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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam hugs Hope and tells her to forget about the video tape, forget Steffy and what happened in Italy. None of that matters. He loves her and wants to stay married. She replies that she loves him too, and she wishes she could say none of the other stuff mattered, she has these papers that must be filed. She knows Liam was confused when Deacon showed up and left that letter, but that does not make it okay. It ultimately comes down to they are not officially married and she is not sure she wants a lifelong commitment to someone who would jump in bed or kiss another woman on their wedding day. All the reasons and explanations he is giving her does not change anything. Yet now he expects her to get over it. Steffy explains to her mother that Hope offered Liam back to her and she told Hope that was foolish. Yes, she'd like to have her husband back, but she's not going to jump in every time they have a mood swing. Not so long ago, yes she would have taken that ring and run, but that is just not where she is anymore. Justin stops in and tells Marcus and Dayzee that it's all set; the judge will be calling Marcus into chambers as soon as he reviews the file. Marcus hopes he can be home and all this cleared up before his mother hears about it.

Stephanie tells Dayzee this is a heck of a way to start her marriage. Dayzee agrees, but hopes all will end up well and Marcus has learned his lesson to not text and drive again. She is hoping Anthony will come through reconstructive surgery better than ever and he too will realize Marcus did not intend to harm him. Thomas and Caroline go to Dayzee's and want to look at the security camera for the night that Anthony was hit. Brooke tells Steffy in front of Taylor that she does not want her to interfere anymore with Hope and Liam's marriage; just stay away while they work this out. Taylor objects, saying Brooke has no right in telling Steffy who she can and can't see. she loves Liam and always will have a strong connection to him. And she points out it was Hope who sought out Steffy and offered Liam back to her. Steffy says Hope is acting like Little Miss Perfect and she is going to lose Liam like that if she walks away every time some little thing happens. She advised Hope to go home and move on with her life; she hopes that is what she is doing. Liam tells Hope that yes he kissed Steffy and yes she told him to go after Hope and find out the reason for the note, and try to marry her but he didn't need her permission. He married Hope because he wanted to. Hope wonders what would have happened if Steffy had told him not to marry Hope but come away with her instead. Liam said that didn't happen and they are married, just the papers need to be signed to make it official. He asks Hope not to keep holding this little detail over his head. They can make this marriage happen, but she has to tell him this is what she wants. She replies that it is not as simple as that. She needs time.......time away from him, maybe back at her mom's. He can't see how that will help if they are not in the same house working on this. She says she is sorry and leaves. Taylor tells Brooke it's time she lets Hope think for herself and she shouldn't have to settle for being second to Steffy. And if she has given up on Liam, then Brooke needs to accept that. Steffy is not far behind Hope's leaving. She can't believe that Hope has left him once again. Steffy feels like she took a step back but maybe this all happened for the best. It's time Liam lets Hope go.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

The show is pre-empted for the Olympics!

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Dante and Lulu discuss their marriage. Lulu is upset that they fight so much. She says she is trying to find her path. Dante admits that he was jealous of Johnny.  He says he will support her plans and that if they work together, they will have a happy life together.  They apologize to each other for everything, declare their love for each other, and seal the deal in bed.

Sonny tells Jason about Kateís son with Joe Scully Junior and that Joe said the baby had died. He says Joe made a veiled threat against his kids so he wants Jason to tighten security. Jason asks if he should run a background check on Trey, but Sonny doesnít think that is necessary since the show is over. Sonny tells Jason that Kristina was wondering if he and Sam are going to work things out. Jason says Sam still blames him for her babyís death and canít forgive him. Sonny encourages Jason to talk to Sam.  Sam tells Alexis that the Trey cancelled ďMob PrincessĒ and the crew is leaving but Trey is staying in Port Charles. She speculates that he shut down the show so that he and Kristina can date. Alexis tells Sam and Jason should talk. Sam tells her about Jason seeing her kissing John McBain and then Jason kissing Elizabeth. Sam makes the distinction that her kiss with John was just two people needing comfort, but that Jason and Elizabeth have a connection through their son, even though he is dead. Alexis asks Sam if she wants a divorce. Sam says she isnít ready to decide.

Elizabeth and Ewen go to lunch at the Floating Rib and run into Sonny and Jason.  Elizabeth keeps staring at Jason. Ewen asks Elizabeth if she is uncomfortable. Sonny notices an odd chemistry between Jason and Elizabeth and asks Jason if something is going on with him and Elizabeth. Jason tells Sonny about Sam kissing John McBain and then him kissing Elizabeth. He says he doesnít want to hurt Sam or Elizabeth. Sonny says Sam is still Jasonís wife regardless of what has happened. He asks Jason to remember how bad Sonny got when Brenda left him and advises him not to let it get that bad. He says that if Jason doesnít think he and Elizabeth can make it, then they should end it for everybodyís sake. Jason says he wonít initiate a divorce. He says he made a life with Sam and he doesnít want to walk away. Turning the subject back to Joe Junior, Sonny tells Jason that he is certain that Joe already has a plan to make a move against his kids so they need to watch for him to make a mistake. Trey kisses Kristina. He tells her that he has always had feelings for her. She stops him from kissing her again and says that she isnít ready to sleep with him. She tells her that she hasnít been with anyone since her high school boyfriend, Kiefer, who abused her. He assures her that he would never hit her and says they can go as slow as she needs. Joe Junior calls Trey. Trey tells him that he doesnít feel comfortable using Kristina, but he ultimately agrees to marry her because his father wants him to.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Chelsea takes a pregnancy test to see if she is pregnant. Jack hurriedly gets rid of Nikki so that he and Sarge can work on his walking before the wedding. Sharon is taken aback when Victor hands her a pre-nuptial agreement to sign. Traci persuades Ashley to move to New York with her. Phyllis meets Tim at the library to talk. Tim plays Phyllis a recording of one of her sessions with him. Abby interrupts Ashley and Traci. Jack attempts to walk but fails miserably. Nikki visits the ranch to take a horse ride but is surprised when she finds out that Victor left town. Nikki looks through the wedding album on the table. Victor tells Sharon to share her feelings with him. Sharon opens up to Victor but is surprised by the hefty settlement she will get if they get divorce. Sharon agrees to marry Victor. Chelsea finds out she isn’t pregnant, but they decide to start trying for a baby. The wedding ceremony begins but Victor surprises her with a diamond engagement ring. Nick informs Victoria that Phyllis was involved with Tim. Tim tells Phyllis that he will give her the tape for one more kiss.

Ashley lets Abby know that she is moving to New York. Jack attempts to stand, but has to be caught from falling by Billy and Sarge. Sharon and Victor are married aboard the jet. Victor calls Billy to let him know that he and Sharon are married and he is sending him a video to be shown. Ashley lets Tucker know that she is moving to New York. She gives Tucker his engagement ring and wedding band. Through tears, Tucker accepts the rings. When Victoria and Nikki arrive for the wedding, Jack asks to speak to Nikki. Victor surprises Nikki by arriving for her wedding. Nikki demands to know why he is there to ruin her special day. Billy lets Victoria know that Victor and Sharon have wed. When Sharon finds Victor gone, she goes looking for him.

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