Wednesday 8/1/12 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope holds up her wedding ring and tells Steffy that if she wants Liam, he can now be hers. She demands Steffy take it as she is not teasing her. She wanted this so badly, so take it!. Steffy warns her to be mad at Steffy but not to trash her whole marriage or blame this on her. She does not want her husband like this. Life throws you curveballs and you either have to dodge them or catch them. Hope has both morals and standards and she has Liam. Hope says she doesn't want him. Liam looks at the papers and is exasperated when he tells Brooke he doesn't know how he is gonna reach Hope; she tore up the papers. All Hope can think of now is what happened between him and Steffy in that hotel room. And even if Hope still loves him doesn't mean they will stay together as Brooke suggests. She admits Hope is hurt and disillusioned and is not sure of the man she married. He reckons he deserves that. Dayzee and Marcus can't touch but they stand and thank their friends plus his dad and Bill for coming through so they can have the bond hearing tonight. Caroline and Thomas kiss, almost have to be torn apart. They discuss Anthony and how time is so short, they can't waste a minute of it. Thomas needs to go to the auto shop where Marcus's car is in for repairs now that the police have released it......the sooner the better and then they can get back to something else. They think it strange when they find out all that is wrong with the car is a flat tire and a busted rim. Moments later they too have a flat tire and a busted rim; they have hit a manhole.

Steffy tells Hope that in a perfect world perhaps Liam would have found the note where she said goodbye, and he would not have jumped to conclusions, but this is not a perfect world. People makes mistakes but Liam loves her; he married her. Hope says yes but Steffy was there in the closet, just fresh from rolling around on the bed with Liam and listened to them as he lied to Hope and Steffy; let her think that it was Hope that Liam wanted. Steffy says she realized that in that one moment, and she told Liam to go after Hope and to marry her. It was the hardest thing she's ever done, so don't let it go for naught. Hope admits that she invited Steffy to Italy because she loved her and wanted her back in her life, but now she does not love her; she hates her. Steffy quickly calls Liam and he thanks her for telling Hope that she'd be a fool to leave Liam. Brooke fills Katie in on what's happening as Hope walks in. Brooke is shocked when Hope tells her that she took off her ring and tried to hand it to Steffy. Brooke says she can not do that; just hand him over to Steffy. Both of them urge Hope to go hope and talk to her husband. Liam tells her that he is glad she came home. He also is sorry for what he put her through. He doesn't care what those papers say, they are married and he still loves her. They looked into each other's eyes and promised to death they do part; he is not giving her up.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

The show is pre-empted for the Olympics!

GH Recap Written by Brenda

T.J. tells Shawn about his date with Molly. Shawn is so preoccupied with thinking about Alexis taking off her shirt last night that he over pours his juice and makes mess. T.J. observes that Shawn has been acting weird since last night and wonders if Alexis got to him with her arguments against him dating Molly without a chaperone. Shawn tells him that Alexis didnít do anything and that T.J. needs to respect her. Alexis goes to the Floating rib looking for her phone that she lost last night. She recalls Shawn taking off his shirt last night in their game of strip pool. She tells the man bending over behind the bar that she lost something. Mac stands up and asks her if she lost her underwear. He produces a brightly colored sparkly thong from the lost and found box and asks it is hers. She sarcastically asks him if it looks like hers, and says she is looking for her phone. She wonders why he is there. He tells her that he is the new bartender. He tells her that he heard she was hustling Shawn at the pool table and asks her how she and Shawn got together. She tells him that she and Shawn were going to chaperone Molly and T.J.ís date, but ended up coming to the Floating Rib to wait it out and then Shawn said she was an uptight prude so she had to prove him wrong because she is tired of people saying that about her. Mac that Shawn is making Alexis blush in a way he has never seen before. She changes the subject and says she heard that he and Felicia are back together. He confirms it and says they are happy. He says that maybe she will find some happiness with Shawn. She asks him why coupled people always want single people to become couples. He tells her that she should ask Shawn out. Alexis goes to Kellyís to ask Shawn out, but before she can say anything, another woman runs up to him and kisses him.

Steve worries about Olivia. Elizabeth assures him that Ewen will take good care of her. Steve just wants to be there when Olivia wakes up. She tells him that she and Ewen are going on another date because Patrick convinced her to try again. Ewen apologizes to unconscious Patrick for taking Robin away from him. Lulu overhears and asks how he is keeping Robin away from Patrick. He takes her out of the room and blasts her for barging in on a patient.  He tells her that Patrick doesnít see visions of Robin since he stopped taking the drugs. He says Patrick will recover. Ewan goes back to Patrick, who is now awake and having withdrawals. Ewen assures him that he will get through it. Patrick wonders how Ewen can be so sure. Ewan reveals that he has been through losing someone close to him. Ewan steps outside to take a mysterious phone call. He tells the person that Robin was transferred to Switzerland, Anna doesnít know about it, and no one knows that they are working together. Elizabeth interrupts his call. Dante runs into Lulu at the hospital and wonders why she is on that floor instead of the one her fatherís room is on. She tells him about Patrickís condition, and apologizes for not telling him sooner. He tells her that he understands. They go home and he confronts her about saying the letter she got from her father was a bill. She says that after having read her letter, it should be obvious why she didnít want to share it. He reads aloud the part that says that Lulu is a free spirit, forever isnít for Spencers, and that when she feels the itch to fly she should just go. He asks her if she took that to heart. She admits that it made her wonder a little bit about their relationship. He asks her if she believes that forever isnít for them.

Trey recalls his conversation with his father, during which Joe Junior told him that he has to marry Kristina to bring down Sonny. Kristina goes to Treyís apartment and asks him what made him change his mind about the show. He says his father did. He tells her that after his father went missing he realized that he could have lost him and that led him to realize that continuing ďMob PrincessĒ could cause her to lose her father, too and he decided that the show isnít worth tearing her family apart. She cries and says that with the show over, he has no reason to stay in Port Charles. He says she is a reason to stay. He says he likes her. They kiss. Joe Junior rhetorically talks to Trey, who isnít there, and says he is his secret weapon to bring down Sonny. Sonny goes to the jail and asks Joe Junior how he found out that Kate had a baby. He reveals that Father OíBrian told him. He tells him that Connie wanted an abortion but that he didnít think she went through with it and that he had heard she went to a boarding house. He interjects that abortion is against their religion. Sonny shoots back that rape is against their religion too. Joe Junior says he found the boarding house, but Connie was already gone and the baby was dead in the dresser drawer. Sonny asks him for the name of the boarding house and the caretaker. Joe says he doesnít remember and says Sonny should ask Kate. Joe says Sonny should have compassion for him because Connie killed his only son. He asks Sonny how he would feel if someone killed one of his kids. Sonny tells him that if he tries to harm one of his children, he will take him out.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Billy and Victoria spend time with Johnny not knowing that John is there. Jack calls Billy to ask him to come over. Sharon and Chelsea meet at Gloworm and exchange pleasantries. In leaving, Chelsea loses a home pregnancy test which Sharon finds and puts in the garbage. Kevin and Chloe find out that Adam met with one of the business associates without their knowledge. Victor and Nikki bump into each other at Gloworm. Adam and Kevin argue over the fact that he didn’t notified them about the meeting with the business contact. Nikki asks Victor what he and Jack talked about on the elevator. Victor kisses Nikki on the cheek before he leaves. Jack asks Billy to be his best man at his wedding. Traci and Ashley arrive and interrupt Billy and Jack. Sofia and Neil argue over the fact that she turned down the job of a lifetime because Neil didn’t wanted her to take Moses so far away. Kevin and Adam reach a compromise in their business dealings. Chelsea comes home and is frustrated when she cannot find her pregnancy test. When Adam asks what she lost, she snaps at him, but then tells him what it was. Victor takes Sharon out to lunch. John watches Jack, Ashley, Traci, and Billy argue over Jabot.

Chloe lets Kevin know that she is glad that they worked things out with Adam. Chelsea informs Adam she may be pregnant. Victor tells Sharon that he and Jack got stuck on the elevator together. Sharon laughs. Sharon thinks Jack is just what she needs. Billy tries to calm the ruffled feathers of Jack, Ashley, and Traci. John blasts Jack for some of the choices that he made. Traci tries to talk Ashley into going home with her. Victor and Sharon decide to start over with him asking her to dance with him. Victoria and Katherine give Nikki a surprise bridal shower. Nikki tells Jack that Victoria and Katherine gave her a bridal shower.

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