and Harmony think they have been trying too hard on their date, so they decide to get some take out from Crimson Lights and head to a concert in the park. The date gets a whole lot better when Neil and Harmony kiss, unaware that Tucker is watching them. Billy and Victoria argue about how far he is willing to go to get a story for the TV show. Victoria hopes that Billy doesn’t become heartless and not care whom he hurts in order to get a story. Billy admits to Victoria that he is afraid to fail with the show and even though he looked calm, he was nervous in front of the cameras that people wouldn’t like the show. Phyllis arrives and asks Billy not to put the information he has about her on the show because they are family. Billy tells Phyllis that he is just doing his job, but she thinks he has no sense of decency. Victoria defends Billy by saying that Phyllis never cared whom she hurt when she was editor of the magazine. Victoria thinks Phyllis has something to hide because she came and confronted Billy, and she seemed nervous and scared a secret would come out about her. Billy thinks Victoria is right and is very determined to find out Phyllis’s secret. Jack promotes Cane to interim head of Public Relations until Jill returns from taking care of Philip.

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