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The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 7/31/12 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam asks Hope to please look at him. He admits he screwed up, but he wants to be married to her and be forgiven and given another chance. He is not making excuses. He knows now that he was wrong, but he really thought Hope had written the note and was leaving him. Now he would just like her to wipe the slate clean. Hope says she'd really like to just move on and pretend that everything that happened between him and Steffy doesn't matter, but it does. Despite Liam trying to get her to stop and not go, Hope leaves. Steffy tells Brooke again that Liam and Hope's marriage is not official yet, but she reminds Brooke that she never wanted Hope to even know about the video; that was all Brooke's doing. Liam did all he could without bringing up the video. Now it's all out in the open and everyone knows but Steffy points out she had nothing to do with it. She just wants Hope to put everything in the past and get on with her marriage. When Brooke keeps accusing her of what she did on that day, Steffy says okay, she did not think Hope deserved any consideration then. Because of the note, she too thought Hope had left Liam at the altar. Marcus is led into the holding room to see Thomas, Caroline and Dayzee but told no physical contact. Marcus thanks them for coming and apologizes for putting Dayzee through this. Justin arrives and tells Marcus he is sorry. He'll see if Bill can pull some strings, but he wasn't able to get a bond hearing until tomorrow.

Lt. Baker stops in and quizzes Marcus about making 157 texts in one day and how irresponsible he was and now he's relying on his rich and powerful friends to pick him up and take him back to his nice, cozy lifestyle.....enjoy it while he can, he'll see him in court. Liam rushes to the door hoping that it is Hope, but it's Brooke. He explains that Hope was there but left and he's not sure she is coming back or if she wants to be married anymore. Hope heads straight to Steffy but is about to leave without seeing her, when Steffy spies her and asks her to stay. She'd like to say she is sorry. Hope taunts her by saying that sounds familiar but then Steffy has been lying to her face every day. Steffy tries to explain that Hope married a great guy and he loves her so much, so do not let this misunderstanding ruin what she worked so hard to have. Hope points out that every single time when she thinks of her wedding day, all she is going to remember is that Liam was making out with Steffy, planning a life with her. Steffy says but Liam married her, so don't be a fool and throw that away. She can go to a judge and fix this by saying her vows again. She comments that Hope is the most forgiving person she knows, so hate Steffy for betraying her, but do not punish Liam. Hope looks her right in the eye and says if she wants Liam so badly, then take him. She holds up her wedding ring and demands that Steffy take it....take Liam.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

The show is pre-empted for the Olympics!

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Alexis and Shawn crash Molly and T.J.ís date at the Metro Court. T.J. observes that they canít do anything in a public restaurant. Molly asks Alexis if she is afraid that she and T.J. are going to get a room. T.J. promises that they are only going to have dinner. Shawn convinces Alexis to let the kids have their date. Molly is impressed with T.J.ís menu choices. He tells her that he looked up the menu on the Internet and then looked up all the menu items to see what they were. After they have eaten, Molly wonders where the parents are. Shawn and Alexis go to the Floating Rib. Shawn says Alexis is uptight. She asks him if an uptight woman would play strip pool at the Floating Rib. Coleman confirms that she played, but says she won and didnít have to take anything off. She challenges Shawn to a game. She wins the first round, forcing him to remove his shirt, revealing his rippling muscles. Round two ends with her losing her shirt. They continue playing until Coleman stops the game because he canít allow Shawn to take off his underwear. He concedes that Alexis is not uptight. They continue drinking in their underwear until Alexis realizes the time and rushes off to get a cab so she can make it back to the kids.

Joe Jr. tells Trey to marry Kristina. Trey doesnít want to involve Kristina. Kristina goes to the coffee warehouse looking for Trey but finds Sonny. She tells Sonny that she is concerned that Jason and Sam wonít get back together. She says that when people love each other they get over each otherís mistakes and move on. Sonny tells her that people have a tendency to hide their pain behind anger, but being angry doesnít make the pain go away. Kristina says she wishes she could tell Sam that being angry and blaming Jason wonít fix anything. Kristina starts to rush out. Sonny asks her if it is that difficult for her to be alone with her father. She stays. She tells him that he may have been right about Trey not being interested in her. She says she could quit the show to remove Treyís argument that they shouldnít date because they work together, but if the show is the only thing holding them together, she will lose him. Sonny wonders why she is so interested in a guy that cares more about a reality show than her. He tells her that she needs to work on valuing herself and then other peopleís opinions wonít matter. He tells her that he is afraid that she is doing the reality show for the wrong reasons. She admits that she isnít sure about anything anymore. Trey comes into the coffee warehouse. Sonny wonders where the cameras are. He says he is beginning to think ďMob PrincessĒ is a bad idea.

Todd threatens to tell Carly that Johnny killed Cole, Hope, and Anthony. Johnny says that if he does, then he will have to tell Carly what Todd did. Carly walks in and asks Todd what he did to Johnny. Johnny says it was nothing. Todd says he planted a camera in Johnnyís office. Carly gets angry because Todd promised her that he would leave Johnny alone. Todd explains that he made that promise after the camera was there and that he came to Johnnyís office today to remove it before Johnny saw it, but it was too late. Carly wants to know what Todd saw. He says he saw her and Johnny going at it. Carly tells him to apologize to Johnny. Todd doesnít want to. Johnny says he doesnít want an apology, just a promise that it ends here. Todd apologizes to Carly for making her uncomfortable but he doesnít make the promise. He says he and Johnny donít like each other, but they have agreed to coexist. Todd leaves. Carly says she was worried that Todd had found out something bad about Johnny. She says that since Todd didnít find a big bad secret that maybe the two of them will be able to get along. Jason walks in on Sam when she is cracking Toddís office safe. He wants to know why she is working there. She says she wanted a fresh start after everything that has happened. He observes that she has never liked office work and asks her if it is a cover for an investigation into Todd. She asks him why he cares and says she thought he was still angry about her kissing John McBain. He says he cares because she is still his wife, Todd is dangerous, and he doesnít want to see her get on his bad side. She says she isnít afraid of Todd. He asks her why Todd is interested in her baby. She says she knows that he is but she doesnít know why. She admits that she is investigating Todd, explaining that it began as an investigation into Heather but there were so many questions remaining that she continued investigating Todd. She says she is trying to find out what connects Todd to Heather and what it has to do with her baby. She tells him that she would have been into Toddís safe by now, but people keep interrupting her. He offers to guard the door. She cracks the code. Todd returns to his office and asks Jason why he is standing in front of his door. He says he is there to see his wife. Meanwhile, Sam replaces the picture over the safe inside the office. She comes out and asks Jason what he is doing there. She says this is not the time or place for them to talk. Todd asks Jason to leave and stop bothering his assistant. He says he can call security to have him removed. Jason suggests that he ask Carly to remove him. Todd says Carly is with her deadbeat boyfriend. He asks Jason why he didnít tell Carly that Johnny was a bad choice. Jason says Carly will figure that out on her own. Todd says it was nice meeting Jason and goes into his office. Sam thanks Jason for his help. Jason leaves. Todd notices that the picture over his safe is crooked. He looks in the unlocked safe and finds Samís paternity test is still there.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Tim refuses to tell Michael anything without a lawyer present. Abby cannot believe her ears that Ashley is going to come up against Jack. When Ashley senses that Abby doesn’t want to help her, she gets up and walks out. Billy and Victoria join Abby. Paul lets Christine know how guilty he feels over Ricky’s death. Nick asks Phyllis if Tim knows anything that would put her away. Phyllis refuses to answer but admits that she used Tim to get what she wanted. Jack and Nikki discuss their wedding and the guest list, especially Kyle and Tracy. Victor lets Kyle know that Jack and Nikki are getting married the end of the week. Abby meets Katherine for lunch and apologizes for ruining the fund-raising. Abby gives Katherine a check to kindly make up for what she did. Tim, even with Rafe present, refuses to tell the police anything about her. Nikki announces to Nick, Victoria, and Billy that she and Jack are getting married at the end of the week.

Jack interrupts Jack and Victor. Kyle informs Jack that he will not be attending the wedding. Nick notices how scared Phyllis really is. Michael lets Ronan and Christine know that Tim will not say anything to incriminate Phyllis in any way. Heather asks to have a word with Tim. Heather and Christine accompany Tim to talk to Paul about Ricky's actions and attitude. Avery stops by Phyllis’ to let her know that Tim did not incriminate her in any way. Nikki, Billy, and Victoria are alerted that Jack and Victor are stranded on the elevator together due to a blackout. Katherine fills Ashley in on the donation that Abby gave her.

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