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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy tells Liam that Hope needs to grow up. She can't just walk out on him and she told her that. But Steffy admits that she made a mistake that day at the wedding. She should not have advised him to go after Hope. Hope might be innocent, but she's crazy. She wonders if Liam hasn't had enough. He's beside himself when he hears Steffy say that Hope offered her her wedding ring. That day was ruined for Hope and Liam shouldn't tie himself to her for the rest of his life. Hope explains to Brooke that she needs some time here at her house and not with Liam. Brooke advises her to take all the time she needs but just to make sure Liam knows that she is coming back to him to work this out. Marcus holds Dayzee and kisses her passionately and then realizes they are on camera and not allowed to touch. Thomas and Caroline are at Dayzee's looking at the security camera footage for that night that Anthony was hit. Justin manages to get a bond hearing with the judge and pleads Marcus's case that he admits to his wrongdoing and will never do this again.

Detective Baker is allowed to make a statement and informs the judge that Marcus is a serial texter making 157 texts on that day. The judge makes Dayzee sit down with no more outbursts or he will clear the courtroom. After hearing from both sides, the judge rules that Marcus will be held over for trial without bond; he is to be remanded to the county jail. Hope tells her mom that she is just taking a step back, she thinks she is allowed that after all her husband almost left her. She is not stupid, Steffy is a trap. She is probably over there right now. Steffy keeps feeding Liam what he wants to hear. Hope is a child; he doesn't need to be saddled with that every time something goes wrong and she walks out on him. She's moved in and out of this house so many times. He originally tore up the annulment papers and there was a reason for that. Hope is not the person for him; Steffy is. She doesn't believe what happened in Italy was just because of the letter. It was because they were connected. He needs to let go of the past and look toward the future with her. She leans in and kisses him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

The show is pre-empted for the Olympics!

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Starr goes to Todd’s office and reveals that Johnny told her about the camera Todd had planted. She asks him to respect the boundaries she sets. He says he will and then immediately calls Johnny to ask what he is doing. Johnny glibly says he thought Starr should know that the two of them came to a meeting of the minds. Johnny hangs up on Todd when Dante walks into the Haunted Star. Dante says he wasn’t to talk to Johnny about Lulu. He tells Johnny he was a jerk and won’t stand in Lulu’s way anymore. Johnny asks how Olivia is doing and says he still cares about her well-being. Dante asks him why she was blackmailing Olivia’s boyfriend, then. Starr comes into the Haunted Starr, interrupting their conversation. Dante says Anthony’s murder investigation is still open. Starr wonders why when they have already arrested Heather Webber. Dante says Heather, Luke, and Tracy could face charges of obstructing justice by moving the body, but all the evidence indicates that Anthony was already dead when they found him. Starr wonders if Kate’s Howard’s alter killed Anthony since she tried before. Dante says Kate was in custody at the time. Starr concludes that two people wanted Anthony dead. Johnny says Anthony had a lot of enemies. Dante says Johnny was one of them. Johnny denies killing Anthony. Dante tells Johnny that if he is innocent then he has nothing to lose my coming forward with any information he may have that would help them solve the case. Maxie confronts Lulu about not telling her that Patrick is in rehab. Lulu says she didn’t intentionally keep it from her; her father and Olivia were both brought into the hospital that same night so she was preoccupied. Maxie recalls that before that, Lulu lied to her and said Patrick was at the Haunted Star because he had forgotten something. Lulu explains that she couldn’t say anything more because Patrick was standing right there hallucinating Robin. Maxie says she is just glad Patrick is getting help. Lulu tells her that Dr. Ewen Keenan has taken a personal interest in Patrick’s case. Lulu tells Maxie about her recent fight with Dante. She says it was partly because she wanted to maintain her individuality and another part Johnny Zacchara. She asks Maxie about her marriage. She says she gets to visit Matt once a week in prison and that Matt is working as an orderly at the prison infirmary. Dante runs into Lulu at General Hospital and tells her about his visit with Johnny.

Jason runs into Sam at Kelly’s. He says they should talk about their marriage. Sam agrees, then Elizabeth comes in and Sam rushes out. Jason apologizes again to Elizabeth about the kiss and says he doesn’t want to mess things up with Elizabeth and Dr. Keenan. She tells him that things have slowed down with Dr. Keenan because of her relationship with Jason. She tells him that Ewan asked Steve and Patrick about her relationship with Jason and concluded that she and Jason were more than friends. She says she also slowed things down because she didn’t want her kids to get too attached to someone who wasn’t going to be there. She reveals that something that happened on Spoon Island makes her wary of Ewen. Jerry Jacks meets Ewen at Wyndemere. Ewan tells him that Robin is at the clinic in Switzerland and that she is semi-lucid with no idea of her surroundings. He says Anna left Ferncliff convinced that Robin had never been there and that Heather’s statements were lies. Jerry warns Ewen not to underestimate Anna Devane’s instincts. Jerry thanks Ewen for all his help in accomplishing their goals, by getting them unrestricted access to the General Hospital lab, smuggling Robin out, providing the anonymous charred corpse, and altering the DNA results. He gleefully gloats that Robin’s family think she is dead and no one cares about an anonymous mental patient in Switzerland. Ewen tells Jerry that Maxie Jones blames herself for the blast in the lab. Jerry feigns concern about Maxie blaming herself for an accident that never happened. He rhetorically asks Ewen whether he thinks it is worse to kill someone or to leave them alive and have their loved ones grieve for no reason. He says he has heard that Ewen is treating Robin’s husband. Ewen confirms that Patrick is having trouble coping. Jerry wants all the details of Robin’s transfer. Ewen says he has to go because he has plans. Jerry asks him if his plans are with Elizabeth Webber. He says he makes a point of knowing everything about the people he works with. He remembers fondly when Elizabeth was his hostage and at the time, she was pregnant with Jason’s baby and married to Lucky Spencer. He asks Ewen if he thinks it is wise for him to chat up Jason’s woman. Ewen says Jason is married to someone else. Jerry says that doesn’t matter. Ewan asks Jerry to stop talking about Elizabeth because he likes her. Jerry is disappointed to hear that. He says love makes people sloppy. Ewen says he hasn’t said anything to Elizabeth. Jerry tells him to keep it that way because he wouldn’t want anyone to know that he was working for him.

John goes home in Llanview and finds that Natalie and Liam are gone, but the photo of him kissing Sam is there. Natalie’s father Clint Buchanan’s driver rings the doorbell and gives John a message from Natalie. The message says she hopes it was worth it and that he has all the time in the world to decide with a definitive “Goodbye” closing. The driver tells John that he took Natalie to the airport. John calls Natalie. She tells him that she is going to her family in London. He says he will be on the next flight. She informs him that she took his passport. He says that won’t stop him. She hangs up on him. In the wastebasket, John sees the envelope that the picture came in, along with Todd’s note saying Natalie had the right to know what kind of man John really is. Todd asks Sam to get something from his safe. She coyly says he never gave her the combination. He says it is open. He tells her to get a piece of paper out of it that is for her. The paper says “You’re Fired.” He tells her that he knows she opened his safe yesterday. He asks her what she was looking for. She says she doesn’t know but she thought it might have something to do with her baby. She admits to him that she and Spinelli have been investigating Heather. She says they surmised that Heather was holding something over Todd and wanted to find out what it was. She asks him why he hired her, why he came to her baby’s memorial, why he had the article about the baby’s death in his hotel room., and why in general he is so interested in her and her baby. He tells her that he took an interest in her and her baby because he was grieving for his granddaughter who had recently died in a car crash. He says he hired her because she came to him in a crisis and asked for a job. He says he helps people with their problems. John McBain comes into Todd’s office and says he is going to pay for what he did.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Nikki and Jack’s wedding begins but Nikki gets a surprise when Jack stands for the ceremony. Victor and Sharon go out for lunch at Gloworm and are congratulated by Gloria, Adam, and Chelsea. Kyle lets Eden know that Jack is marrying Nikki today. Kyle and Eden kiss and make love. Jack and Nikki are married with a reception that follows. Victoria becomes upset with Billy when he posts the video of Victor and Sharon getting married on the internet. Ashley says goodbye to family, friends, and Genoa City for the bright lights of New York. Ashley stops by Victor’s to let him know that she is leaving town and to keep an eye on Abby for her. Victor and Sharon go for a ride on horseback. When he gallops ahead of her, she can't keep up and returns to the stables. Jack finds out that Victor stopped by the house before the wedding and that was why Nikki was late. Sharon sees that his horse is back, but there is no sign of Victor.

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