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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The minister starts Dayzee and Marcus’s wedding and says he can marry them and the state of California can claim it official, but the real meaning is the vows they say and promise to each other. He wants them to look each other in the eye and speak from the heart. Marcus lovingly states that Dayzee inspires him and makes him a better man. He wants to thank her for putting up with all his faults and steering him in the right direction. They exchange rings and kiss as husband and wife. At the hospital, Lt. Baker and son want to question Dr. Meade about Anthony and his injuries when he was brought in.

Dr. Meade gives permission for Lt. Baker to speak with Anthony for a few minutes. Anthony says he is so grateful that Marcus was there and called the ambulance. Lt. Baker informs Anthony that Marcus isn’t exactly a hero here; he is the one who hit him. Anthony is devastated when he learns that Marcus was texting at the time. Marcus feels guilty that everyone is asking about Anthony and only he knows the real reason he is not here. Thomas gives a toast and says Dayzee and Marcus are setting the bar for the rest of them as he has no doubt they will conquer the world. Privately he tells Marcus just to focus on Dayzee and her day today. He will talk to Lt. Baker and he knows that he will understand and wait and let Marcus come in tomorrow for questioning. While everyone watches, Marcus and Dayzee dance. Anthony tells Lt. Baker that he knows what he wants to do. Marcus stood there when he was brought in and said he was sorry….not for hitting him or foolishly texting, but just sorry. Then he left Anthony laying there in the hospital. He wants Lt. Baker to throw the book at Marcus and prosecute him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Chad was at the police station with Bo and Hope and saw EJ there in handcuffs.  Chad wondered what was happening.  He wanted to know what happened.  Will and Sonny were still at the DiMera mansion.  Sonny was sleeping while Will was working on his computer.   Will tried everything he could, but couldnít get the footage back.  Sami stormed into the mansion and Will wondered why she was there.  Sami told him that she found out that he had the letter and wanted to know why he didnít tell her about it.  Kate met Austin at the pub.  He announced to Kate that he was leaving Salem.  Kate thought that she was going to have her son with her, but he told her that he had to leave Salem or he could lose Carrie forever.  Will and Sami talked about Aliceís letter.  They also talked about how Lucas took the letter to the police.  Will said that he didnít need Lucas trying to fix things for him.  Sami told Will that Lucas only wanted to protect him.  Will let Sami know that he didnít think EJ did it.  Sami wanted to know how he could be so sure.  Sami wanted to know what happened to Will.  EJ asked Chad if there was any news about Melanie.  Chad let him know that there wasnít any news.  Chad wanted to know why EJ was at the station.  EJ let Chad know that he was being arrested for Stefanoís murder.  Gabi showed up at the police station.  Bo and Hope informed Gabi that her prints were on the letter.  They wanted to know why her prints were on the letter.  Andrew was trying to revive Melanie and she finally woke up.  Melanie tried to sweet talk him into letting her go.  She took off Andrewís mask and she told him that he was handsome.  Will and Sami continued to talk about Lucas giving Aliceís letter to the police.  Sami continued to defend Lucasí actions while Will was convinced that he was old enough to take care of himself.  Will also told Sami that EJ would never kill Stefano since he loved him.  Chad and EJ continued to talk about the case against EJ.  Chad let EJ know that he believed that he couldnít have killed Stefano.  Chad didnít believe that EJ would kill their father.  EJ let Chad know that he was wrong since thereís evidence that EJ is not Stefanoís son. 

Sami and Will started arguing over the letter and Lucas.  Will told Sami that he was looking at surveillance footage of EJ throwing the gloves out.  Will let her know that he was determined to find out who set EJ up.  Sami pulled out a flash drive.  He was anxious to check it out, but Sami didnít want to do it yet.  Will thought Sami was going to go to the police just like Lucas did.  Will wanted Sami to help him because heís convinced that EJ is innocent.  Sami didnít answer him.  She walked out of the mansion.  Melanie warned Andrew that there was a gas leak in the tunnel and that they had to get out of there.  Melanie said that she was dizzy and thought she had a concussion.  Gabi told Bo and Hope that she didnít remember what happened.  Bo reminded her that she was in that room and handled the note. Gabiís story started to change.   She said that she might not have been on the floor the way she initially thought.  Hope said that she could talk a break.  Bo and Hope were convinced that Gabi was hiding something.  Chad wanted to know how EJ knew he wasnít Stefanoís son.  EJ said that a reliable source found out from his mother.  Chad let EJ know that he is still his brother regardless.  They continued to talk for a little while longer and EJ wanted Chad to go look for Melanie.  Hope walked in the room because she was looking for Chad and they left the room.  Sami walked in the room to see EJ.  Austin talked to Kate about his marriage to Carrie.  Austin let Kate know that heís leaving Salem whether Carrie is with him or not.  Kate was very upset with Carrie, but Austin warned her not to do anything to her.  Carrie showed up at the station to say goodbye to Rafe.  Rafe wondered why Carrie was leaving if she cared about him so much.  Melanie told Andrew that she needed to go to the hospital.  He finally agreed to take her.  They hugged each other and she snuck his phone out of his pocket.  Bo and Hope talked to Gabi again about what happened to her.  Gabi seemed to have trouble remembering what happened so Hope suggested she go under hypnosis.  Sami talked to EJ about the case against him.  Sami said that Stefano could have dangled the news in his face so she didnít want him using the kids to get sympathy from her.  She also said that Stefano loved him.  Gabi tried to get out of being hypnotized, but Bo and Hope were convinced she needed to be hypnotized.  Sami told EJ that someone hacked into the computer and got rid of the evidence of him throwing out the gloves.  EJ became enraged.  Sami let EJ know that she saved the info on a flash drive.  EJ was so grateful that he gave Sami a quick kiss.  He thought that she finally believed him.  Sami wanted to know what he wanted her to do with the flash drive.  EJ wanted her to give it to his lawyer.  The cops walked in the room and Sami left.  Melanie called Chad while he was with Gabi.  Chad was happy to hear from her.  Sami was at the town square on the phone.  She said that she had to meet a lawyer.  Someone approached Sami and put a cloth over her face.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Lulu confronts Patrick about the pills her has on the deck of the Haunted Star. Patrick insists that he is not an addict, but he stops her from dumping the pills in the river. He admits that he needs them because they make his pain manageable. He admits he isnít strong enough to do it on his own. Connie pays Johnny a visit t the Haunted Star. He says he thought she was gone. She tells him that integration doesnít occur until the host accesses all of the alters' memories, but she is keeping a whopper of a secret from Kate. She tells him that if she allows Kate or Dr. Keenan know that Kate canít remember the accident because neither Kate nor Connie caused it, it will come out that Johnny did it. He says he didnít do it. He asks her why she is there. She tells him that someone needs to know she still exists. She adds that Johnny needs to talk about that accident and that she is the only person he can talk to because she wonít tell. He admits that it was him. She says no one will ever know about their talk, unaware that there is a hidden camera in Johnnyís office. Starr and Michael go to the Haunted Star, but when they hear voices in Johnnyís office, they leave. Todd tells Blair that she canít marry Tomas Delgado. She tells him that that is what she wanted to tell him. He is angry that she waited until after they kissed and he asked her to marry him before she mentioned it instead of telling him this morning. She says she didnít want to spoil Starrís night. He concludes that she didnít mention it because she doesnít really want to marry Tomas. He tells her to admit she loves him. She wonít say it. He dares her to tell him that she doesnít love him. She canít say it. She admits that she loves him but says she canít be with him because he always does something to screw it up. She says she canít go through that again. She tells him that marrying Tomas is the only choice she can make.

Epiphany gives Steve a message from Dante Falconeri. He tells her that he already knows what it is about; Olivia sicced her son on Heather because she is out to get his mother. Dante tells Anna that he received a report from Olivia that Heather is in Annaís hotel room. Anna sends Dante to arrest Heather. Heather goes after Olivia with a syringe filled with LSD. They struggle over the needle, but ultimately Heather manages to stick it into Oliviaís hip. Heather gets away while Dante tends to his mother.  Dante takes Olivia to General Hospital. He gives Steve the syringe and tells him that Heather injected Olivia with whatever was in it. Olivia is already hallucinating. She picks up a scalpel and starts waving it around, telling Steve to stay away from her. She says Steve let that monster out and didnít believe her when she warned him. She puts the scalpel to her own neck. Steve assures her that the monster is gone. Dante restrains her. Orderlies get her into a straitjacket and escort her out of the triage area. Steve tells Dante that he took the syringe to the lab to determine what Olivia was injected with. Dante presumes it was LSD. Dante blasts Steve for ignoring Oliviaís warnings. He reminds Steve that he took legal responsibility for his mother and then ignored the warning signs. Dante wants Steve to promise that Olivia will be alright. Anna determines that Luke is in the abandoned shack that the K9 unit dogs were barking at when they found Anthony Zaccharaís body. Anna and her crew arrive and find that the shack is on fire. Anna tells her officer to call the fire department. Anna finds a blanket and goes in to rescue Luke. Heather hits her from behind and tells Luke that they are going to get out of there and leave Anna to die. Anna gets up, beats Heather down, and handcuffs her. Anna unties Luke and helps him walk out. The police and fire departments arrive. Anna tells them that a woman is inside. Heather appears in the doorway holding Annaís gun. She announces that if she canít have Luke, then nobody can. She fires the gun.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Adam brings Chelsea breakfast in bed before their flight back home. Chelsea shows her feminine side when she is afraid of a mouse. At Crimson Lights, Ashley brags on Johnny to Billy and Victoria. Gloria, Jack, and Nikki plan their wedding reception. Victor and Sharon walk in and sees Jack and Nikki kissing. Avery wants Phyllis to use her influence at Restless Style to thwart any negative influence. Phyllis suggests writing an article about her own plight for Restless Style. Victor cannot keep his eyes off Jack and Nikki. Anita confronts Jeffrey about them still being married. Nikki and Victor confront each other at the bar. Phyllis arrives at work at Restless Style only to be fired by Billy. Avery thanks Nick for standing by Phyllis. Billy informs Phyllis that he is not only doing a story on her for Restless Style, but also for his upcoming movie. Ashley lets Jack know that she offered Victoria a job at Jabot. Ashley gives Jack an ultimatum about his standing at Jabot. Since Jack refuses to leave Jabot, Ashley threatens to go to the board.

Chelsea wonders what their life will be like back in Genoa City. Jack confronts Victoria about being offered a position at Jabot. Victor leaves Sharon alone at Gloworm. Ashley gives Sharon a helpful piece of advice concerning Victor. Phyllis lets Nick and Avery know that Billy fired her. Victoria asks Jack for more time concerning her decision to work for Beauty of Nature. Victor visits Victoria to come back to Newman. Gloria lets Jeffrey and Anita know that she will find out if they are still married. Victor looks at wedding photographs and gets sentimental. Avery advises Nick and Phyllis not to talk to the press. Mark interrupts Billy by telling him that they filmed Nick punching Billy. Adam surprises Chelsea with a new home.

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