Tuesday 7/24/12 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 7/24/12 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope and Liam kiss and figure that is exactly what Dayzee and Marcus are doing too. Hope wishes they could have gone to the wedding, but Liam comments they were both too busy for a last minute wedding plus they could use this alone time. Indeed she says with no computers, no phones, just the sound of the breeze. Liam thinks they can think of a way to keep occupied. Dayzee and Marcus are kissing and he comments on what a lucky man he is. She loved the day but just wishes Anthony had been there. He must have a good reason to not have been there. Thomas drags Caroline into the office and can’t keep his hands off of her, starting with a kiss which he says he wanted to do since getting off the elevator. He startles her though when he starts taking off his shirt. She starts to shy away and he remarks that surely she has seen a guy take his shirt off to change. He wants to go see Anthony. Caroline wonders how Dayzee is going to react when she finds out it was Marcus that hit Anthony. Ridge and Brooke are also kissing and she teases that she needs a little inspiration and grabs the video camera. He thinks that is cool until he realizes she means to watch Dayzee’s wedding video. He fiddles around with the camera in hopes that he can put the videos in the folders that Brooke wants. Dayzee praises Marcus as not only the man she loves, but one that she can trust and respect. Feeling a little guilty, he tells her that he hates to be so serious on their wedding night but he has something to tell her. The phone rings and he gets it while Dayzee excuses herself to get more drinks. Thomas inquires if he has told Dayzee and then says he spoke with Anthony’s doctor and he is better. There is no need to ruin this night for Dayzee; just wait until tomorrow. Caroline thanks him for confiding in her. Marcus tells Dayzee that he wants her to feel this way the rest of her life.

Hope giggles as she gives Liam a present….she wants to give him a peace offering, a new I-Pad and to assure him that she has completely forgotten what happened between him and Steffy in Italy. He was completely honest with her and this is the last time she will bring it up. Dr. Meade leaves to make his rounds when Thomas and Caroline arrive to visit Anthony. He looks at them and says they know; this was all Marcus’s fault. He surmises that Dayzee does not know or she would be here. Thomas says he advised Marcus not to tell her tonight; just let her have this one day. Anthony says that he used to like Marcus and thought he was the perfect man for Dayzee. But if what Lt. Baker says is true and Marcus was texting when he hit Anthony, then it is not an accident. He broke the law and it was an out and out crime. Brooke has fallen asleep and Ridge decides to view the videos alone. He looks at the wedding, the Italy shots and then spies the one with Liam and Steffy that he thought was deleted. Something compels him to open it and he sees just enough to hear Liam say they are not finished, this is only the beginning and he and Steffy kiss.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Will met EJ at the police station.  EJ wanted to know what happened to his attorney.  Will said that he was supposed to meet EJ at the courthouse.  Sami was outside of her apartment and thought about getting attacked.  She was about to go inside when Lucas opened the door and hugged her.  He wanted to know where she was.  Melanie called Chad and tried to talk to him.  He was barely able to hear her.  Brady arrived while Chad was trying to talk to Melanie.  Chad wanted to know where she was.  Melanie said the tunnels, but Chad didnít hear her.  She said it louder, but Andrew heard her and grabbed the phone from her.  Andrew threw it against the wall.  Brady wanted to know if Chad was able to get through to Melanie.  Chad said he heard her say something about being in a tunnel.  Brady thought the police might know where she is.  Andrew was upset that Melanie betrayed him and wanted to know who she called.  EJ talked to Will about his case.  EJ appreciated that Will and Sami were working so hard to help him prove that heís innocent.  EJ was moved when Will told him that he considered him a friend and wanted to help him.  Lucas cleaned up Samiís cuts and wanted to know what happened to her.  He wanted to know if she went to the police to file a police report.  She didnít want to go to the police.  After Lucas continued questioning Sami, she finally decided to come clean and tell him that she was helping EJ.  Lucas didnít like the idea of Sami working with EJ.  Lucas recapped all of the evidence against EJ.  Will continued to tell EJ that he didnít believe he would hurt Stefano.  EJ assured him that he loved Stefano and didnít kill him.  Despite his innocence, EJ didnít think he would be able to prove that he didnít kill Stefano. 

While Chad was talking to Brady, he figured out where Melanie was taken.  Chad realized that Melanie was taken to the same place Lexie was taken.  Andrew realized that Melanie called Chad.  She lied and said she didnít call Chad.  He didnít like that he helped her, but she betrayed him.  Melanie wanted Andrew to let her go and she promised she wouldnít say anything to anyone.  He refused to let Melanie go.  Sami didnít like the idea of Lucas telling her what to do.  Lucas said he how she changed the subject.  They started talking about EJ and Sami and she said she didnít believe his was guilty.  Lucas said that whoever planted the gloves was giving EJ exactly what he deserved.  EJ found out that the judge wasnít going to give him bail.  EJ didnít understand why his lawyer wasnít there yet.  Sami and Lucas continued to talk about how sheís helping EJ.  She felt like she had to do it.  Brady and Chad arrived in the tunnels.  While they were walking in the tunnels, they smelled gas.  Andrew wanted to take Melanie farther into the tunnel.  Melanie said the gas was making her sick, but Andrew didnít care.  Sami and Lucas argued about EJ.  She thought he was jealous, but he said he wasnít.  He warned her to let the police handle EJís case.  Will called Sami and told her that EJ didnít make bail.  Sami was shocked by that and thought he would be able to get out of jail.  Will wanted Sami to bail EJ out of jail, but she didnít have that much money.  She did end up promising that she would come up with the money some how.  Lucas didnít like the idea of Sami bailing EJ out of jail.  Lucas didnít like how Sami was choosing EJ over him.  She said that sheís not choosing, but he didnít believe her and left the apartment.  Gabi caught up with Chad and Brady by the tunnels.  She wanted to help them out.  For some reason, she went in a different direction from the others.  Later on, EJ was in his cell and received a visitor.  Sami showed up and said that she was there to post his bail.  Chad and Brady walked through the tunnel.  Chad told Gabi that she had to leave, but he saw that she was gone.  Gabi found Melanie and tried to set her free. Andrew saw her with Gabi and grabbed his lighter.  He turned on the lighter and called out Gabiís name.  The tunnel ended up exploding.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Maxie waits for Patrick. Mac arrives with Emma explaining that she had a nightmare and cried for her daddy.  He says he thinks Emma might be afraid that Patrick might leave and never come back the way her mother did. He wonders where Patrick is. Maxie tells him that they went to the party on the Haunted Star and that Patrick is with Lulu now. Mac commends Maxie on being there to help Patrick but encourages her to take care of her own life. She says her husband is in prison, Spinelli isnít speaking to her, Lulu is busy with her business, and some eccentric guy bought Crimson so she doesnít even know if she still has a job. She tells him to go home and continue celebrating his former anniversary with her mom. Patrick is a grief-stricken over Robin on the deck of the Haunted Star. Lulu wants to discuss his drug problem. She insists on taking him to General Hospital. He says that if he gets treatment at General Hospital, he could lose his job and his license. She persuades him to go anyway. Steve tells Dante that they have to find Heather before she hurts anyone else. Dante informs Steve that Heather has already kidnapped Luke and is holding him in the woods where she buried Anthony Zacchara. He says Heather hired a forger to write letters from Luke saying that he had taken off. He then reveals that Heather had hired the same forger to write Maggie Worthís suicide note and that their theory is that Heather killed Maggie to cover up whatever was going on with Steve in Memphis. Heather comes out of the burning garden shack in the woods, announces that if she canít have Luke, no one can, and fires Annaís gun, hitting Luke. Heather calls for Luke and says she meant to shoot Anna. Anna body slams her, making her fall to the ground, and takes her gun from Heather. She tells one of the officers to get Heather out of there. Anna goes to General Hospital with Luke. Steve asks her if his mother is responsible. Anna says yes, but she was aiming at her. When Lulu and Patrick arrive at the hospital, Dante informs her that her father was shot. Anna fills in the details. Anna and Lulu stand vigil outside of Lukeís E.R. cubical. Steve gets Luke stabilized so he can have surgery. Dante tells Patrick about Oliviaís condition and asks him if Olivia could suffer permanent brain damage from such a heavy dose of LSD. Patrick doesnít know because his specialty isnít pharmacology. Dante asks Patrick to be there for his mother in whatever capacity he can because she will need all the help she can get. Patrick recommends Dr. Keenan since it is his specialty. Steve asks Dante for permission to sit with Olivia. He says he feels responsible for what his mother did because he failed at the task of being responsible for her. Dante tells him not to blame himself; he just hopes the damage isnít permanent. Dante tells Lulu about Heather injecting Olivia with LSD.  Lulu says she is sorry that she and Dante are fighting and says she just wants everyone to be alright. Patrick arrives home just when Maxie was about to call him so Emma could talk to him. Emma tells him that she wanted to go home because he was lost and she couldnít see him. He promises her that everything will be alright.

Blair tells Starr about her engagement to Tomas. She says Todd proposed to her. Starr wonders if things would be different if she werenít already engaged to Tomas.  Blair says she will always love Todd, but it is over between them. They say their goodbyes and Blair leaves to go back to Llanview. Todd throws the ring that he was going to give Blair against the wall and then continues throwing things against the wall.  Hearing the noise, Carly goes in with her master key. She concludes that things didnít go well with Blair. He tells her to bill him for the broken vases. He reveals that Blair didnít break up with Tomas; she got engaged to him. He says the worst part is that Blair didnít tell him until after he had given her a ring. Carly says the ring is beautiful. Todd asks her if she wants it, but she canít accept Bairís engagement ring. Todd admits that Blair was right when she said he would do something to wreck it if they got back together.  Carly suggests that Todd prove Blair wrong. Heather calls Todd, but he ignores her call. Carly guesses by the ringtone, ďCrazy callingĒ that it was Heather. She tells Todd that Heather attacked Olivia who is now in the hospital. She suggests that he lose Heatherís number before she drags him down. Carly leaves to go to the hospital to see about Olivia. Todd listens to the voicemail in which Heather commands him to go to the police station. Heather tells Padilla that she isnít worried about any of the charges because she knows how to handle the commissioner. Anna arrives at the police station and tells Heather that this is the end of the line. Heather says that that would mean Anna will never know what Heather knows. Anna says she isnít interested. Heather says Anna will be interested. She says Annaís daughter is alive.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Adam and Chelsea enjoy their new home. Anita shows Jeffrey and Gloria their marriage certificate to prove they are really married. Cain and Lily are upset about the envelope that they found outside their door. Kevin and Chloe get ready for their meeting with Adam. When Tucker and Ashley come face to face, he can tell that something is troubling her. Genevieve leaves her hotel room while someone is watching her. Abby interrupts Kevin and Chloe as they are working on their business deal with Adam. Abby and Carmine meet, and she learns that he lost his job. Chloe receives a call from Adam requesting a business meeting at his new home. Kevin becomes angry that Adam got Genevieve’s home. Kevin confronts Carmine for being there. Carmine apologizes to Kevin for what he did in the past. Adam promises Chelsea a very lavish honeymoon after they make their first bundle.

Lily thinks that Genevieve is playing with fire when it comes to Tucker. Ashley reminds Tucker that he hasn’t signed the divorce papers yet. Abby interrupts them and lashes out at Ashley for being so gullible. Chloe finds out that Chelsea and Adam are married. Jeffrey proves to Gloria that he isn’t married to Anita. Tucker refuses to give in to Genevieve. Ashley sets Abby straight on Tucker's feelings for her. Anita insists that she and Jeffrey are still married. Cane asks Kevin what he found out about Genevieve’s affairs. Genevieve and Tucker relive their time together in Australia. Ashley sees that Tucker cut his hand on a glass because of an argument with Genevieve. Abby and Carmine make love. Jeffrey, Gloria, and Anita want their share of Adam’s millions. Ashley says good bye to Tucker .

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