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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope and Liam discuss the video and he asks her to please remember the vows they said on their wedding day. He wants her to be careful what she says next as she implies that she's had a change of heart. This time instead of her being the problem, she points out that Liam is being naive and he is acting like she and Steffy are interchangeable. Liam calls the kiss a mistake, but she is still disgusted that it almost led to them making love. And even more disturbing is that she suddenly realizes that Steffy was still there hiding in a closet and heard every word. Steffy blames Brooke for Hope seeing the video and what she may do next. Brooke is devastated when she learns that the certificate hasn't been signed yet so technically Hope and Liam are not married. Brooke warns Steffy to keep her distance from them.

Ridge scolds Pam for letting Bill in his office without him being there. Bill retaliates by reminding Ridge that he owns 12 1/2 percent of FC. He's only concerned about Marcus and thinks either Eric or Ridge should front the bond since Justin won't ask for his help. Taylor arrives and Ridge is shocked to hear that Hope and Liam aren't legally married yet. This is the first that Bill is hearing about the video and vows to sue whoever taped it. Taylor says all this drama started when Deacon came to town. Liam and Hope continue to discuss the situation and he begs her to just sign the papers. He's stunned when instead she rips them up and says her perfect wedding day was a joke as too much was kept from her. He won't accept that this is the way she wants things to end. He knows that she still loves him, but love is not enough if they can't forgive each other when things go wrong. He is not perfect and he needs her forgiveness now just like she needed his in the past and he did not withhold that. She wishes she could hate him. He begs her one last time for her to forgive him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

The show is pre-empted for the Olympics!

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sonny calls Max to get an update on Joe Scully Jr.ís trial status. Kate overhears Sonny asking Max if he is clear on what he wants him to do. He assures her that he wasnít ordering a hit. She tells him that she is worried about Olivia. He says he will cover all the expenses, and that they can say it came from Kate. Kate says that would be unbelievable considering that she is unemployed. She tells him that Todd refuses to continue publishing Crimson and that even her threat to evict him didnít sway him. Sonny tells her that he will finance a new magazine. She thanks him but says she isnít up to the challenge of starting a new magazine. He invites her to dinner, but she has an appointment with Dr. Keenan. She says she is working through abandoning her baby and Joe Juniorís accusation that she denied him his son. Sonny says Joe didnít deserve access to the child because the child only existed because he raped her. Kate says she left the baby helpless and now that she remembers him she has to know if he died or if he is out there somewhere. She says the thought that someone found him and raised him gives her comfort, but she knows that isnít possible.  She says Joe Jr. knew that she abandoned her baby and suggests that he might know what happened to him. Sonny forbids her to go back to Atlantic City to talk to Joe. She says she never wants to talk to Joe again; all she can do is let her son go and let him rest in peace. Trey visits Joe in jail. Joe says he will be exonerated of the charges and then he will get back at Sonny for stealing his girl, his father, his birthright, and his life. Trey recalls that Joe had previously said he didnít want anything to do with that life. Joe says the problem is that Sonny walked away with Joe Seniorís empire that was worth millions and should have been his inheritance. Trey wonders why Joe Jr. would want his fatherís dirty money. Joe says the point is that it was his and Sonny stole it. He says he has to get their legacy back. Trey says he doesnít care about the money; he just wants his father to go free. Trey says he can take ďMob PrincessĒ into Sonnyís house and look for incriminating evidence. Joe Jr. forbids Trey to put himself in danger. He says it would be better to use Kristina, the actual mob princess because the way to bring down the king is to marry the princess. Kristina goes into Toddís office when Sam is trying to crack the code on Toddís office safe. Sam tells her she was just putting some documents in it. Kristina says she needs to speak to Kristina immediately about Trey.  Sam hopes Kristina is going to say she is quitting ďMob Princess.Ē Kristina admits that the show is a way to keep Trey in her life, but that Trey isnít interested in getting involved with her. She reveals that Sonny believes that Trey is keeping a secret from her. She says Trey became distant after he got a call from his father after a couple of days with no contact. Sam asks Kristina what she knows about Treyís father.  Kristina gets defensive and says she doesnít want Sam to investigate Trey; she wants her to tell her how to get Trey to go out with her. Sam says the simplest solution is to quit the show. Kristina doesnít want to do that. Sam says that considering the state of her marriage, she is the last person who should give relationship advice. She says Kristina is beautiful, smart, and talented, and Trey doesnít deserve her if he doesnít see that.  Kristina leaves and Sam goes back to safecracking.

Jason warns Carly to stay away from Todd because he is impulsive and dangerous. She says that staying away from Todd would be difficult because their children are dating. Jason thinks that is a terrible idea. Carly says she thinks Todd is interesting because he makes himself out to be worse than he is but his compassion shows through. She cites the time when he was kind to Sam after she lost her baby. Jason wonders why Todd cared about Samís baby. Carly says Sam must be ok with Todd; otherwise, she wouldnít have taken a job with him. Jason says that doesnít make sense, unless Sam is working a case. Carly wonders if Sam is investigating Todd. She tells Jason that if he is concerned for Sam, then he needs to go up to Toddís office and talk to her.  He goes up to Toddís office and finds Sam cracking the safe.

Starr looks for Johnny at the Haunted Star. Michael pops in to see her. He tells her that he has to declare a major in the fall semester so he has to make a decision about what he wants to do with his future. They leave without seeing Johnny. Todd is calling Carly to tell her that Johnny caused the accident that killed his granddaughter. Johnny says if Todd does that, then he will tell Sam what Todd did to her kid. He tells him that his men followed Heather Webber when she took Anthonyís body. He then recounts the series of events as told to him by his men. Todd wonders why Johnny never said anything before. Johnny says he didnít want to call attention to the location of Anthonyís body, and then he didnít want Starr to know her father was a baby-switching kidnapper.  He repeats that if Todd tells anyone about the accident, then he will tell the world about the baby switch. Todd says that maybe he just wants Starr and Carly to know the truth and that maybe he doesnít care what happens to him. Carly goes to the Haunted Star.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

In a meeting with Victor, he puts Sharon in charge of the new product line before they are interrupted by Avery. Victor lets Avery know that something is going on at Jabot. Sarge and Jack are in extensive rehab before his and Nikki’s wedding date. Ashley stops by and wants to know what is going on at Jabot. Nick wonders what else Phyllis isn’t telling him regarding her lies about Paul and Christine. Paul still cannot believe that his son, Ricky, would be capable of multiple murders. Ronan finds Tim Reid relaxing in Mexico. Ronan tries to get him to come back to Genoa City, but he refuses until he sees that Beth is with Ronan. Phyllis denies hiding anything else from Nick. Sharon and Abby have a run-in over the fact that Sharon is living with Victor. Victor reads the headlines that tell that Jack and Nikki moved up their wedding date.

Victor calls Ashley to his office to get her to sell him her shares of Jabot, but she refuses. Victor also asks her to give him her proxy, but she also refuses. Avery stops by Phyllis’ to let her know that they are bringing Tim in for questioning. Ronan brings Tim to the police department for formal questioning. Tim reveals that Phyllis paid him to leave town. Jack does overtime in training to walk again before his wedding to Nikki. Ashley reprimands Abby for her childish attitude and tells her that she needs to be someone she can trust, so they she can help bring down Jack.

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