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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge looks at Liam and Hope’s videos and is perplexed as he thought one was deleted. Brooke catches him at the office trying to decide what to do about that information. Clearly he’s not so sure about Hope and Liam now. Anthony tells Lt. Baker and son with Dr. Meade watching that he doesn’t know why they are here. It was Anthony who hit him while texting and he needs to be taught a lesson. Marcus has to tell Dayzee and she is shocked when he says he knows why Anthony didn’t show up at the wedding. He had an accident and was in the hospital. She is even more dazed when Marcus says he was texting her at the time. He tells her it was an accident and Anthony is gonna be okay and he didn’t want to worry her on her wedding day. He’s even going to pay for all of Anthony’s medical bills. It’s no excuse and he takes full responsibility. It was an accident and she has to believe that. He will take her to the hospital now. There, Marcus tries to make it right by saying he knows it is against the law to text while driving, but he was only teasing Dayzee about her last day as a single woman. If he could take it all back, he would. Anthony tells him that he was more than distracted. Perhaps he would like to revise that statement to Lt. Baker.

Ridge explains that the deleted video showed up in the wedding files. He saw Liam with his own eyes. Liam was not shell-shocked; he and Steffy were still very much involved. He heard the tone in his voice and the passion he showed. Brooke admits it was hard for her to watch the video and it will be the same if Hope ever saw it. She has forgiven him and moved on. They need to leave it like that. She’s worried though when he says he still didn’t delete it and she is afraid Hope will walk in and see it. Liam bumps into Steffy eating at the Sky Lounge. He sits and tells her that she is one cool dude as things could be much worse if Hope ever saw that video. She claims that is one wedding video no bride should see. She remembers she needs to call Hope about a PR release. Hope says she will get on it right now. While on the computer in Brooke's bedroom, she notices Brooke has a wedding file……how unique. She opens it up and chuckles over the Italy shots but then notices the one with Steffy and Liam.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Gabi woke up and tried to free Melanie.  Andrew grabbed her and said long time no see.  Will called Roman and told him that he felt a rumble.  Roman congratulated Will since his good friend was out on bail.  Will was shocked to learn that EJ made bail.  Will wondered if Sami found someone to make bail for EJ.  Roman said he had to talk to her about that himself.  Sami told EJ that she posted his bail. He wanted to know how she pulled it off.  She used Countess W as collateral.  Roman walked in the room and asked Sami why she bailed EJ out of jail.  She told him that she was doing what she was taught to do.  She wanted to do the right thing.  Roman was upset with Sami for bailing EJ out of jail.  They argued about her decision to bail EJ out of jail.  While they were talking, Roman noticed that something was wrong with Samiís head.  She lied and said she tripped.  EJ prepared to leave the station, but Roman had a surprise for him.  EJ had to wear an ankle bracelet 24 hours a day.  Melanie wanted to know how Andrew knew Gabiís name.  Andrew thought that was an excellent question.  He wondered if Gabi wanted to tell it or if he should tell it.  Gabi said he was stalking her.  Andrew laughed at her.  Gabi said she was glad that Melanie was okay.  Gabi said she called the cops and they are on their way.  Will arrived at the police station to see EJ, but he ran into Roman while he was on the phone about sending the fire squad out to the tunnels.  Roman told Will he was too late to see his buddy because Sami already took EJ out of the station.  Roman didnít understand why Will and Sami are so willing to help EJ when they couldnít stand him.  Roman thought it was strange that Sami would want to be around someone who ruined her life.  Sami took EJ home and they talked about how she bailed him out of jail.  They also talked about how she was mugged.  She told him that someone took the flash drive.  She apologized for losing the flash drive.  EJ thought it was okay, but he didnít want her involved anymore.  Andrew didnít appreciate Gabi hanging him out to dry.  Gabi denied the accusation.  Andrew said if the cops were on their way they wouldnít have sent her in the tunnel alone.  Gabi said it was over.  Andrew said it was over for her.  Andrew said it didnít matter because heís a lunatic.  Andrew warned Melanie that Gabi wasnít there to save her because sheís not her friend.  Melanie wanted to know what he was talking about. 

Roman was on the phone with someone warning them not to let EJ get on his jet.  Someone called Roman to confirm that the jet was fuelled up.  The person said the jet was ready to go to Uruguay.  Will was listening while Roman was talking about EJ trying to escape.  Roman wanted to go and arrest EJ.  EJ regretted Sami helping him since she was attacked.  Sami felt that she shouldnít have abandoned him because he didnít tell her about not being Stefanoís son.  EJ said he didnít tell anyone but his sister.  EJ felt that if he told the truth the police would have thought he was guilty of shooting Stefano.  They continued to talk and Sami let EJ know that heís stuck with her.  Melanie wanted to know why Andrew was acting as if he knew Gabi.  Gabi said it was because heís been stalking her for weeks.  Andrew said he heard something and Gabi said it was the police.  Andrew wanted to go check out the neighborhood.  Gabi thought he would let them go, but he chained them both to a pipe.  When Andrew left, Gabi told Melanie not to give up.  Sparks flew from and electrical light switch on the wall.  Sami and EJ continued to talk about how sheís been there for him.  Chad and Brady continued to look for Melanie and try to call Gabi.  Andrew had Gabiís phone and threw it in the water.  Will showed up at the mansion and warned EJ that Roman knew he was going to leave Salem.  Will asked EJ if he was leaving, but EJ said he wasnít leaving.  Someone left an anonymous tip to Roman, and EJ couldnít believe that he bought it.  EJ believed that the person who set him up was the one who made the call.  Will warned EJ that the cops were on their way.  Sami thought EJ couldnít let that happen because he would never be able to prove his innocence.  Sami suggested that EJ run so he wonít go to jail.  EJ wanted to know why Sami wanted to help him and she said it was because she believed in him.  Roman showed up at the mansion for EJ.  Sami said they had to go, but EJ said he couldnít with the ankle monitor on his ankle.  EJ took the bracelet off of his ankle and left the mansion.  Roman was in the mansion and saw Will on his laptop.  Roman asked Will where EJ was.  Sami and EJ were outside.  EJ warned Sami that it was her last chance to run.  He wanted to know if she was sure about going with him.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Anna thinks about Heatherís assertion that Robin is alive. Luke wakes up after surgery to find Lulu by his side. She regrets not being more suspicious of Heather when she was at the Haunted Star. He tells her that Heather is a master manipulator. Anna comes in and says Luke saved her life. He says she saved his first. He tells her that they are now responsible for each otherís lives. He wants to come clean with her so he begins to tell her about what happened when Robert left after Robin died. Anna wonders what would have happened if Robin didnít die. She tells him that Heather said Robin is alive. Luke says that is impossible because Robin was in that explosion. He says Heather will say anything to stay out of jail. He reveals that Heather intended to give Anna LSD. Anna concludes that Heather injected into Olivia instead. Luke tells her not to let Heatherís mind games get to her. Steve goes to see Heather in jail. She assumes he is going to convince Anna to let her out. He says he is going to make sure she never sees the light of day again because she is worse than crazy; she is a murderer. He reveals that he knows she killed Maggie and made it look like suicide. She says she did what she had to do to protect him. He tells her that he is revoking his guardianship so she will go back to Ferncliff. He tells her that she is no longer his mother. Anna returns to the police station and tells Heather to tell her what she knows about Robin.

A nurse tells Lulu that Olivia can only have one visitor at a time. Lulu asks if she can see Dr. Drake. The nurse says Dr. Drake isnít working today. Lulu says Dr. Drake is a patient. The nurse cannot find record of Patrick checking in. Patrick starts his day with a pill and coffee. He answers a knock on the door and finds Robin standing there. She says she is there because she needs him. She tells him to stop taking pills. He says he canít do it without her. She tells him that he doesnít have to because she is always there. She reveals to him that she is still alive.  Lulu comes in and sees Patrick talking to the empty space next to him on the sofa. Patrick looks for Robin. Lulu tells him that Robin isnít there. She tells him that things will come into focus when he is better. As he leaves with her to go to the hospital, he sees Robin again. A nurse goes into Robinís room with a meal and finds that Robin is missing. Robin is hiding behind the door. She bashes the caretaker with the door and runs away. An orderly stops her and takes her back to her room. Robin demands to know who they are and why they are keeping her there. They restrain Robin. The nurse finds the stash of pills that Robin hasnít been taking. She calls someone and reports that Robin tried to escape again. Robin tries to make a psychic connection with Patrick, saying that she knows he can feel her and asking him to come find her. The nurse returns with an electroshock therapy machine. As they connect her to the machines, Robin calls for Patrick, her mother, her father, or anybody to help her. The nurse says Robin is getting all the help she needs. Robin says she doesnít consent to this and that she is refusing treatment. She yells at the nurse to stop.

Todd listens to Heathers voicemail commanding him to go to the police station immediately. He puts Samís original lab results showing Jason as the babyís father, that he got from Heatherís purse, into the safe at his office. Starr arrives and overhears him saying that woman is going to ruin his life. Starr thinks he is talking about Blair and worries that he will retaliate. Todd says it would be too obvious to the police if he went after Tomas. He says itís all John McBainís fault so that is who has to go. Starr urges him not to do something that will land him in jail. Starr tells him to stay away from John and suggests that Todd meet other women. Todd puts the picture of John kissing Sam into an envelope addressed to his niece, Natalie. Johnny thinks about Connie goading him into admitting that he shot out Anthonyís tires. He tells Carly about the night that Kate and Sonny came to the Haunted Star to ask him what happened the day Johnny visited Kate in lock-up to tell her that he had pleaded her case to Sonny. He says he told Kate that Connie came out during the visit and kissed him. He says he wanted to tell her about the incident because he doesnít want to have any secrets between them. Michael comes in and tells Johnny that he and Starr came to the Haunted Star last night so Starr could thank him, but they left when they heard Johnny and Carly talking in his office.  Carly concludes that either Johnny had a mystery guest or Michael got his timing off. Michael says his timing could be off and that it wouldnít be the first time. Carly asks him if Starr is distracting him. Starr meets Michael for brunch with Sonny. Sonny brings Kate with him. The four of them sit down. Michael announces that he and Starr are together. Sonny says he has concerns because Starr tried to kill him. Michael reminds him of what Starr was going through at the time and that Starr has apologized. Kate adds that Starr has been gracious to her after she killed Starrís family. Sonny says he only wants Michael to be happy. The four of them toast to moving on. Carly goes to Toddís office and asks him not to take out his disappointment in losing Blair on Johnny. Todd tries to delete the footage of Johnnyís office when he comes across the clip of Connie visiting Johnny. He concludes that Johnny is still cheating on Carly.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Abby and Carmine make love in the front seat of their car. Abby gets a call from Kyle to join him for a pool party. Chelsea is quite put out when Anita and Jeffrey come to visit. Anita marvels at Chelsea’s wedding ring and engagement ring. Tucker is upset over Ashley telling him good bye. Sofia joins Tucker for lunch and tells him about her plans to go to New York. Genevieve and Cane look around her hotel room to see if anything is missing. Katherine joins Tucker for lunch. Abby and Carmine arrive for the pool party as does Eden. Abby does the necessary introductions. Katherine questions Tucker about Genevieve and his attachment toward her. Neil spends time with Moses, Devon, and Roxie. After a brief talk, Chelsea puts Anita and Jeffrey out. Tucker refuses to tell Katherine anything about his involvement with Genevieve. Cane becomes upset when Genevieve refuses to leave her hotel room. Devon and Roxie arrive for the pool party. Abby pulls Roxie aside to ask her her opinion of Carmine.

Devon surprises Roxie with a trip to Chicago. Genevieve calls Tucker to come to her hotel room. Tucker, at first, refuses but then gives in. Sofia lets Neil know that she is taking a job in New York which doesn’t sit too well with Neil. Genevieve tells Tucker what happened in her hotel room. Genevieve also tells Tucker that she had came back to his hotel room years ago, but that she wanted to remain faithful to Colin. Tucker, once again, becomes angry. Cane and Lily begin to gain more insight into who had been stealing Genevieve’s money. A woman sits at a nearby table with a pack of matches in her hand. Cane lets Lily know what is going on with Genevieve and her money.

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