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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Having lunch, Steffy has been joined by Liam and they end up joking about Hope being at her mom’s and perhaps she can find Brooke’s arsenal of satin and lace; no telling what she might find in her closet. Brooke is concerned and tells Ridge that she probably should rush home and delete that video right now before Hope does have a chance to see it. He tries to convince her that it will be all right and Hope won't peek into her mother's computer. But he admits that Brooke is right, it does show that Liam is still in love with Steffy, that’s what it boils down to. Lt. Baker and son walk in on Marcus and Dayzee as Marcus apologizes to Anthony for hitting him. Baker says this sounds like a confession. Marcus says he is not copping to texting and this is not a statement. They politely bicker back and forth. Even Dayzee gets in the mix by begging Anthony to tell Lt. Baker that it was an accident and Marcus did not mean to do this. Lt. Baker warns him it was a direct disregard to another person and is punishable by a heavy fine or jail time. He reminds him that Anthony was hurt whether Marcus meant it or not just by his disregard of the law. Dayzee cries to Anthony that she and Marcus are married now. He’s a good man. She loves him so please do not do this to him. Lt. Baker says it is not up to Anthony. A crime has been committed and charges will be filed. He asks Marcus to give his keys to Dayzee as Marcus is going with them. Complete with handcuffs, he arrests him and advises him to get an attorney. Marcus asks Dayzee to call his pop or father.

Hope can’t resist the temptation when she spies Brooke’s wedding file on the computer. She opens the Steffy/Liam video and in disbelief sees him kiss her and lay her down on the bed. Hope starts to breathe heavily and starts crying when she sees Liam take off his shirt while he is on top of Steffy in bed. She throws the laptop on the floor and starts to scream as Brooke comes in quickly to comfort her. Steffy tells Liam they learned a lot from each other but now she needs to let go, so good-bye and good luck.She offers that Hope already knows this; Liam told her. Hope declares that no, she did not know this part. She knew they kissed, that is all. Brooke tries to convince her to calm down. The point is nothing happened and Liam married her, not Steffy. Hope suddenly realizes that Brooke has seen this video before and it was only after Liam saw Brooke that she must have asked him to tell Hope the truth. Oh my God, Brooke made him tell her. She looks at the video again where Liam told Steffy that it was not over, it was just the beginning. Hope can’t believe he said that just minutes before he turned around and married her. Who did she marry?

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Abe, Theo, Kayla, Jack, Jennifer, Abby, Cameron, Doug, Julie, Victor, Maggie, Lucas, Kate, and Ian were gathered together for Abeís fundraiser.  Abe did the event in Lexieís honor.  Abe and Theo made speeches at the event.  At the event, Ian talked to Kate about Brady and Madison getting married.  Kate thought they deserved a happy ending.  Madison was at John and Marlenaís townhouse getting ready for the wedding.  Madison wondered what happened to Brady.  John saw him in town earlier.  Chad and Brady were in the tunnel looking for Melanie.  They heard voices, but they didnít know which way to go.  Andrew wanted to put all the cards on the table.  Gabi thought they needed to get out of the tunnel before itís too late, but Andrew didnít want to leave until everything was out in the open.  Bo and Hope were at the police station with Daniel and Nicole.  They talked about doing everything they could to help Melanie.  Bo and Hope were off to the fundraiser.  Daniel was worried about Melanie so Nicole assured him that everything would be okay.  Roman wanted to find EJ so he asked Will where to find him.  EJ and Sami were outside of the mansion.  Sami insisted that they leave before the police caught them.  EJ couldnít leave right away because he couldnít get the ankle monitor off.  He finally got it off and he and Sami left.  Will lied and told Roman that he didnít know where EJ was.  The cops realized that EJís ankle monitor was deactivated.  Roman wanted it fixed and for them to search the grounds.  Melanie wanted Andrew to say what he was talking about.  Gabi warned them that the tunnel was going to blow up soon.  Andrew decided it was time to leave so he unchained them.  Lucas and Kate talked about Carrie and Austin leaving Salem because of her feelings for Rafe.  They also talked about Sami.  Kate wanted to know where Sami was.  Will called Sami to find out what was happening.  Sami told him that they needed his help.  Everyone at the fundraiser continued to celebrate in Lexieís honor.   Chad wanted to yell out so that Melanie could hear him, but Brady warned him not to do that.  Brady thought the kidnapper would do something horrible to Melanie and Gabi if he knew they were coming.  They were talking about Melanie when they heard a noise.  There was an explosion near Gabi, Melanie, and Andrew.  Everyone at the fundraiser heard the explosion.  Abe thought it might have been construction workers.  Bo and Hope received a phone call.  Hope saw Lucas at the fundraiser and asked him if heís seen Sami.  Sami was with EJ, but she didnít know where they were.  EJ said they were in a warehouse at DiMera Enterprises.  Sami didnít think it was a good idea to hide there, but EJ said they would be safe.  Sami wanted to know what would happen if he got caught.  He said that he didnít care about getting caught because he wasnít leaving Salem without seeing his kids. 

Melanie and Gabi got up from the mess, but Andrew was pinned under a beam.  Lucas thought EJ was a coward for trying to leave town.  Bo assured Lucas that EJ wasnít going to get away with it.  Lucas mentioned that EJ got away with brainwashing Will and getting Sami to bail him out of jail.  Hope asked Lucas again if he knew where Sami was, but he couldnít tell her.  Will brought the kids to the warehouse so EJ could say goodbye to them.  John, Marlena, and Madison continued to get ready for the wedding.  John wanted to welcome Madison to their family.  Melanie and Gabi start to leave, but Gabi thought her ankle might be broken.  Gabi told Melanie to get her some help so Melanie left.  Gabi went to Andrew and tried to get the beam off of Andrew.  Roman and the cops arrived at the warehouse, but didnít see EJ and Sami.  Lucas also showed up at the warehouse.  Roman couldnít believe that Bo and Hope told him about where the police were going.  Lucas refused to leave without Will and Sami.  Roman knew that Will would lead them to EJ.  Roman wanted Will and Sami out of the way so they could take EJ down.  EJ and Sami are hiding at the warehouse.  Madison, John, and Marlena arrived at the fundraiser.  They wanted to know if Brady showed up.  Ian approached them and said that Brady probably didnít want to attend the wedding.  John threatened to hurt Ian if he didnít get away from them.  Melanie ran into Brady at the tunnel.  Gabi couldnít get the beam off of Andrew.  Sparks were flying while she tried to free Andrew.  John called Brady to find out where he was.  Madison thought that Brady wasnít going to show up for the wedding.  She ran off and Ian went after her.  Will arrived at the ballroom and Sami called him to give him an update on EJ.  Sami wanted Will to get a car for EJ.  Will could get a cab for him in five minutes.  Roman wanted the cops to check every area they could to find EJ.  Roman spotted EJ on the catwalk and ordered him to stop or he would shoot him.  Nicole was sitting at a table at the fundraiser and started to have pains again.  Ian found Madison and poisoned her mind against Brady.  Brady wanted to get Melanie out of the tunnel, but she told him that Gabi was still in there.  Gabi was trying to help Andrew when Chad arrived.  Chad wanted to kill Andrew when he saw him.  Chad took the beam off of him and yelled at him about Melanie.  Roman had his gun aimed at EJ prepared to shoot. Sami popped up and Roman and Lucas demanded to know why she was there.  Sami got in front of EJ to keep Roman from shooting EJ.  Roman yelled at Sami to get out of the way.  She told EJ to run.  Chad asked Andrew again about where Melanie was so Andrew told him to ask Gabi.  A big explosion hit and shattered the windows at the ballroom.  People were getting hurt at the fundraiser.  Sami was about to fall off the catwalk, but EJ grabbed her.  There was another explosion in Salem.  A beam fell on Nicole at the fundraiser.  There was a fire in the area that Gabi, Chad, and Andrew were.  Sami was dangling on the catwalk.  EJ was holding on to her.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Anthonyís specter visits Johnny and says he will make sure Johnny never forgets what he did. He says he wouldnít count on Connieís silence. He says Johnny has three options. He can tell Starr the truth, kill Connie, or run. Johnny says he wonít leave Carly. Johnny sees the surveillance camera that Heather hid in his office.  Johnny worries that if anyone sees his talk with Connie, they will be able to put him away. Anthony says they could even do worse. Todd is about to delete the footage from the hidden camera in Johnnyís office when he comes across Connieís visit to the Haunted Star. Kate goes to Toddís office to talk about Crimson. He says heíd rather talk about her and Johnny two-timing Sonny and Carly.   She says she wants her magazine back. She adds that Todd is her tenant and she can evict him. He tells her to take it up with his lawyers. She asks him if heíd rather come to a compromise with Sonny. He asks her if she is threatening to sic her goombah boyfriend on him. He asks her if she is Kate because she sounds more like Connie. Kate says she is fully integrated. Todd says he isnít so sure. Kate gets a call about Olivia and rushes off.  Todd continues watching the video and sees Johnny admitting to Connie that he shot out Anthonyís tires. Todd goes to Johnnyís office on the Haunted Star.  

Elizabeth assures Steve that Ewen will pull Olivia through. He tells her that Heather is not his mother; his mother is the woman who raised him, Sarah, and Elizabeth. He says Heather has done nothing but use him from the beginning when she sold him as an infant. He canít believe he was so willing to trust her.  He says that taking responsibility of Heather was the biggest mistake of his life. Ewen tells Dante that he will bring Olivia out of sedation when they are certain that the drugs have cycled out of her system. He says Olivia may be confused, disoriented, or afraid when she awakens. Kate arrives at the hospital. In Oliviaís room, Kate has Steve, Dante, and Lulu join hands with Olivia and herself. She recites Hail Marys.  Elizabeth runs into Ewen. He says he has missed her and observes that she seems to have backed off. He tells her that he is still interested in her.  Lulu and Patrick arrive at General hospital, but he changes his mind and doesnít want to admit himself. He tells her that his reputation will be ruined if he gets treatment where he works. He tells her that the fact that she is related to addicts doesnít make her an authority. Lulu finds Ewen and takes him to Patrick. Patrick tells Ewen about the pills and the visions of Robin. Ewen says he will help Patrick to deal with withdrawal symptoms. He assures Patrick that his treatment will be treated with discretion. He says the key is to learn to deal with losing Robin.

Anna asks Heather why she said Robin is alive. Heather just responds with taunts. Anna concludes that Heather is lying. Heather says she will tell Anna what she knows in exchange for full immunity and a public apology. Anna draws her pistol and demands that Heather tell her what she knows about Robin. Robin wants to know who is holding her wherever she is. The nurse refuses to tell her and then administers electroconvulsive therapy. Robin tells the nurse that when her mother finds out about this, she will kill her and her boss. The nurse says they know about Anna Devane and they are ready for her. She gives Robin a full dose of Electroconvulsive therapy and then calls to advise her superior that it is done. She passes a sign indicating that they are in Ferncliff. Heather tells Anna that while she was still in Ferncliff, Robin was admitted. She says she saw her with a nurse named Fletcher and that Nurse Fletcher was taking orders from a man whom she only called, ďdoctor.Ē At Ferncliff, Nurse Fletcher takes the doctor into Robinís room and reports that Robin didnít respond well to the electroconvulsive procedure. Robin is unresponsive. The doctor who examines Robinís eyes with a light is Dr. Ewen Keenan.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

In the visitation room at the jail, Heather and Paul discuss his case and the fact that Ricky went to see Tim Reid on numerous occasions. Michael and Ronan discuss how they can clear Paul’s name. Christine meets with Beth to find out all the information that she can on Ricky’s visits. Billy shows Victoria the footage that he was going to use of Nick punching him in the face because of Phyllis. Avery and Nick discuss their plan of action to clear Phyllis’ name. Victoria is upset over the footage, but she tells Billy to go ahead and use it. Billy asks Victoria to come to work at “Restless Style." Beth gives Christine a vital piece of information that can be used against Phyllis. In the squad room, Christine asks Michael and Ronan for a copy of Phyllis’ mug shot. Nick visits Victoria and asks her to get Billy to back off of Phyllis but Victoria refuses. Avery and Phyllis watch the video of Nick punching Billy. Michael and Ronan accompany Christine to the visitation room where he proceeds to show Beth the mug shot of Phyllis. Beth identifies Phyllis with no hesitation. Billy asks Heather for any information that he can use against Phyllis in his movie but she refuses.

Nick is surprised by Victoria’s refusal to help Phyllis. Billy still persists in getting info against Phyllis until Michael and Ronan come back and Michael orders Billy to leave. Christine tells Heather that the charges against Phyllis may be upped from attempted murder to homicide. Michael and Ronan fill Heather in on what they found out from Beth concerning Phyllis. Billy comes home to a “angry” Victoria but soothes her ruffled edges with a drink and a swim in the pool to relax. Ronan visits Phyllis and asks her if she killed Tim Reid. Phyllis slaps him. Avery advises Nick not to punch anyone else for Phyllis’ sake.

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