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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie greets Dayzee on her wedding day. Dayzee says she is not rushing; she just wants to savor the moment. Stephanie says just wait until Marcus sees her in her dress. Marcus is at the hospital in great anguish that he hit Anthony and he doesn’t know his condition yet. He confides in Thomas that he was texting but only took his eyes off the road for a moment. Bill is out of town but Justin escorts Donna and Katie while Brooke is going to be the videographer. Marcus grabs a moment with Dr. Meade and asks about Anthony. Dr. Meade says he is lucky to be alive. He is conscious but needs a few more tests to determine his injuries. He lets Marcus speak with Anthony briefly. As he answers a text, both Lt. Baker and his son are looking at him. Thomas tells him to relax. They are doing all they can for Anthony; he’s in good hands. Lt. Baker congratulates Marcus on his wedding and sends him on the way. Later from Marcus’s phone records they determine he was texting at the time of the accident.

Caroline and Rick flirt with each other, but she only has eyes for Thomas when he arrives. Stephanie tells Marcus they were beginning to worry about him. Marcus says he just hopes that he is worthy of Dayzee; she is always so helping and giving. Stephanie assures him that he is worthy and Dayzee will need his support as living her way of life is not easy, but that she suspects it is the only truly great way to lead a life of value. He’s a very lucky man. Marcus wants to bolt; he thinks he should be at the hospital with Anthony. Thomas tells him he can tell Dayzee later; do not ruin this day for her. Dayzee looks gorgeous in the gown Thomas designed for her, Marcus looks nervous. The minister begins and gets to the part where he says, “Speak now or forever hold your peace”, and Lt. Baker and son are at the door staring right at Marcus.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Rafe put the handcuffs on EJ.  EJ said the evidence against him was circumstantial.  Spencer let EJ know that they have a strong case against him.  Roman told EJ that they know that heís not Stefanoís biological son.  Sami wanted to know what they were talking about.  Roman repeated what he said.  Will ran into the mansion looking for EJ while Lucas ran up behind him demanding that he stay away from EJ.  Sami tried to sneak out of the mansion, but Lucas saw her anyway.  Lucas wanted to know what Sami was doing at the DiMera mansion.  Roman wanted them to talk later so they could get EJ down to the police station.  Sami called EJ a b*stard for knowing all along that he wasnít a DiMera and not saying anything about it.  Sami slapped EJ.  Sami was upset that EJ lied to her, but he said he could explain everything.  Roman said they were going to the police station. EJ wanted Will to call his attorney.  Roman told EJ he could call his attorney after heís booked.  Everyone left the mansion except Sami and Lucas.  Lucas asked Sami again why she was at the mansion.  She said she could explain, but Lucas didnít think she could.  He wanted her to make a decision once and for all.  Lucas asked Sami if she wanted him or EJ.  Brady and Madison went to the office and told Kate and Ian that they were getting married tomorrow.  Ian said that they werenít getting married at all.  Brady wasnít intimidated by Ianís attitude about their upcoming wedding.  Ian thought Madison was going to ruin her life by being married to an addict.  Brady threatened to put Ian in traction if he messed with him again.  Roman, Rafe, Agent Spencer, Will and EJ were all at the station.  They were preparing to book EJ.  Will wanted to talk to EJ, but Roman didnít want him to do it.  EJ wanted to talk to Will.  Rafe warned EJ that the place is wired.  When EJ and Will were alone, Will let him know that he had nothing to do with him getting arrested.  EJ asked Will if Lucas found the letter and Will told him that he did.  Will apologized and thought he should have been more careful.  EJ wanted to talk about it later.  EJ wanted Will to find the surveillance footage and give it to his lawyer. 

Sami and Lucas were still at the mansion talking about EJ.  Lucas wanted an answer to his question, but Sami managed not to answer it.  She wanted to know how the police knew that Stefano wasnít EJís father.  Lucas told Sami how he found his grandmotherís letter to Stefano.  Lucas asked her again why she was at the mansion.  She told him that she had an idea that could help EJ.  Lucas thought that she was trying to be with EJ.  Sami told Lucas that EJ was being framed.  Lucas didnít like the idea that Sami was helping EJ.  Lucas reminded her that he told her to stay away from EJ because she canít trust him.  Lucas told her that he wasnít going down this road with her again because he thought she wanted to be with him.  Sami said that she wants to be with Lucas.  Lucas said that Sami had an idea and ran right to EJ when they are in a fragile place.  They continued to fight about how she rushed to help EJ.  Lucas told her once again that she has to choose him or EJ and stormed out of the mansion.  Sami yelled to Lucas that sheís going to prove to him that heís wrong about her.  Madison told Ian that heís wrong about Brady.  She confronted Ian about drugging Brady.  Madison said she can finally see the type of man that Ian is and sheís happy that she chose Brady.  Brady threatened to kill Ian if he came near him again.  While EJ was waiting to be put in a holding cell, Sami showed up at the police station to see him.  Sami let him know that he is never going to lie to her again.  Roman told Rafe that the district attorney believed that EJ would make bail.  Rafe was disgusted by that news.  Rafe was convinced that thereís something not right about the case.  Sami yelled at EJ for lying to her again.  EJ said he didnít tell her because she wouldnít have believed that he didnít murder Stefano.  She told EJ that she lost Lucas and Rafe because of him and now Lucas is upset with her again because she keeps going to him.  She said that every time she takes a step towards him her life blows up.  EJ smiled at her.  Will and Sonny were at the DiMera mansion.  Will told Sonny that he believed that someone was setting EJ up.  They watched the tape and saw EJ dump the gloves in the garbage.  EJ and Sami argued about how she said heís ruining her life.  EJ asked Sami why she was with him if she cared about Lucas so much.  Sonny and Will saw the person who took the gloves.  Sonny thought EJ looked guilty by throwing the gloves out.  Ian talked to someone on a computer.  They were watching the surveillance tape.  The guy told Ian that someone else was watching the tape too. Ian wanted the guy to take care of the tape.  EJ wanted an answer to his question.  She said she was going to make things right with Lucas.  EJ flirted with Sami and she almost fell for it.  She said she wasnít going to help him anymore, but he said Will would help him.  She thought he was lying, but EJ said he was being set up.  Sonny and Will continued to watch the tape, but the footage was being deleted while they watched it.  Ian had the man at the computer delete the footage on the tape.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Patrick sees Robin on the deck of the Haunted Star. She asks him to save her. When he tries to embrace her, she disappears. Lulu finds Patrick. Seeing Lulu as Robin, he kisses her.  Lulu concludes that Patrick is hallucinating because he is high. She reaches into his pocket and finds the pills. Blair and Todd go to Toddís room to talk. He says he wants to get back together. She doesnít want to talk about it. He kisses her. He gets gown on one knee, presents her with a ring, and asks her to marry him again. She says no. She tells him that she is already engaged to Tomas. Carly tells Johnny that she is happy that Michael and Starr are dating. She says she is happy that she was right about Johnny having the ability to change his life. He says only one thing would make this night better. They make love on his desk. Kate wants to prove that she loves Sonny with sex. Sonny doesnít want to rush things if she isnít ready. She insists that she is ready so they make love. While they are sleeping afterwards, Kate has a dream in which she remembers her conversation with Johnny where he suggested that Connie should say she caused Starrís accident even though she really didnít. Connie pays Johnny a visit.

Olivia finds Heather in Annaís room at the Metro Court wearing one of the housekeeperís uniform and holding a tray with a pitcher of iced tea. Heather claims that she is there to uncover dirt on Anna for her column. Olivia asks her why she was seeing a forger. Heather denies knowing a forger. Olivia informs her that she told her son, the cop, about the forger and that the police will figure out what she is up to. Heather concludes that Anna will find out that her letter is a fake. Anna and Dante decipher the code in Lukeís original letter that spells out ďHeather is holding me in the woods.Ē Anna wonders if Luke is buried in the woods where they found Anthonyís body. Anna remembers the shack in the woods. Luke screams for help from inside the garden shed where he is tied to a chair. He unsuccessfully tries to free himself from the ropes. He then manages to light the candle on the table using one hand and his mouth. He tries to burn his rope with the candle, but he drops the candle and paper on the floor ignites. Olivia calls Dante and tells him that Heather is in Luke and Annaís room. Dante tells her to get away from Heather. Heather fills a syringe with LSD and says it is for Olivia.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Adam awakens Chelsea but finds that she is reluctant to get ready for the wedding. Sharon remembers her talk with Adam in which he told her that he would always love her, but he loved Chelsea more. Sharon calls Adam, but Chelsea interrupts the call. Sharon is interrupted by a visit from Victor. Noah comes to visit Summer to discuss Phyllis and her incarceration. Nick and Daniel also discuss Phyllis’ predicament. At the police department, Christine tells Phyllis that no one is there to celebrate her release. Phyllis calls Christine a self-righteous person and always has been. Victor asks Sharon about her trip to New York. Sharon tells Victor that she asked Adam to call off his wedding to Chelsea but he refused. Victor tells Sharon that this isn’t going to work between them if there isn’t any honesty. Nick has a talk with Summer and Noah about the charges against Phyllis. Avery orders Christine to leave Phyllis alone or she will go to the judge. Daniel asks Avery what is the worst scenario that Phyllis can face. Chelsea tells Adam that she received a call from Sharon. Adam changes the place of their wedding. Victor tells Sharon that she lied to him and that Nikki let him know where she stood and now Sharon has told him know where she stood.

Victor and Sharon go home to Genoa City. Avery and Daniel discuss Phyllisí future. Summer becomes upset when she finds out that Nick thinks Phyllis is guilty. Adam and Chelsea arrive at the farm. Nick and Christine have a talk about Phyllis and the charges pending against her. Adam and Chelsea prepare to wed. Sharon lets Victor know that she wants a future with him. Victor forgives her but has her things moved into the guest room so they may take things slow between them. Adam and Chelsea are married. Nick tells Phyllis that his place is with her.

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