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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

An emergency hearing is called for Marcus, and Justin tells him that he will get him out of here. Thomas says they have proof that Marcus didn’t hit Anthony. The judge allows the evidence. Liam calls Hope but she’s not ready yet to come over and talk. She still needs more time. Ridge is surprised that Steffy went over to talk to Liam last night. She remarks that she just went to check since Hope is over-reacting and being way too hard on Liam. Hope shouldn’t be in this marriage; and Steffy can’t support it any more. She thinks everything that has happened was fate. Bill stops in on Liam and also is surprised that Hope tore up the papers and walked out on Liam again. This is the thanks he gets for finally accepting her and welcoming her into the family. He advises Liam to stop moping; get his pants on and come to the office. Brooke tells Hope that she loves Liam so she needs to find some forgiveness and go back to his house to work this out.

Thomas shows the court the footage of the security camera outside of Dayzee’s the night that Anthony stepped off the curb and another car hit him while Marcus hit a pothole. Everyone is jubilant that it wasn’t Marcus who hit Anthony. The judge dismisses the case with only a fine against Marcus for texting while driving. He promises Dayzee that he’s going to be the husband to her and the father to Rosie that he said he would. Steffy comes back to check on Liam. She thinks it’s a terrible idea that he’s going to the office, and she entices him to take a walk with her on the beach instead. She gets soaked.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

The show is pre-empted for the Olympics!

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sonny goes to General Hospital to check on Olivia. He tells Dante that he can come to him if he needs anything. The two of them catch up on what’s happening with everyone else in the family. Sonny tells Dante that “Mob Princess” is over, but he knows Trey quit the show because he has an agenda. He says Trey must have his eye on a bigger payoff. Kristina tells Alexis that Trey gave up “Mob Princess” for her. Alexis finds it unusual that he would drop a project that was so important to him so suddenly. Kristina refuses to consider the possibility that Trey has another agenda. Alexis tells her that she and Sonny just want to protect her after her experience with Kiefer. Kristina wants to be able to make her own choices and face her own consequences without parental interference. Alexis admits that she got Kristina into Yale as a way to get her away from Ethan and she apologizes for it. Kristina asks her to accept her relationship with Trey. Alexis says she will try to appreciate what Kristina sees in Trey. Trey asks Starr for her key to the apartment because he locked his inside. She asks him what is bothering him. He says he just has a lot on his mind because he dropped ‘Mob Princess” so he could date Kristina. She says something else is making him unhappy. He reveals that his father is in jail for someone else’s crime. He then considers that his father has never talked about his past, so his father may be different from his perception of him. She says she knows how that feels. She tells him that the last time her father was in jail he convinced her that he was innocent and got her to break him out of jail, and then it turned out that he was guilty and had lied to her. He tells her that his father hasn’t asked him to do anything that radical. He tells her that no one else can know about his father’s situation, especially not Kristina. She says she will keep his secret and cautions him to think it through before he does what his father is asking him to do.

John McBain goes to Todd’s office and says Todd will pay for sending the picture of John and Sam’s kiss to Natalie. Todd says Natalie had the right to know. John says Todd could have come after him without hurting Natalie. He concludes that Todd just wanted to get back at him. Todd admits that it was payback for John messing things up between Blair and him. He says that Blair told him that the moment John burst into their bedroom, her whole life fell apart and now he is glad that Natalie’s world is blown apart too. John punches Todd in the face and says he is just getting started. He hits Todd a few more times, and then Sam gets him out of there and takes him to a bench outside to cool down. Todd calls the police to report the assault. Dante gets the assignment. He finds John and tells him that he is under arrest.

Jerry Jacks warns Ewen not to let it slip to Elizabeth that they are working together. Ewen doesn’t want to talk about Elizabeth and tells Jerry that since he has done what Jerry wanted, their association is over. Jerry tells him that they have just begun. He says Robin’s apparent death was just a means to an end and that there is much more to do. Ewen doesn’t want any part of it. Jerry tells Ewen that there is no way out. Ewen threatens to go to the authorities and tell them what he knows about Robin. Jerry points out that Ewen arranged everything that happened with Robin, so he would be the one going to prison. Jerry says the better alternative is for Ewen to do what he’s told and keep his mouth shut. After Ewen leaves, Jerry says to himself that he doesn’t like Keenan because he is a hypocrite whose hands are even dirtier than Jerry’s. Jerry starts coughing and has to sit down. He says to himself that one way or another, Keenan won’t have to deal with him much longer. Elizabeth tells Jason that Ewen Keenan was living at Wyndemere while he was treating Helena Cassadine’s daughter and that he anonymously saved her from drowning when Lisa Niles pushed her overboard. Jason wonders why Ewen was so secretive about it and asks Elizabeth if she is sure that she can trust him. She tells him about meeting Dr. Keenan at Shady Brook and his letting her think he was a patient. She concludes that in spite of his quirks he has always been nice to her. Jason tells her that she should date Ewen if he makes her happy, but he is uncomfortable knowing that he was associated with Helena Cassadine. Elizabeth thinks Jason just has a suspicious nature. Aiden chokes. Elizabeth panics. Ewen comes into Kelly’s. Jason tells him what just happened. He tells Ewen that Elizabeth is very important to him and then he leaves.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Tucker arrives at the ranch for a meeting with Victor to find a drunken Sharon feeling hurt and used by Victor. Sharon is determined to go to Nikki’s wedding to look for her husband so Tucker drives her, because she isn’t in any condition to operate a vehicle. Sharon arrives at the wedding reception demanding that Nikki tell her where Victor is, but Nikki has no idea and orders her to leave her house. Sharon refuses to leave and starts telling Nikki that she doesn’t want to be like her an alcoholic former stripper. After Nikki throws her in the pool, then Tucker takes Sharon back to the ranch. Sharon kisses Tucker before she passes out. He covers her with a blanket and turns off the lights in the living room before he leaves. Angry that Billy didn’t show her Victor’s video before he put it on the "Restless Style" website, Victoria refuses his help to look for Victor and later refuses to discuss him when she gets home.

Nick and Abby are also worried about Victor but Nick says that it’s a classic Victor move to leave when things don’t go the way he wants. He is just upset he couldn’t ruin Nikki’s wedding. Paul and Christine argue because he wants to plead guilty so he asks her to stop being his lawyer and be his friend. Christine agrees and Paul tells her to go back to her job and not worry about him because he will be okay. Tim wants Phyllis to sleep with him or pay him a lot of money not to play the tape of their session to the police. Phyllis tells Tim that she doesn’t have all the money he wants but she will find a way to get it. Eden agrees to Heather’s idea of hypnosis to try and remember what happened the night Ricky died. Jack and Nikki make love. After he falls asleep, Nikki goes out to the garden to call Victor, because she is worried something happened to him.

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