Thursday 7/19/12 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Marcus bends down over an unresponsive Anthony and begs him to open his eyes. Stephanie helps Dayzee bring all her stuff into her house rather than leave them outside in an open car. Stephanie jokes with her about getting cold feet before her wedding….and that she better not be using her and Eric as her role models or she will really be in trouble. Donna drops in on Eric who claims it is dark but he’s still here at work. Wasn’t she supposed to save him from all of this? She says she did for a while. He remarks that he’s not the tortured type so he’s almost always happy. And maybe they both ended up where they are supposed to. She knows he’s not just being nostalgic, he just loves being the father of the groom. Donna isn’t quite that happy; she feels like she is giving Marcus up all over again. She feels like she is losing him to Stephanie too. Eric reminds her that he adopted Marcus and that is forever. She says she and Justin were such loners that they didn’t offer Marcus much of a home life. And now he’s going to Eric and Stephanie's to get married at their house. And then there’s Dayzee who is practically Stephanie’s unofficial daughter so is comfortable there as well. And Donna will never be welcome there as Stephanie won’t have it. She doesn’t blame her.

At the hospital, Marcus goes through a lot of questioning, first by the doctor and then Lt. Baker of why he doesn’t seem to know why he didn’t see Mr. Walker before he ran him down…. must have been a powerful distraction since Marcus doesn’t drink or do drugs, it wasn’t raining or foggy and the street lights were adequate. Stephanie picks up Dayzee’s phone and informs Marcus that he cannot speak to Dayzee. She needs her rest as she already has pre-wedding jitters and he knows he can’t see her as it would mean bad luck. Later she tells Dayzee that Marcus called. There will be days in the future she’d like to put a pillow over his face, but refrain from doing that; it’ll all work out. Lt. Baker lets Marcus go but advises him to cancel any plans he has to go out of town for the next few days.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Will walked in and saw Rafe read Aliceís letter.  Rafe, Lucas, and Roman realized that EJ had a strong motive to kill Stefano.  Rafe and Roman recapped how EJ reacted when they gave him the lie detector test and they asked him about Stefano being his father.  Will was extremely upset with Lucas for violating his trust.  Lucas said he was trying to protect Will, but he didnít see it that way.  Bo and Hope were investigating Melanieís kidnapping.  Hope was worried that the longer she was gone the less chance they have of finding her alive.  Melanie tried to sweet talk Andrew into letting her go.  Abby was suspicious about why Andrew kidnapped Melanie.  Lucas continued to talk to Will about going to the police with the letter.  Will was convinced that EJ wasnít guilty.  Lucas recapped all of the evidence the police had against him, but Will didnít want to hear it.  Lucas wanted to know why Will wanted to defend EJ.  Will thought that Lucas treated him like a kid, but Lucas didnít agree with that.  Will also thought that he and Lucas had a better relationship.  Will wanted to know where Lucas has been to influence his life.  Will also wondered if Lucas knew that he needed him, but he wasnít there for him.  Will let Lucas know that it was too late for Lucas to help him now.  Will wished that Lucas stayed in Hong Kong.  Roman found out that Stefano and EJ couldnít be father and son.  EJ and Sami were checking the footage from the night he threw the gloves in the trash.  Sami hoped that they found the proof they needed to clear EJ.  She wanted to find it for the kids.  Sami finally found the footage that he threw the gloves out.  Sami and EJ saw a hooded person taking the gloves out of the trash.  They were determined to find out who did it.

Bo and Hope found out that Andrew is using a fake identity.  Bo felt like he was letting Carly and Daniel down by not finding Melanie.  Hope assured him that they are doing the best they can and that they will find her.  Abby wondered if Gabi knew anything about the kidnapping.  Gabi thought that Chad and Abby were blaming her for what happened for not going to the police about her ďstalkerĒ.  Hope got the results from the prints from the letter and found out that Andrew is really Cory and that heís an escaped mental patient.  Roman was ready to arrest EJ.  Lucas tried to apologize for not being there for Will, but he still wanted to warn him about EJ.  Will didnít want to hear it.  Will saw Roman and wanted to talk to him about EJ.  Roman demanded that Will give him his phone so he couldnít talk to EJ.  Lucas put his hand on Willís shoulder, but Will shrugged it off.  EJ thought that he and Sami looked at the footage over and over and couldnít figure out who took the gloves.  Sami slipped and said that the footage could help them.  EJ caught on to the slip, but Sami quickly covered up what she was saying.  Sami wanted to go to the police with the footage, but EJ didnít want to do that.  Hope and Bo arrived at the town square and told Chad, Abby, and company that they knew who kidnapped Melanie.  Bo and Hope showed them the pictures and the info they had on the kidnapper.  Chad realized that he knew the person.  Will thought that EJ would think that he betrayed him if he gets arrested.  Lucas asked Will why he cared, but Will didnít get a chance to answer since Lucasí phone rang.  Will walked out of the police station while Lucas took his call.  EJ didnít want to go to the police until he and Sami had everything figured out.  While EJ and Sami talked about that, Rafe, Roman, and Agent Spencer arrived.  They placed EJ under arrest.  Melanie was convinced that she and Andrew had to get out of the tunnel because it was dangerous.  Chad recognized Andrew from Countess W.  Chad said that he was the photographerís assistant.  Gabi said that she might recognize him too.  Abby looked at Gabi suspiciously.  EJ wanted to know why he was getting arrested.  Spencer said that they have a strong case against him.  Roman dropped the bomb and told EJ that they knew that he wasnít really Stefanoís son.  Sami was shocked and asked EJ if it was true.  Bo said that they found a second set of prints on the note, but they didnít match anyone in the database.  Gabi started to panic.  Gabi thought that there was no way they would find the other person, but Bo said they were going to check everything to make sure that Melanie is found.  Andrew wanted to move farther into the tunnel.  She didnít want to do that so they started arguing.  She shook the pipe she was handcuffed too and dirt fell and knocked her down.  Roman wanted Rafe to read EJ his rights and Will burst in the mansion screaming.  Lucas ran into the mansion and wanted Will to stay away from EJ because justice is finally being done.  Sami tried to sneak out of the mansion to keep Lucas from seeing her, but it was too late.  Lucas wanted to know why Sami was at the mansion.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

The new and improved Haunted Star opens. Lulu is disappointed that Dante isn't there. Patrick is uncomfortable at the club and seeks solace in his pills only to discover that Kristinaís cameraman had his camera focused on him. Patrick tells Maxie that he is going home, but he remains on the deck of the boat where he believes he sees Robin. Todd and Blair go to the opening together. Blair thanks Johnny for the opportunity he has given Star and says he will always have a friend in her. She tells him to visit her nightclub, Capricorn, if he ever comes to Llanview. Carly makes Todd thank Johnny, too. He reluctantly complies. Starr sings. Even Kristina says she was great. Todd is not pleased to see Starr kiss Michael afterward. Todd and Blair return to Toddís room to have dinner and talk. Todd has a beautiful ring that he intends to present to Blair.

Dante tells Anna that his Mother, Olivia saw a strange man leaving Heather and Steveís apartment and when she checked into the man, she discovered that he was the forger that was involved in Maxieís case. He wonders what business Heather has with a forger. Anna shows Dante the letter that she received that was supposedly from Luke. She says she has to consider the possibility that Archie Boles wrote that letter and the one that Lulu received because she has taken Luke and wants everyone to believe that he left on his own. Dante reads Luluís letter. He and Anna observe that Heather emulated Lukeís style convincingly. They bring Archie Boles in for questioning. Anna tells him that forensics verified the letters as his work. She tells him that they arenít after him; theyíre after Heather and they need his help. She promises that she wonít press charges. He admits that he wrote the letters for Heather. She asks him how he knows Heather. He reveals that Heather hired him before to write a letter from a lady doctor to another doctor named Steve something. Dante asks Anna to step outside for a moment and fills her in on Maggie Worthís apparent suicide. Anna shows Archie Maggieís letter. He confirms that he wrote it. Dante suggests that Heather may have killed Maggie. Anna becomes very afraid for Luke. Heather goes to the garden shed where she is holding Luke and says she knows he does not love her, but that he will change his mind. She retrieves a vial of LSD from her purse. He tells her that no drugs exists that will make him love her. She explains that the LSD isnít for him; itís for Anna. Olivia tells Steve about Heatherís association with the forger, but he refuses to hear it. He gets angry when she reveals that she told Dante about it. Steve breaks up with her. Olivia goes back to the Metro Court and asks a housekeeper, Maria why she left the cart in the hallway. When ďMariaĒ turns around, it is Heather wearing Mariaís uniform, holding a pitcher of iced tea.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Christine offers Phyllis a deal of five years of jail time. Avery tries to negotiate for less time but Christine won’t accept a deal that doesn’t include jail time. Michael confides in Ronan that being caught between his two best friends isn’t what he had in mind when he took the job as DA. Michael wonders if they will reach a resolution which will allow everyone to have peace. Ronan thinks that Christine is letting her personal feelings about Phyllis cloud her judgment about the case. Billy’s reality show is almost put on hold when he tells the producer Phyllis has been arrested for murder, but Billy decides to pull Phyllis’s name from the masthead of the magazine as well as her editor’s letter and make her arrest the front page story. Ronan and Avery both advise Phyllis to take the deal because Christine is going to come at her with everything and she could get a lot of jail time. Phyllis doesn’t want to go to jail again and is conflicted about whether she should take the deal or risk trial.

Victor calls Noah to tell him about Phyllis and finds out that Sharon didn’t come visit him in New York. When Victor calls Sharon, she pretends she is in New York and not in Kansas. Victor calls Adam and finds out that he is in Kansas with Chelsea, and they will be getting married tomorrow. Victor gets a private detective to confirm that Sharon went to Kansas not New York. Nick tells Victor he doesn’t know what to do about Phyllis. Victor advises Nick never to let a woman make a fool of him. Adam is surprised to find Sharon at the farm because he intended to spend some time alone there before the wedding to feel close to his mom. Sharon pleads with Adam not to marry Chelsea because she still loves her, and if he gives her a second chance she will leave Victor. Adam tells Sharon that she will always have a special place in his heart, but what they had was a wonderful fantasy world and he loves Chelsea now. Adam explains to Sharon that Chelsea understands him like no other woman has before and he can be himself with her because she understands that people have both a good and bad side and that is why he is marrying Chelsea tomorrow.

BONUS Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Everyone is upset over the news that Phyllis was arrested for a crime that she committed years ago. Victoria agrees to watch Lucy while Daniel goes to see Phyllis. Billy shows Marianne the offices of ďRestless StyleĒ. Phyllis is brought into the police department while Michael, Christine, and Ronan await her arrival. Nick leaves Phyllis at the police department. Victor tells Bonnie that Sharon is on her way to New York. Meanwhile, Sharon is on a flight headed for Kansas. Adam and Chelsea prepare for their wedding. Victor receives a call from Nick letting him know that Phyllis was arrested. Nick fills Victoria in on the trouble that Phyllis is in. Heather tells Paul that Phyllis was arrested. Michael questions Phyllis with her attorney present. Avery suggests a plea deal. Michael tells Phyllis that he has proof that she is guilty of these charges. Billy introduces Marianne to Victoria. Victoria fills Billy in on Phyllis. Christine refuses to accept any plea deal that doesnít involve some jail time. Victor calls Noah to tell Sharon about Phyllis and finds out that Sharon isnít there. Sharon lets herself into Adamís farm house. Adam arrives at the farm and is confronted by Sharon, who wants to get back together with him. Adam lets Sharon know that he is marrying Chelsea. Victor finds out where Sharon has gone.

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