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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Marcus marches into Dayzee’s with Dayzee on his arm and with Caroline and Thomas. They tell everyone that the charges were dropped. They explain that Marcus didn’t hit Anthony after all; someone else did. The security tape proved it. Dayzee says they are so grateful. Rick is working out and Hope happens upon the scene. Briefly she says she guesses her mom filled him in on her leaving Liam. She knows a lot of people think she is over-reacting. She remarks that she still loves Liam but is not ready to let this go. Steffy calls Liam to check up on him but the doorbell rings so he’s gotta go. It’s Katie who makes a snide remark about Steffy being on the phone. She tells Liam that she is there to convince him to stay with his wife and she shouldn’t have to do that. He says it is Hope that left him; he is not giving up. She says good but she knows the Spencer men don’t like a woman walking out, but for Heaven’s sake don’t let Steffy walk in. He shouldn’t lose his wife over this. Give her some space and think about it the next time Steffy comes sniffing around. Taylor talks to her daughter and Steffy admits she saw Liam that morning and they walked on the beach…..just like when they were married. Brooke walks in and admonishes her to stay away from Liam; let Hope and Liam work this out.

Marcus has no idea if Anthony is still upset with him or not. Anthony walks in on his crutches and says he is not. He apologizes to Marcus for accusing him of hitting him when he was only trying to help. He knows he has no right to ask but he’d like Marcus’s forgiveness. Marcus said he did wrong too. They hug and say they are good now. Rick tells Hope that he knows breaking up is tough, but she’s got to quit defending Liam. He misbehaved badly on his wedding day. He’s a head case who can’t make up his mind over two girls; she doesn’t need that. He’s stuck on Steffy now and it isn’t gonna stop. Hope says she has to believe that she is the only girl in Liam’s life and she will deal with their wedding day in time. Rick jokes that at least she needs to get a big diamond necklace out of it or Super Bowl tickets which he’d take off her hands. She says she is not for sale. She drops in on Steffy who refers to her and Liam as “us”. She says they messed up, but they have apologized repeatedly and now it’s Hope who won’t accept it. None of them are perfect and there’s not much more they can do. She advises Hope that if she loves Liam, then go back to him. Otherwise she could lose him to Steffy as she will be there for him. Hope tells her that she ruined her wedding day and now she is messing with her marriage. Steffy points out that Hope is doing just fine in that department all by herself. She’s not fit to be his wife when she keeps walking out on him. Hope demands that Steffy leave Liam alone, that is the least she can do; keep the hell away from him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

The show is pre-empted for the Olympics!

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Padilla tells Heather that she is going back to Ferncliff today. Heather calls Todd and threatens him. Dante arrests John McBain for assaulting Todd Manning. Dante gives Todd the opportunity to drop the charges against McBain. Todd laughs. Dante and Sam suggest that John use Alexis as his attorney. Dante takes John to the station where Padilla handcuffs him in a chair back-to-back with Heather Webber who tells him that any enemy of Toddís is a friend of hers. She asks him to tell her about his history with Todd and that his secrets are safe with her. He observes that that she is a gossip columnist. He tells her that he is also aware that she is the psycho killer who went after Danteís mother. She tells him that she has information about Todd that he and Sam would be very interested in knowing. Sam and Alexis go to the station. Heather asks Alexis to represent her and says that her son will pay her fee. Heather says she will tell Sam what she knows about her baby if Alexis agrees to represent her and get all the charges against her dropped. Alexis refuses, saying that she is capable of doing all of that, but she wonít waste her time representing a sociopath. Padilla escorts Heather to her transport back to Ferncliff. Passing in the hallway, Heather tells Dante to give her regards to his mother.

Carly goes to Toddís office and says she got noise complaint. Judging by his appearance, she concludes that he got into a fight. She picks up papers from the floor and among them is the picture of John McBain kissing Sam. He tells her that Heather took the picture and he refused to publish it. He says he doesnít want to make an enemy of Samís husband, the hit man. Carly says Todd didnít publish it because he is protecting Sam. Carly asks Todd why he sent that picture to John. Todd clarifies that he didnít send it to John; he sent it to Johnís girlfriend. She concludes that he wanted to ruin McBainís relationship because he blames McBain for ruining his relationship with Blair. She suggests that he let it go and move on instead of lashing out at everyone else. He concludes that ďeverybodyĒ means Johnny and assures her that Johnny isnít at the top of his list anymore because she asked him to back off. Johnny overhears Starr promising Trey that she will keep his secret and asks what the secret is. Trey says itís none of his business. Johnny says he isnít ok with any secrets that involve Kristina and makes a crack about Trey exploiting Kristina with his reality show. Trey tells him that he scrapped ďMob PrincessĒ because he didnít want to hurt Kristina. Starr says the secret isnít about Kristina, anyway. After Trey leaves, Johnny presses Starr to tell him the secret, but she wonít budge. Starr tells Johnny that it seems as if he is keeping something from her. He says it is guilt about her family dying. He almost tells her what really happened. She asks him to stop blaming himself. He tells her that he and Todd reached an agreement to keep the peace because they both care about her. Trey goes to visit Kristina. She takes off his shirt and they make out on the living room sofa. His medallion falls off. They go for a swim and then return to making out.

Ewen tries to tell Elizabeth something important and personal, but their phones keep ringing. Steven calls Elizabeth and asks her to tell Ewen that Olivia is awake. Olivia is largely unresponsive. Steven encourages her to talk and asks her if she knows his name. She says he is Steven Lars. Ewen arrives to check on Olivia. Steve tells him that Olivia hasnít said much, but that she called him the name that only his mother uses. Ewen tells Steve to give Olivia a few days to get her bearings back. Ewen asks her if she knows who he is. Olivia cries as she recognizes Ewen, Steve, and Elizabeth. She remembers being injected. Steve calls Dante to tell him that Olivia is awake. After determining that Olivia is alright, Ewen and Elizabeth leave the room. She asks him if he wants to continue their conversation from earlier. He gets a text message from Jerry Jacks warning him not to involve Elizabeth. He tells Elizabeth that he wanted to tell him that he cares for her more every day and hopes that they can continue seeing each other. Olivia asks Elizabeth for a mirror. When she looks at her reflection, she sees Heatherís face.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Adam discovers that a website very similar to Tag N Grab is set to launch tomorrow, but thanks to Kevinís computer skills it is able to launch early before the other website. Chelsea tells Victoria that she and Adam are working on starting a family and assures her that while she will always remember Johnny, she never had any intention of taking Johnny away from her because he belongs with her and Billy. Victoria is relieved and she and Chelsea agree not to be tense around each other anymore.

The Restless Style TV show airs its first episode and everything is pretty boring until Abby tells everyone about Sharon and Victor’s wedding, since Billy promised Victoria he wouldn’t talk about the story. Rafe manages to get Billy’s gag order lifted so he is able to talk about the Phyllis story before the show ends. Billy promises a big scoop about Phyllis for next week’s show. Phyllis calls Tim to see if he spoke to Billy. He assures her he hasn’t told anyone about the tape with her confession on it. Phyllis warns Tim he better keep his mouth shut or he won’t get any money from her. Neil tells Harmony he is ready to go on their first date. Billy thinks Victoria will be mad at him when she shows up at his office, but she tells him that she is too happy about her truce with Chelsea and that Chelsea and Adam are working on starting a family to be mad at him about the Victor story. Billy admits to Victoria that he doesn’t have a big scoop on Phyllis and he only has one week to find some information or he is in big trouble.

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