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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy and Liam are discussing Marcus’s ordeal of being arrested when Bill walks in. He hands Liam an envelope of papers which he needs to sign to make his marriage to Hope official. Liam confesses that something happened that day of the wedding before he married Hope. However, Hope understands now and that’s the most important thing. Everything is fine. Steffy tells her mother there is no video, so there is nothing to worry about now. Hope can’t believe that Brooke is defending Liam. This video is so much more and nothing what Liam told her. There could even be more none of them has seen. She can never be sure. Liam did not tell her the entire truth; he lied to her. Brooke closes the laptop and tells Hope not to keep dwelling on this; the circumstances lead Liam to do what he did when he thought Hope left him at the altar. Hope cries she still doesn’t know how he could do this and then an hour later marry her as if nothing was wrong. She’s not sure she can forget this video or can trust him again. He read the note and then did not try to find her, did not fight for them at all. He immediately turned to Steffy and wanted her.

Brooke charges into Steffy’s office and asks if her dad is there. She quickly fills her in on the disaster of Hope finding the video and how upset she is. Steffy says she will deal with it. Brooke demands that she stay away from Liam. She’s caused enough trouble just by being with Liam on Hope’s wedding day. Liam goes home to find Hope and starts to explain how this might have happened. They are not officially married until they sign the document. She glares at him and then confronts him that he did not tell her the complete truth. She saw the video at her mother’s house. He was all over Steffy on their wedding day. Then an hour later he said vows to Hope which he obviously did not mean. Everything is ruined. He vows that the wedding was not ruined. He says he was hers every breath that she took during that wedding and he will be there every moment onward. Sure they had a long haul getting here with anguish, heartache and tragedy but they are here now and do not have to take another step backward. Their love was strong enough and they will get through this too. He tries to hold her and kiss her, but all she can do is shed a tear as she glances at the desk and the marriage certificate that needs signing.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

There will be no show on Monday due to the Olympics!

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Elizabeth goes into a room at General Hospital and finds that Patrick is in there. She wasnít aware that he was working today. He tells her he is there as a patient because he has a drug problem. She says she is glad that he is working through it with Ewenís help. Patrick tells her that she should give Ewen another chance. Patrick reveals that Ewen asked him if he thought Jason was a problem and he said yes. He tells her that Jason isnít available but Ewen is, and life is too short to spending pining over someone who is unavailable, whether itís Jason or Lucky. At Ferncliff, Nurse Fletcher walks with her boss, tells him that they did as he asked, and remarks that she hopes he knows what he is doing. She says the patient didnít respond well. Once inside the room, the doctor examines the catatonic patientís pupils, and says, Robin, itís me, Dr. Keenan.Ē Ewen orders the nurse out. He apologizes for resorting to Electroconvulsive Therapy. He says he knows she wants to go home, but she canít because the people who love her have already accepted her death. He plans to send her to a clinic in Switzerland. Anna goes to Ferncliffís critical care ward and stands right outside Robinís room. Nurse Fletcher tells her that no one is allowed in that ward. Anna says it is police business, shows her a picture of Robin, and asks if she has seen her. The nurse says the hospital has strict confidentiality rules. Anna reveals that she is Robinís mother. Nurse Fletcher asks why Anna thinks her daughter is there. Anna reveals that Heather Webber said she saw her. Nurse Fletcher says that nothing Heather says is reliable. Anna yells, demanding to know why they let Heather out in the first place. Robin recognizes her motherís voice. She drops the Switzerland brochure on the floor. Ewen calls someone and reports that Anna Devane is in the hospital searching every room. He asks what he should do. Nurse Fletcher takes Anna to Robinís room last, but the room is empty, except for the brochure that Robin had dropped.  Nurse Fletcher said an elderly man was in the room, but that he had passed this morning. She says Robin was never there. Elizabeth calls Ewen and accepts his date invitation.

Jason runs into Carly at the Metro Court. She thinks he came to see her. He tells her that he is meeting Diane about a matter that he canít use Alexis for. Carly concludes that he must be divorcing Sam. Jason says he is not divorcing her but that things are complicated. He admits to Carly that he kissed Elizabeth and Sam kissed John McBain. Carly thinks Jason should try to iron things out with Sam. Jason says Sam already told him that she would never forgive him for what happened to the baby. Sam finds that Todd is not in his office so she takes the opportunity to look around. Spinelli goes in asks her what she is doing. He tells her that they were hired to investigate Heather, not Todd, and the police already have Heather in custody so Sam can quit her job at the Sun and return to her life. Sam says Spinelli knows that she wonít give up until she figures out something that doesnít make sense and Todd Manning doesnít make sense. She says that she thinks whatever Heather is holding over Todd has something to do with her. She says he knows that she doesnít give up. He observes that she just gave up on her marriage. Sam says Jason gave up on her. Spinelli disagrees. He asks her if she kissed John McBain out of revenge. She asks if he knows that Jason kissed Elizabeth. He says Jason kissed Elizabeth only after Sam kissed John. He tells her that she and Jason need to turn to each other. Sam ties to crack Toddís safe. Todd goes to Johnnyís office. Johnny concludes that Todd planted the camera that he found in his office. Todd says he was going to delete the files but they opened instead and he saw Johnny admit to killing his granddaughter. Johnny says Kate already took responsibility for it. Todd commends him for manipulating a mentally ill woman into taking the fall for him. Todd wonders what it must have been like for a three year old to be strapped into a car as it went careening over a cliff and burst into flames. Johnny tells Todd to shut up. Todd agrees that the time for talking has passed. He tackles Johnny and strangles him. Johnny kicks Todd and breaks free. He gets a baseball bat to keep Todd away from him. He tells Todd that he didnít mean to hurt Starrís family. Todd doesnít care. He asks him if he thinks it is a fair for Starr to lose her family and gain a recording contract that will make loads of money for the man who killed them. He suggests that they call Carly and ask her what she thinks. Johnny tells Todd to go ahead and tell Carly what he did to Starrís baby and in return, he will tell Sam what Todd did to hers.

Tracy visits Luke in the hospital. She tells him that she hates him and makes him admit that he intended to dump her and then have a romantic dinner with Anna. He says he is sorry for anything he has done to hurt her. She says she doesnít accept his apology and she wonít forgive him. She says he didnít help her when Anthony blackmailed her into marrying her. She turns to leave. He tells her that he needs her in his life and he wonít give up on her, but he wonít give up Anna either. She says she wants a front row seat when Annaís illusions of him crumble. She tells him that they are a matched set and they will never be over because they understand each other too well. She says she wonít forgive him but admits that even when he makes her the most miserable, he is still the best time she has ever had. He says it is the same for him. Anna visits Luke and tells him about Heather saying Robin was at Ferncliff and about her trip there to look for her. She shows Luke the brochure she picked up from the floor and says it seems as if someone dropped it because they were in a hurry. Luke tells her that she is reaching and letting Heather torture her. She says she has to go to that place in Switzerland.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Paul finds out from Heather that Phyllis also visited Tim Reid. Christine asks Michael if he questioned Phyllis yet about her visiting Tim. Ronan recovers from his slap from Phyllis but asks her again if she killed Tim. Avery stops by and upon seeing Ronan wants to know what is going on. At Fenmore’s, Nikki and Lauren pick out the dresses for herself as well as her bridesmaids. Sharon interrupts their talk and slurs are exchanged between her and Nikki. Chelsea walks into the boutique. At the coffeehouse, Victor meets up with Adam, who lets him know that he and Chelsea eloped. Chelsea warns Sharon not to try to come between her and Adam again. Adam lets Victor know that Sharon showed up in Kansas and tried to stop the wedding. Victor says he knew about it. Two police officers arrive at Phyllis’ to take her down to the station for questioning. Christine tells Heather and Paul that Phyllis is being brought in for questioning. Nikki tells Lauren that she cannot wait to be Jack’s wife. Jack along with Sarge’s help tries to go swimming. Adam interrupts Sharon arguing. Sharon congratulates Adam on his marriage.

At home, Adam and Chelsea discuss Sharon and how mad Chelsea got at her. Outside of Victorís office, Sharon listens to Nick and Victor’s conversation. At the police station, Phyllis is questioned by Michael. Sharon lets Victor know that she heard what he said about her to Nick. Phyllis admits to Michael that she paid Tim Reid to go away. Jack has his doubts about marrying Nikki in a week, but through her persistence, he gives in and agrees to marry her. Adam surprises Chelsea with a very Oriental style honeymoon courtesy of their own living room. Victor and Sharon walk in to Gloworm and see Jack and Nikki kissing.

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